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Debunking Tommy Christopher on the Attack on Steve Crowder, Part 5: Ignoring the Other Victims of Union Violence

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I am spending (at least) five posts ripping apart Tommy Christopher’s recent post about the attack on Steve Crowder.

Part 1 showed how Christopher made a partisan error and issued an insufficient correction that doesn’t come close to revealing how central Christopher’s partisan-driven error was to his post.

Part 2 showed how Christopher misrepresented key aspects of Crowder’s interviews with Sean Hannity and Sun News.

Part 3 took on Christopher’s claim insinuating that the video itself shows Crowder pushing the guy to the ground.

Part 4, examines whether Tommy Christopher is a racist — and concludes that, at least by his standards, he is.

This final post, part 5, notes how Christopher focuses on Crowder to the exclusion of other victims of union violence in Lansing.

Victims like Doug DuRussel:

Doug DuRussel, who uses a wheelchair, said he was inside the AFP tent when protesters started to untie some of the straps.

DuRussel said he then went to another side of the tent and set his chair between straps “so people couldn’t uproot those.”

He said people shoved him and kicked his wheelchair.

Victims like Randall Thompson and Clint Tarver:

Americans For Prosperity Michigan said there could have been serious injuries.

“I went down to pick up my hat and someone punched me in the right ribs,” said conservative activist Randall Thompson. “I turned around and put my arms up and they punched me twice in the left ribs.”

Clint Tarver is not affiliated with a union or right to work supporters. He said he was just selling hot dogs inside the tent when all of his food was destroyed when the tent toppled over.

“It trampled my table, got rid of all of my restaurant equipment, my catering equipment, my buns, my hot dogs, my chili… all my food,” said Tarver. “One guy even had the audacity to say ‘here, make a chili dog now’.”

Here is video:

You know, if someone were actually interested in getting to the truth of whether Crowder was attacked by union thugs, they might look at whether other people were also attacked.

If they were more interesting in being partisan hacks, they might ignore that other violence.

Tommy Christopher? He ignored the other victims.

Draw your own conclusions.

30 Responses to “Debunking Tommy Christopher on the Attack on Steve Crowder, Part 5: Ignoring the Other Victims of Union Violence”

  1. Ding.

    Patterico (8b3905)

  2. Patrick, you’re a little late to the party. While Xtopher is maybe the hackiest hack that ever hacked, many of us have cncluded he revels in his hackery.

    Some have suggested he is a parody hack, trying to enlist a readership of dopes who actually swallow his hackery. One day, he’ll turn and laugh at his supporters, much like Bill and Hillary do behind losed doors.

    So while posts like these serve the purpose of establishing a timeline of exposure–which will make it all that much funnier–it wouldn’t be wise to get too incensed at Tommy Christopher’s non-stop douche-baggery. Maybe he’s laughing just as hard at the saps who swallow his garbage as we are.

    spongeworthy (cb4ec4)

  3. who’s laughing. he’s a world class icehole and an enabler of violence for political ends he apparently agrees with.

    in a just society, he’d be called to account for his actions, but all we can do in our corruptocracy is write blog posts and hope enough people notice.

    redc1c4 (403dff)

  4. It is almost like these leftist thugs aren’t interested in the truth or something…

    WarEagle82 (97b777)

  5. Has CNN covered the story yet?
    They seem to have an interest in these kind of stories.

    Neo (c2a3b0)

  6. [This is part of a comment I posted in Part 2 and 3]

    Here is a clip of Clint the beloved Hotdog Man of Lansing seeing two union thugs intimidating people inside the tent, including turning over two tables right next to him while he is serving hotdogs – Clint’s famous service to the customer to the end – Clint is at 4:35 in:

    Dramatic and violent union attacks inside the tent:

    AFP supporters are attempting to hold the gate at the start of the video.

    Some people outside the tent are being pushed around and are fearful, with nowhere to hide, and a group runs inside the tent.

    Immediately a thuggish union man charges into the tent at 0:10, pushing several AFP supporters violently, striking them, and shouting “We’re having a Union Strike! a Union Strike!”

    At 0:35, union people are pulling down support poles, AFP attempt to save the fort. Melee.

    More panic and uncertainty – some try to leave, others rush to the poles, and many seem stunned.

    At 1:00, tables are overturned (hear crash) and the two union men (with round white badges) that did it continue marching through tent punching fist in air and shouting “Get Out”. At least one of them have a very identifiable hat.

    With these videos it seems more clear what Steve and others were attempting to do in the final minutes – protect the elderly, feeble women and supporters under violent attack in the tents.

    Thereby justifying any blocking or confrontation on their part.

    I don’t think the public at large realizes this. Some have seen videos of the crowd from the outside, shouting and cheering, but the visceral terror of direct attack is only shown in these clips.

    14.Much of Crowder’s defense and Tommy Christopher’s now-to-be-documented unfounded assertions depend on the narrative.

    Crowder says “that was a melee” and that the union folks were attacking and ransacking the tent with elderly people and women inside, and he and a group of people were basically attempting to hold the fortress.

    TommyX not only has a blind eye to that and otherwise downplays it, he even engaged in the “Wheelerization” of it, giving some credence that it was all just a set-up and instigation or provocation, and any reports of union violence ought to be discounted.

    For reference all in one place, here in the comments at end of Part 1 starting at comment 44:

    1) Another view of end of Crowder fight, but showing nearly immediate tent collapse and intensity of situation – and in clips in comments #46 and #49 showing very clear views of the fight from other angles, including melee inside the tent both before and after the fight (and really good shots of Tony’s uppercut and gut punches as the added attraction).

    2) Violent union “strikes”, sometimes shocking against elderly people are shown especially well in clips in comments #46 and #47 and they also show the context of other scuffles that were happening both inside and outside the tent in the 3-4 minutes in which the fight occurred.

    3) Several of the dozen clips in the ten comments from #43-52 show aspects of the melee, especially the confusion and dire situation in the tent, at a couple of points nearly frantic with screams and terror – what Crowder is claiming to defend, what Tommy and Wheeler discount or ignore.

    Guest (ce6e2f)

  7. I came into this in Part 1 comments a bit skeptical, and indeed believed that Crowder pushed down Tony, based on one key assumption [that the arm in the Fox clip was Crowder’s fully extended arm pushing Tony to the ground – it wasn’t, it was Tony’s arm as he fell to the side of Crowder].

    A couple of other commenters challenged my perception, and I retracted my hypothesis that this evidence that Crowder was shown to be proximately at fault, mitigating some of the union blame.

    When I began to look at other clips to be found, what I discovered was shocking.

    Hence the set of videos that show the rest of the story.

    Guest (ce6e2f)

  8. Forgot the link to the set of videos, with both shocking moments and showing full context of the 5 Minutes surrounding by Union Strike Hell in which key events occured:

    Guest (ce6e2f)

  9. my whole life I never kicked a wheelchair

    but I’m not in a union

    happyfeet (ae4c7f)

  10. happy, you are probably prohibited by union rules from kicking wheelchairs.

    They are very strict about those sorts of things.

    Pious Agnostic (6ff605)

  11. Here is a very descriptive firsthand account of the Mob, union marshal tactics, their theater and intimidation tactics, other peace teams, the attacks (including links and attacks on other individuals), tent collapse with, if not union coordinated, certainly mob orchestration, lack of policing. Lots more there.

    Including Lisa Fithian inside the Capitol building with her Occupy protestors, with collaboration with sitting Michigan House Democrats, where she retreated for her breaks. Lots of links too.

    The Mob

    “One of the guys with me, Rich, told me that the people in the neon yellow and orange security vests are union marshals, and have no authority at all. They control the crowds on behalf of the unions. I would observe their tactics the rest of the day.

    “Because the Americans For Prosperity tent was the only shelter, food and rest area on the lawn, amidst thousands of angry union members, it became a magnet for union bully tactics. Union captains and marshals are paid by the unions to encourage intimidation while seemingly providing “security” for the masses. With a massive police force protecting the Capitol, these paid security teams as well as the Michigan Peace Team roamed the lawn. The Michigan Peace Team is a group of people who advocate non-violence, but are less effective than the security teams.

    “As the morning wore on, news that the Michigan House would vote on the bills between noon and 2. As more and more union members crowded the front of the AFP tent, union members advanced upon us shouting obscenities and calling us names. The captains and marshals stood directly in front of us, in front of our tent, with their backs toward us, facing the angry mob. But, instead of making a chain amongst them to drive the union members back away from the tent, they incrementally stepped backward, causing the union members to push us more and more into the tent. With plenty of room on either side of the tent, the actions of the captains and marshals were deliberate, causing increasing union intimidation. At some point, the Michigan Peace Team came to us and told us to leave because we were causing aggravation to the mob by being there. It would be too much to ask, I suppose, for them to get the police involved. The idea that we provoked the mob was ridiculous, and I took video of union members closing in on us with the help of captains and marshals. Their mentality, “many are stronger than one alone,” worked well when physical aggression was the means by which they accomplished their task. Physical force works perfectly with their philosophy and world view”


    “After the bills were passed, and the crowds headed to throng the George Romney building where the Governor has his office, I made my way to the Capitol building. After writing about Lisa Fithian, well-known Occupy Wall Street activist/trainer last week, I recognized her on Floor 1 of the rotunda, leading college students in chants and a sit-in. She fell to the ground and led the children in wailing and moaning. I could not get onto Floor 1 of the rotunda at all because the police would not allow it.

    How do you like that? Not a cop to be found protecting us from a mob, but Occupy Wall Street received police protection and plenty of space to lay down and have nice snapshots of the gorgeous iron dome. As I recorded, Fithian took a break and walked down the hall to relax in the office of House Minority Leader, Richard E. Hammel, Democrat.”

    Guest (ce6e2f)

  12. NRA guy is making a very compelling argument for to not let kids be slaughtered newtownam style

    happyfeet (ae4c7f)

  13. Oh.

    now he’s whining about video games

    What a weirdo.

    happyfeet (ae4c7f)

  14. now he wants to censor movies and music videos


    happyfeet (ae4c7f)

  15. i’m glad i resisted my initial impulse to join this weirdo “NRA” censorship organization

    happyfeet (ae4c7f)

  16. That doesn’t sound right, hf. I guess he’s trying to put the blame on someone else but it’s still an argument that some liberty needs to be curtailed for safety reasons.

    I was going to say that I don’t think that argument helps the NRA, but maybe it does with women and/or low information voters.

    DRJ (a83b8b)

  17. The NRA is smarter that the GOP about micro-targeting. There was a time when American voters valued a consistent message, but Obama’s campaigns taught us the value of targeting specific messages to specific groups. I have a feeling that’s what this is.

    DRJ (a83b8b)

  18. i’m not comfortable with it at all… it really detracts from his Big Idea to put an armed cop in every school, which is kinda ooky but definitely a serious policy response we can discuss

    happyfeet (ae4c7f)

  19. You and I hear the message that we are powerless and irresponsible without government intervention, nut the NRA knows that gun owners are, by definition, want to take steps to protect themselves. This message isn’t for them. It’s for people who are afraid and feel powerless, and looking for someone to blame. This message says you don’t have to blame guns.

    DRJ (a83b8b)

  20. Well, that comment didn’t turn out the way I wrote it. Thanks, auto-correct!

    DRJ (a83b8b)

  21. that’s a good point

    it will be very interesting to watch the media piggies square off against a new piggy trough for the police unions

    happyfeet (ae4c7f)

  22. basically what the NRA is calling for is a TSA for schools i think

    happyfeet (ae4c7f)

  23. Most middle and high schools across the nation already have SRO in place. (student resource officers). The NRA is clearly calling for them to also be placed in elementary schools now. It may be a political move to lessen the misdirected heat being felt by them, but it’s not a far-fetched response at all. Small children will become accustomed to being around a police officer, and it will instill a respect for law enforcement from a young age, which might hopefully carry into their older school years where that doesn’t always exist. In the district I work in there is a negative view of on-campus police officers and they are seen not simply as the enemy, but the enemy that targets only certain ethnic groups.

    Dana (292dcf)

  24. “it will be very interesting to watch the media piggies square off against a new piggy trough for the police unions”

    Mr. Feets – It’s an investment in infrastructure!

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  25. now he’s whining about video games
    What a weirdo.

    Would you rather he whine about handguns? If you’re a libertarian, you should be as irked by that as much as anything pertaining to cultural matters (or “family matters”). Actually, if anything, there should be more resentment about people fretting about the “hardware” of society (ie, weaponry) compared with the “software” of a do-your-own-thang culture.

    That’s because over the past 50-plus years, we’ve had an increasing amount of gun control, but an increasing decline in self-control and sense of shame—and where the mentally incapacitated (or deranged) — in the name of love, love, love — are to be seen (and treated) as no less wonderful as you and me.

    However, folks like Nidal Hasan (shout out to Fort Hood!) must certainly enjoy the way our modern, hip, I’m-okay-you’re-okay society is unfolding.

    Mark (94cc2f)

  26. laser guns pew pew pew

    happyfeet (503f28)

  27. Well as I pointed out before, the Holder DOJ cut funding to school resource officers, then they have the nerve,

    narciso (ee31f1)

  28. Mark wrote,
    “That’s because over the past 50-plus years, we’ve had an increasing amount of gun control, but an increasing decline in self-control and sense of shame…”

    Excellent point, friend.
    I was recently speaking to a retired elementary school teacher, who began teaching in the late 1950s. She was telling me how when she began her teaching career, if she were to tell a student’s parents that their little Johnny was pulling Susie’s hair, or bullying a smaller child on the playground or otherwise engaging in behavior that a teacher is expected to correct, the parents of Johnny would say, “We’ll straighten Johnny out—it won’t happen again !”
    Then she told me that by the end of her teaching career 40-some odd years later, a misbehaving child’s parents (or single mother, more often the case) might respond by saying in one variation or another, “My little Johnny doesn’t do stuff like that—maybe the other kid is lying about Johnny, or maybe you’ve got it out for my Johnny !”

    Elephant Stone (65d289)

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