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Debunking Tommy Christopher’s Falsehoods Takes a Long Time

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Still working on parts 2-5.

UPDATE: While you’re waiting, read Stacy McCain on the “Wheelerization” of Steven Crowder.

I’m not letting this drop, because I have seen these tactics before.

8 Responses to “Debunking Tommy Christopher’s Falsehoods Takes a Long Time”

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    happyfeet (5da4d0)

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    happyfeet (5da4d0)

  3. By the way, regarding Marcy Wheeler, did you know..

    She wrote:

    ..provides a play-by-play account of how Vice President Dick Cheney’s office first used the media to target a critic, former Ambassador Joe Wilson, and then to avoid criminal charges in the CIA leak case.


    About the Author

    Marcy Wheeler blogs under the name “emptywheel” at the political blog The Next Hurrah. Her PhD and academic background — relating to citizen journalism at times of heavy propaganda — brings a unique perspective to her blogging and the CIA leak case. Several of her posts have scooped the mainstream media’s coverage of the Plame Affair, including her coverage of Scooter Libby’s NIE leaks. She is a self-employed business consultant based in Ann Arbor, MI.

    One of the reviews said: This will be required reading in High Schools ten years from now.

    18 reviews.

    Only one of them bad.

    The bad review said, in part: Only buy if you own a tinfoil hat.

    Anybody want to buy this book and write a detailed debunking or something?

    (it’s probably not fair to review it without reading it. You can buy it secondhand for 1 cent plus shipping)

    It’s apparently been remaindered. It came out January 25, 2007.

    The last review was February 16, 2008 and says:

    Marcy Wheeler has a brain! And it shows! emptywheel has stuff like this to say every day. This book lays out in her inimitable style all the facts around this mess – and she’s still digging! Take this book on account and remember it’s an ongoing project! Right on, emptywheel!

    Sammy Finkelman (d22d64)

  4. “Falsehood flies, and the truth comes limping after it.” (Jonathan Swift in The Examiner, Nov. 9, 1710.)

    Take the time. It’s worth it.

    Mitch (341ca0)

  5. I’m glad you aren’t giving up but this is so confusing.

    DRJ (a83b8b)

  6. No, I’ve never seen that book anywhere, and there are plenty of conspiracy minded tome, it’s much like
    the Python sketch, if Crowder being punched by Camargo, doesn’t convince, then nothing will.

    narciso (ee31f1)

  7. Off topic(somewhat)– but they arrested the bieber kutcher swatter…who’s next?

    Auntie fraud (2f38aa)

  8. I haven’t read the Christopher stuff that Patrick is referring to — I don’t read much he writes at all.

    But I have taken a look at a couple posts Christopher put up slamming the suggestion that autism has any connection to the school shooting. In the article I started with there was a hyperlink on a phrase in sentence that was something like “no connection between autism and violence”. So I clicked on the link — it took me to another Christopher article where he criticized someone else who suggested the need to look into whether there was a link.

    In that second article, there was another hyperlink on a similar phrase. So I clicked again and the same thing happened — it took me to a third Christopher article where he was attacking someone who had the timerity to suggest the need to examine the question of whether there was a link.

    Twice more I followed links — and the same thing happened. Rather than find an authoritative piece on the subject, all I got were other earlier Christopher articles attacking the premise.

    Frankly, it was funny to see someone expose themselves in that way. I guess he just assumes his readers are too stupid to click on the link, and will simply accept his assertion at face value because he puts in a hyperlink.

    Maybe Christopher is autistic, and this is his coping mechanism.

    shipwreckedcrew (4ae072)

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