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Thanks for Using the Amazon Search Box for Your Holiday Shopping

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I can’t see who buys what, but I can see what is bought, and people are still quite good about remembering to use the box.

Whoever got the Kindle Paperwhite, please let me know what you think of it. (Or anyone else who has gotten one.) I’m considering getting one for my daughter. I have gotten the gray Kindle, which is great for carrying multiple books in a light package, but I don’t care for the grayish display or lack of a backlight when reading at night. So I have tended to read on the iPad or iPhone when reading books in Kindle form. But the Paperwhite has a nice black on white display and a built-in light. It looks ideal for a reader. I’d be very interested in knowing how the Paperwhite stacks up.

11 Responses to “Thanks for Using the Amazon Search Box for Your Holiday Shopping”

  1. Ding.

    Patterico (8b3905)

  2. The Paperwhite is fantastic. I owned the Kindle Touch and the Kindle prior to it, and the Paperwhite was definitely worth the upgrade. Besides the light, which really is its main draw, the interface is a little bit more streamlined. I couldn’t say for sure if the pixels/resolution/refresh rate is significantly better, but the backlight is definitely wonderful. I also own an iPad, Android, and several laptops…and I still find a use for the Paperwhite.

    Dan (513c52)

  3. Bought 3 of the Kindlewhites for the 3 grandkids–they are big readers. Size is good and I’ll let you know what they say about them. Btw, check that you got credit for the 3–I’m a skeptic. And thanks for the site–you’re part of my daily routine.

    bald01 (b370c5)

  4. Hi, I got the Kindle Paperwhite. I have an older Kindle and wanted a back-up. The Paperwhite is fantastic! I tried a Fire and hated the dern thing, but this is great.

    Wyguy (11ef0a)

  5. I have one of the older Kindles, and they have a nice leather case for it that has a light that pulls out at the perfect angle, and the case connects the light to the kindle’s battery so there’s no battery issue.

    The Kindlewhite (which I am unfamiliar with) sounds pretty nifty, though.

    Dustin (73fead)

  6. I bought all my Christmas presents through your widget.

    Merry Christmas

    Dan Kauffman (27c54a)

  7. I used one of the original Kindle Keyboards for many months. My older daughter has, and likes, a Kindle Touch, which they no longer sell. I upgraded my Keyboard to a Paperwhite two months ago when they first came out.

    I give the Paperwhite “thumbs up” on every count after using it several hours every week for the last two months (much of that while on an exercise bike). The screen is fabulous, and I very much like the easily adjustable backlighting. The battery life is phenomenal; Amazon’s claims for it are not hype. The text sizing and font options are powerful and intuitive; the overall interface simple and elegant; and it all interfaces nicely with the Amazon cloud. Since every Amazon Kindle purchase can be re-downloaded without limitation and on command to any or every Kindle registered to a single account, this creates an amazing opportunity to build and share a family library under a single Prime account.

    IMHO it wasn’t worth it to buy the wireless access because WiFi is faster, but I use mine primarily for books, not magazines or newspapers or other content that would require frequent updating.

    I highly recommend that one also purchase the Amazon-offered leather(ette) case, which comes is multiple colors and becomes an aesthetically pleasing unit with the Kindle itself. It offers decent protection to the unit’s case, but I particularly like the way that opening and closing the cover turns the display on and off automatically, which very much enhances the feeling of holding and reading a small book.

    I ordered two more as Christmas presents for my kids in late November, when there was a two-to-a-customer limit, and two more last week (which are supposed to be delivered before Christmas, but which probably haven’t shown up on your Amazon Associates report yet since they won’t bill my credit card until they actually ship).

    Beldar (1a3f6b)

  8. Note well, however: Although the Paperwhite and other Kindles can display not only Amazon’s content but a huge range of other e-reader or digital content, including (for example) word processing and .pdf files. And the Paperwhite includes an “experimental browser” that lets you use the WiFi or cellular connection to browse more than just potential purchases from Amazon; I actually haven’t even tried that function out, though. I view, and use, this as an e-reader, NOT as a replacement for my desktop or laptop computers, and not as a substitute for an iPad-style tablet.

    The boundaries between such devices is blurring, but I really admire the Kindle Paperwhite’s particular fitness as an e-reader. If my expectations were for it to also play games or extensively edit documents or run business applications, I’d use a different (and better-purposed) device.

    Beldar (1a3f6b)

  9. I’ll share one tip that’s not in the introductory user’s demonstration, nor mentioned in the User’s Manual:

    The touchscreen permits you to either tap or swipe the screen to turn pages forward and back. The swiping is probably more intuitive to anyone who uses an iPhone or Android phone, but I usually tap (being one of the last people still using a Blackberry Storm).

    But when at the “home screen” location, when choosing among books you’ve already downloaded or other books in the Amazon cloud, for example, tapping is interpreted as “please open this particular book” whose title is displayed under the portion of the screen you’re tapping on — as opposed to “please turn to the next page of my home screen so I can see the rest of my books.” (You can also toggle between list format and a grapical view that displays book covers.) So even if you usually just “tap” to turn pages while within a book, be sure you’ve tried out the swipe technique too.

    Beldar (1a3f6b)

  10. I;m afraid if I got anything like a paperwhite, it would be a paperweight because I wouldn’t know to get books and files onto it.

    Sammy Finkelman (d22d64)

  11. I got a Paperwhite for Christmas, and I have to warn you about a couple things. Remember the dark grey screen on the previous Kindles? Did you hate that? Well, the Paperwhite has that too. It’s just that the built in light fills in the grey and makes it look white. As a result, it looks quite nice, but really, to be truthful, it’s a PaperGREY.

    If you turn up the light TOO much, tho, almost all units have an uneven illumination at the bottom of the screen that looks like grey patches. But for your current room illumination, you should be able to find a light level that minimizes the grey patches at the bottom while giving you a nice readable page.

    Rick Adams (343c1b)

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