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Congressman: I’m Sorry I Offended Abnormally Small People By Calling Them the Midget Word

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The incomparable Allahpundit:

The first rule of apologizing for insensitivity: When expressing your remorse to the offended group, always refer to them as “abnormal.”


The fun starts around 2:35:

Be proud, America.

What They Said

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A creative solution to the problem of competing with your neighbor’s holiday decorations:


Thanks for Using the Amazon Search Box for Your Holiday Shopping

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I can’t see who buys what, but I can see what is bought, and people are still quite good about remembering to use the box.

Whoever got the Kindle Paperwhite, please let me know what you think of it. (Or anyone else who has gotten one.) I’m considering getting one for my daughter. I have gotten the gray Kindle, which is great for carrying multiple books in a light package, but I don’t care for the grayish display or lack of a backlight when reading at night. So I have tended to read on the iPad or iPhone when reading books in Kindle form. But the Paperwhite has a nice black on white display and a built-in light. It looks ideal for a reader. I’d be very interested in knowing how the Paperwhite stacks up.

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