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Clint the Hot Dog Guy: One of the People Who Cut Down the Tent Wore a Guy Fawkes Mask, and Called Me the “N Word”

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And an “Uncle Tom.”

Can you imagine how this would have been covered if Tea Party people had done this?

My point is not to argue that all union people behave like the thugs in Lansing. Obviously they don’t.

My point is to address those who claim Americans for Prosperity pulled down their own tent.

Is this guy a liar?

UPDATE: Look around 7:20 for discussion on whether AFP tore down their own tent.

“That’s a lie.”

Susan Rice Withdraws

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Another victim of racism.

MFM Won’t Cover Because Crowder Sought Publicity?

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[guest post by JD]

Wemple tries to explain why the MFM is ignoring the assault on Crowder by leftist union thugs. It basically boils down to the fact that they don’t like Crowder, don’t like Fox, and don’t like conservatives.

Apparently, being an attention-whore makes a story less likely to be covered. If you are a conservative journalist. But if you are a Dem activist like Sandra Fluke? Not so much. They will even have auctions where peole can bid on hearing your awesomeness in person.

Remember, the MFM hacks are objective seekers of the twoof.

Again, imagine if this had happened at a Tea Party event, or a Palin speech, or if President Bush had done it.

— JD

Dem Racism

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[Guest post by JD]

Who is racist? Obviously the Tea Partiers screaming racist epithets that are only heard by people who hear dog whistles. Not Dems. No way. No how.

As Dana pointed out so eloquently …

Why should we believe you? We were told that Emanuel Cleaver was spat at and that TEA Partiers shouted “nigger” at John Lewis, Andre Carson, and their aides, and it was reported as undeniable truth. There was no audio or video confirmation, as well as no witnesses. And yet here there is a video and that’s not good enough? How do you square that?

The MFM refuses to cover this, like the Crowder assault, because it does not fit Teh Narrative.

Imagine the coverage if this had happened at a Tea Party event.

— JD

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