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Hairy Reed Refuses Vote on Obama’s Unicorns Plan

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[Guest post by JD]

That serious proposal from Team Obama was so serious, and so important, that Hairy Reed refuses to allow it to be voted on. Likely because the majority of it has previously been rejected in a unanimous bipartisan fashion. Heaven forbid that the MFM point that out. In fact, since 2009, not one of Obama’s budgets has received an affirmative vote from either party. Ironically, the Dems have failed to pass a budget for almost 4 years now, and crickets from the MFM.

Nor will they point our that the $800b in loopholes and reform that they claim impossible today was possible when they proposed it previously, and they claimed they could raise over 1.2T doing so.

The Dems want to go over the BS fiscal cliff. They are begging too. And Team R Will be blamed by the people that did this intentionally, and their MFM lapdogs.

— JD

Detroit CouncilPerson Puts Teh Onion Out of Business

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[Guest post by JD]

It was stupid and racist to point out that the Left promises gifts to their constituents, and likely stupid and racist for highliting a Dem demanding exactly that.

Meet CouncilPerson JoAnn Watson

— JD

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