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L.A. Weekly Story on SWATting Gets Links

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Kevin Roderick at L.A. Observed:

Last year, after posting numerous items about Rep. Anthony Weiner and his Twitter photos scandal, Los Angeles conservative blogger Patrick Frey heard a late-night knock on his door in Rancho Palos Verdes. It was sheriff’s deputies, guns pulled and hackles up, demanding he come out with his hands in the air. Frey was cuffed and put in a squad car, his wife frisked, and their kids wakened. Frey and his wife are no criminals — they are both veteran prosecutors in the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office — but they had become victims of one of the more despicable political dirty tricks practiced in America these days. A man had called the police, made it seem like he was Frey, and said he had just shot his wife and would shoot again. The cops have no choice but to charge in expecting the worst.

Frey has written extensively, and chillingly, about what happened and the aftermath.

John Sexton has more at

Meanwhile, some of the people who have been harassing me for 16 months are (predictably) defaming me in the comment section at the L.A. Weekly story.

40 Responses to “L.A. Weekly Story on SWATting Gets Links”

  1. If you want to fight for free speech, one way to do it would be to take these people on in the comment section there.

    Just understand the risks you take when you do so. ANYONE who takes them on gets targeted.

    Patterico (8b3905)

  2. And while comments are open here, they are more valuable to me there.

    Patterico (8b3905)

  3. Something I have been wondering… I have been reading articles about the recent “Swattings” but nobody has really said why it is even possible in the first place.

    DarthFunyun (a956f3)

  4. DarthFunyun,

    I don’t pretend to understand the technology and techniques involved, but it is possible to impersonate someone’s phone, or computer, or to otherwise disguise oneself in such a way so as to spoof the police so that they are either fooled into thinking a communication originates with the target, or to obfuscate the trace enough that they aren’t sure of the origin.

    The reason you don’t hear specific details in the press is 1) obviously, if more people were clear on how to do it, it might become more common; and 2) most journalists are pretty dim and thus are unable to comprehend the details.

    Just like me, I guess.

    Pious Agnostic (7c3d5b)

  5. I think they are calling the business line and not 911. Do it from a computer behind a bunch of proxies and apparently the FBI is powerless to catch you.

    Patterico (8b3905)

  6. There are services that will spoof phone numbers on caller ID. for you too (investigators can use them too to contact people that are avoiding them, as well as the usual stalkers/etc.

    And companies that have their own PBX’s can give false numbers too (I guess that is frowned upon–but who checks/enforces?).

    However, for people using computers to contact police–It it pretty easy to check IP Addresses and plug them into Google. An IP address in a Proxy list or IP from China–Probably should question a call for help.

    At this point–I could see a law requiring phone companies to verify calling person information for caller ID… This has been a huge problem for advertisers calling cell phones and spoofing numbers–Nobody knows who to report to get the calls to stop (apparently the cell companies have problems too).

    But–What do you do when people use skype/voice over IP and such legitimately…

    It is a tough call–But I do not like the militarization of our police and the police-zation of our military (military terms of engagement appear to be more restricting in the Middle East/Embassies than Police/SWAT operate under).

    BfC (fd87e7)

  7. Going out on a limb?

    “… one of the more despicable political dirty tricks…”

    Roderick is a left winger.

    AZ Bob (1c9631)

  8. I don’t think in this day and age — with the technology we have — that these roaches will be able to hide. At some point the FBI or somebody is going to use science! to match the voices.

    I hope someone in law enforcement and in the judiciary takes this seriously. SWATting is right up there with attempted murder.

    ukuleledave (c59551)

  9. You want to see a swift resolution to a SWATting case and a real move to apply a technological fix?

    SWAT a lefty.

    Rob Crawford (c55962)

  10. (No, I don’t mean that seriously. I just believe that the bulk of the reluctance to actually dig into this is that the targets are conservatives.)

    Rob Crawford (c55962)

  11. SWATting is attempted murder, as far as I’m concerned. One count for every person in the address targeted, and one count for every member of the SWAT team responding.

    htom (412a17)

  12. Rob, with the swatting of members of the Hollywood firmament, that should have gotten the wheels (at least in L.A.) turning to solve this.
    No offense to PP, but I just don’t think that the greater LE community takes it seriously when it’s done to a blogger, though he and his wife’s position within the LE community should count for something.
    But, you then have “dirty tricks” being played by those attached to the cop-unions “semi-swatting” city councilmen (see: Costa Mesa CA) for the unthinkable crime of opposing the union politically.
    That leads this observer to believe that the cops are just as corrupt as any of the old industrial unions were “back in the day”.
    They’ve lost respect for the law unless it needs to be enforced against an “enemy”.

    AD-Restore the Republic/Obama Sucks! (b8ab92)

  13. SWATting is attempted murder, as far as I’m concerned. One count for every person in the address targeted, and one count for every member of the SWAT team responding.

    Comment by htom — 11/9/2012

    True. And that they use that kind of tactic makes this a little alarming to me:

    Just understand the risks you take when you do so. ANYONE who takes them on gets targeted.

    Comment by Patterico — 11/9/2012

    But I wouldn’t be able to look my father in the eyes if I let innocent people be smeared and terrorized and didn’t at least try to help in whatever small way I can. I think Patterico has a lot of friends who agree. I know Popehat in particular has been amazing. Aaron has a number of folks who have also stood tall in his defense.

    They wind up smearing those people and their families, posting photos of their houses, and trying anything else they can come up with. One of these days they are going to go too far and they are going to go to prison for it.

    Dustin (73fead)

  14. What happens when the law can’t be trusted? When we no longer have a viable system of justice?

    luagha (5cbe06)

  15. Have you been to Mexico lately?

    AD-Restore the Republic/Obama Sucks! (b8ab92)

  16. Petraeus resigns!

    Icy (d0fdc3)

  17. Rob, with the swatting of members of the Hollywood firmament, that should have gotten the wheels (at least in L.A.) turning to solve this.

    Dunno. I don’t get the impression that Hollywood celebs are favorites among the LA police. Could be wrong…

    Rob Crawford (c55962)

  18. What is my crime? It is not my fault you guys are poor losers. I am really disappointed in you, Patterico; banning someone because you lost an election is not mature behaviour. I predicted this would happen. You guys had a clear chance of taking this from Obama but you decided to choose a candidate who has no standards. A man who would say anything to win an election. If you wanna know how to win the next a election, get the right candidate. The GOP has had this problem; you just keep picking the wrong guys and end up getting shot in the foot. There is really nothing wrong with your party, you just haven’t found someone who embodies what you believe in and is able to sell it to the undecided. Mitt was not the man. As a matter of fact I am not sure what party Mitt belongs to. Americans know a phoney when they see one. Get the right candidate and you’ve got 4 yrs to do that. Banning the Emperor because your candidate lost was really beneath you sir. And I say this with a lot of hurt.

    reincarnation (08c3d2)

  19. Rob, it’s not the police per se who would move this, it is the pols on the City Council and Police Commission who have to answer to the money people in Hollywood.

    AD-Restore the Republic/Obama Sucks! (b8ab92)

  20. “What is my crime?”

    Idiocy in the first degree.

    Dave Surls (46b08c)

  21. What is my crime?

    Not being welcome to this piece of private property.

    Rob Crawford (d8dade)

  22. There’s cruelty involved in SWATting. I look forward to the day these vicious fools are exposed.

    Birdbath (716828)

  23. reincarnation, your crime is lying. And your “analysis” of the “problem” is a fraud.

    SPQR (2d10d1)

  24. So, were the election night bannings made permanent? Or just Emperor?

    Pious Agnostic (2c3220)

  25. Off topic but here comes the tsunami of higher gas prices and higher health care..

    peedoffamerican (ee1de0)

  26. Emperor/lovey is still stuck up choom’s butthole. Now my lib acquaintances insist sore losers are arbitrarily firing people because they’re racists and don’t want to pay for obamacare. Like obama really gives a care if more end up on disability or unemployment? Keep deepthroating that skinny member, lovey.

    calypso louis farrakhan (8c2d28)

  27. Unemployment ratcheting up too. Thanks alot to the givemefreeshit voters.

    peedoffamerican (ee1de0)

  28. The Emperor is not banned. Has the Emperor tried to leave any comments since election night, when I announced a one-day holiday for her?

    Patterico (8b3905)

  29. Never suggested she was banned. She claimed to be banned, and started commenting under yet another new name, banned commentator.

    JD (ac62a1)

  30. Then reincarnation. Added to Chimperor. And lovie. So at least 4 so far.

    JD (ac62a1)

  31. Martyrdom is more desirable to lovie. You are so mean for not giving it to him/her.

    SPQR (768505)

  32. Never suggested she was banned. She claimed to be banned, and started commenting under yet another new name, banned commentator.

    I know. I was responding to her.

    Patterico (8b3905)

  33. Don’t sweat it Pat. She/he/it makes a lot of claims that are not true.

    peedoffamerican (204ab7)

  34. @Patterico, yes “he” has made many attempts and still my comments don’t get through under my moniker, The Emperor. And yes, the Emperor is not a “she”. It would be disingenuous to keep referring to him as one. Look, I know how it feels to lose, especially after a long and bitter campaign as we had the last months. I was never going to come here and gloat. That is not my style. That election was very close; it could have gone any way. I resorted to using the name “banned commneter” and now “reincarnation” to make my case to you. You know my history as a commenter here and you know I am not in the habit of using fake user names. I also try to keep to your rules. I know I am hated here because I disagree with you guys with most things Obama. I get that. But we don’t increase knowledge by talking to only those who agree with us, we increase knowledge by also talking to those who disagree with us. This I think is the beauty of this blog. Keep it that way. Banning/moderating me because your candidate lost was wrong. An apology would be in order. Although I am not holding my breath for it. This is The Emperor using this handle “reincarnation” until the ban/moderation is reversed.

    reincarnation (09061e)

  35. SPQR. If you accuse someone of lying and cannot prove it when you are called out on it, that makes you the liar. Everything I have said on this blog concerning this election has come to pass, just as I said it. That is not lying, that is stating the facts as I see them. (the Emperor).

    reincarnation (08c3d2)

  36. @Rob Crawford. Well this little piece of private property needs to get bigger and more accomodating of other people’s views if it is ever going to be a winning piece of property. Excluding people who don’t agree with you is not a winning strategy. Listen to your enemies, that way you learn more about yourself and how best to prepare for the next battle. This piece of private property needs to get bigger.

    reincarnation (5647ed)

  37. @Dave surls. Maybe you need to learn something about my “idiocy” because my so-called idiocy has been proven right many times. There’s wisdom in idiocy. Listen to it.

    reincarnation (08c3d2)

  38. Is this not illegal search and seizure? Should the cops not be required to at least call back to the number. I say it is crap that they act this way. Not even a phone call! All they really know is that some idiot called and that they have no evidence only an unverified phone call. It is as bad as having a bench warrant issued for your arrest because someone without id has given your name when arrested.
    I don’t sympathize with the cops for doing a terrible job. Why should anyone spend the weekend in jail or have their lives threatened by the cops because the established a stupid procedure and hide behind it. Why shouldn’t they be arrested for unacceptable behaviour and false arrest.

    Charles Vairin (41db43)

  39. reincarnation, you’ve been caught in multiple lies. And you’ve even lied about being banned.

    SPQR (768505)

  40. Excluding people who don’t agree with you is not a winning strategy.

    Really? You leftards seem to be quite successful with it.

    Rob Crawford (e6f27f)

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