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Refs Back Tonight

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I had dinner with a friend last night who predicted exactly this result: the refs are getting more cash to acquiesce to the change to a 401(k)-like contribution-based plan. This allows the league to maintain such plans for their full-time employees who aren’t refs, but gives the refs extra dough to sock away, to deal with the change.

This is good news, as we can now go back to complaining about Obama.

6 Responses to “Refs Back Tonight”

  1. Now watch them blow a few calls, because of being so rusty…

    The Sanity Inspector (0472b5)

  2. It won’t matter. The Browns are going to get beaten like a rented mule.

    Ralph Gizzip (5ab3ea)

  3. I think we will all be glad to stop hearing from the replacement reffs.

    Icy (735d7a)

  4. Now maybe the Saints can win a game. Maybe Denver can win at home.

    gary gulrud (dd7d4e)

  5. Greetings:

    I know that fans take these kinds of blunders much more seriously than I do. My father never allowed me to see sport as more than a game. In fact, the first time I mouthed off to a referee in a game, my father made it quite clear that future repetitions would result in a basketball-less future for me. The lack of the NFL’s first team officials leaves fans feeling shorted or at least with a diminished sense of the elite-ness of the game they are viewing. Fans and commentators seem committed to paying a deal of attention to this burr under their saddle, but they are not parties to the contract. I don’t see hear anyone suggesting that fans and commentators pass the plate and take up a collection for the lock-out officials so it can’t really be too serious a situation now, can it ???

    And if I may insert a bit of my own agenda in regard to the “National” Football League, many players in the league have affected the wearing of some kind of close fitting head-wear under their helmets. It seems that the “National” Football League, which apparently has any number of rules about the appropriateness of head-wear, finds it acceptable that this couture be worn during the playing of our National Anthem, perhaps due to the complexity of removing it and replacing it so shortly before the beginning of the game, or maybe Just because, well, their “National” isn’t that kind of National.

    (And, my regards to the Oakland Raiders who, this past Sunday, allowed a group to sing the National Anthem, one of whose members wore a baseball cap and another a beret.)

    I can certainly understand that this is probably some branding complexity that remains beyond my intellectual grasp, but when you call yourself a “National” anything and put all those cute little flag stickers on every player’s helmet, why not go whole hog and require appropriate courtesy in regard to our National Anthem.

    11B40 (3db209)

  6. 11B40,

    Interesting post, friend. Do post more often.

    The headwear worn underneath the helmet is worn by guys with shaved (or very closely cut hair) heads, so as to provide a buffer between the skin and interior helmet padding. It also helps absorb perspiration.

    I share your concern for the ever-expanding casualness among society, which seems to be quite common even during allegedly solemn settings such as the national anthem, or weddings, or funerals.
    Of course, our Commander in Chief has not been helpful to the cause of showing solemnity during the national anthem or pledge of allegiance, with his famous video of neglecting to put his hand to his heart during a 2008 Democrat primary debate in Iowa (as all the other candidates standing on stage had their hands over their hearts), as well as the video of Michelle whispering, “All this for a damn flag” to Barack in 2009, during the national anthem at a ceremony.

    Elephant Stone (65d289)

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