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Occupy Unmasked Only $14.99 at Amazon — And Is In Theaters Now!

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The “Occupy Unmasked” DVD is just $14.99 at Amazon. Not sure how long that will last.

If you already pre-ordered it, like I did, you’re covered by Amazon’s pre-order price guarantee. I expected to pay over $25 when I ordered it, and now I will be getting it for $15. Life is good.

It’s currently the top-selling documentary on Amazon.

I saw it last night along with people whose names will remain private to protect the innocent. I think we all enjoyed it, and while it’s not perfect by any means, it was eye-opening and interesting. Also, it was fun to see Andrew again, and to see other people I have come to know on the screen, like Mandy Nagy, Brandon Darby, and Lee Stranahan. Plus, after the movie, Christian Hartsock (who also appears in the film) strolled by the group I was with, and came over to talk for ten minutes or so — and embarrassed me by saying all kinds of nice things about the blog.

I’ll try to have a more complete review soon, but for now I will simply say that it’s well worth seeing.

Buy it on DVD by clicking below and I’ll get a small cut.

P.S. You guys are doing great on using the Amazon search box to the right. Special thanks to whoever ordered a nice camera recently.

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