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Occupy Unmasked Opens Tonight

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Andrew Breitbart’s final opus, “Occupy Unmasked,” opens in theaters tonight, in Orange County, Phoenix, Highlands Ranch (near Denver), and Grapevine (near Dallas, TX). Here are the theaters:

AMC Block 30
20 City Blvd. W. Ste E
Orange, CA 92868

AMC Desert Ridge 18
21001 North Tatum Blvd.
Phoenix, AZ 85050

AMC Highlands Ranch 24
103 W. Centennial Blvd.
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129

AMC Grapevine Mills 30
3150 Grapevine Mills Pkwy.
Grapevine, TX 76051

See showtimes and get tickets here.

There’s evidently some truth in it that they don’t want you to see. Some in the Occupy movement plan to “occupy” the theaters where the film is showing:

And you will recall that people involved in the film, including Lee Stranahan and Brandon Darby, were threatened, as reported by the Hollywood Reporter:

“We’ll be legitimately raping Brandon Darby and Lee Stranahan for the next several days while they are tied up with the movie premier at the RNC,” reads an email from The email includes Darby’s and Stranahan’s cell phone numbers.

One tweet reads, “While @S[tr]anahan is in Tampa this week, should Texas rapists be told where to find his wife since he supports the rape of everyone else?”

What hasn’t been reported are the links between the threats and the Brett Kimberlin / Neal Rauhauser crowd. That tweet about raping Lee Stranahan’s wife was from @OccupyRebellion, friend of Rauhauser and fan of Kimberlin. Meanwhile, someone calling themselves “Occupy Unmasked” — using the same email address cited in the Hollywood Reporter article, — tried to leave the following comment on my site on September 4 (it was caught by the filter and never appeared):

Breitbart – terminated with prejudice.

O’Keefe – state and federal grand juries, only Holder knows what else.

Frey – civil suit from Nadia Naffe, multiple complaints to L.A. County.

Walker – outed, fired, arrested twice, lots of court room drama leading to the conclusion he is utterly incompetent, probable disbarment.

[Last name of our commenter Dustin] – just outed so far, and then he got real quiet.

Allen – sued, outed, arrested, and now he’s a “Libelous Cretin”.

Darby – under suspicion for SWAT of Mike Stack and three faked events.

Akbar – criminal past revealed, IRS complaints, endless public drama.

Murphy – racist writings, connection to Akbar revealed.

Grimm – grand jury, arrest of his top fund raiser during a fund raising event. FBI lulz FTW!

Adams – whooped 2:1 by John Mica in redistricting race.

Stranahan must be next.

Frey, you sniveling cuntforest, please write a hysterical post about this being a threat.

If you thought that “enemies’ list” sounds a lot like the insanity of Neal Rauhauser, you’ve been paying attention. Who else would be concerned not just with Breitbart and O’Keefe, but Sandy Adams (the Congressperson who wrote Eric Holder a letter about the SWATtings), Seth Allen (sued by Brett Kimberlin), Michael Grimm (Rauhauser has a weird theory about him and Anthony Weiner), Brandon Darby (Rauhauser absurdly blames him for the SWATtings) and so forth?

The enemies’ list sounds a lot like this enemies’ list from the Gaped Crusader, who I showed shared an IP address and numerous quirks and similarities with Neal Rauhauser.

And there is an @OccupyUnmasked Twitter account that sounds an awwwful like one of those abusive Rauhauser sock puppets.

Seeing “Occupy Unmasked” (or buying the DVD) is an act of defiance against the Rauhauser/Kimberlin crowd and their fellow travelers.

The DVD can be purchased by clicking below:

9 Responses to “Occupy Unmasked Opens Tonight”

  1. I hope the movie does a ‘2012’ and gets a wider release.

    It would be fun to see it challenge another box office record.

    fretless (82fc29)

  2. Gee, Rauhauser is not even mad at me. I wonder if he was a member of Iowa Democrat Underground. I used to rip them all the time.

    PCD (1d8b6d)

  3. May I remind folks that when a “conservative” film such as this comes out, it’s vital to support it.
    I realize everyone has busy lives, and therefore can’t always go out to the movie theatre, but you can still support a film by purchasing tickets online—even if you know you can’t go. The money still “counts” toward the box office total even if you never pick up your online-purchased tickets at the “will call” window.

    Approach the concept of purchasing a couple of tickets online for a movie you won’t have time to go see as a proverbial political donation.
    Needless to say, the more money a film makes at the box office, the more eager movie theatres will be to run future films with similar subject matter/themes.

    Dinesh D’Souza’s film is doing pretty well, so as a result, movie theatres will be more likely to embrace future films of his.

    Also, opening weekends are literally make or break for a film. Long gone are the days when studios and movie theatres had patience for a film to “find” its audience. With the proliferation of the internet, email, YouTube, Twitter, smart phones, and so forth, word of mouth about a film is instantaneous. If a film does not do well after a couple of weekends, the powers that be naturally assume there isn’t wide enough interest in the film, so then the movie theatres are eager to get rid of it, and replace it with expanded screenings of the films that are making money.

    Elephant Stone (65d289)

  4. My prayer’s for a successful commercial venture.

    I hope Conservatives increasingly pour time and money into media in order to combat these lunatics.

    Also, I hope someone, somewhere, starts raising large sums of equity capital to buy these Liberal Rags simply to purge the leftist dishonesty they spew. NY Times object number 1.

    Hopefully Comcast gets its fingers around NBC News soon enough.

    Rodney King's Spirit (aeda60)

  5. #3 “Also, opening weekends are literally make or break for a film.”

    Not for these types of films. It really does start small and word of mouth is huge.

    Rodney King's Spirit (aeda60)

  6. Rodney King’s Spirit,

    I’m sorry, but if a documentary playing limited engagements in targeted markets does not perform well out of the gate, it generally does not see an expansion into very many more theatres. It’s nothing complicated—just basic economics.
    As I stated, the decision makers have less patience for “word of mouth” with the availability of the internet, Twitter, smart phones, YouTube, and the like. In the past, a person might see a film, but not get to tell their friends about it until they see them a few days later. Nowadays, people can send their friends a text message about the film while they’re actually watching the film.

    Movie theatres cannot afford to screen films to empty chairs—doing so not only hurts the literal box office receipts, but the empty chairs tend not to purchase very much popcorn or coke or nachos at the concession stand. Movie theatres are very dependent upon the bottom line at their concession stand.

    Elephant Stone (65d289)

  7. Clint Eastwood’s new film, “Trouble with the Curve” is opening.
    Let’s show a little support for ol’ Clint after he went on stage at the RNC and tweaked Obama.

    If this film does not perform well at the box office, the MSM will instinctively attribute the box office failure to the American people deliberately punishing Clint for daring to criticize the Obamessiah.

    Let’s not tolerate any “empty chairs” at Clint’s new film !

    Elephant Stone (65d289)

  8. After John Lennon said the Beatles were “more popular than Jesus”, angry Christians bought their albums and destroyed them. Which of course simply made the Beatles incrementally richer and gave them press.

    Now these Occupy clowns are going to (presumably) pay for these shows and then what, pay for them again? Or do they plan on just holding the theaters hostage? Either way, I see nothing but upside for the producers, and some small upside for Occupiers spending a night in the clink.

    Kevin M (bf8ad7)

  9. Saw Occupy Unmasked tonight. It was amazing. No protesters at our theatre. Go see what the media refused to show you or tell you. The violence will be stunning to those who get their news from just the mainstream media. They will be dumbfounded and learn quickly how much is being kept from them. Most of the narration is done by former leftists who expose the radicals they used to associate with which shows the credibility of the film.

    Whippet (f2408e)

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