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Love Story

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[guest post by JD]

I am about as sentimental as a brick, but this photo montage could warm the coldest and darkest of hearts.

You are welcome.

— JD

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  1. Click on the link

    JD (318f81)

  2. Don’t do this again.

    nk (875f57)

  3. Why?

    JD (1b45d7)

  4. JD, Thank You!
    (and I Second nk above – this was hard to watch).

    AD-Restore the Republic/Obama Sucks! (b8ab92)

  5. This recalls a question that always arises when discussing the Greatest Generation, and the difficulties that they overcame in WW2:

    Where do we find such men?
    On any Main Street!

    It was true then, and it is still true now.
    There is Hope for the Future, and it does not involve Change.

    America is the Change!

    AD-Restore the Republic/Obama Sucks! (b8ab92)

  6. Tremendous.

    Pious Agnostic (7c3d5b)

  7. In addition to that brave young man, I wonder…

    …did they still make women like that?

    Nice to know that American womanhood hasn’t disintegrated.

    Pious Agnostic (7c3d5b)

  8. Amen, AD. And Pious. These are 2 truly special people.

    JD (1b45d7)

  9. Pious is right. That is a special woman and I think many military families are full of such devoted people.

    I wish we had more people like that. No problem would be insurmountable with a country full of that kind of honor and devotion. But that kind of person is incredibly special and probably rare.

    Thanks for sharing, JD. Really choked me up, though.

    Dustin (73fead)

  10. Ya know, you think you have problems… you think you have tribulations… then you see people rise above an experience that nothing you’ve ever been through could hold a candle to, and realize that you should just get on your knees and be thankful.

    Dustin (73fead)

  11. Pictures of my cousin (by marriage) blown up by an IED in Afghanistan on July 4, 2012.

    Dave Surls (46b08c)

  12. Shut up, those aren’t tears—a bug got in my eye.

    Elephant Stone (65d289)

  13. That was awesome, as was the link that Dave Surls provided.

    The other thing that I must admit leaves me in puddles is videos of returning service members surprising their spouses and children. No way I can keep a dry eye when watching those.

    JVW (edec8d)

  14. Doggone allergies…*sniff*…

    The Sanity Inspector (93bc4f)

  15. JVW — throw in a dog and I’m gone.

    Pious Agnostic (7c3d5b)

  16. What a woman.

    What a man.

    Both heroes.

    Jcw46 (b4329c)

  17. Where do we find such people?

    On any Main Street in America!

    AD-Restore the Republic/Obama Sucks! (b8ab92)


    No, I’m not paying for YOUR kleenexes.

    Dave Surls (46b08c)

  19. Getting a tear out of me isn’t easy, but that did it. Thankyou!

    BarSinister (664312)

  20. Don’t do this again.

    Comment by nk — 9/21/2012 @ 9:08 am


    Comment by JD — 9/21/2012 @ 9:22 am

    As calmly as I can say it, now. God damn all old men who send young men to war.

    nk (875f57)

  21. All Volunteer Force. Great men and women.

    Birdbath (716828)

  22. I haven’t seen any links to this man’s story, but his name is Taylor Morris and while he may have lost his limbs he’s still got huge brass cajones.

    A warrior that defines the word “Fighter”

    Nicknamed ‘The Shield’, OED specialists always lead, the first to put themselves in harm’s way to tackle unexploded ordinance and IED’s.

    Less than one month ago near the Kandahar province in Afghanistan, Taylor was doing his job, right out in front.

    Leading a team of Army Special forces to a classified location, Taylor stepped on an IED. It exploded underneath him and blew off all four of his limbs. Taylor recalled the moment to me over the phone,

    “As soon as I stepped on it, I knew. There was a moment, then I heard the blast. I felt the heat. I knew I had lost my legs. As I summersaulted through the air, I watched my legs fly off.”

    Taylor landed back in the blast crater. This is where the story of Taylor’s bravery goes next-level.

    After the explosion, Taylor didn’t lose consciousness, he didn’t go into shock. His thoughts immediately crystalized. Even though Taylor was bleeding to death, he called to the oncoming medics NOT to come get him, putting their safety in front of his own life.

    “I recounted the moment of the explosion. There was no visual on the mine and no sound ID on my mine detector. That told me the mine was old. If there were other mines out there, the medics wouldn’t see them or detect them unless it was cleared properly. I knew I had arterial bleeding from all 4 limbs and I was bleeding out fast. I told my buddies to stop, it would only have hurt me more if somebody stepped on another one.”

    The area around Taylor was finally cleared by the second EOD and the medic finally administered combat casualty care. Taylor remained conscious through the ordeal.

    Damn. Just Damn.

    And I’d say his wife is just as awesome as Taylor himself.

    Steve57 (c8ac21)

  23. Wow. Just wow.

    JD (1b45d7)

  24. She married a hero and carries him up stairs. Compared, I’m nothing.

    Birdbath (716828)

  25. nk

    Do you really think it’s just old men that send the young to war? Or is that circumstances that force those old men to make those decisions?

    Do those young men go to war without rhyme or reason or do you think they’re robots who obey with mechanized rigidity?

    Or are they filled with pride that they are allowed to use their strength, courage and intellect to defend the defenseless and shelter the innocent from blood shed?

    Damning those who make the decisions is like those blaming the video maker for the riots.

    You’ve got it backwards and upside down.

    It’s the EVIL men (and women) in the world who make threats of violence against the innocent and defenseless and carry them thru that force the old men to make the decisions that they do.

    Damn them.

    And you should pray every day to whatever god you do or do not believe in and give thanks that there are old men (who by the way KNOW WHAT WAR COSTS) who have the courage and strength to send those brave, courageous and strong young men to eliminate (as best and as much as possible in this evil world) the threats to the innocent and the defenseless.

    I pray one day you will come to understand how difficult, how gut wrenching, how agonizing it is to make decisions like that. Do you think those old men have no heart, no compassion, no soul?

    Think again and rescind your curse.

    Jcw46 (b4329c)

  26. I include Osama bin Laden, Al Zwahiri, Mullah Omar, and the madrassas, among the old men, Jcw46.

    All the sowers of thunder.

    nk (875f57)

  27. This is a heartrending story and maybe not the best time for preaching pacifism. I’ll shut up.

    nk (875f57)

  28. NK,

    C’mon, man.
    Violence has context.
    The guy who pushes the little old lady out of the way of the oncoming bus, is not the same as the guy who pushes the little old lady in front of the oncoming bus, as William F. Buckley used to say.

    If “old men” hadn’t sent “young men” to stop Hitler, who knows what kind of world we’d be living in.
    There are a number of examples throughout history where the ways of the pacifist failed to stop evil.

    Anyhow, whether its your intention or not, your pacifism lecture infers that the fellow who lost his limbs (in JD’s link) did so in vain.
    I believe he sacrificed to ensure that the barbarians do not enter the gate.
    As George Orwell famously said,(paraphrased)”We sleep peaceably in our homes at night because rough men stand ready to do harm to those who would come do harm to us in the middle of the night.”

    Elephant Stone (65d289)

  29. 27. This is a heartrending story and maybe not the best time for preaching pacifism. I’ll shut up.

    Comment by nk — 9/21/2012 @ 2:20 pm

    It’s actually a rather inspiring story. You just can’t keep a good man or, and as Mrs. Morris demonstrates, a good woman down.

    And if you were to ask him I doubt Taylor Morris would say he was conned or ill used. I don’t know Taylor Morris, but I’ve met men like him, and to a man they’ll tell you they signed up to serve their country with their eyes wide open.

    To be blunt, these guys who sign up knowing how things can turn out if the situation goes south resent being cast as victims.

    Steve57 (c8ac21)

  30. No. It was not in vain. He is young and strong and brave and full of life and he should be home making babies. But he went and did his duty. That’s all. That’s what makes it heartrending.

    Do I need to repeat myself?

    I include Osama bin Laden, Al Zwahiri, Mullah Omar, and the madrassas, among the old men, Jcw46.

    All the sowers of thunder.

    Comment by nk — 9/21/2012 @ 2:16 pm

    I will not say whether I give our generals a pass. But war is an unnatural thing where the old bury the young instead of the young burying the old.

    Suckass liberal peacenik nk.

    nk (875f57)

  31. nk you have made the point you wish to make. Several times. Please stop making it on this particular thread. Perhaps you can find it in your heart to say something nice about the humanity of Taylor Morris’ actions in the field. Perhaps you could find room in your soul to say something complementary about the courageous young couple this thread is about. It is after all about them and their spirit and how they have been brought even more closely together as they accept and deal with almost unimaginable adversity. The thread is not about the generals or the old men or about pacifism or Bin Laden or about you. It’s just not.
    Thank you.

    elissa (54b70a)

  32. I said it:

    He is young and strong and brave and full of life and he should be home making babies. But he went and did his duty.

    Comment by nk — 9/21/2012 @ 3:51 pm

    Should I add that “he lost his limbs so elissa can enjoy her skim latte at Starbucks”?

    nk (875f57)

  33. NK,

    No, sir, you don’t need to repeat yourself.
    Moral equivalency and pacifism do not become more attractive after repeated offerings.

    Rough, brave men such as Mr. Morris risk their own life and limb to preserve civilization from being overrun by the barbarians. Their courage, their sacrifices, enable the rest of us to sleep peaceably in our homes, and enable babies to grow up in freedom.

    May God bless Mr. and Mrs. Morris.

    Elephant Stone (65d289)

  34. (obviously) it should be “complimentary” not “complementary” in my post above. Spell auto-check does not know what I mean to say and apparently hates me.

    elissa (54b70a)

  35. There is no humanity in a battlefield, elissa. There is manhood in a man who has been blown up by a mine and says to his fellow soldiers, “Stay away, there are more mines”.

    (Dang, and I scored 99th percentile in English on the ACT and in Writing on the LSAT. I just cannot make myself understood.

    Is it because I’m black?)

    nk (875f57)

  36. Show me your scars, Elephant Stone.

    nk (875f57)

  37. A Good Conduct Metal will do, too.

    nk (875f57)

  38. I was roasting jalepeno’s today and I must have rubbed my eyes.

    mg (44de53)

  39. Sofa soldiers. Or is it couch commandos? Armchair warriors does not alliterate.

    I’ll listen to somebody with even a general discharge.

    nk (875f57)

  40. Knew what it was going to be, looked anyway. Teared up again. Greater love hath no … nk doesn’t get it, I suppose.

    John at the Castle Argghhh! has links to two articles, each telling of two others who’ve paid full price for their journey Home.

    Move to the sound of the guns, protect your own.

    nk, there is a difference between the practice of non-violence and the practice of cowardice. Step into the battle, or run away. You choose, as they did.

    htom (412a17)

  41. squirrels. dicks. sadly, either one can ruin a thread.

    elissa (54b70a)

  42. No, I guess I don’t.

    We send a young man to get himself blown up.

    Then I say what a horrible thing it is what happened to this young man.

    And you say what a fine thing it is.

    No. I don’t get it. And I never want to.

    nk (875f57)

  43. nk — Warned I would be drafted, I looked at my options. We rejected marrying and fleeing to Canada. I was by then too tall for an AF pilot slot promised in AFROTC, but the USMC offered me pilot training if I’d be content not to be a fighter pilot. Signed up and flew away to stand on the yellow footprints. It’s a long story that doesn’t end well for me, and ended worse for a dumb-ass COL who was too impressed by his eagles. When it was over, I was a Marine, another two inches taller, tossed on the beach with an honorable discharge and a service connected disability, and he was on the do-not-promote list and left with no stars, even when he retired. Meanwhile, I thought she’d dumped me, and she thought I’d been killed. Mistakes happen. We couldn’t put it back together and parted (and reconnected for a happy few days recently.)

    Impose yourself between your loved ones and the oncoming bayonets. If possible, kill the bayonet wielders before they kill you. This is the heart of non-violent resistance. Running away is not part of Gandhi.

    htom (412a17)

  44. nk;

    You SAY you’re going to stop but you DON’T.

    Apparently you’re enjoying the hole you’re digging and want to make room for everyone. NO THANKS.

    Misery does love company but it has no right to it.

    Jcw46 (b4329c)

  45. Should I add that “he lost his limbs so elissa can enjoy her skim latte at Starbucks”?

    Is it all about latte’s. I thought it was about stuff like this…

    Dave Surls (46b08c)

  46. Wait, nk is black? That changes everything.

    Pious Agnostic (ee2c24)

  47. Comment by Jcw46 — 9/21/2012 @ 5:03 pm

    I respect the soldier. No comment of mine says otherwise.

    I see no reason to respect anyone who makes him a subject of conversation. Including myself.

    nk (875f57)

  48. nk

    I was about to respond to you again but realized my comment would violate Pat’s commenting policy.

    Suffice it to say that you’re being obnoxious and from what little I’ve seen do so purposefully and with forethought.

    therefore you are not worth further comment.

    Good day to you sir.

    Jcw46 (b4329c)

  49. Wait, nk is black? That changes everything.

    Comment by Pious Agnostic — 9/21/2012 @ 5:09 pm

    Only my eyebrows. Pinkish-beige the rest.

    JD intended a testimonial. I did not intend to turn this thread nasty. I should have taken care to have been more clealer and to know to whom I was talking to. I am sorry, JD.

    nk (875f57)

  50. I just wanted to pass along a little tribute to 2 BAMFs.

    JD (1b45d7)

  51. I do think you were terribly unfair to Elissa, nk.

    JD (1b45d7)

  52. Nobody asked elissa to butt in. I apologize to you, on her behalf, if you wish, JD. I respect you.

    nk (875f57)

  53. Wow. What a woman! Where do we find such?

    The Emperor (3db71b)

  54. God f***ing damn! A boy was hurt in the evilest of all things. A war.

    And I get s*** for saying it was a bad thing.

    nk (875f57)

  55. Please delete my last comment, JD.

    nk (875f57)

  56. Lovie,

    Glad you’re around. Takes the pressure off of me.

    So, do you like prefer Vaseline or KY Jelly in your love affairs with goats?

    nk (875f57)

  57. Love, at its most selfless, is breathtakingly beautiful. So few experience the depths and richness of its fulness. This young couple, they know something in a way that most of us will not know in this life. God bless them all the days of their lives.

    Dana (292dcf)

  58. Beautiful love story indeed. It must be really fantastic to have someone who will accept you despite your handicaps. This couple made the best of it.

    56 Can’t we all just get along? NK is blatantly unfair to goats. Several Choom worshippers here, including Lovey, don’t aspire to the usual muslim sexual fare of goats, camels or sheep but rather aspire to insert their entire noggins up the alimentary canal of Urkel.

    Calypso Louis Farrakhan (e799d8)

  59. @Dana. Well said.

    The Emperor (3db71b)

  60. I’m sorry for your loss, Dave Surls.

    Dustin (73fead)

  61. Well, I’m sorry that nk is in such an awful mood.

    Dave Surls (46b08c)

  62. My first thought after seeing those 22 pictures was about ME and MY philosophy of human conflict. Forget about the guy without legs and arms and let’s talk about ME.– NK shorter

    Birdbath (716828)

  63. I apologized to JD. Twice. The rest of you, find your own ways to satisfaction.

    nk (875f57)

  64. I was going to respond. I believe that at the very least nk is seriously misguided.

    Then it dawned on me that if Taylor Morris has proved anything it’s that I rather shouldn’t respond. Not to minor irritants.

    Here’s to the Taylor Morris “don’t let the f*****s get you down” fund.

    Steve57 (c8ac21)

  65. nk at 27- noted. nk at 39- also noted. First the ‘pull back’. Then the ‘screw you all’. Finally nk at 63- Leave me alone! Well done, sir.

    Birdbath (716828)

  66. At age 56, “demented” is closer to the truth than “seriously misguided”, Steve. But I am I the [emphasis], other than JD, talking to anybody less deaf and senile than I am?

    nk (875f57)

  67. JD, please delete all my comments.

    nk (875f57)

  68. I don’t tear up often, but that was moving.

    carlitos (49ef9f)

  69. You know, the movie Love Story was based on Al and Tipper Gore my life with mrs. carlito.

    carlitos (49ef9f)

  70. I’m sorry, carlitos. You told us about your sister, I remember. I did not know your wife died of leukemia, too. Please accept my condolences.

    nk (875f57)

  71. Wonderful photo of true heroes. Thanks for sharing with me.

    GreenForest (63ad60)

  72. 66. At age 56, “demented” is closer to the truth than “seriously misguided”, Steve. But I am I the [emphasis], other than JD, talking to anybody less deaf and senile than I am?

    Comment by nk — 9/21/2012 @ 7:49 pm

    The thing is, nk, I don’t detect any signs of dementia. Just wrong headedness on certain topics. Case in point:

    26. I include Osama bin Laden, Al Zwahiri, Mullah Omar, and the madrassas, among the old men, Jcw46.

    All the sowers of thunder.

    Comment by nk — 9/21/2012 @ 2:16 pm

    Umm K. Do you then (to keep things topical) condemn those old men who send Marines to protect our embassies from the mobs the Bin Ladens, Zawahiris, and Omars launch against them?

    You have this mindset that war is unnatural. While the world produces Rwandas that demonstrate war is as natural as breathing. And somehow it makes you a good person not to get that.

    Taylor Morris got it. He left Iowa and got himself blown up, and doesn’t regret it, so thoroughly did he get it.

    The cheaper and easier the use of force becomes, the more attractive it is.

    Yet you persist in this delusion that war is unnatural. And you damn the old men (as if it could be any other way) who send young men to participate in it.

    Fine. Do you therefore condemn the concept of defending our embassies? Because anyone who is trained to defend is trained for war, even though that term may not be applied.

    Is your commitment to pacifism to such a degree that you’ll declare our embassies should be undefended. By not only our Marines but by local police forces.

    If not, then I’d say your position begins to fall apart. If a diplomatic mission must be defended, the so should a country. Which, right there, establishes the foundation for a military. The ideals of which Taylor Morris lost his limbs living up to.

    Steve57 (c8ac21)

  73. He has legit health problems, Steve. Not that I have any problem with debating him about the merits of using warfare when necessary. I think he welcomes that kind of spirited debate.

    I just cut him some slack as far as some of the intemperance goes.

    Dustin (73fead)

  74. Dustin, I suppose I should take your comment as an opportunity to make the basis of my disagreement with nk clear. It is simply his position on this topic I take issue with. I’m not passing judgement on him as a human being. I bear no hostility towards him.

    I often agree with him. On this one topic, though, I think he’s not only wrong but that he stubbornly persists in his error.

    But I don’t hate him. Nothing like that. I consider him a potential friend who just happens to be, in this thing, wrong.

    Steve57 (c8ac21)

  75. . It is simply his position on this topic I take issue with. I’m not passing judgement on him as a human being. I bear no hostility towards him.

    I didn’t think otherwise.

    I agree he is mistaken on this issue, and I don’t think those who make the call to go to war are heartless to the suffering that entails. Sometimes, they are, and indeed those folks are damned, but I don’t think George W Bush was cold hearted about it at all, for example.

    Dustin (73fead)

  76. Thank you, Dustin and Steve. I have been very intemperate and insulting on a thread when I should not have been. I apologize to everybody, with a special apology to elissa and to JD.

    I have asked JD and Patterico to delete my comments.

    And, please, my “health issues” should not cause anybody to cut me any slack. As long as I can type, I am still a big boy responsible for what I type.

    nk (875f57)

  77. NK,

    I hope you’re feeling better, today.
    I figured something was wrong when you went so far as accusing us of actually asserting that the injuries to Mr. Morris were somehow a fine thing.

    I don’t think it’s necessary to ask for your comments to be deleted. Let the record stand.

    Let’s move on. :)

    And may God bless Mr. and Mrs. Morris !

    Elephant Stone (65d289)

  78. I was not sick, Elephant Stone. I was nasty and rude. But thank you, anyway.

    nk (875f57)

  79. Everybody has a bad day once in awhile, and besides I agree with nk’s general attitude about war.

    There ain’t nothing good about it.

    Dave Surls (46b08c)

  80. nk, everyone makes mistakes. I don’t see how it’s out of line to suggest you are making one.

    Unlike you I see a violent world, full of threats that must be met head on. If they aren’t they’ll just grow.

    So I served my country. I only mention this because earlier in this comment thread you said you’d listen to anyone with a general discharge. I don’t have that; I served until I retired. Does that count?

    And I like the fact I live in a country where my vote doesn’t mean any more than some guy’s who never served.

    It is my fervent hope that you are blessed with health, happiness, and a long life.

    Steve57 (c8ac21)

  81. I can hate war, and still admire the courage and can-do attitudes of guys like Taylor Morris and Monte Bernardo.

    “The Taliban can’t faze me, they can try, but here I come rising from the ashes of their little bomb, three out of four limbs, less than I had and still as strong as ever. Bring it,”–Monte Bernardo

    That’s what he said after he was blown to bits by the Taliban. Compare his attitude with the whiny little bitches in the Occupy Movement who never stop snivelling about what a tough time they’re having.

    I can also hate war AND hate Al Qaida and the Taliban even more than I hate the idea of war.

    My priorities work like this:

    1.) Nobody attacks my country and deliberately kills American children and gets away with it.

    2.) I don’t like war and violence.

    Dave Surls (46b08c)

  82. I can also admire a woman, like Danielle Kelly, who sticks by her boyfriend, even when things aren’t going so well.

    Dave Surls (46b08c)

  83. 79. Everybody has a bad day once in awhile, and besides I agree with nk’s general attitude about war.

    There ain’t nothing good about it.

    Comment by Dave Surls — 9/22/2012 @ 10:54 am

    I’m inclined to agree with you. But with a few caveats. A war defensively and successfully waged is preferable to other likely outcomes. I would humbly point out that it is preferable to the pillage, rape, and murder that follows if you don’t bother to show up.

    But, yeah, once you’re exposed to the machinery of war and the ugliness of the human imagination when it’s dedicated to the task of extermination, there is no romance involved.

    Steve57 (c8ac21)

  84. They are doing wonderful things with prostheses, these days, as we saw in the Olympics. I hope the VA helps him out with the best and the latest.

    nk (875f57)

  85. I was getting my daughter on Thursday morning for weekend visitation, but now with school and swim team I get her late Saturday afternoon. I will be good tonight. She is my little opium and valium in one package. I’ll try to restrain myself after she goes to mama tomorrow. 😉

    nk (875f57)

  86. BTW, steve, since you’re in to classical stuff, “war is an unnatural thing where the old bury the young instead of the young burying the old” is, according to Herodotus, King Midas of Lidya talking to Cyrus the Great of Persia. Midas was the one who started the war and was defeated. Cyrus was ready to burn him alive but they started talking philosophy and he spared him.

    nk (875f57)

  87. You care about Veterans?
    The ACLU of Southern California is suing the VA for not doing its job

    sleeeepy (b5f718)

  88. nk, I do like classical stuff.

    I briefly thought of lng the books on my end table, but then the thought past.

    I think it does me good to know of history. But it’s not like I can tell a product of a public school education about it. Not til he or she has been hit in the face with it like a shovel.

    Steve57 (c8ac21)

  89. nk

    I wish you only the best… In this post by JD – it did serve a greater purpose than intended by opening up very raw emotions that in the end best served everyone who read not only the article and viewed the pictures but also examined the comment section.

    EPWJ (d84fb0)

  90. nk- You are a stimulating and provocative chararacter. For that I appreciate your presence. Be well.

    Birdbath (716828)

  91. I am about as sentimental as a brick, but this photo montage could warm the coldest and darkest of hearts.

    What does that say about liberal SOBs that probably hate his guts and hers by association?

    Smock Puppet, 10th Dan Snark Master (8e2a3d)

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