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Bill Burton Is A Clumsy Liar (sense a theme?)

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[Guest post by JD]

Bill Burton claims there is not one fact wrong in his vile disgusting ad accusing Mitt of using the Mormon Death Cancer stare on an unsuspecting victim 5 years after the fact.

Off the top of my head …

Romney left at least 2 years prior to steel plant closing.
Steel company in trouble, hence Bain involvement.
Obama bundler Lavine was in charge.
Prop Soptic turned down buyout.
She still had health insurance through her employer.
Septic turned down health insurance due to her already having same.
The Romney Cancer diagnosed 8 years after he left Bain.

There are more, I am sure.

Sadly, this may be a high point for the not sure what party those Dems belong to.

— JD

DWS Is A Clumsy Liar – updated

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[Guest post by JD]

It is like a satire of a parody wrapped in a comedy.

If you wanted to do an over-the-top hyperbolic parody of a lying Dem, it would be nearly impossible to trump reality.

The amazing part, to me, is that she thinks it is effective.

Romney/Ryan want to kill old people. Kill them dead.


DWS getting smacked around by CNN for lying.

— JD

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