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Fact Check: Mitt Romney’s Speech

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We at the respected have decided to fact check Mitt Romney’s speech, to note in an objective and dispassionate manner what a liar Mitt Romney is. We will do this in the traditional manner: not by noting actual factual mistakes, but by claiming the speech was misleading because Romney did not make the same arguments that Democrats make against him.

First, Romney tried to portray himself as a decent family man. Left unmentioned was the fact that he put the family dog on the roof of his car.

Romney tried to claim his time at Bain Capital as an example of success, citing numerous companies that succeeded. The audience would have no way of knowing that some other companies failed.

And Romney attempted to paint a picture of Mormonism as just another religion, when everybody knows it is a scam involving a guy and a bunch of plates and they don’t even drink alcohol or even coffee and how crazy is that?

Finally, Romney praised Paul Ryan’s speech, when we here at revealed that Ryan got his facts wrong. Of course, Ed Morrissey says we got our facts wrong, but who are you going to believe? A partisan hack blogger or a respected fact checking organization?

[Editor’s note: to those who say this post is not funny, I will note that David Brooks is published in the New York Times. Thank you.]

If You Oppose Obama You Are a Racist

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Golf = racism.

Chicago = racism.

Having a convention at the scheduled time = racism.

In case you missed the theme: you are a racist.


Mitt Romney Speech

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Watching it now. How do you think he’s doing?

Ryan: Let’s Get This Done!

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Paul Ryan gave a stirring, exciting speech last night. The last night I was this excited might have been after Sarah Palin’s speech in 2008.

That said, it’s worth noting that both speeches were written with significant input from (if not entirely by) Matt Scully, a very talented speechwriter whom I have been fortunate enough to spend some time with. Matt is a vegan (for moral reasons), an opponent of hunting, and an environmentalist; a thinking, independent conservative who shows that there is room in the party for people of all different stripes. He is also hell of a speech writer and he really pulled this one off.

But of course the focus is on Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney, and Matt would want it that way.

And tonight the focus will really be on Mitt Romney. I’ll say this: He’s got a hard act to follow. But he’s the man. The voters have said so.


Let’s get this done!

P.S. Oddly, the left does not quite agree with my assessment.

For example, the editors of the Washington Post call it “Mr. Ryan’s misleading speech.” Misleading how? Here are a couple of their complaints: while acknowledging that “[a] convention speech is not a budget submission,” the editors nevertheless complain that Ryan’s convention speech was not a budget submission. They whine:

[A] party that claims to be willing to make hard choices ought to be prepared to spell some of them out.

. . . .

Mr. Ryan skewered the president in his speech for creating and then walking away from a bipartisan debt commission that, he said, “came back with an urgent report.” We’ve expressed similar frustrations, but omitted from Mr. Ryan’s self-serving rendition was the uncomfortable fact that Mr. Ryan served on that very commission but was unwilling to follow the brave lead of the Republican senators on the panel who supported its “urgent” recommendations. Will the Romney-Ryan ticket endorse them now?

Um, no.

If only Republicans had submitted some kind of plan for dealing with our fiscal problems. A plan from Paul Ryan would have been nice. We could call it the Ryan plan. Oh, wait. they did.

If only Mitt Romney had signaled his agreement with the spirit of the Ryan plan. A strong way of signaling this might be, say, to pick Ryan as his VP nominee. Oh, wait. He did.

Call it “The Washington Post‘s misleading editorial.”

I think they’re upset that the speech was actually effective.

Meanwhile, brazen liar Joan Walsh says Paul Ryan is a brazen liar. Here is part of her proof:

He blamed Obama for a deficit mostly created by programs he himself voted for – from two wars, tax cuts, new Medicare benefits and TARP.

Strangely enough, to me, that sounds like the brazen lie.


(Former) Yahoo News Bureau Chief: Romney Happy to Party While Blacks Drown

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Those open mikes are killers:

During live coverage of the Republican National Convention here in Tampa, Yahoo News Washington bureau chief David Chalian provided the perfect example of the pervasive anti-Republican bias Mitt Romney faces in his bid to unseat President Barack Obama.

In video broadcast Monday night by ABC and Yahoo over the Internet, Chalian can be heard claiming that GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his wife Ann are unconcerned about the fate of residents of the New Orleans area who are currently being hit by Hurricane Isaac.

“They aren’t concerned at all,” Chalian can be heard on the live broadcast. “They are happy to have a party with black people drowning.”

Enjoy the clip:

Meanwhile Obama campaigned and did an online chat, oddly drawing no criticism from Big Media. He’s drawing criticism from Bobby Jindal, however, who says the federal government could be doing more. Even more odd: Obama could actually do something, whereas Romney cannot.

But Romney is the Republican so he gets the criticism.

Funny how that works.

GOP Convention Day Two

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Any time I watch a gathering of politically active conservatives or Republicans, whether it’s CPAC or the GOP convention, I’m jealous of other bloggers who get to go. Damn day job.

I watched the Christie speech on the tube last night. It was not bad, but made me realize that he’s not so much a formal speech guy as an excellent off-the-cuff speaker. He would kill in debates.

I like the national debt clock, and the one detailing how much debt has been incurred since the convention began is a nice touch.

The New York Times is not impressed with the convention:

“We built it,” the slogan of the evening, was painted on the side of the convention hall. Speaker after speaker alluded to the phrase in an entire day based on the thinnest of reeds — a poorly phrased remark by the president, deliberately taken out of context. President Obama was making the obvious point that all businesses rely to some extent on the work and services of government. But Mr. Romney has twisted it to suggest that Mr. Obama believes all businesses are creatures of the government, and so the convention had to parrot the line.

“We need a president who will say to a small businesswoman: Congratulations, we applaud your success, you did make that happen, you did build that,” said Gov. Bob McDonnell of Virginia. “Big government didn’t build America; you built America!”

That was far from the only piece of nonsense on the menu, only the most frequently repeated one. Conventions are always full of cheap applause lines and over-the-top attacks, but it was startling to hear how many speakers in Tampa considered it acceptable to make points that have no basis in reality.

No basis in reality? Was that remark really taken out of context? I know we keep reading that but I’m not so sure it’s true. Obama said: “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” You want context, here’s context:

The point is that Obama doesn’t merely believe that government helped businessmen and businesswomen build businesses. He actually gives government the lion’s share of the credit in his own mind. He sees no difference between successful entrepreneurs and others, besides luck.

It’s a mindset.

Despite ivory tower academic theories to the contrary, words mean things. It matters what words you use to express your concepts. When I view Obama’s comments in their full context, I understand the point he is making. I also understand that he made a classic Kinsley gaffe: he accidentally said what he actually thought.

No wonder the New York Times is scrambling to give him cover.

Your thoughts on today’s proceedings below.


David Brooks: Unfunny Moron

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Get ready to GUFFAW!!!!

Romney was a precocious and gifted child. He uttered his first words (“I like to fire people”) at age 14 months, made his first gaffe at 15 months and purchased his first nursery school at 24 months. The school, highly leveraged, went under, but Romney made 24 million Jujubes on the deal.

. . . .

Romney is also a passionately devoted family man. After streamlining his wife’s pregnancies down to six months each, Mitt helped Ann raise five perfect sons — Bip, Chip, Rip, Skip and Dip — who married identically tanned wives. Some have said that Romney’s lifestyle is overly privileged, pointing to the fact that he has an elevator for his cars in the garage of his San Diego home. This is not entirely fair. Romney owns many homes without garage elevators and the cars have to take the stairs.

One major difference between me and David Brooks: I know that I’m not funny.

Andy Levy: “I’d like to thank David Brooks for showing everyone just how hard it is to write comedy.”

The New York Times ombudsman, on his way out the door, conceded that the paper is liberal. Ya think? When the “conservative” columnist earns water cooler kudos by penning ultralame jabs at the GOP nominee?

Nobody but nobody would care about this putz if he didn’t publish his drivel in the New York Times. And that paper would not publish him if he were a real and persuasive conservative. So he attains his “relevance” (such as it is) by being a smug cocktail party non-conservative.


MSNBC Refuses to Cover That Which Does Not Fit Teh Narrative

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[guest post by JD]

I find it shocking that MSNBC does not want to cover minorities speaking at the Republican National Convention. It absolutely does not fit with their race-baiting narrative.

— JD

Dems Hear Dog Whistles

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[guest post by JD]

Dems hear welfare and think race, yet we are the racists.

— JD

New Leftist Civility – Part 28473638483

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[guest post by JD]


Obama supporter Samuel L. Jackson showed his true colors on Monday by tweeting, “Unfair Sh**: GOP spared by Issac [sic]! NOLA prolly F**ed Again! Not understanding God’s plan!”

Actress Ellen Barkin on Sunday debased herself by tweeting: “C’mon #Isaac! Wash every pro-life, anti-education, anti-woman, xenophobic, gay-bashing, racist SOB right into the ocean! #RNC”

— JD

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