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Cheney Says Picking Palin for VP Was a Mistake

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And Cheney is now advising Romney on VP picks.

Is he right? Or wrong? Comments are open!

London Olympics

Filed under: General — JD @ 11:51 am

[Guest post by JD]

What has been the highlight for you so far?

In no particular order, for me …

Vinokourov winning the bicycle road race.

Lochte shutting up the media about the 400 IM. I mean seriously, he has dominated the event for over a year, yet they still go on about Phelps, who didn’t even want to do this race.

Women’s bicycle road race in a downpour.

Not the underwater camera shots in the Turkish hair shirt water polo match.

I will readily admit that I cannot stand gymnastics, and turn it off. The created melodramatic nonsense and subjective scoring is not my cup of tea.

Speaking of cups of tea, compare and contrast Obama’s history of gaffes and snubs of England to Romney’s.


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