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Thursday Night Music: The Sighs, Super Deluxe, Flying Burrito Brothers

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Situations, by The Sighs:

Great song, horrible video. The same could be said of:

Famous, by Super Deluxe:

But perhaps the visuals are more pleasing at times.

And for a change of pace:

Sin City, by the Flying Burrito Brothers:

9 Responses to “Thursday Night Music: The Sighs, Super Deluxe, Flying Burrito Brothers”

  1. Ring-a-ding-ding! I loves me some Parsons and Hillman!

    Colonel Haiku (763f9e)

  2. I am encouraging the daughter to start a garage band, but unfortunately she learned to read music, play piano by ear, and can sing.

    nk (875f57)

  3. I have no problem with the Sighs video. Nice camera work, and there was nothing outrageously ridiculous happening to distract from the song.

    OTOH, the Super Deluxe video was stupid. Don’t know what it is about elevators that makes music video directors indulge sexual fantasies. Lead singer desperately wants to be Kurt Cobain, right down to wearing a dress in the latter part of the vid. Didn’t dig the song, either.

    Even so, the “Famous” video doesn’t approach the awesome song/crappy video imbalance standard, which to me is set by the official video for the ’80s classic rocker “Lunatic Fringe” by Red Rider. It has all the earmarks of something thrown together within an afternoon to meet a deadline.

    L.N. Smithee (ce1f71)

  4. Now here’s a music video we can all enjoy…

    Colonel Mothersbaugh (369d4c)

  5. and another…

    Colonel Mothersbaugh (369d4c)

  6. Can the late Gram Parsons be afforded any credit for the music clip we just saw, or must we thank the federal government (or Al Gore ?) for the song, on account of it being broadcast on the internet—the internet that Parsons did not build !

    It’s a tricky “chicken or the egg” paradigm since Parsons died prior to the internet becoming part of the public domain.

    I guess Parsons’ heirs should consult with a copyright lawyer on this one. But if they have to drive on public roads and maybe even cross over a bridge in order to arrive at the office of the copyright lawyer to discuss the matter, does the government then have yet another claim to a share of the credit ?

    See, this is why we need really smart, hard working “D” students from Occidental College like Barack Insane Obama to explain these things to us in plain English so that nobody misunderstands what is being talked about.

    Oh whatever, nevermind.

    Elephant Stone (65d289)

  7. Besides the courage to wear the Nudie’s suit, he had Emmylou for a girlfriend. GP had it all, didn’t he? “Gram, Mick Jagger on the phone. He wants to know if you’ll join the Stones…”

    Birdbath (ce2227)

  8. The Sighs, haven’t thought of them since “Think About Soul”, this song is decent. Thanks for reminding me of them!!

    milowent (009b1e)

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    Tony (20a297)

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