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Hitler Learns the Aaron Worthing Case Has Been Dismissed

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Via the Original Velvet Revolution.

As Instapundit Might Say . . .

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. . . how’s that intimidating bloggers into silence thing workin’ out for ya?

Random randomness

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Martin Bashir, in my not so humble opinion, might be the single worst fountain of asshattery on television. Except for the clowns at Current, which I could not find on my channel lineup. He is routinely one of the CIVILITY now police.

Racists. Coming from Cummings and Bashir, I know this must be a shock. A shock I tell you!

L.N. Smithee has a blog. Read it.

Tiger Woods is back. I love it.

Sarah Palin: “The SWATting Must Stop”

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At 33:28:

These are futile efforts, though, to get constitutional conservatives to sit down and shut up. And I know that some of you bloggers, oh, especially recently, experiencing terrible harassment just because you dared report accurately about a convicted criminal who’s now funded by left wing organizations.

And you’re not alone and the SWATting must stop, and those responsible for the SWATting must be held accountable by the law.

Thanks to Noodles for the link and pointer.

UPDATE: Also check out Michelle Malkin’s speech at 4:55:

Thanks again to Noodles.

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