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Adult Films Were Filmed on Coliseum Grounds

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The L.A. Times has the story:

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum field is the place where the USC Trojans play football, two Summer Olympics were staged, John F. Kennedy accepted the Democratic presidential nomination and Pope John Paul II celebrated Mass.

It was also a location for “The Gangbang Girl #32,” a hard-core pornographic movie that featured 40 minutes of group sex on the gridiron turf, The Times has learned.

The filming at the taxpayer-owned stadium was done at night, with the Coliseum’s towering lights blazing and its rows of distinctive red and white seats framing many of the scenes.

. . . .

How the crew got permission to use the national historic landmark — which was built as a memorial to World War I veterans — is unclear. . . . Gaining access to the locked stadium and firing up the field lights typically requires the approval of a high-ranking manager, according to people familiar with Coliseum operations, who requested anonymity because they are not allowed to speak publicly on the matter.

The article is full of great quotes. I’ll pick two:

An attorney for the top Coliseum executive at the time the video was made said his client knew nothing about the production.

Former General Manager Patrick Lynch resigned in early 2011 and was indicted in March of this year in a sweeping corruption case.

“That’s disgusting,” Lynch’s attorney, Tony Capozzola, said of the porn shoot. “He would never allow that.”

Lynch has pleaded guilty to conflict of interest in a deal that required him to return $385,000 in alleged kickbacks he received from a Coliseum contractor.


A spokesman for the California attorney general’s office said Tuesday that he did not know if it is illegal to film pornography on state property.

There are undoubtedly many jokes I could make at this point, but that would take your fun away.

Meanwhile, the AP is trying to get prostitutes away from its front door:


I’ve been in touch with the commander of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Third District about the resurgence of the prostitution problem in front of our bureau. My email included a request that the 1100 block of 13th Street be designated as a “prostitution free zone.”

Once again, the jokes pretty much write themselves.

101 Responses to “Adult Films Were Filmed on Coliseum Grounds”

  1. I’m pretty sure that excludes the zone INSIDE the bureau.

    Sarahw (b0e533)

  2. I think the ‘tutes are moreso in the AP building. Not outside. Just saying.

    And with respect to Government Officials being corrupt 1%’ers … no surprise there.

    Most Senior Gov.t Officals are corrupt. Either taking back cash for favors in some form. Or selling out to get re-elected / selected in order to keep the gravy train going.

    Bill (cd1593)

  3. Note to AP: those are not prostitutes, those are journalists. You can distinguish between the two because there are some things even prostitutes will not do to further the Obama administration.

    Pious Agnostic (7c3d5b)

  4. As Instapundit said if the prostitutes are moved who will be left to write the stories for the AP?

    Ipso Fatso (7434b9)

  5. “The Emperor has no clothes on…and neither do those people standing sitting uh, nevermind, this is a family website over there on the 40 yard line !”

    Elephant Stone (0ae97d)

  6. I was going to make a snarky comment about the AP blurb, but I can’t possibly beat what Pious Agnostic said.

    perlhaqr (5a082d)

  7. “Pornography is hard to define, but I know it when I see it. What’s going on in Sacramento is obscene, but that’s who the voters voted for—the elections were certified. Yes, I didn’t misspeak—I intended to say, ‘elections‘ !”

    Former Supreme Court Justice Potter (0ae97d)

  8. #32 breaks new ground in certain aspects of mise-en-scène, though once again the series challenges the viewer to accept a narrative that is both unrealistic and too-often places the characters in situations that can only be described as socially awkward

    happyfeet (3c92a1)

  9. “The commenter by the name of ‘Pious Agnostic’ is correct—I would never take money to do things like that to Bush !”

    New York Times Columnist Paul Krugman (0ae97d)

  10. “Mr. Happy Feet, that wasn’t a porn flick you were watching—that was Congress in session on C-SPAN !”

    Roger Ebert (0ae97d)

  11. AT USC, there is a long tradition of “pay for play.” They just weren’t in the habit of filming it.

    One guess as to who wore #32 for most of his playing career. Think Anita Bryant.

    Ed from SFV (68921e)

  12. Careful, Ed, you’re dating yourself.

    It sounds like football wasn’t the only thing Trojans were doing in the Coliseum.

    Ralph Gizzip (5ab3ea)

  13. happyfeet wins the thread. Another notch for that belt…

    Leviticus (e445f5)

  14. “A spokesman for the California attorney general’s office said Tuesday that he did not know if it is illegal to film pornography on state property.”

    Filmmakers, that’s your cue. Finish your films on public property now!

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  15. “A spokesman for the California attorney general’s office said Tuesday that he did not know if it is illegal to film pornography on state property.”

    It was obviously a Stimulus project, how could it be illegal?

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  16. Trojans

    JD (65d1c1)

  17. Was there a penalty for too many men on the field?

    Pious Agnostic (7c3d5b)

  18. Palomino!

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  19. How can you tell the difference between the porn filmed in the Coliseum, and that performed on the floor of the Legislature?
    Coliseum produced porn is entertaining – and if it’s on the ‘net, it doesn’t cost anything.

    AD-RtR/OS! (2bb434)

  20. I would like to start a fund to provide RS McCain style “cub reporter” hats, notebooks and pens to the guys and gals plying their trade on the sidewalk. Equal Opportunity for all!

    kringeesmom (c3ca07)

  21. “Sounds like Leviticus has a crush on someone…maybe he has a ‘foot fetish’ ! Anyhow, the thread is just getting started—there’s no sense in declaring your favorite wiener winner just yet !”

    New York Times Columnist Charles Blow (0ae97d)

  22. “Did I hear someone say they needed a person to play Wide Receiver at the Coliseum ?”

    Barney Frank (0ae97d)

  23. “No, Barney, they said they needed a Tight End. I guess that rules out both you and I, eh ?!”

    Andrew Sullivan (0ae97d)

  24. That’s real justice, arrest all the prostitutes standing on the street and ignore the ones bending over in the back room.

    Dan S (cdeb05)

  25. Bet it hurt when they spiked the balls.

    peedoffamerican (606d27)

  26. Who cares?

    Joe Schmoe (0e1f8b)

  27. after scoring that is.

    peedoffamerican (606d27)

  28. The AP apparently doesn’t like competition.

    bob (847659)

  29. “Oh, so they were only filming straight porn on the Coliseum field ? Darn, oh, well, nevermind then. I’ll just spend the afternoon stalking my critics on Twitter !”

    Charles Johnson, proprietor of (0ae97d)

  30. Was there a penalty for too many men on the field?
    Comment by Pious Agnostic — 5/31/2012 @ 8:44 am

    — Her backfield was in motion
    — Gives a whole new meaning to “sacking the quarterback”
    — Two words: illegal shift
    — Offsides (multiple violations)
    — Personal foul (ditto)
    — Encroachment (to say the least!)
    — Illegal procedure (2 men in motion on the same play)
    — Running in there to d*** her (sound it out)
    — Illegal man ‘down field’ (so to speak)

    Icy (ed486a)

  31. AP Correction: Please arrest the prostitutes, and leave the media whores alone!

    Icy (ed486a)

  32. Whew!

    Chuck Schumer (relieved at the clarification) (ed486a)

  33. In which porn stars find a way to tell the LA Commissioners, “You gonna require us to use condoms? Well, here we are using the Trojans”.

    MayBee (2f6e35)

  34. Nice, Icy.

    Now, hit the showers!

    Pious Agnostic (7c3d5b)

  35. In which porn stars find a way to tell the whores “You gonna require us to use condoms? Well, here we are using the Trojans”.


    JD (8e63c8)

  36. ‘Showers’? So, there IS a scene I can be in, after all!

    Gosh, I’m so relieved!

    Bawney Fwank (ed486a)

  37. Hey! If you had MY budget deficit you’d be renting out any and every-thing owned by the government to any and every-one as well.

    Jerry "Linda Ronstadt used to let me touch her boobies" Brown (ed486a)

  38. What would $385,000 worth of kickbacks from the porn industry look like?

    Icy (ed486a)

  39. They are not synonyms, just homonymous. But “colon” and “coliseum” would go together.

    nk (875f57)

  40. “Adult Films Were Filmed on Coliseum Grounds”

    I blame the Teabaggerz!!!!!!!!!!

    daleyrocks 0/32 Cherokee (bf33e9)

  41. That pormo movie was made in 2002, but the Times “has learned” about it only now?

    Guess we’ll have to wait until 2018 to see that Khalidi tape.

    Icy (ed486a)

  42. I blame Kimberlin.

    Icy (ed486a)

  43. C**, OJ! C**!

    I denounce myself in perpetuity, forever and ever (ed486a)

  44. What would $385,000 worth of kickbacks from the porn industry look like?

    I volunteer to be a test subject

    JD (8e63c8)

  45. Just think, that one night saw more action in the Coliseum than did the Raiders’ entire tenure there.

    Icy (ed486a)

  46. “I blame Kimberlin.”

    Icy – Rauhauser, prawn of Kimberlin loins claim to have lymes disease, some people know better.

    daleyrocks 0/32 Cherokee (bf33e9)

  47. Speaking of great quotes; this, from the DVD box cover (not that I know where to find these things; just happened to stumble across . . . oh, whatever):

    Highlights include Gauge’s first inter-racial scene (she actually called her mom to make sure it would be ok), anal, double penetration, c**-swapping, c** drinking, it’s all here!

    That’s right, dear people. This girl is getting every orifice invaded by all manner of appendages and fluids, but she only calls her mom for the okay to allow one of those appendages to be black.


    [Proving once again that that word really can be used for every post.]

    Icy (ed486a)

  48. Barack Obama awards the Presidential Medal of Freedom to an avowed America-hating Hugo Chavez-loving outright Socialist, and here WE are — talking about grinding it on the gridiron.

    Icy (ed486a)

  49. Icy – Make a Mom proud to see her daughter is so into diversity in all aspects of her work.

    daleyrocks 0/32 Cherokee (bf33e9)

  50. A Presidential Metal of Freedom, awarded by BO, has less value than a piece of latex (unlubricated) used in that movie.

    nk (875f57)

  51. Pretty much like his NP.

    nk (875f57)

  52. Rachael Ray interviewed (she’s worth millions, and she really did this) Bo, the Obama family dog.

    No word on whether this was followed by a cooking segment.

    Icy (ed486a)

  53. Pretty much like his NP.
    — Remember: He carries a big stick. VP Sloe Joe said so.

    [BTW, it is now reported that Obama personally approves the targets for drone strikes. Apparently he’s going for the record for most kills by a Peace Prize winner — currently held by Yasser Arafat.]

    Icy (ed486a)

  54. Los Angeles – making Detroit proud.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  55. The graphic nature in which Obama and his Fellow Alinskyites have screwed our country should receive a XXX rating.
    Or maybe just an XX rating—you know, since America’s credit rating was also downgraded on his watch.

    Come next January, we’ll finally leave him alone to “eat his waffle.”

    Elephant Stone (0ae97d)

  56. And come next January, he’ll leave us alone so we can just eat our waffle without being disturbed.

    Elephant Stone (0ae97d)

  57. What a weird country we live in. You can make porn movies on state owned property, but if you mention the criminal record of a convicted felon, they toss in you jail!

    Dave Surls (46b08c)

  58. 2 comments for Icy:

    On the penalty call:

    Giving him the business down there

    On calling mom re: color of violating appendages:

    Gauge (born July 24,[1] 1980 in Hot Springs, Arkansas, U.S.)

    carlitos (49ef9f)

  59. carlitos – This thread is begging for your attention!

    daleyrocks 0/32 Cherokee (bf33e9)

  60. they should have used my shooting script.

    rob guccione (494474)

  61. “I only caught part of this news report…so I hear that the cheerleaders are putting on a show in the end zone at the Coliseum ? Hey, now those are some women I could admit to having relations with ! We’re not talking about seeing Donna Shalala or Janet Reno shaking their pom-poms, am I right, fellas ?”

    Bill Clinton (0ae97d)

  62. It’s all OK so long as no single-use plastic bags were used. Oh, wait.

    Kevin M (bf8ad7)

  63. Does this have anything to do with banning big gulps?

    elissa (db8634)

  64. They all deserve a clap, or is it the clap?

    Coastal Eddie (6f5427)

  65. At least someone is scoring there.

    Harrison (916bde)

  66. Never before has every penalty been accepted.

    mg (44de53)

  67. I haven’t seen “The Gangbang Girl #32.” I am afraid I would have trouble following the plot since I have yet to see “The Gangbang Girl #31.”

    JVW (4d72aa)

  68. In response to a request from AVN, Anabolic Video owner Christopher Alexander issued the following statement via email:

    Anabolic Video Productions has always set the standard when it comes to doing big shoots in a big way!

    On Friday evening, September 14, 2001, Anabolic shot adult actress Kimberly Franklin dressed as an Anabolic cheerleader (with 12 “football players” as her co-stars). Suffice it to say that Kimberley does EVERYTHING that she can to get her team “up for the big game,” so she does an incendiary (or disgusting, depending on your point of view) scene on the 30-yard line of the LA Coliseum football field! It was an incredible scene, with incredible talent, in an incredible location!

    We almost canceled the scene because of 9-11, out of respect for those who had lost their lives in the Twin Towers. However, after learning from the location manager that since he’d already paid for and booked that date, we had a choice of “use it or lose it,” we went forward with the production. The scene can be viewed at

    Like any shoot, there are always obstacles to overcome. I remember arriving at the location late in the afternoon only to find that the field had not yet been chalked as we had been told that it would be. So we started capturing some shots that we might use while a couple of Production Assistants ran off in search of chalk for us to mark off at least part of the field with.

    As the night wore on, we noticed a couple of LAPD helicopters observing from above. We figured that with the heightened security at that time, they were probably wondering why the Coliseum lights were on well into the night until they saw that it was obviously a movie production with a huge jib and a pretty good-sized cast and crew. Of course, if they saw Kimberley in action, I’m sure that they were happy to be the guys with the birds-eye view that night.

    In the 10+ years since that production, I still have some of the guys from that production come up to me and say, “Wow, I still can’t believe that we shot in the Coliseum.” As far as I knew at the time, everything was 100% completely legit. Apparently, now it seems that the talent aren’t the only ones amazed that we shot at the Coliseum.

    carlitos (49ef9f)

  69. “It’s all OK so long as no single-use plastic bags were used. Oh, wait.”


    That was a good one.

    Dave Surls (46b08c)

  70. Serendipity: when I read “Once again, the jokes pretty much write themselves” it was immediately followed by “Comments (69)”. We shall see whether I took too long writing this to be comment 70.

    Dr. Weevil (225140)

  71. Weevil! Long time no see.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  72. look for *Colonel in
    “Return of Teh Fustercluck”
    I’ll be holding soap

    *as Colonel Buck Turgid

    Colonel Haiku (e2362b)

  73. #30… icy… you Da Man!

    Colonel Haiku (e2362b)

  74. You know 9/11 was serious when they “almost” (almost!) cancelled a gangbang porn movie shoot. In a bit of weird coincidence, I was driving very near this site on the 14th, and we stopped at In & Out Burger pretty close to there. I also drove through the Vegas strip in the wee hours that night, and all of the casinos had flags and patriotic stuff on the marquees. And were open.

    carlitos (49ef9f)

  75. “This coliseum
    does not make my ass look big.”
    Says the porn starlet

    carlitos (49ef9f)

  76. “You know 9/11 was serious when they “almost” (almost!) cancelled a gangbang porn movie shoot.”

    carlitos – Cancellation would have meant the terrorists had won, or something.

    daleyrocks 0/32 Cherokee (bf33e9)

  77. “I’ll give you my Gangbang Girl 32 DVD when you can take it from my cold, dead hands!”

    There was some weirdness going on around LAX that night, which could help explain the alleged helicopter. My Father in Law was a police chief elsewhere, and he wouldn’t give me details, but there might have been bad people in a boat or something like it. Super creepy time.

    carlitos (49ef9f)

  78. If they outlaw gang bangs, then only outlaws will have gang bangs.

    carlitos 24/48 Danish (49ef9f)

  79. Must be a popular series of films.

    I mean 31 sequels? That ain’t hay.

    Dave Surls (46b08c)

  80. More like a roll in the hay.

    carlitos 24/48 Danish (49ef9f)

  81. Lots of movies are filmed at the coliseum. It is a government owned facility. Should the government judge the contents of the film before allowing filming? Is that consistent with the First Amendment?

    TomHynes (cfc71a)

  82. Lighten up, Francis.

    a festering rectal fistula (ee2c24)

  83. Yikes, sock off. Ouch.

    Pious Agnostic (ee2c24)

  84. “Should the government judge the contents of the film before allowing filming?”

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I would have insisted on a private rehearsal, at least with the lead actress. Is that wrong?

    daleyrocks 0/32 Cherokee (bf33e9)

  85. Why does the Coliseum always get sloppy seconds?

    MSL (f060a0)

  86. “There was some weirdness going on around LAX that night…”

    Weirdness in LA???

    Get the hell outta here!

    Dave Surls (46b08c)

  87. Public property is a perfect place for a porn shoot, Tom. The whores from the porn company can hang out with their whore politician buddies.

    JD (395555)

  88. “Public property is a perfect place for a porn shoot…”

    I guess…as long they don’t screw up and schedule it on the same day USC is playing Notre Dame.

    It could get messy, and a lot of clean living Catholic boys might suffer permanent trauma.

    Dave Surls (46b08c)

  89. And, I pity the groundskeeper.

    Dave Surls (46b08c)

  90. Due to the content of this post… I propose that the comment counter be reset to #69.

    kringeesmom (c3ca07)

  91. Lots of movies are filmed at the coliseum. It is a government owned facility. Should the government judge the contents of the film before allowing filming? Is that consistent with the First Amendment?
    Comment by TomHynes — 5/31/2012 @ 5:11 pm

    Unfortunately, that sounds like it may be a valid point. Isn’t there a problem with “viewpoint discrimination” when public facilities are used for some things but not for others?

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, the govt. is out to protect people from buying too much soda at one time…

    I knew there were reasons I prefer “flyover country”.

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  92. So…in St. Louis you can only buy so much soda when watching a porn flick…

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  93. If I may get serious for a moment, why is this an issue? If they paid for the location like any other movie outfit, then why does anyone care what they were filming? What is the point of the story?

    It’s unclear how the filmmaker got access to the taxpayer-owned stadium or permission to use its field lights

    Is there a reason why this access and permission should not have been given?

    Milhouse (312124)

  94. Perhaps TomHynes can be allowed into the LA Coliseum to search for his sense of humor . . . as does the usual suspect what echoes him.

    Icy (ed486a)

  95. Hah hah hah!

    The LA Times must be so desperate! Can you believe they actually ran this porn story on the front page? A story about a porn DVD that was sold to the public ten years ago. That’s not news, that’s trivia.

    Brad (785211)

  96. I’m shocked, shocked to find that porno shoots are going on at the LA Coliseum!! OMG!!!!1!!

    (Also, confidential to the producers: my check bounced. Could you please wire me the cash instead?)

    Antonio "Da Major Mayor Man" Villaraigosa (f1c59f)

  97. “If I may get serious for a moment, why is this an issue?”

    I don’t care to be taxed for the purpose of providing faciliities for pornographers to do what they do.

    Let ’em build their own stadiums.

    Dave Surls (46b08c)

  98. Oh boy

    Icy (55eb3e)

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  100. Wells Fargo has repossessed Stockton’s new City Hall, and three of its public parking structures.

    City of 300K bankrupt, $26 Million underwater, revenues off nearly 40%.

    Might as well make lucre off the Coliseum while LA is still incorporated and has authority to demand license fees.

    gary gulrud (d88477)

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