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Sockpuppet Friday (Obamaganda edition)

Filed under: 2012 Election — Karl @ 10:01 am

[Posted by Karl]

As usual, you are positively encouraged to engage in sockpuppetry in this thread. The usual rules apply.

Please, be sure to switch back to your regular handle when commenting on other threads. I have made that mistake myself.

Sockpuppet comments about the Republican primary race are strictly prohibited. If you wish to use sockpuppets for that purpose, confine your comments to this thread. Same goes for any discussion that is not funny where people want to get angry at each other. Offending comments will be summarily deleted and the violators flogged.

And remember: the worst sin you can commit on this thread is not being funny.

As you may have heard, Team Obama is rolling out a 17-minute documentary of the president’s term in office.  Here’s the trailer:

Narrated by Larry Crowne Forrest Gump Tom Hanks, this looks to be preaching to the converted, with much emphasis on how Obama inherited a terrible economy and on the, er, triumph of Obamacare, which remains unpopular to this day.  If you have any doubt of this, watch Piers Morgan allow director Davis Guggenheim (An Inconvenient Truth, Waiting for Superman) to beclown himself under the mildest of questioning:

Ah, yes… the big challenge in making this film was that Obama is simply too awesome for all of his awesome awesomeness to be captured in only 17 minutes.  This is hilarious, but to be expected from someone making an official Obama campaign documentary.  What is sad, but almost equally predictable, is that beneath the establishment media’s economic happytalk and Obama triumphalism are stories in places like the WaPo and Politico wondering why Obama’s numbers aren’t better.  Why don’t more people recognize Obama’s awesomeness? Inquiring minds in the establishment want to know! Or do they? There are various possible answers lurking, but the media seems more interested in asking people about contraceptives.



  1. Ding!

    Comment by Karl (f07e38) — 3/9/2012 @ 10:02 am

  2. isn’t that Mr. Elizabeth Shue?

    I don’t care enough to google

    Comment by happyfeet (a55ba0) — 3/9/2012 @ 10:19 am

  3. My husband fears me. And who wouldn’t?

    Comment by Joel Pollak's Wife (7c3d5b) — 3/9/2012 @ 10:31 am

  4. Sorry Davis, I couldn’t hear your answer with Obama’s dick in your mouth.

    Comment by Piers Morgan (dda60e) — 3/9/2012 @ 10:38 am

  5. Yeah, yeah. Wipe your chin and get up off your knees, pal, you’re embarrassing.

    Comment by mojo (8096f2) — 3/9/2012 @ 10:40 am

  6. The only negative was that there are no negatives. And stupid hicktards who don’t worship Teh One.

    Comment by JD (d246fe) — 3/9/2012 @ 10:42 am

  7. “there are negatives in terms of the opposition”

    “where do you find fault in him?”

    “I don’t… I’m in awe of him as a leader”

    “Are you dispassionate enough to make this documentary?”

    “You haven’t seen the movie!”

    Comment by Interview with a hack (401f3a) — 3/9/2012 @ 10:47 am

  8. “Why don’t more people recognize Obama’s awesomeness?”

    Karl – The answer to that question is obvious. It’s all about better messaging. We have to get the President out there in front of the people to talk more about his achievements over the past three years so they have a better sense of what he has accomplished.

    Comment by David Axelrod (bf33e9) — 3/9/2012 @ 10:54 am

  9. “May an unworthy toad such as myself be honored beyond imagination by washing the feet of the Most Illustrious On High? The Obama?”

    Comment by Piers Morgan (7051ab) — 3/9/2012 @ 11:15 am

  10. Oh man I wanna see that dude’s face when Obama loses the reelection. His tears will restore my soul.

    Comment by Dustin (401f3a) — 3/9/2012 @ 11:16 am

  11. Forgive me for stating the obvious, or even fault me for being somewhat non-barackesque (if there is such a word). But has anyone used everify to check on the B0 employment eligability. Went to and subscribed for the trial run (i didn’t need the subscription… although it was affordable). He couldn’t pass employment… now I know.

    Comment by heath (cd3517) — 3/9/2012 @ 11:19 am

  12. my bad… I was trying to remember the site in the previous post but couldn’t edite it (once sent).

    Comment by heath (cd3517) — 3/9/2012 @ 11:21 am

  13. my bad again (dang this dyslexya) is ACTUALLY was . could someone please correct & upate my original post and delete the last 2 subsequent votes. thankx

    Comment by heath (cd3517) — 3/9/2012 @ 11:23 am

  14. “As you may have heard, Team Obama is rolling out a 17-minute documentary of the president’s term in office.”

    Well, that’s good, ’cause I could use a 17 minute nap.

    What’s the video called: “Obama, Proof Positive That Socialism Cannot Possibly Succeed.”?

    Comment by Dave Surls (46b08c) — 3/9/2012 @ 11:50 am

  15. Triumph of the Won’t

    Comment by Dave (in MA) (037445) — 3/9/2012 @ 12:02 pm

  16. Why would Obama make a documentary for his base? It doesn’t make any sense.


    Comment by Noodles (3681c4) — 3/9/2012 @ 12:04 pm

  17. Does the narrator spew some of his anti-Mormon bile in the film?

    Perhaps THAT was too awesome to include.

    Comment by Icy (d64131) — 3/9/2012 @ 12:08 pm

  18. We gotta win that fight tonight. We gotta get even with those Socs! Let’s do it for the middle, man. We’ll do it for the middle!

    Comment by Dallas Winston (3681c4) — 3/9/2012 @ 12:12 pm

  19. Ahem. This is the Sockpuppet thread.

    Does that not even mean anything anymore?

    Comment by A Sock (7c3d5b) — 3/9/2012 @ 12:16 pm

  20. Hissssssssss!

    Comment by Sleestak (3681c4) — 3/9/2012 @ 12:20 pm

  21. Noodles,

    Whay would Obama make a documentary film for his base?

    Maybe because they’re not as jazzed as they were in 2008. Maybe because they need a narrative to persuade people to sign up for his campaign.

    Comment by Karl (f07e38) — 3/9/2012 @ 12:24 pm

  22. Why would Obama make a documentary for his base? It doesn’t make any sense.


    Comment by Noodles — 3/9/2012 @ 12:04 pm

    Obama exists within the Left wing bubble formed by the sycophants surrounding him. He believes they are the “middle” and that the great majority of the country is some sort of “lunatic fringe”. Ask yourself, how often does he get out of his bubble. He did that with “Joe the Plumber”. It didn’t turn well, can you think f him doing it since?

    Comment by Mike Giles (86cf1b) — 3/9/2012 @ 12:30 pm

  23. Karl, I was just mocking some people’s criticisms. =]

    I think the presidential race could come down to each sides bases and who’s more fired up.

    Comment by Noodles (3681c4) — 3/9/2012 @ 12:31 pm

  24. 17 minutes? Nice!!! I can usually only find 3 to 4 minute video clips on prontubez.

    Comment by Chris Mathews (3681c4) — 3/9/2012 @ 12:49 pm

  25. Mr. Putin, I would like to congratulate you on your reelection. Can you loan me some of your people to show my people how it is done?

    Comment by Obamaman (edf506) — 3/9/2012 @ 12:49 pm

  26. @ 25 Maybe we could make a trade? Are you familiar with the movie Space Traders?

    Comment by Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (3681c4) — 3/9/2012 @ 12:57 pm

  27. It’s easy to manufacture yourself when media and hollywood are all in your pocket. It’s amazing to me that people still vote Republican at all.

    Comment by Book (5b3f1d) — 3/9/2012 @ 1:06 pm

  28. I’m getting bald. My movie career is on the skids. Rita likes jewelry. I needed work. I will happily lie through my teeth for 17 minutes worth of cash and a few late nite TV appearances. Anybody got anything else for me?

    Comment by Tom Hanks (b47460) — 3/9/2012 @ 1:30 pm

  29. Tom, Tom, I see you doing the Jack Nicholson role in this fantastic movie from my (cough) Pulitzer Prize and National Book Critics Circle Award winning book. You’d be perfect for the part, Tom.

    Comment by William Kennedy (255b30) — 3/9/2012 @ 1:39 pm

  30. 17 minutes of wank material? All right!

    Comment by Chrissie Matthews (d64131) — 3/9/2012 @ 1:40 pm

  31. Tom, I meant “remake of this fantastic movie.” Sorry, Jack, didn’t mean to step on your toes there.

    Comment by William Kennedy (255b30) — 3/9/2012 @ 1:44 pm

  32. I would have made a much better film of the Leader than that scheisse kopf.

    Oh, wait. I’m dead.

    Never mind.

    Comment by Leni Riefenstahl (32d0b2) — 3/9/2012 @ 1:55 pm

  33. If the movie was paid for by a PAC or political campaign surely there should be a “This film was approved by” statement at the end (and a “this is propoganda” warning throughout the film).

    Comment by Davod (8bf616) — 3/9/2012 @ 2:12 pm

  34. You think his pants crease is fantastic, you should see me.

    Comment by OBAMA'S ZIPPER (36e9a7) — 3/9/2012 @ 2:25 pm

  35. Rush Limbaugh should be prosecuted for calling this Fluke a sl-t and a wh-re.

    So I wrote a letter to Florida prosecutors urging him to be imprisoned under a law that blatantly discriminates between men and women. Because I am a feminist lawyer who thinks that women can’t deal with someone saying something bad about a woman’s sexual habits.

    (If that is not a funny sock puppetry, bear in mind, this is all based on something real, that Allred did.)

    Comment by Gloria Allred (73a7ea) — 3/9/2012 @ 3:54 pm

  36. Thanks, Mr. Obama. You can get off of your knees now, I know when I’ve been licked.

    Comment by Vad Putin (a1fcca) — 3/9/2012 @ 4:00 pm

  37. Yo, Gloria,
    Rush would call you a whore as well, (go look up the definition (lawyer is about 4 down from the top). But that would be insulting to hard working ladies and men of the night.

    Comment by Rush lawyer (a1fcca) — 3/9/2012 @ 4:08 pm

  38. I have known Baraka for many years and have never seen him, EVER, with any radicals. I can only conclude that you blue eyed devils are racists!

    Comment by Malik Zulu Shabazz (3681c4) — 3/9/2012 @ 5:28 pm

  39. I’m an Obama guy and I’m ok
    I work all night and I sleep all day
    I cut down Rush, I skip and jump
    I like to press wild flowers
    Dress up in women’s clothing and
    hang around in bars.

    I cut down Bret
    I wear high heels
    Suspenders and a bra
    I wish I’d been a girly
    just like my dear mama

    Comment by A Liberal guy, apologies to Monty Python (a1fcca) — 3/9/2012 @ 5:28 pm

  40. I agree with Malik @38

    Comment by Bill Ayers (3681c4) — 3/9/2012 @ 5:30 pm

  41. How does this thread reach The Middle?

    Comment by Reverend Wright (3681c4) — 3/9/2012 @ 5:32 pm

  42. I take offense of liberals who cannot tolerate gay conservatives. Too bad you liberal gays do not understand libertarians. If you did you would be off the democrat plantation in a hurry.

    [note: fished from spam filter. --Stashiu]

    Comment by Conservative Gay (a1fcca) — 3/9/2012 @ 5:33 pm

  43. Why am I never asked to be in these documentaries?

    Comment by Tony Rezko (3681c4) — 3/9/2012 @ 5:37 pm

  44. David Guggenheim is essential to the wa.., er, campaign effort.

    Comment by David Axlerod (ea1809) — 3/9/2012 @ 5:48 pm

  45. Yes, I know I am a major tool bag but did PIERS MORGAN have to be the guy that exposed that fact?

    Comment by Davis Guggenheim (3681c4) — 3/9/2012 @ 5:51 pm

  46. We’ll have 2 pot pies.

    Comment by Frank Marshall Davis (694db4) — 3/9/2012 @ 6:27 pm

  47. I used to like Waiting for Superman.

    Comment by alice (40bace) — 3/9/2012 @ 6:37 pm

  48. I am a big fan of your work Frank!

    Sex Rebel inspired me to become the man I am today.

    Comment by David Brock (3681c4) — 3/9/2012 @ 6:38 pm

  49. And remember that the middle is the opposition. That’s why they had to bribe conservative democrats to go along with health care. The new bipartisan is liberal meeting progressive.

    You can almost hear Piers screaming, “‘ave you gone bloody mad?” he can’t even say, “well, his ears are too big for my taste,” or even “I do wish he would have closed gitmo.” nope. He’s perfect.

    We cringe when we see foreign media heaping praise like this on their leaders because you can feel the armed men standing just off camera. That would explain why this guy seemed to be lookin a little crazy paranoid.

    Comment by Ghost (6f9de7) — 3/9/2012 @ 6:55 pm

  50. We’ll have 2 pot pies.

    Comment by Frank Marshall Davis — 3/9/2012 @ 6:27 pm

    Ye…yeah? Wait, like pot pies, or I-shouldn’t-waste-my-time pies?

    There’s a big difference there.

    Comment by Ghost (6f9de7) — 3/9/2012 @ 6:58 pm

  51. And when the doctor said I didn’t have worms any more, that was the happiest day of my life.

    Comment by Ralph Wiggum (3681c4) — 3/9/2012 @ 7:59 pm

  52. it’s just it gets so hungry

    Comment by sandra fluke (rell one not slut or whoor) (3c92a1) — 3/9/2012 @ 8:32 pm

  53. Sockpuppet comments about the Republican primary race are strictly prohibited.

    No, no, no. I am a 1%er, from when it meant guys who ride old, beat-up Harleys, and I refuse to play by your rules. If I want to talk about Harley replacing the primary chain with a belt, I will. And I don’t care if they call it Republican. So there.

    And since I’m not sockpuppeting, I am not breaking the rules. Never mind. FTW.

    Comment by nk (dec503) — 3/9/2012 @ 8:54 pm

  54. My friends? Well there is Richard Ramirez, Eddie Gein (great poker player btw), and John Gacy. I also dated Karla Homolka for a few years.

    But please, don’t judge me by them!!!

    [note: fished from spam filter. --Stashiu]

    Comment by Joey The Baby Sitter (3681c4) — 3/9/2012 @ 9:00 pm

  55. Oh for the love of …NO he is not perfect! I already told you his feet stink and they do.

    Comment by Michelle Obama (b47460) — 3/9/2012 @ 9:52 pm

  56. I would not fluk fluke with your permission, Hillary.

    Comment by Mrs. Weiner (44de53) — 3/9/2012 @ 11:52 pm

  57. Derrick Bell never had much respect for my fellow Sleestak Enik. He said he wasn’t “Sleestak” enough.


    Comment by Sleestak (3681c4) — 3/10/2012 @ 5:09 pm

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