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Insiders vs Cainsiders

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[Posted by Karl]

The GOP strategists surveyed in this week’s National Journal Political Insiders Poll almost unanimously identified Mitt Romney as the most likely candidate to win the nomination, followed by Rick Perry and Herman Cain.  It’s not a surpising result, even after discounting for the Romney ties of a number of those surveyed (I haven’t investigated Perry or Cain ties, but would hypothesize there are fewer in the survey; Perry has recently hired staff with more national experience, but of those, only Jim Innocenzi leaps out in the polling list).  It is a result at odds with national polling showing Romney neck-and-neck with Cain.

Although Nate Silver does not think Cain can win, he entertains the idea that he could be an outlier.   That served as a springboard for Ace:

I think the pundit class, by and large, is committing the crime of Aggravated Solipsism. They don’t find Cain plausible or acceptable; ergo, he is not plausible or acceptable to a plurality of the Republican primary electorate and ergo he cannot, under any circumstances, win.

They seem to completely ignore the part about people getting to vote. And those people, when voting, expressing a different opinion on whether or not he is plausible or acceptable.


Most of the party doesn’t want Romney as their standard bearer. We know this from the fact that Romney does all the technical aspects of politicking right — good debater, good ads, raises lots of money, strong organization, unified and relentless messaging from surrogates — and yet can’t rise any higher than 25% in polls.

And yet Cain, who does almost all of the technical things wrong, is at the same 25% and rising.

Cain could very well win the nomination, if people just want an angry old dude spouting dumbass crap as their nominee. Which is what I think the people actually want, and I’m sick of instructing them that maybe they should rest their Emotion Muscles a little bit and work out their Thinking Muscles some more.

They won’t do it.

RTWT for bonus profanity.  Although I get Ace’s point, I think he is unduly influenced by the many debates he fought over the more controversial Senate candidates in 2010.  On this point, I find myself siding with the conventional wisdom.  Unelected Businessguy With a Plan generally ends up imploding from lack of experience campaigning and failing to recognize that the Plan will invariably attract many critics.  Moreover, the presidency is not a Senate seat; voters — including GOP primary voters — set the bar higher.  For all the criticism leveled at people in early caucus and primary states like Iowa and New Hampshire, their arrogance signals they take the process seriously.  When push comes to shove, most do not see the presidency as an entry-level position.  This is why it’s not surprising that Romney is currently tied-to-leading Cain even in more conservative arenas like Iowa and South Carolina, and is well ahead in more moderate venues like New Hampshire and Florida.  It’s also why a focus group in Ohio (admittedly unscientific) likes Cain but cannot see him as president (Romney supporters note: Perry not well-liked by the group).  It is one thing to tell a pollster your preference months away from an actual vote; it’s another when casting a vote you might think matters.

*Standard disclaimer: Yes, a Cain administration would be better than a second Obama administration.


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  1. Ding!

    Karl (f07e38)

  2. When push comes to shove, most do not see the presidency as an entry-level position

    I think that 2008 proved that at least 53% of the American voters are quite fine with ‘the presidency as an entry-level position’.

    Dawnsblood (8cafb4)

  3. Dawnsblood has a point.

    IMO, Ace is pretty damn insightful about the attitudes of people he doesn’t agree with. Folks are frustrated with the status quo, and Cain is an expression of that.

    Dustin (b2fb78)

  4. Dawnsblood,

    1. I chronicled what an empty suit Obama was at the time. But he had at least proven that he could get elected to offices.

    2. If the lesson of 2008 is to not elect someone inexperienced, Obama would work that angle to his advantage against Cain in a general election, as Obama would be the experienced candidate.

    Karl (f07e38)

  5. Cain has made some gaffes but i’d rather have him over Obama.

    Perry too.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  6. But he had at least proven that he could get elected to offices eliminate competitors prior to election day.

    Cheap point, I know.

    Dustin (b2fb78)

  7. Dustin,

    As a Chicagoan, I assure you that’s a skill. :)

    Karl (f07e38)

  8. The nominee is clearly going to be Newt Gingrich, especially if Sarah Palin endorses him. The prof think he can’t be because he has no money. But a candidate who at one point had no money won the nomination before: John McCain, who spent all his money by the middle of 2007.

    Herman Cain has to fail because he really is not ready for prime time.

    Sammy Finkelman (d3daeb)

  9. I like Mr. Cain well enough and I will tell you why. Nominating one as replete with uniqueness as he would signal that Team R understands that this is a singular moment for our little country.

    Whereas nominating politics-as-usual Wall Street Romney mostly just says hey we’re pretty sure we can manage America’s failure better than that Obama guy, or at least it would be way cooler if we were in power while it happened.

    happyfeet (a55ba0)

  10. Sammy, I wouldn’t say that’s clearly going to happen, but if that happens, I will find that satisfactory. We could do so much worse than Newt.

    My guess, however, is that Gingrich wouldn’t be able to survive being not-Romney #1 better than Perry did. Only Cain has been able to manage that, and I think largely because he has an informal alliance with Romney and is not a very serious candidate.

    Dustin (b2fb78)

  11. Cain right now is not-Romney #1 because Rick Perry has imploded (and he will probably drop out before or after South Carolina) and he has some attention among activists or something like that.

    Rick Perry fell with the same thinbg taht actyually initially hurt Hillary Clinton – he didn’t know how to answer an immigration question. Cain didn’t handle it well either, but some people doin’t know that that that’s nto good. Cain’s position now actually is identical to that of Rick Perry.

    We’ll see how the Cain-Gingrich debate goes.

    Tickets are going fast.

    The Nov. 5th “Lincoln-Douglas” debate in Texas between Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich costs $200 to attend (includes free apple pie); more if you want a prime seat. The money goes to the event’s sponsors, Texas Tea Party Patriots PAC. Unlike the original, this debate will have a moderator — Rep. King. Like the original, it probably won’t be televised.

    The winner here actually will be the one who manages to lose Steve King’s endorsement.

    They weren’t able to find a television network to carry it so far, but this probably will be available on the Internet, and by the time of the third or fourth such debate networks will begin carrying them.

    Sammy Finkelman (d3daeb)

  12. Americans have not yet knowingly elected an adulterer as president. Clinton was vigorously denying it until well into his second term, and as far as I could tell his partisans seemed to believe him. The press carefully covered up for JFK and FDR. And I don’t think the public knew about Harding’s escapades until after his death. Offhand I can’t think of any other known adulterers who’ve inhabited the White House.

    Had McCain won, he would have been the first known adulterer to be elected president. And if Gingrich wins he will be the first. Somehow I don’t think that’s going to happen.

    Milhouse (ea66e3)

  13. Michelle Bachmann says Rickey Perry is stealing her ideas…

    ColonelHaiku (fbf87d)

  14. I’m struck by what we settle for, Cain has a good business record, but as far as what one would consider a minimal threshold of knowledge, required
    for the Presidency, well that’s been lacking, Perryhad a god dozen years in and around Texas state politics, yet he’s basically winged it all the way.
    Newt knows what he is talking about, but his actions have belied what his words would indicate.

    khal drogo (0fc95f)

  15. Perryhad a god dozen years in and around Texas state politics

    Closer to twenty years. At the very beginning he was recognized as one of the top ten legislators for being a fiscal conservative, and he did very well as the ag commisioner, becoming the first Republican LT Gov. His dozen years of governorship haven’t been very exciting, but that’s a good thing. Perry isn’t stupid because he doesn’t leap into every freaking problem with a government solution. He’s run a government the size of a large country for over a decade, and the results speak for themselves.

    Low drama, high performance, and faith in the free market to handle our day to day issues. I just don’t agree that this shows Perry to be winging it. I think he’s got a very obvious philosophy on how to govern and has been 95%+ consistent with that for twenty years.

    Dustin (b2fb78)

  16. Sorry sock off, I meant at the top, yes he was Agriculture Commissioner, where he vanquished the oily Jim Hightower from any place other than Air

    ian cormac (0fc95f)

  17. Rich republicans-Don’t deserve their money.

    Rich democraps-Deserve their money.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  18. I think Cain will do well when actual voting begins and that will finish off Romney. Then the Republicans will pick someone with more experience than Cain to be the nominee.

    Charlie Davis (cbdc2b)

  19. Cain is superior to Obama.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  20. Cain – who would be his VP?

    If he listened to me I would have whoever wins pick this person as VP

    EricPWJohnson (d84fb0)

  21. *Standard disclaimer: Yes, a Cain administration would be better than a second Obama administration.

    My 14-year old overweight, blind and deaf dog would run a better administration than Obama. A moldy, half-eaten pepperoni pizza would have the advantage compared to Barry O. Neither one would talk as much about nothing as he.

    The bar just ain’t that high these days.

    alanstorm (cb237b)

  22. The Democrat voting constituencies are like the bears in our national parks. As has been said, “once a bear is hooked on garbage, there’s no cure.”

    It has been all downhill for them for several decades now.

    ColonelHaiku (fbf87d)

  23. The rino pundits want us to vote for mittens. These are the same nitwits who gave us a republican majority that blew it. The same nitwits who shoved juanny mac down are throats.
    These progressive sellouts most be making good money pushing mittens and Perry.

    sickofrinos (44de53)

  24. If Perry is stealing Bachmann’s ideas, it’s high time for him to stop stealing.

    As to bears, they stop eating from a trash bin when they’re full.No such luck with Dem constituents.

    Cain might not be a day at the beach. 9/9/9 seems dangerous because once we have a sales tax/VAT tax it won’t ever go away and it will go up. At least Cain undestands we cannot continue to borrow and spend. Romney is statist light, and that is pointless.

    Both would be better than 4-year another dose of socialism.

    And while I have yet to lay eyes on Mrs. Cain nor Mrs. Romney, either has to be easier on the ears that the First Wookie-

    Bugg (ea1809)

  25. Hoover was entry level…yeah let’s don’t go there.

    jeanne (c068a0)

  26. I think Ace is having a self-inflicted Charles Johnson moment, because no one is listening to him. If Romney is so all-fired unbeatable, why are pundits and bloggers like Ace so worked up over a little ol’ third-placer like Cain picking up Sarah’s votes? Methinks the potty-mouth doth protest too much.

    Dirty Old Man (daf1dc)

  27. Cain has been around for a while. Remember that he defeated Hillarycare in 1992. This is an unusual year in American politics. Romney is attractive but nobody really trusts him aside from the rent seekers who hope for a spot in a Romney administration. Enthusiasm may be a major concern next year. Nobody cares about foreign affairs in the next administration. Bush couldn’t name Mushareff in 2000. Cain could appoint Bolton and be done with it. The Senate will be run by the GOP.

    I think Cain could surprise a lot of the usual suspects. There is real panic on the part of conservatives. This could be out last chance to stop the Leviathan state.

    Mike K (9ebddd)

  28. (Romney supporters note: Perry not well-liked by the group.)

    Of course, no mention that the two people the WaPo article shows were questioned on Perry, one was a Democrat and the other an independent who voted for Obama. Color me not surprised that these people would not like Perry.

    And I am constantly amazed at the conservatives I know that have complained for 2 1/2 years how bad it was to elect a man who had little, almost no, record to run on, yet support Cain. I have been trying to get an answer from one of them, any of them, what in Cain’s history gives them any indication of how he would govern. I get things like: he was CEO of Godfathers, he is a Christian, he has a good singing voice, he says he will……. and a lot of “I think, I believe, He says” kind of answers.

    There is no way to know what kind of president Cain will make any more than you can know what kind of house a man will build who has never been a carpenter and knows nothing of construction. While I think Romney is a slick flip-flopper who will, in fact, say whatever he thinks the audience of the day wants to hear, and would prove to be a worst “compassionate” president than Bush, I would pick Newt, or even Rick Santorum over Romney or green horn Cain.

    This nation has been drug down the rabbit hole so bad in the last 2 1/2 years that it will take a miracle worker to bring it out of that hole. Now is not the time to put faith in a man who has no experience, has never held office and doesn’t know how to rebuild a house (our nation)based on nothing but his speeches. The learning curve is just too severe and this nation won’t have the time to let him learn.

    retire05 (a9f846)

  29. #27 yeah, Cain could could appoint Bolton, and if that is the case, should have been conferring with Bolton now.

    Oh, wait, Bolton is an advisor to Perry. Well, seems Cain lost out on that one.

    retire05 (a9f846)

  30. So let me guess this straight Ace is not a big fan of profanity but engages in it?

    DohBiden (d54602)

  31. Gotta appreciate the number of folksy-folks who send in their bucks, nice job “Herb!” STAY IN IT!

    ♫“Don’t forget this fact ,you can’t get it back, KochCain”♫

    tifosa (66dd4f)

  32. oh, btw: Jon. Huntsman.

    tifosa (66dd4f)

  33. I’ve been avoiding hearing Herman sing cause that could be a real deal-breaker

    singing presidents are just one of those things I have to be in the mood for and I don’t really feel that mood coming on

    happyfeet (3c92a1)

  34. Comment by jeanne — 10/28/2011 @ 4:08 pm

    Hoover oversaw the post-war relief effort for Europe in the years following WW-1, probably saving millions of Germans and others from starvation; plus did the same for the Great Mississippi Flood in the early-20’s. In both endeavors, he was a superb administrator, which is why he was nominated in 1928.
    This is what you get when you sleep through History classes.

    AD-RtR/OS! (ca8ec9)

  35. There is sort of a parallel with Coolidge’s VP in the 20a:

    Dawes was a self-taught pianist and composer and a member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, the national fraternity for men in music. His 1912 composition, “Melody in A Major,” became a well-known piano and violin piece, and was played at many official functions as his signature tune. It was transformed into the pop song, “It’s All In The Game”, in 1951 when Carl Sigman added lyrics. Tommy Edwards’ recording of “It’s All in the Game” was a number one hit on the American Billboard record chart for six weeks in the fall of 1958.[1] Edwards’ version of the song also hit number one on the UK chart that year.[2] Since then, it has since become a pop standard recorded hundreds of times by artists including Cliff Richard, The Four Tops, Isaac Hayes, Jackie DeShannon, Van Morrison, Nat “King” Cole, Brook Benton, Elton John, Mel Carter, Barry Manilow, and Keith Jarrett. Dawes is the only Vice-President or winner of the Nobel Peace Prize credited with a #1 pop hit.

    ian cormac (0fc95f)

  36. HF, I wouldn’t mind seeing Barry in Sing-Sing…

    Gazzer (edeb1d)

  37. Hillsdale College senior Katy Bachelder writes:

    “Mitt Romney can beat President Obama. He stands a better chance of victory than any other Republican candidate. He deserves the GOP presidential nomination because conservatives can’t afford to fail in 2012.

    In politics, the goal is always to win the next election. This will be especially important twelve months from now. Conservatives have an opportunity not just to stop Obama’s left-wing agenda, but to reverse it. Yet if Republicans lose, Obama’s policies are the future. America’s fiscal crisis will deepen, the substance of Obamacare will become permanent, and U.S. standing in the world will continue to erode. …

    National Review founder William F. Buckley Jr. had a rule: Always support the most conservative candidate who is electable. It’s tempting to dream of an unbeatable fantasy Republican, but no such person exists in real life. Chris Christie may come close, but he chose not to run — and then he endorsed Romney. So did Tim Pawlenty before him. Rick Perry entered the race with a reputation as a tough-talking Texan, but in debates he has had difficulty assembling words into sentences. Herman Cain’s frankness is refreshing, but his signature issue is a tax plan that’s controversial, even among conservatives, because it would create a whole new category of taxation: the federal sales tax.

    The other candidates have their own virtues, but none has a better chance of beating Obama than Romney, who has a proven record of winning Democratic and independent votes. Romney, after all, has prevailed among Massachusetts voters, who Dave Barry once wrote “in normal times would elect a crustacean before they would vote Republican.”

    For conservatives, the choice is clear: In 2012, we win with Mitt.”

    ColonelHaiku (fbf87d)

  38. he needs to be held accountable Mr. Gazzer

    remember that bumble won in 2008 by running what was essentially an election built on repudiation – specifically the repudiation of a media-created Bush cartoon

    2012 will also be a repudiation election, but not of a cartoon – it will be a profound repudiation of M’chelle’s husband, of Malia (sp?) and whatever’s daddy, of that hippie food stamp chick’s son, of that typical white woman’s grandson, and of every dismal rapey moment of the last four years

    which is why it’s important that the Team R person be a principled person what genuinely stands for genuinely clear principles – that’s why the Reagan Repudiation is remembered as a smashing success and the Obama Repudiation is remembered as a successful marketing campaign people quickly came to resent having been suckered by

    happyfeet (3c92a1)

  39. For conservatives, the choice is clear: In 2012, we win with Mitt.

    Sounds very resolute and unwavering. Kind of like Mitt’s stance on the Ohio public employee union measure…


    A gopher pitch down the middle and he wiffs on it.

    Good Lord. What a frustrating four years we’re in for. This is winning?

    National Review founder William F. Buckley Jr. had a rule: Always support the most conservative candidate who is electable.

    Sorry, WFB is dead and so is his rule. It was conceived of when the country wasn’t teetering on the edge of Greekdom.

    beer 'n pretzels (2f4b27)

  40. Listen to the Romney supporters: “When the stakes really matter …. aim low.”

    BR (a8c716)

  41. I had brain surgery 5 years ago if Obama were president then I would have to wait and probably become paralyzed.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  42. Archie Bunker used to be a bigot but towards the end of the show all in the family his bigotry simmered down.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  43. For conservatives, the choice is clear: the guy who presided over a bloated budget and high taxes and… increased spending and taxes while banning guns, increasing the gun tax, giving illegals free health care, and even forcing everyone to buy government mandated health insurance, driving demand for health care up, and prices up, bankrupting the state in short order.

    And Mitt Romney even nominates mostly liberal democrats to the judiciary!

    He’s the candidate for those who think conservative principles can’t beat liberal principles. Such people often don’t understand why someone would say Texas is run a lot better than MA has been.

    Mitt Romney would lose to Barack Obama. The GOP base hates Romney, they 17 year career politician who has lost all but one election. Mitt Romney can be bashed for outsourcing jobs to china and being incredibly sleazy in discussing his illegal alien lawn care crew ‘I’m running for office, for pete’s sake!’ He changes his positions on a daily basis, just recently flip flopping on the flat tax because Perry’s proposals are much better than Romney’s 160 page plan to make plans.

    Rick Perry will also be palinized, but he has a long record of creating jobs to respond with. Something concrete that voters need.

    Also, Rick Perry has sufficient experience to be President. Mitt Romney’s most relevant experience was a failed single term as governor, so lame he was too embarrassed to even attempt reelection.

    Dustin (b2fb78)

  44. You people are racists against islam and black peoples.

    /Mega sarcasm

    DohBiden (d54602)

  45. Straw man fire in comment #45.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  46. Hypocrite on comment 48.

    The romneybots are intolerant of other opinions.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  47. If the election in 2012 was Romney or Obama it would take some effort on my part to not write in “suicide” or just sit it out.

    We need a long term solution. Romney is better than Obama. Hell, a dead gopher is better than Obama. At least the dead gopher would spend most of his time in the office and not golf courses. But Romney is just another disastrous Big Government Republican when Big Government is our basic problem.

    I don’t see a really GOOD presidential candidate who is solidly for smaller government and strong defense. In the mean time Cain is probably the best chance we have for honest smaller government. Perry might be a good second choice. But, God, PUHLEASE not Romney?


    jbd (99eed4)

  48. Who made up this 25% meme? Why does everyone mention as if it’s some sort of factual standard? McCain didn’t have 25% in the polls until January 2008!! Where does this magic number come from and why do people keep repeating it?

    George (4da44f)

  49. Bonus, Cain and Perry are real Christians.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  50. I’m sick of MittBots going on about how we need to get behind guy who hasn’t won a single primary vote in this election cycle, solely because he is electable. Being electable is necessary to get my vote but not sufficient. I was indecisive about Mitt in 2008, he came off a lot better back then. Now, I can’t stand the guy. I actually like Huntsman quite a bit better than Romney. Huntsman is moderate, but he states that outright and has executive experience. He’d be a good ticket-balancer for Perry or Cain.

    OmegaPaladin (a63d4d)

  51. I like Cain, but frankly Michele Bachmann would probably be a better POTUS, not a more successful POTUS, mind you.

    We’d be a laughingstock. Bachmann articulates her lunacies perfectly. Half the time Cain himself doesn’t know what he’s saying.

    gary gulrud (d88477)

  52. “National Review founder William F. Buckley Jr.”

    I found WFB uneffinwatchable. His ‘effin kid voted for Urkel. Dad ‘effed that up too.

    gary gulrud (d88477)

  53. 30. Now Bolton I like. Beats Mitt’s entire list.

    gary gulrud (d88477)

  54. 38. Where he’d be the wife of an even bigger, badder dude than Moochelle.

    gary gulrud (d88477)

  55. How many days until the first votes? Super Tuesday?

    EricPWJohnson (d84fb0)

  56. but… but, look what we done in Texas!

    ColonelHaiku (fbf87d)

  57. but….but romney is a true conservative.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  58. Did I tell you all I had dinner two nights ago with happyfeet and JD?
    It was fantastic! Love those guyes.

    MayBee (081489)

  59. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    Did happyfeet tell you about how handsome he is?

    DohBiden (d54602)

  60. It’s all we talked about.

    MayBee (081489)

  61. Ok.

    Happyfeets tears can cure nutritional deficiencies.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  62. rickperry will win
    when teh turdblossom withstands
    armadillo surge

    ColonelHaiku (fbf87d)

  63. the Rise of Bachmann
    Girl with teh Faraway Eyes
    feeling minneso……TA!

    ColonelHaiku (fbf87d)

  64. the Eyes of Texas
    are on us. grits and gravy
    spilled on Grassy Knoll

    ColonelHaiku (fbf87d)

  65. in-bred boy strums hard
    on bridge over Turtle Creek
    Deliverance near

    ColonelHaiku (fbf87d)

  66. road dust, bugs-in-teeth?
    your Dallas Alice awaits?
    look sharp! Burma Shave!

    ColonelHaiku (fbf87d)

  67. Half the time Cain himself doesn’t know what he’s saying.

    Brilliant comment by someone who doesn’t seem to have a strong hold on logic.

    Mike K (9ebddd)

  68. I’m waiting for someone to compare Cain to Hitler.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  69. along with your coffee enema…

    ColonelHaiku (fbf87d)

  70. No.

    Why not give me an Romney Enema.

    I mean duded Mitt Romney can cure everything.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  71. The problem with Cain is that he has no interests outside of economics and doesn’t even pretend to study foreign policy issues; rather he mocks them with statements like not knowing who leads Ubezk-beki-beki-beki-stan. Well, I do – and I’d like my President to know as well.

    Tim K (acfa37)

  72. be still, biden. The hose awaits.

    ColonelHaiku (fbf87d)

  73. I believe in recycling does this make me a liberal?

    DohBiden (d54602)

  74. You miss the point, no one wants to admit to know Karimov, who has a tendency to ‘boil people alive’ when you disagree with him, but we used his country for the first few years, as a staging base into Afghanistan, now we rely on the tender mercies of Putin, much better I think. Bush didn’t know musharaff at first. By contrast, Biden supposedly
    knew every figure on the world stage, yet he flubbed
    the question about Hezbollah in Lebanon, and yet
    it was deranged, no one called him on it at the time.

    ian cormac (0fc95f)

  75. the PDP of Uzbekistan incorporates Liberalism into It’s conservatism.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  76. Not only that he pines for the soviet union.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  77. He meaning Islam Karimov

    DohBiden (d54602)

  78. You get one Marc Bloch’s cigars, Doh.

    ian cormac (0fc95f)

  79. What?

    Are you implying that I’am captain obvious?

    DohBiden (d54602)

  80. was the most fun I had in all of October I am sorry not everyone could join

    the charmingest people lurk behind these commentings … y’all should just know that

    happyfeet (3c92a1)

  81. she don’t know shi’ite from Shinola, but Hillsbury Clinton wants to break bread with Da Taliban.

    ColonelHaiku (fbf87d)

  82. Romney enema? doh… be careful what you wish for…

    ColonelHaiku (fbf87d)

  83. Yeah i’ll be a flip-flopper in no time.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  84. Comment by happyfeet — 10/28/2011 @ 7:01 pm

    singing presidents are just one of those things I have to be in the mood for and I don’t really feel that mood coming on

    I don’t know about a singing President, but Louisiana once had a singing Governor, Jimmie Davis:

    Davis became the popular “singing governor” who often performed during his campaign stops. While governor, he had a No. 1 hit single in 1945 with “There’s a New Moon Over My Shoulder”.

    He is best known for “You Are My Sunshine”, which he didn’t actually write himself, but bought from a composer (people who bought songs used to claim they wrote it in order to claim the copyright after 28 years) It was made the Louisiana state song in 1977.

    I didn’t know he was Governor twice.

    s because I know about him from a 1952 book, I read about the year 1980 “Huey Long’s Louisiana” which is not just about Huey Long, but politics before and after him.

    The author’s conception was that while Louisiana did not have a two-party system, it had something very interesting, a bifactional system. But that’s no really a bifactional system – it was pro and anti-Huey Long. Everything was fighting of being part of taht bt that wasn’
    t good.

    Also this was in the south with decisions made in the democratic primary, and all the deprivation of he right to vote, which was actually illegal and unconstitutional and informal. With all that there actually were real elections – this system worked although the actual laws were not being followed.

    Sammy Finkelman (3a0ae4)

  85. Yeah i’ll be a flip-flopper in no time.

    you’ll be floppin’, alright.

    ColonelHaiku (fbf87d)

  86. Comment by EricPWJohnson — 10/28/2011 @ 3:23 pm

    Cain – who would be his VP?

    At the September 22, 2011 Fox-Google Orlando, Florida debate, all the nine candidates on the stage were asked, of those asked of those others on the stage (if you were limited to them) whom would you pick as your Vice President?

    Herman Cain said he would play that game, and picked Newt Gingrich.

    Four candidates refused to answer. Of the five votes cast, Newt Gingrich collected 2 1/2, Herman Cain got 1 1/2 and Ron Paul got 1 vote. (Rick Perry voted for some kind of a combination of Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain)

    Sammy Finkelman (3a0ae4)

  87. I didn’t stop the italics after the question.

    Sammy Finkelman (3a0ae4)

  88. :roll: awwwwwwwwww poor widdle colonel.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  89. Romney will win in NH (if he loses he’s done), but the rest of the primaries, especially closed primaries in the South and Midwest look to be trouble. No one goes to the polls fired up to vote Romney.

    Kevin M (563f77)

  90. close tags

    Kevin M (563f77)

  91. 70. “Brilliant comment”. I jizz when ass lappers hate me. Ooooh, don’t stop.

    gary gulrud (d88477)

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