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OJ to Confess to Oprah?

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[Guest post by Aaron Worthing; if you have tips, please send them here.  Or by Twitter @AaronWorthing.]

Myself I barely think it is news.  Oh, look he is seeking attention as usual, so he is playing his last card—admitting what everyone knew.  I remember for years seeing people argue about it, and then when he committed that robbery in Vegas, suddenly everyone agreed: he killed Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.  Seriously no one doubts it.

But if there is anything interesting, it is in the chutzpah involved:

According to the National Enquirer, the interview is set to be filmed after Simpson confessed he killed the pair in self-defense to a producer from inside prison.

‘Oprah has been in touch with O.J. for the past year,’ a source told the magazine. She contacted him in prison to explore the possibility that he might give her an interview.

‘He has always been a big fan of hers, but for a long time he was reluctant to say he did the crime or give the details of how it happened.’

According to the insider, Simpson recently decided to go through with the confession after he was contacted again by one of Oprah’s producers.

‘He told the producer: “Tell Oprah that yes, I did it. I killed Nicole, but it was in self-defence. She pulled a knife on me and I had to defend myself”,’ the insider was quoted as saying.

He reportedly then went on to give a full account of what happened on the night of the murders on June 12 1994.

Really, OJ?  Really? Do you think anyone is going to buy the claim that you committed a double homicide in self defense?

Honestly, I think Oprah shouldn’t be giving this narcissist the time of day.

And all this comes from The Other McCain, who notes that “Don Surber cautions that this story is based on a National Enquirer report.”  You know, a few years ago I assumed that the Enquirer was a piece of trash, but recently…

…yeah, I think I will trust them on this one.

(Man, that pic still gives me the willies.)

Meanwhile, Dustin informs me of this claim by F. Lee Bailey that actually manages to be less plausible than OJ’s double-homicide-in-self-defense story:

A member of O.J. Simpson’s Los Angeles murder trial defense team says the defense had conclusive evidence of Simpson’s innocence but chose not to present it….

Bailey said misleading accounts in the news media created a public perception of Simpson’s guilt, and the defense had to cut its presentation short to avoid a mistrial as jurors were dismissed. He said the defense had a “huge and impressive array of evidence which went cold in the defense’s arsenal because we had to abort the trial due to juror attrition and two frightened prosecutors.”

Read the whole thing.  But really, Lee?  Really?

So you had proof that OJ was innocent, and rather than present it you chose to close the trial quickly?  And your excuse for doing so was a fear of a mistrial?  Really?

And pretending for the sake of argument that this is not a laughable explanation, perhaps you can explain to me, Lee, why they didn’t use that evidence in the civil case, if it was so good?  I mean, shouldn’t OJ be suing his civil attorneys for malpractice right about now?

Yeah, I think I just figured out what the F in F. Lee Bailey stands for…

[Posted and authored by Aaron Worthing.]

46 Responses to “OJ to Confess to Oprah?”

  1. Yeah, I think I just figured out what the F in F. Lee Bailey stands for…

    It stands for Lying.

    John P. Squibob (882a08)

  2. And all this time I thought that the real killer was Detective Nordberg.

    aunursa (323789)

  3. ‘Is that your final answer’?

    ian cormac (72470d)

  4. Geez she pulled a knife on him? With her clothes off and her mouth full? I’m not buying it.

    Mike Myers (0e06a9)

  5. I love how being right on one story gets the National Enquirer the benefit of the doubt now. Hell, at the same time the John Edwards story was going on, they spent two years printing some version of “Patrick Swayze on his death bed! Actor to finally die this week!”, even doctoring pictures of him, because they know they’d eventually be able to say they were right.

    And that’s just one of many examples.

    Dave (f59893)

  6. If Nicole wanted to kill OJ she would have used a gun.

    Arizona Bob (aa856e)

  7. We can trust the Enquirer over the mainstream media.

    Arizona Bob (aa856e)

  8. that Nicole chick what he murdered was his kids’ mom

    I always figured that was why he would never confess

    I wonder what’s changed

    happyfeet (3c92a1)

  9. I am shocked, shocked I tell you, to hear that OJ is lying.

    JD (85b089)

  10. Oprah should just buy up all copies of “If I Did It” and hand them out. Then the money for OJ’s confession would go to the victims’ families (due to a the civil case finding) and not to Oprah. She could do some good.

    MayBee (081489)

  11. maybee

    i don’t know. i don’t think the goldman family was looking to be enriched, and i don’t think OJ and Nicole’s kids are in the poorhouse. i think the civil suit wasn’t really about compensation but revenge.

    that is why the punitive damages far outweighed the compensatory damages.

    otoh, OJ’s kids deserve his money more than he does. they are going to need to hire therapists.

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  12. It’ll be nice to have something to talk about rather than the catastrophic debt we have, the turmoil in the middle east, unemployment, obamacare and the housing crisis. A couple of murders seems like old times.

    Carolena (de489b)

  13. The F stands for Halfwit.

    Milhouse (ea66e3)

  14. Hell, at the same time the John Edwards story was going on, they spent two years printing some version of “Patrick Swayze on his death bed!

    And at the same time they were also reporting the Palins’ tragic breakup and respective affairs. A monkey who happens to type Hamlet is still a monkey.

    Milhouse (ea66e3)

  15. i don’t know. i don’t think the goldman family was looking to be enriched

    Why do you think they’d rather have Oprah get the money than them?
    I don’t think they were looking to be enriched, but I bet they aren’t looking for Oprah to enrich herself.

    There is a way for Oprah to be generous, here. I thought she was all about generosity.

    MayBee (081489)

  16. Given the fact that Oprah is a major narcissist, what makes you think she would reconsider? Everything Oprah does is for her own profit, the woman’s entire career is in crafting a cult like following that is twisted and sick with moral relativism.

    Mary (090eb0)

  17. Greetings:

    Part of the folk-wisdom in the Bronx of my youth involved not telling the judge, “I was just standing on the corner, cleaning my knife, when she ran up and jumped on it 27 times.”

    11B40 (53fd8f)

  18. “Honestly, I think Oprah shouldn’t be giving this narcissist the time of day.”

    Gotta do something

    OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network May Y/Y Ratings Way Down vs. Discovery Health

    Here are the comparisons across all the adult viewership demos I have between OWN in May, 2011 vs. Discovery Health in May, 2010.

    Total avg. viewership: Down 24%
    Women 18-34 viewership: Down 26%
    Women 18-49 viewership: Down 19%
    Women 25-54 viewership: Down 17% (likely the target demo for OWN)
    Adults 18-49 viewership: Down 30%

    mrt (3f3c8a)

  19. Yeah Bailey seriously misjudges the public with his claims. I suppose it doesn’t matter, as he is the epitome of zealous advocate, but what a foolish claim to make.

    As Aaron noted, why didn’t that come out in OJ’s civil trial?

    Dustin (c16eca)

  20. the liberals[hijacked word] were ecstatic when O.J. was acquitted by the way it is a hoax.

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  21. That Oprah would put the Goldmans and Nicole’s kids through this is remarkable. Just remarkable. All to launch another self-named media empire. God knows the woman needs the money.

    Folks, these are the character lessons we should be teaching our children. The Bank of Oprah. Member DNC.

    Vermont Neighbor (7c90f3)

  22. It’s amazing that you’re talking about all this, because I suspected that whoever ran OPERATION WEINER SCHNITZEL was connected to the O.J. Simpson case (partly because of all this interest in anything Kardashian related, and partly because somebody was concocting all these fake stories to plant in the National Enquirer, the Globe and the Star and here we have all these fake stories and fake evidence, and partly because both of these cases are centered in or around Los Angeles.)

    Look. Does anybody else realize that the Bronco wasn’t seen by Allan Park, the limo driver? It wasn’t there yet at 11:15 pm on June 12, 1994 (the night of the murders) when OJ went to the airport.

    That’s why it was later found hastily parked outside on the street. Meanwhile Allan Park had seen a totally unknown and unexplained (to this day) car parked inside the estate – that wasn’t there the next morning!

    You see, O.J.’s main accomplice, (probably Robert Kardashian) – the man who had tried to give OJ one of the gloves (he didn’t realize that OJ had left *two* gloves at the murder scene) found the Rockingham estate locked after he returned the Bronco from the car wash, so he had to leave it out on the street.

    It wasn’t supposed to be locked in the original plan. If I remember right, it was Kato who suggested locking the gates, and OJ had to be asked twice about it.

    The accomplice had knocked on the wall outside Kato’s room thinking OJ was in there.

    The plan was that OJ would abandon the Bronco somewhere nearby and walk the rest of the way home. Because his accomplice did not know about the delay caused by Ron Goldman he thought OJ had already arrived home when he came there. And the only place he could be was in Kato’s room. Actually, OJ hadn’t yet arrived home. The Bronco had been parked wherever it was for much less time than the accomplice thought (in the original plan OJ and the accomplice were not supposed to meet that night).

    It was O.J.s job to begin the disposal of the evidence by packing all of it in a bag or suitcase which he would abandon in the airport where it had been pre-arranged somebody would pick it up out of the garbage and get rid of it – long before anybody found any body. OJ didn’t take the bloody clothes and the knife aboard to Chicago! Please.

    This was the ONLY plan for the disposal of the murder evidence so it all had to go to OJ. That’s why O.J.’s accomplice wanted to give him the bloody glove.

    But as it is, not one, but TWO bloody gloves were found – and nothing else was found from the murders! O.J. had pulled off BOTH of the gloves in order better to attack Ron Goldman who wasn’t supposed to be there and he’d forgotten about them when he left. Or at least one of them. One he left at Nicole’s house’s and the other he left in the Bronco.

    He was in a big rush. He had to catch a plane to create a alibi.

    He had a very short timeline to work in. This is because the original plan was that some hired medical examiners were going to say that Nicole was killed after he was already on the plane. The gloves were there, of course. in order not to leave any fingerprints and knife was used – although OJ had plenty of guns – in order not to leave behind any ballistics evidence. This, I mean, would always have been obvious.

    Her murder was no spur of the moment decision. Although did take some last looks at her, though, possibly rethinking if he had to do it.

    OJ probably killed her, not because he was jealous, although he was, but because she had threatened to go to the IRS about all his unreported income from autograph signing and the like. This would kill the investigation before it got started. It was some other people implicated in this scheme who suggested the murder and of course had OJ do it himself for them to be safe.

    This could not have been OJ’s idea because then he would logically have tried to get someone else to do it if he was going to take a lot of time to plan it, which he must have. Is there any other possible reason for the gloves and the use of knives? By the way some mob murders in Chicago had not long before been done that way – with knives, not guns. It had to be somebody ELSE suggesting the idea to him, and giving him the scheme, and my best guess always was Robert Kardashian – as the point man anyway. The parts of the plan that didn’t work were the parts where OJ improvised.

    Now there is something else to note: All the time up the day the verdict came in in the original trial all the stories leaked were about how OJ Simpson didn’t do it. But AFTER the verdict, they were about how OJ did it — ACTING COMPLETELY ALONE and on his own. Didn’t anybody else ever find that intriguing or something?

    His accomplices wanted OJ found guilty at the civil trial, to appease the family of Ron Goldman and quiet any investigation. Then I don’t long ago, some people probably decided that they ought to try to get OJ Simpson into jail. I guess he was getting harder to manage.

    Sammy Finkelman (84cb2c)

  23. OJ’s kids deserve his money more than he does. they are going to need to hire therapists.

    His kids went to school with my daughter for a while. The Brown family was all over those kids like flies on (blank).

    Don’t jump down my throat but I have felt sorry for OJ for years. The entire Brown family was living off him for all that time. My wife went to their wedding in Laguna and there was cocaine all over the reception. As one familiar with the family said, “The Brown daughters don’t have a college degree among them but they all had boob jobs. My brother in law went to high school with Nicole.

    I think he killed her in a jealous rage fueled by crystal meth. Goldman may have been the boyfriend that stimulated it or he may have been an innocent guy at the wrong place. OJ was played by these people like a violin. He finally exploded but it is not a simple morality tale. There was very little morality anywhere near them.

    Mike K (8f3f19)

  24. There IS something important about having him publicly confess what he did, even if he couches it within a blame-the-victim justification. It IS important that everyone who has ever denied his guilt be hit — at last — with the cold hard truth that YES, he did do it.

    Icy Texan (4ecb35)

  25. My daughters call John Edwards mug shot his smug shot.

    jd (52c271)

  26. That’s pretty interesting. I know the family was living large off OJ. That seemed to be their wedding pact. He was possessive and she was a fighter. Constant control and jealousy issues, gifts and making up.

    I don’t feel sorry for OJ but it is sad he threw it all away for himself and his family. I think she probably was reporting his IRS problems, which was mentioned in a few stories. OJ was just doing too much creepy eavesdropping and stalking.. it’s hard to pity him even for the burden of the Browns.

    This thing with Oprah is really outrageous because she is what he was: an influential, highly respected public figure. Her actions here should be called out even by her most ardent fans. She’s a craven, preening new-ageist New World Order banker. A shame she dupes so many dopes with her snake oil.

    Vermont Neighbor (352bcf)

  27. Vermont has Oprah pegged.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  28. Context is important, Oprah was talking about what
    her ‘dream interview’ would be, and what OJ would say,

    ian cormac (72470d)

  29. I only remember one guy who, years later, felt OJ had been framed. Around town people generally understood. His defenders were jazzed to see him beat the system, celebrity or not. Beating whitey right after the Rodney King thing a couple years prior.

    Vermont Neighbor (1e48bc)

  30. No, here’s the thing, most African Americans, really did think OJ had done it, however, they
    were willing to nullify the verdict, to prove
    that the justice system, had not regarded them
    with so much concern,

    ian cormac (72470d)

  31. Thanks Dustin. I sort of left the hating Oprah sect for about 7-8 years. It’s hard to ignore her social justice bent, which is pretty glossy and deceptive.

    Vermont Neighbor (68ff46)

  32. The real killer wasn’t a one-armed man?

    Bill G. (954c9a)

  33. So this OJ thing is a hoax? Just saw in the green room over at Hot Air, something about a hoax. It links over to one of the gawker sites, but not much info.

    Actually it could fall either way and still sound believable.

    Vermont Neighbor (68ff46)

  34. Yep, Neighbor that’s what is.

    ian cormac (72470d)

  35. great.. Oprah is still the sparkling jewel of American media. Now let’s get back to Valerie Jarrett’s strategic troop withdrawal and Joe Biden’s compassionate tax schemes. Hopenchange 12, baby!

    Vermont Neighbor (af7a3a)

  36. I see some confusion about the Enquirer above. It was the Enquirer that broke the John Edwards story. I don’t recall the Enquirer printing anything about the Palins’ marriage.

    I do remember seeing claims about Palin in the Globe (front page, one sees it in the supermarket checkout lane).

    AIUI, the Enquirer is significantly different from the other tabloids. Anything that appears in the Enquirer is heavily fact-checked, whereas the Globe and Star make stuff up all the time.

    Because of this, the Enquirer runs a lot more “fluff” stories (cute animals etc). Their “substantive” stories are usually less exciting than the other tabloids, because they have to be true. (They jazz-up the headlines to compensate.)

    Remember – the Enquirer found Jesse Jackson’s “love child”.

    Rich Rostrom (1e3f90)

  37. No, the Enquirer, ran the ‘affair’ story, back in 2008, when she was picked,the fact that it had no fracking proof didn’t deter them, all of these tabloids have carried lies, more often from not, from the premier Trig denialist before Sullivan

    ian cormac (72470d)

  38. Good summary of those. I think Obama’s people fed the Edwards story to the Enquirer. He, Edwards, was doing well in the primaries and Obama had to shake those Larry Sinclair stories which were non-stop. Plus the murder of Donald Young, the good looking black guy with church ties to Zero. Killed on Christmas Eve in Chicago, iir.

    They covered Patrick Swayze’s story pretty obsessively, but they also printed a beautiful prayer which I had never seen before. And readers’ wishes, which Patrick had a chance to see and respond to.

    The Enquirer was putting some pretty serious creds on the line predicting that Bush and Laura would divorce after his term. That lasted for awhile but never turned into anything. Used to read the stuff, no time anymore. Maybe 1 or 2 issues per year. I hope eventually they’ll go after Obama again. Don’t make Hillbuzz do all the heavy lifting!

    Vermont Neighbor (1e48bc)

  39. You know who was counsel to the Inquirer, David Kendall, Clinton’s private attornry,

    ian cormac (72470d)

  40. Hmm. Well, I never like those heavyweight lawyers working across the aisle.

    Vermont Neighbor (68ff46)

  41. The Enquirer was putting some pretty serious creds on the line predicting that Bush and Laura would divorce after his term.

    HEH! I had never heard that. The best I can say for the National Enquirer is that they are approximately as credible as traditional MSM outlets tends to be these days.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  42. Well, with money of course it’s possible to hold a marriage together with separate homes. Maybe when Laura went house hunting she took the new place in Dallas, like they said.. maybe W went back to Crawford. Texas readers here would know more than me!

    Vermont Neighbor (cae88c)

  43. Now there’s some irony :
    ” He is now serving a long prison term in Nevada for robbing a sports memorabilia dealer at gunpoint.

    Bailey said misleading accounts in the news media created a public perception of Simpson’s guilt..”

    Gee, the news media misleading ? Nahhh… Bailey must be lying. I just don’t understand why OJ was pointing a gun at some sports items collector. Anyone want to clue me in on that ?

    Read more:

    SiliconDoc (7ba52b)

  44. More on the O.J. Simpson case – and yes there is a connection to the Anthony Pellicano detective agency. There is undoubtably a lot of disinformation here – what’s really interesting here is just simply some of the names mentioned: Robert Kardashian, and Anthony Pellicano

    William Wasz

    (Mint green) Writer / Aspiring filmmaker / Career criminal / Father of two / Served 10 years in prison on charges related to his role in documenting conspiracy evidence in the O.J. Simpson murder case / Died of drug overdose with no witnesses on March 14, 2005

    ….He was arrested in late January of ’94 in a stolen Toyota SUV belonging to O.J.’s girlfriend Paula Barbieri. A pocket-sized notebook recovered from the vehicle, which Wasz wrecked in a wild police chase, contained notations in his handwriting of Nicole’s scheduled activities on January 6th and 7th. On a separate page it contained the names and private telephone numbers of O.J. Simpson, Paula Barbieri and O.J.’s friend Robert Kardasian.

    Gil Garcetti (legal –indirect): As the L.A. County Prosecutor, Gill Garcetti oversaw Assistant District Attorney Bill Hodgeman and Marcia Clark in their inquires concerning Wasz’s notebook. Garcetti accepted their finding that Wasz forged the entries in his notebook notwithstanding the fact that he was in prison and the notebook had been in police custody since his January 31 arrest.

    Bill Pavelic (legal – direct): Pavelic, working as an unlicensed private investigator for the O.J. Simpson criminal defense team examined the Wasz notebook and also dismissed it as a fraud.

    Thus, the prosecution and the defense dismissed any knowledge that Wasz might have had concerning a plan to kill Nicole. Shortly after Wasz’s release from prison in 2004, he posted on the Peking Duck Internet website that Pavelic would soon be eating prison food. He did not explain the comment.

    Anthony Pellicano (personal – uncertain): In a 1998 prison interview with David Bresnahan, Wasz said that he met private investigator Anthony Pellicano in 1988. In October 2004, Mario Nitrini began an online Peking Duck correspondence with Wasz. The following month on Wasz’s own website, he told Nitrini that he (Wasz) and Pellicano were following Nicole at the same time. When Pellicano went to federal prison, Wasz urged Nitrini to write to Pellicano and “help him.” He said that Pellicano would be “a very valuable friend one day.” Wasz did not explain the comment.

    O.J. Simpson (circumstantial – anecdotal and apocryphal): Wasz’s notebook links him to Nicole Simpson, Robert Kardashian, O.J. Simpson and Paula Barbieri months before the murders because their names were in the notebook and the notebook came out of Barbieri’s SUV that Wasz stole. However, Wasz did not tell anyone the stories linking these people together until O.J.’s preliminary trial for murder was underway. He told Robbery/Homicide Det. Richard Crotsley that O.J.’s friend Robert Kardashian hired him to follow Nicole in December ’93. Later, he told Det. Burt Luper and Luper’s partner Cliff LeFall the same story. Luper put Joseph Bosco in contact with Wasz who elaborated on his Kardashian/O.J. story for a Time Magazine article* commission by James Willwerth, co-author of American Tragedy with Lawrence Schiller.

    Wasz claimed that he sold cocaine directly to O.J. and O.J. was present and reacted angrily when he turned over a roll of film showing Nicole with Marcus Allen. He also claimed that O.J. admitted to him that he was on the murder scene and accidentally stepped in the blood but did not murder Nicole and Ron Goldman. He told Garrison that he believed O.J. did commit the murders up to the point where he received the call from Larry Longo on March 9 telling him that Mark Fuhrman was behind his March 8 arrest.

    [The website seems to arguing (I’m not sure) that Mark Fuhrman committed the murders which is really nonsense, but the website probably mixes in some peculiar points that point to the truth, which is not of couyrse that Mark Fuhrman did it)

    California Department of Justice (legal – institutional): In early March 2005 Wasz told website operator Jasper Garrison that a documentary he was producing based on his book about his experience in the California prison system would expose corruption at the highest levels of state government. He said that his documentary would name names and provide convincing evidence to support his allegations. Wasz told Garrison that key people within the California Department of Justice and Corrections encouraged drug trafficking within the prison system as a method of inmate control and increased recidivism. He said that increasing the recidivism rate was to spread wealth and political power to individuals, special interest groups (specifically the prison guard union) and communities that benefit from high prison populations. California has the third highest prison population in the world, surpassed only by China and the rest of the United States. [if there is anything true here of course the motives have been changed to protect the guilty]

    Jasper Garrison (personal – hostile to friendly): During an Internet joust with website operator Jasper Garrison, who is black and obviously not the person depicted in Stone’s movie with the same name, Wasz pretended that he thought the black Jasper was the white one to dodge questions he couldn’t answer. Garrison had called Wasz a liar and a con man because of details in his Kardashian story that could not have been true and subtle psychology tricks he used to convince people he had “proof” of his allegations when he didn’t. Wasz countered with a covertly aggressive invitation to meet with Garrison, who lived in Detroit, for a friendly lunch at an expensive California restaurant with writer Donald Freed “and other Hollywood notables.”

    Mario Nitrini (personal – Friendly to hostile): See Anthony Pellicano. Town and Country limo driver Rocky Bateman approached Nitrini to follow Nicole a month before Wasz took the job. Bateman told Nitrini that O.J. wanted him to do it. After the Bundy murders, Nitrini, a professional musician, began his own investigation that resulted in a savage physical assault by two LAPD officers and eventually let him to Wasz and Garrison. Nitrini informed Garrison of Wasz’s invitation. Both agreed that it looked like a set-up for Garrison to be murdered. Nitrini insisted that Garrison had to answer. He did. He made a counter offer for Wasz to meet him in Detroit. He set a March 11 date to force the issue. Wasz could not avoid the meeting without being exposed as the con man and liar Garrison said he was. Only after Wasz’s death did Nitrini, who lived in Southern California, learn that Wasz also sent him an e-mail invitation to meet in person.

    [In the criminal trial, evidence was either introduced or proposed for introduction, that O.J. Simpson was following Nicole – but not the idea that he hired or wanted to hire anybody else to do it.]

    Nicole Simpson (business – personal): See Anthony Pellicano, Mario Nitrini, O.J. Simpson and Faye Resnick. Several months prior to Nicole’s death, someone representing himself as a credible agent for O.J. Simpson established a trail of witnesses and circumstantial evidence linking him to an obsessive preoccupation with Nicole’s activities. Heading the list is Town and Country Limo Service driver Rocky Bateman who told Mario Nitrini in November ’93 that Nicole was plotting with her friends to steal O.J.’s money using samples of his blood and that O.J. wanted her followed. Nitrini declined. Wasz accepted. Any possible connection between Bateman and Wasz was severed by Bateman’s disappearance before Det. Ron Ito interviewed him and Ito’s refusal to acknowledge anything Nitrini told him about Bateman, O.J. and Nicole.

    Sammy Finkelman (994435)

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