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Robert Stacy McCain Explains What We Know (and Why We Should Care) About Congressman Weiner’s Online Interactions with Underage Girls

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A well-done and professional summary of what we know and what we don’t. And why the press should care about knowing more.

I would advise everyone to keep the “what we don’t know” part in mind. For example, we know that Congressman Weiner used the same “cape and tights” line with an underage girl that he used with a grown woman with whom he had explicit sexual discussions. From that, and from other available evidence, we can make reasonable inferences … but they are inferences. Ace has said that, even if those inferences are wrong, Congressman Weiner’s portrayal of himself as a Superman figure to an impressionable young woman is a matter for concern — dirty talk or no.

Another important thing to keep in mind: the more we learn, the clearer it becomes that Dan Wolfe, Mike Stack, and his dirty team of awful Republican operatives … were the good guys. They were trying to protect young women from someone they suspected — as we now know, correctly — to be using online communication in a lecherous fashion. That was a noble endeavor, and I’d like to think the parents are starting to realize that.

I am hoping to have something more substantive to give you later on today. It may pan out and it may not. Do stay tuned.

21 Responses to “Robert Stacy McCain Explains What We Know (and Why We Should Care) About Congressman Weiner’s Online Interactions with Underage Girls”

  1. I suspect the Palin e-mail dump by the msm was timed to quash any more Weiner scrutiny/talk now that the nhounds are nipping at his heels.

    This should fill up the 24/7 news cycle for the next month.

    John DiFool (4251ee)

  2. Excellent work to all who have written about this episode here.

    Having just found this, it’s obvious that Weiner has been susceptible to blackmail, even in 2009.
    according to Bloomberg.

    teebo (38e7bf)

  3. I need to dig up photoshop, a picture of Weiner and Pedobear and get to work.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  4. @spqr

    Better yet, photoshop Pedobear’s head onto Weiner’s in the tweetpics.

    Both heads.

    John DiFool (4251ee)

  5. Sorry about #2 above. Link flubbed up.

    according to Bloomberg.

    teebo (38e7bf)

  6. Chris Hansen: What are you doing here?
    Anthony (age 46 – alias “RepWeiner”): Hangin’ out.
    Hansen: Hanging out?
    Anthony: Just talking.
    Hansen: And how old was this person you were talking to?
    Anthony: I don’t know her exact age.
    Hansen: And how old are you?
    Anthony: I’m 46.
    Hansen: 46. And you thought it was okay to send a photo of your genitals to someone who might be a teenage girl.
    Anthony: At least to the best of my knowledge, she was an adult.
    Hansen: To the best of your knowledge?
    Anthony: Anthony: All I know is what she published in her social media profile.
    Hansen (reading chat log): “You give good h**d? … Wow a jewish girl who sucks c***! this thing is ready to do damage.” “Thinking about gagging your hot mouth with my c***.”
    Hansen: And you think is an appropriate conversation to be having with someone who might be a teenager?
    Anthony: I didn’t know. All I know is what she published in her social media profile.
    Hansen: Well, you act like this is some big joke here.
    Anthony: I sent it as part of a joke.
    Hansen: What do you do for a living?
    Anthony: I’m a public employee. But I did not use government resources for this kind of activity. I don’t believe that I used any government resources.
    Hansen: Are you married?
    Anthony: Yes. I love my wife very much.
    Hansen: And what will your wife say when she finds out?
    Anthony: We have been through — we have been through a great deal together, and we will — we will weather this. I love her very much, and she loves me.
    Hansen: Is this any way for a 46-year-old man to behave?
    Anthony: No.
    Hansen: You ever watch Dateline NBC?
    Warrecker: Sometimes.
    Hansen: I’m Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC, and we’re doing a story on … Hey, wait. Wait! I’m not done…

    aunursa (a2a019)

  7. In response to John DiFool (Comment #1) and others who have suggested the MSM could bury this story: Liberals in the media may want to bury it, but I don’t think they can bury it, so long as there are still reporters and editors who see the genuine news value of following up on this story.

    Remember that ABC News jumped at the chance to interview Meagan Broussard. And if Byron York or Matthew Boyle or S.A. Miller pick up on the angle of inquiry that Patterico has highlighted here, the New York Times and Washington Post can’t just ignore it.

    Also, keep in mind that there may be other shoes dropping, Weiner publicly confessed to six of these “online relationships,” and I’m not sure we yet know the names of all six of those. Are there congressional staffers or former interns or ex-girlfriends with tales to tell? Don’t they now have an incentive to talk to reporters?

    If I were asked to place a bet, I’d bet that the Washington Post and/or the New York Times will have long front-page articles about WeinerGate on Sunday morning. And if those stories break any real news, then the story gets more “legs,” entirely apart from the cybersex-teen angle. The longer WeinerGate remains an ongoing story, the greater the likelihood some enterprising reporter is going to follow up on any particular loose thread of the story.

    Patience, then. But keep up the pressure.

    Robert Stacy McCain (e85288)

  8. @RSM

    I agree with you on keeping up pressure and keeping the story alive, but I am convinced the marching orders were given out by the Dems to the MSM to bury it to prevent the really nefarious stuff coming out about Weiner.

    WAPO, NYT and MSNBC are encouraging their readers to go through the Palin e-mails to try and dig up dirt on her. Sounds to me like they’re desperate.

    At any rate I hope you are indeed right, that is if Weiner did indeed prey on underaged girls online in a sexual nature he be held accountable and if possible prosecuted to the full extent of the law for it.

    John DiFool (4251ee)

  9. Interesting how the possibility of an elected representative preying after underage girls seems to matter to feminists, not at all.

    I guess as long as you help to line the coffers of organizations like Planned Parenthood and NOW, you can be as sleazy and creepy as you want.

    Gee, and here I had to be a gentleman and a family-oriented kind of guy to attract teh hottiess and earn the respect of women. Silly me.

    Lincoln Adams (b8fa78)

  10. Correction: “Gee, and here I THOUGHT I had to be a gentleman and a family-oriented kind of guy…”

    But, whatever. I’m gonna go join a monastery now, preferably a more contemporary one that allows you to order pizza online with an X-Box console in each room. Good times!

    Lincoln Adams (b8fa78)

  11. Well, something just made Fox News about the cops visiting the home of a teenager in Delaware.

    f1guyus (2a84e9)

  12. Looks like Patterico has been somewhat vindicated. Nothing like a little comfirmation. Great work, guys.

    teebo (38e7bf)

  13. Do stay tuned.

    Same Bat time. Same Bat channel!

    In the mean time, the State of Alaska can kiss my grits for its failure to redact the contact information of those who received emails from their Governor. No way in hell would this be the case if said Governor were a Democrat.

    Ed from SFV (52d4be)

  14. Well, apparently the police have visited the girl…

    It’s important to note that there’s a (good) chance he didn’t cross a legal line but crossed a line that should get him kicked out of congress.

    soren (303eda)

  15. soren,

    What, exactly, is the line that dems have to cross to get kicked out of congress?

    Richard Aubrey (cafc94)

  16. Yes, yes, this work on Weiner has been good but PALIN’S EMAILS HAVE BEEN RELEASED AND SHE THINKS PAUL REVERE RANG BELLS!!!!!!!!

    I’m providing that so you don’t have to wait for Howie Kurtz’s Sunday morning show.

    East Bay Jay (2fd7f7)

  17. How is Weiner anything but a pervert wearing an electronic trench coat?

    EchoTango (b15053)

  18. So does this mean that not only can he possibly be indicted for sexual contact with a minor, but can he and the law/PR firm he hired be indicted for conspiracy to cover it up?

    Rorschach (7a2fd6)

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