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Little Green Liar Selectively Edits Breitbart

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[Guest Post by Lee Stranahan]

Chuckles at Little Green Footballs is so desperate to recover from the fact that he was totally wrong about #Weinergate that he’s taken a frantic straw grasp to find SOME way to call Breitbart’s accuracy a HOAX.

I get it. But this is too pathetic for words. Chuckles wants to find a lie in Andrew Breitbart’s statement about the Opie and Anthony leak of the XXX Weiner photo. So he says that…

1) Breitbart CLAIMS that he’s only going to show the photo to news producers…
2) Andrew showed to people like Ann Coulter
3) Ann is NOT a news producer
– Q.E.D.– Breitbart is a LIAR

Quoting Chuck…

There are at least two big lies in this statement. First:

…it was necessary to show the pictures I had received from our source to several news producers, including several at major news networks, to prove that the additional material I described really did exist, which some have continued to doubt.

In fact, two nights ago, Andrew Breitbart went out drinking with Anthony and several others — and according to Anthony, showed the picture to numerous people, even leaving his laptop computer unattended with the picture on the screen for long periods of time.

One of those people was right wing flamethrower Ann Coulter.

Here’s a screen capture – watch those ellipses!


For Breitbart to be a LIAR! he’d have to saying that he had a policy of only showing the photos to news producers – so why show it to Ann or Opie or even Anthony? They aren’t news producers!

Oh wait! Chuckles did some selective editing. Here’s the whole quote…

Prior to the publication of our story on and this past Monday morning, it was necessary to show the pictures I had received from our source to several news producers, including several at major news networks, to prove that the additional material I described really did exist, which some have continued to doubt.

Oh, wait – that’s not a policy. That’s explaining what happened before the story even broken.

A screencap…


Selective editing, Chuck! Breitbart never said he was only showing it to news producers. He could show it to anyone he wants. But he’s shown it to some people. Not a mass audience, like Gawker or TMZ would. A  small group.And they laugh because it’s FUNNY!

Congressman lies to everyone for a week, blames a ‘vast right-wing conspiracy” – and there he is with his pecker out. Funny!

No lie, Chuck. Well, except the one you told.

– Lee Stranahan

15 Responses to “Little Green Liar Selectively Edits Breitbart”

  1. Ask CJ about his scurrilous post trying to blame Justice Thomas and his wife for the Weinergate pile-on. That was low and stupid.

    gp (419d8c)

  2. See, this kind of dishonesty is one million times worse than Breitbart messing up with Opie and Anthony.

    LGF claims to hate Breitbart for taking things out of context when he has an axe to grind, but no one can actually show he does that. They have to assert it with either speculation or falsely blaming Breitbart for things he didn’t do.

    Yet here’s a real example of what LGF is loudly demonizing Breitbart for. He’s the guy ripping things out of context to change their meaning. He set out specifically to do it.

    It’s also pretty douchey to link ‘went out drinking’. LGF, when I used to read there before I was banned (for the kind of comments I leave here), loves to highlight things with careful hyperlinking. But the relevant part of this story is not that Breitbart and his colleagues were drinking. It’s that he “showed the picture.” The only reason to highlight drinking is because it’s a lame passive aggressive cheap shot.

    I know this is an incredibly minor thing to complain about. My point is that LGF’s major douchey actions are surrounded by a thousand little douchey passive aggressive ones.

    Johnson, more than most, really owed and now owes again, an apology to Breitbart. going on and on with accusations and lies, when the person you’re bashing is innocent should bring shame to even a guy like that.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  3. Charles, you lying sack, how the **** do you sleep at night?

    Name (required) (382560)

  4. Nice graphics with those pull-outs, Lee! I do something like that with trial exhibits using software called Trial Director. What did you use, if you made the .jpgs?

    Beldar (a1d653)

  5. Can someone please tell me why we here on the non-left spend so much time fisking CJ and driving clicks to LGF??

    In our ecosystem he has no power and no status, yet too many people devote too much time to fisking him. IGNORE HIM, plain & simple. Let him rot in his ever-contracting echo chamber. Yes, give him proper credit on the rare occasions when we need to resurrect the RatherGate gif, but outside of that there’s no reason to link him at all.

    Let him rot, surrounded by his succubi and sock puppets.

    Captain Ned (5659f5)

  6. captain

    for me, its because the betrayal. he was one of the guys who used to really try get things right and held other people accountable.

    and then he was caught in a bogus argument and when he was called on it, he changed the post without signalling he changed it. When i called him on THAT he lied to my face and then banned me.

    Aaron Worthing (73a7ea)

  7. I think it was Ace of Spades who said that the petulant portly ponytailed pooch has ‘doubled down on the stupid and wrong’….and this was before Weinergate- I think he was insisting 0bama didn’t REALLY mean pre-1967 borders for Israel, despite 0bama saying so in his speech and the MSM scurrilously repeating the vicious lie..

    Fenway_Nation (4ef9c0)

  8. Beldar, I use SnagIt — it’s excellent and very flexible and fast. Does the town edge, arrows and highlights all in the program.

    Lee Stranahan (708cc3)

  9. Seriously, I just misclicked on the face of this page and went to LGFugnuts.Would it be too much to ask for some kind of protection so that it doesn’t happen again, thanks.

    And since when does CJ’s opinion on anything hold any weight, he’s daily KOS light with a tenth of the viewership.

    Now excuse me while I take a scalding hot shower using Comet and a wire brush.

    justavoter (b2ea2a)

  10. I must echo the sentiments above. Please do not drive traffic to LGF. If you must write about him, please just provide screen shots so that no one accidentally goes to his cyber kennel

    Gaius Baltar (eff3d7)

  11. Cool, thanks Lee. I’m enjoying your blogging a bunch.

    As for Charles, it just makes me sad to think about him, but I haven’t been the victim of one of his misjudgments or tirades, so I’m not invested. I just don’t link him anymore, or read him, or much think about him except when I see posts about him here, which I usually don’t read because they make me sad.

    Beldar (a1d653)

  12. He’s just desperate for attention but it’s working. His hits are up by quite a bit according to Alexa. But then again he says they are fraudulent when their stats don’t benefit him so hard to tell. Anyone else get a headache when reading his crap?

    kansas (d830b2)

  13. I’m sorry, I just enjoy Chuck making an ass of himself too much not to read these pieces. His sanctimoniousness and ego are so far off the charts that it makes every single ridiculous comment of his entertaining.

    radar (11c490)

  14. Chuckles went off the rails long ago and I wondered what was up with that to have a 180 degree flip. Thought he was a sort of cool dude with various interests and computer expertise. So, out of curiosity since I am not going back to his site, who have been the selected idiotarians since LGF’s change of life? Is he just another mutated form of Olberdouche now? Would be lovely to see Chuck in an updated where are they now show. At least Cindy Sheehan is kind of reliably anti-USA. I recall Johnson had an Amazon wish list and at one time didn’t seem wealthy.
    Anyway, in my humble opinion, Patterico rules in speaking truth to power against media like the vile LA Times.

    Calypso Louie Farrakhan (cc9029)

  15. I enjoy watching people with mental disorders. These posts about Chuckie are a riot.

    Seriously, talk about doubling down. Can you imagine if Weiner had been like “yea, you got pictures of me? So what. I’m still not admitting to anything.”

    Chuck is like that. No matter how much you disprove his ramblings, he still insists the rest of the world is crazy, he’s the lone sane one.

    Book (c7b6c5)

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