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What Do Weiner’s Women All Have In Common?

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[Guest Post by Lee Stranahan]

There are four women it seems that Rep. Anthony Weiner sent sexual photos to…

  1. Lisa in Nevada (admitted)
  2. Meagan in Texas (admitted)
  3. Ginger Lee, sex worker & lupus blogger (presumed – because why not?)
  4. Gennete in Seattle (who was sent a photo, at least)

Different ages, races, looks – seemingly all very different women at first glance.

So, what’s Weiner’s ‘type’? The connection between all of them is that they are all people who admire Weiner’s politics. He doesn’t want anonymous sex thrills – he gets off on just the opposite. He likes it when they know exactly who he is and have seen him on TV> It’s all about Weiner.

Of course he doesn’t want to resign – it’s his pickup line.  Here’s an example…

From TmZ…

Weiss sought Weiner out, messaging him, "You are the coolest dem on the planet!"  She added, "Keep fighting for the sane people in this country!"

Weiner wrote back, "Thank you Lisa.  Glad you have my back.  You keeping an eye on the wackadoodle Angle for us."  Sharron Angle is a guns rights advocate who ran for Congress in Nevada.

Weiss tells us she’s a liberal democrat who believes in Weiner’s policies and spent a lot of time messaging him about his views.  She believes it’s unfair to target Weiner:  "Bill Clilnton was the best President we ever had and look what he did.  Kennedy banged everything in sight."

Let me remind you of what I said in my (prescient) article #Weinergate, Clinton & The Girl Under The Bus

There’s something about the musky combination of power, prestige and claims of doing good for all the people (but especially the poor and disenfranchised with voter registration cards) that is irresistible to certain women. It’s primal. And so they flock, and she’s thrilled to become a political insider by just allowing a politician to get inside her. But it’s a snare. As soon as the going gets tough and the spotlight becomes too hot, the woman usually learn they’ve been used like a tissue.

Modern history has taught that if you’ve going to fuck a powerful Democratic politician, keep some DNA as proof. A blue dress, a love child…something. Because he’s going to deny deny deny and make you out to be a crazed stalker, which you’ll have a tough time denying, really. Professional operatives will quietly regale reporters on background with stories of your wide eyed past and after all, you approached HIM. Benefit of the doubt will go to the man in the suit, especially when his slightly stiff (but brilliant!) wife stands by her candidate. But if you have some DNA that you’re willing to produce when it all gets too crazy, he’ll cop. He’ll have to. We’ve all seen too many episodes of CSI.

Okay, add to DNA – or pictures.


Weiner copped because HE HAD TO. It was Breitbart Photo Torture. No choice but the confess and then go Full Clinton. This was all predictable, which was how I predicted it.

Add this thought about Weiner’s types to Patterico’s recent checklist about the underage girls who were also big fans of Rep. Weiner. This story isn’t over.

– Lee Stranahan

31 Responses to “What Do Weiner’s Women All Have In Common?”

  1. Weiner copped because HE HAD TO.

    Exactly. I don’t understand these people — including conservatives — who say they respect Weiner for taking responsibility and finally telling the truth.

    It might have meant something if he had held that press conference the previous Monday. He would still have suffered humiliation, but he might have survived politically. But yesterday he humiliated himself only because — with additional photos coming out — he had no choice.

    aunursa (a2a019)

  2. Bingo, Lee. And what will he do now? It will be a while before someone has him back on tv to rant. So his method of seduction will be unavailable to him.

    MayBee (081489)

  3. _________________________________________

    underage girls who were also big fans of Rep. Weiner.

    I can understand and deal with younger people who are of the left. But when a person has gone well past his or her teenage and college years, and certainly has entered his or her 40s, and still is of the left, that to me is a sign of stunted maturity. An indication of deficient common sense.

    As for women, young or old, who tend to be big fans of the NOW agenda — and the type who also, most crucially, approves of laws similar to those in California that mandate companies must make their employees attend lectures on sexual harassment — for them to also admire Weiner and Bill Clinton is the epitome of the phoniness, idiocy and hypocrisy of their liberalism.

    Mark (3e3a7c)

  4. All I can say is thank god for Facebook and Twitter. The world is a safer place. We normal women just do not see as many flashers in trench coats out in public anymore. Flashers have other venues. They have other opportunities to expose themselves.

    elissa (72ed21)

  5. Are there any women older than Weiner on the list of those he followed? Other than reporters, power players, etc? It would be interesting to find out if older women that liked his politics got even a pro-forma message.

    Sue (24e46b)

  6. Has anyone written about how horribly he treated Emily Miller?

    JD (318f81)

  7. He won’t stop. Next up, TEEVEE

    SarahW (af7312)

  8. OK. I’ve been thinking about this for several days but have been reluctant to put it out there for discussion. Oh, what the heck:

    If you take as givens (which I do) both that he loves Huma AND that Weiner has some sort of sex addition/exceptionally high sex drive, then is it exacerbated and more dangerous because he is now married to a woman who travels the world and is gone a lot while he stays home lonely and horny—OR did he consciously or unconsciously marry a proper woman who he knew would be gone a lot and therefore not a big threat to his ongong internet hobbies and proclivities?

    elissa (72ed21)

  9. Elissa – yes

    JD (318f81)

  10. Seriously, what is Weiner’s type? Alive and on the Internet would be my guess.

    Ag80 (1bc637)

  11. Interesting theory Lee. So that would essentially make them groupies, right?

    Or should I say virtual groupies, since the doings took place in cyberspace.

    Bob Reed (5f2db5)

  12. I award you 4 cool points for the amusing photoshop caption.

    Meanwhile, 770 days since the Senate passed a budget. This congress, House and Senate, is failing to get work done on solving our economic crisis, or at least trying to get out of the way with their bulging incompetent bureaucracy.

    I see a lot of cynicism in the democrat party, and I think that’s one takeaway from Weiner sitting in his office shirtless, taking twitter pics with his government Blackberry, after screaming a demand for single payer healthcare that had no realistic chance of happening. Or just insert any other exercise in futility, such as the condemnation of Ryan’s 2012 budget by congressmen who have no budget to stand behind. They want to bash the needed cutbacks, knowing full well it’s not possible to criticize their budget. You can’t pin a deficit on that, and you can’t pin any tax hikes or spending cuts on them. So they solve nothing, but escape scrutiny.

    Why would they do that? So they can continue their version of the Weiner lifestyle. These politicians are in love with their psuedo royalty. Lobbyists, vacations, political celebrity… all for a job that Weiner shows is basically not a job at all. They have largely decided to cling to power with cynical moves like Weiner’s screaming on the house floor. Why, look how mad that hard working man is! He’s screaming! And then he laughed it off as he stripped off his clothes in his office.

    These people really make me sick. This is how a country as great as ours is in the situation she’s in today. I don’t know what the solution is, but I know focusing on salacious scandal, one after another, almost like clockwork, has not been sufficient. Weiner would just be replaced with someone else who didn’t give a crap.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  13. Meanwhile, 770 days since the Senate passed a budget. This congress, House and Senate, is failing to get work done on solving our economic crisis, or at least trying to get out of the way with their bulging incompetent bureaucracy.

    I was about to int out that the only way the House or Senate could help fix the economy is to get out of it’s way. They need to undo, rather than do.

    JD (318f81)

  14. What do they have in common? young, pretty, breathing, not to bright/liberal, overawed by power and influence, and two X chromosomes. that is enough for him methinks.

    Rorschach (7a2fd6)

  15. and I suspect the last one is optional.

    Rorschach (7a2fd6)

  16. They need to undo, rather than do.

    Certainly, that’s true.

    No doubt about it. However, the democrats have a plan to further encroach. This plan has many facets of ‘reform’ of many aspects of our country. And they will do anything to avoid letting the people consider this plan carefully.

    Let them put their plans together and let us vet it democratically. I think the time is right for such a discussion.

    Instead, they are trying to let the Republicans be the only party that has a plan. That opens the door to non-stop criticisms of every step the GOP tries to take to fix the fact our government is unsustainable. Then, the democrats benefit greatly politically. If the American people sat down and had a real comparison of the plans, the democrat party would lose many seats.

    In other words, many people like Rep Weiner would lose their special status with idiot floozies and lobbyists and crony capitalists (as opposed to free market businessmen).

    So what if this plan ultimately screws our country? Weiner will be fine. What does he care? The only way he’s capable of lying so well is because he’s a nihilist anyway.

    And below Weiner are many thousands of powerful bureacrats. Shirley Sherrod types. People who will sue you for threatening their little slice of corruption.

    Weiner is a trainwreck that is hard to stop watching, but damn do the crooks hope we keep watching it, too, because they don’t want us focused on real problems.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  17. Dustin:

    Politics is a game. Solving serious problems is the side show.

    What makes it hard is the side show is more fun than the problem.

    If you really think about it, the only motivation of any politician has to be elected is to pander to constituents. When one may take the lead on a serious problem, well heck, they are grandma killers.

    Ag80 (1bc637)

  18. What makes it hard is the side show is more fun than the problem.

    You aren’t lying. When this scandal first emerged, I was relieved to have a break from the real world as I discussed it. But as the days wore on, I realized this was not what I wanted.

    When one may take the lead on a serious problem, well heck, they are grandma killers.

    Thanks. You articulated what I tried to say in 20X as many words. It’s impossible to fix anything these days. Everyone is ready to pounce on the fixer if a solution has any downside (And any real solution always does). Meanwhile, we borrow from our own kids to pay for things we don’t really need. It’s a sad thing, and the next few generations will not think kindly of us.

    Cavuto interviews that jackass who put together the video of Ryan murdering a struggling grandma by throwing her out of her wheelchair off the cliff. All Cavuto wanted to know was when will that woman start focusing on the problem Ryan is trying to solve. Her response was ‘wait a few years’. That’s what they said a few years ago when Bush tried to solve the problem.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  19. Looks like Wiener was about to leave a few DNA stains of his own in Vegas.Anybody wanna bet that The Mob would have loved to have that surveilance video in a safe somewhere for “insurance”?

    Rorschach (7a2fd6)

  20. There’s something about the musky combination of power, prestige and claims of doing good for all the people (but especially the poor and disenfranchised with voter registration cards) that is irresistible to certain women. It’s primal.

    I have to disagree with part of this: yes, powerful men are a turn on for women, but whether they are doing good for the poor or not doesn’t really factor into it. It’s the power, pure and simple.

    Women have been thrown themselves at dictators, freely offered themselves up for objectification to oppressors of the people, and thrown all reason and caution to the wind for politicians of every stripe – because they were powerful men, not because they were do-gooders.

    And so they flock, and she’s thrilled to become a political insider by just allowing a politician to get inside her.

    There’s another aspect to the rewards a woman reaps from such a liaison: She has the power to control a very powerful man’s behavior. She can turn him on, toy with him, entice him, seduce him, and make the choice to risk everything for her. On a certain level, there’s the insider position, but underneath that and more deeply, she is a very smug and satisfied woman because she sees the extent and full effects of her feminine power unfold. A powerful man willing to risk his marriage, career and public image for a woman reflects of a very powerful woman.

    Dana (4eca6e)

  21. The plan is designed to implode the system, they think to lead to single payer, but more likely chaos and pain,

    ian cormac (72470d)

  22. Wiener’s women are all useful idiots.

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  23. I miss drj.

    Ag80 (1bc637)

  24. Me, too.

    Simon Jester (843b0c)

  25. Is there a good immigration blog? Since DRJ’s absence, I’ve had a hard time finding one.

    Not that I have a problem with the other bloggers here. Karl (where’s he?) Patterico, Aaron, and also Lee (despite my problems with his handling of the recent story) are all great.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  26. As a father of a daughter and a son, I just wish the media and the politicians would be consistent in assigning gender roles.

    Just kidding.

    How about this: Every child has a chance to be successful.

    Ag80 (1bc637)

  27. Weiner said that he has never had sex outside of marriage, if we take his word for it then he was a virgin when he got wed. Maybe the reason he is doing this internet thing is because he can not perform naturally and has not consummated his marriage.It could well be a pure political liaison.

    dunce (b89258)

  28. dunce

    i think he didn’t intend to literally declare that on his wedding day he was a 40+ year old virgin.

    I think he was just clumsily saying that he never actually had sex with a woman who was not his wife, after they got married.

    Aaron Worthing (73a7ea)

  29. Rorschach

    I mentioned the new transcript in the cordova post and broke it down so you don’t have to, you know, read the ugly thing.

    my impression is that he never had any intention of meeting that woman, that he was just stringing her along because he liked the ego boost of a woman telling him how bad she wanted to have sex with him. yes, it was much more about stroking his ego than his weiner.

    Aaron Worthing (73a7ea)

  30. Weiner certainly realized he was busted and only held the mea culpa presser after that sank in.

    That most certainly does NOT mean he was telling the truth, at least not one fact more than absolutely required by the situation. Notice he did NOT confess to a single thing which hadn’t already been announced as to be exposed soon. Not one. He did not admit to “inappropriate messages” to any woman not already specifically mentioned, just a vague number which he hoped could keep the lid on the story.

    It’s the old Nixon play: “modified limited hangout.” You confess only to what you know they know, but in a way that makes it seem you are giving in to full disclosure.

    Estragon (ec6a4b)

  31. ___________________________________________

    So, what’s Weiner’s ‘type’?

    The rumors of the bisexuality of all the major players involved in Weinergate — in which their personal relationships are not twosomes, but instead actually threesomes, or foursomes, etc — seem more plausible when reactions like this are occurring… Publicly humiliated Huma Abedin won’t ditch her lecherous husband, and is actually working overtime to help salvage his gravely wounded political career, a close friend told The Post… She’s adamant that her husband does not resign, and is optimistic that he can continue his career as an elected official.

    Abedin was scheduled to leave last night for a trip to Africa and the Middle East with her boss and close friend, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton — herself no stranger to marital infidelities…. Abedin began working for the former first lady some 15 years ago, sticking by her through the embarrassing Monica Lewinsky scandal.

    Mark (411533)

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