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Connecting the Dots on the Underage Girl Angle

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Let me see if I have this straight:

  • Underage girls claimed they had DMs from Weiner sent to a girl who asked him to prom.
  • They also claimed they had non-innocuous DMs from Gennette Cordova.
  • Then they take it back and claim they were lying.
  • Contemporaneous statements contradict their new claim that they were lying.
  • Their statement that they were lying sounds like it was written by a Weiner PR person.
  • Another woman claims that Weiner offered her PR help after the scandal broke, and encouraged her to lie.

That about sum it up?

OK then.

25 Responses to “Connecting the Dots on the Underage Girl Angle”

  1. There appear to be a number of kinks in Representative Weiner’s psychological garden hose.

    But the thing that amuses me is how stupid his PR people are: they let these women write boilerplate that is clearly dictated (so to speak) to each of them.

    I think that this going to get worse. And Weiner will probably lose his seat, and his wife. How much humiliation will spouses and voters take?

    Voters and spouses will put up with a lot. Being considered stupid by a bad man is not among them.

    Simon Jester (843b0c)

  2. Yeah, that about covers it. Not too hard to connect those dots, eh?

    Bob Reed (5f2db5)

  3. Oh, and Patterico: keep in mind that you are the crotchsniffer, according to one of your delusional trolls.

    Maybe nishi likes her some Ballpark Franks.

    Simon Jester (843b0c)

  4. This terrible parent owes those “harassers” an apology… and Tommy Christopher needs to be confronted about his role helping put out CYAs by Cordova and the teens/parent.

    “We would also like to express our disgust at the harassment of Rep Weiner and hope that everyone remembers this man did nothing wrong. Look at your own behavior and your own mental hang-ups and ask yourself why you find certain things so perverse — it says more about you than it does about the person you are accusing.

    And concerning a certain adult actress, we would like to add that this girl did nothing wrong. If you actually read her blog it is about politics and chronic illness. My husband and I read it together with our daughter. Again, ask yourself what your own personal prejudices and hangups are before you make accusations.”

    soren (f2f558)

  5. I think the young girls told the truth – the PR people called – statements were ‘written’ which included GLOWING RAVES about the wonderfulness of Weiner and the girls were grounded for fooling around with a congressman (if they were really grounded at all.) The only thing that really bothers me about that is LETTING YOUR CHILD FLAT OUT LIE – what kind of morality does that teach?

    Janetoo (84c5f6)

  6. This guy is a Congressman and hero to the left and remains so because he’s not a hypocrite.

    Please remember, he represents people who think you, specifically, are too stupid to manage your health care, retirement and life without their government-enforced guidance.

    He represents the self-proclaimed smartest people in the world. If you doubt them, one will be along soon to help you understand — and prove the fallacy.

    Ag80 (1bc637)

  7. These parents gave a PR explanation that only works if Weiner keeps this whole thing under wraps.

    At that point in the game he might have pulled it off if someone didn’t decide to come forward with more pics. At that point when the damn breaks everyone wants to get in on it. I don’t know if they are cashing in on it or what their incentive is but I’d guess a little fame plays into it.

    No parent actually keep full taps on what their kids are doing on line and on twitter. That’s like knowing every single text your child sends out. Unless these parents defy the norm they aren’t that diligent. Especially if the kids are DM’ing others. Even if their parents were following them on twitter they still wouldn’t notice.

    I don’t buy their explanation for a second. I think they were talking to the College student.


    Perhaps Weiner was having inappropriate DM convo’s with one of the minors and when she asked him to high school prom is when he realized he had stepped in it big time.

    Johnny 5 is alive (5ccc5e)

  8. So it looks like Weiner may(probably?) have(did) not cyber with these underage girls but told them to lie about what went down. Which could be big if money exchanged hands.

    That being said, read these messages that were sent between goatsred and the girl…

    “unfortunately she had already deleted the rest when he was accusing her and had [Ethel] harassing her”

    “those were the worst of his tweets to [Betty] and [Ethel]s too”

    So, what was on those deleted messages? And “worst of his tweets” were sent to two girls.

    soren (f2f558)

  9. Sorry that last comment reads more like a rough draft. There are lots of possibilities because the agreed upon PR story doesn’t pass the smell test.

    Keep digging because he could wind up in jail in stead of just disgraced.

    Johnny 5 is alive (5ccc5e)

  10. Does anyone know if anyone with authority is actually going to look into this? I’m worried nobody will and part of the blame will be on right-bloggers who took a nap or got distracted after Weiner’s press conference and didn’t focus enough on it.

    soren (f2f558)

  11. ==Does anyone know if anyone with authority is actually going to look into this?==

    Don’t worry. Granny McBotox is on the case.

    elissa (72ed21)

  12. Station Doha signing off after 6 years!

    and no, no one is going to loook into it – just like the Acorn people wnting to aid child prostitution

    EricPWJohnson (9edf59)

  13. Granny McBotox is on the case.

    Yeah, but she only mentioned usage of official resources. I want someone to mention looking into the ages of the participants and maybe if anyone was paid to lie.

    soren (f2f558)

  14. I think you could add this to your list:

    Gennette Cordova’s statement sounds like it was written by a Weiner PR person.

    Anon (fdd243)

  15. Besides the possibility of Weiner messaging not such good things to underage girls, this is the lie that may do him in…

    “At no time did I or any member of my staff try to do anything to cover anything up.”


    It’s pretty obvious his staff got in contact with and tried to coach

    1. Stripper
    2. Seattle College Girl
    3. Parent(s) of teen girls

    soren (f2f558)

  16. Further I suspect large amounts of unmarked bills changed hands in at least three instances.

    Rorschach (7a2fd6)

  17. Call me naive, but I’m not sure Weiner wrote Cordova’s statement.

    Patterico (135ea8)

  18. Patterico – he SUGGESTED ELEMENTs, don’t you think? Especially the now abandoned “I refer you to my orginal statement” business.

    SarahW (af7312)

  19. I don’t know if you read through any of the comments from earlier today, but I’m a little depressed about Tommychristophers involvement in this part of the story.

    This makes me depressed: Either his completely missed the inconsistencies and really rather awfully painfully ham-handed Weiner-gilding spin doctoring – or his didn’t.

    Which is worse? Blinkers or cooperation?

    SarahW (af7312)

  20. blah “or he didn’t”, not “or his didn’t.”

    SarahW (af7312)

  21. Well whatever third parties he got to squeeze (in a protective embrace or whatnot) his targets, he should warn people who they are because they are bad at their job.

    SarahW (af7312)

  22. Patterico,

    You may be right but Aaron was suspicious, too, after reading this Verum Serum post. Also, the Mail reports she was voted most likely to be involved in a tabloid scandal in high school. If that’s true, then truth really is stranger than fiction.

    Anon (fdd243)

  23. Does anyone know if anyone with authority is actually going to look into this? I’m worried nobody will and part of the blame will be on right-bloggers who took a nap or got distracted after Weiner’s press conference and didn’t focus enough on it.

    Lee, thanks for not letting this go; for not settling for the Occam’s Razor argument. For bravely exploring, “Yes, but…” 1)even if he really was hacked, it is obvious he’s been doing something wrong that he does not want discovered; 2)there are most likely more pictures; 4)there’s a jilted lover/frm girlfriend involved; bottom line: there’s something more than meets the eye.

    Lee your spidey-instincts have been on high alert throughout this… Am looking forward to reading more. Say! This is almost like those old time radio mystery shows where they roll out a new chapter of the mystery each week. Have stocked up on popcorn and am looking forward to reading each new post.

    lovedinthekeys (7e6fb0)

  24. He did what anyone in power would do if he had no moral values to fall back on.

    The whole excuse for his actions falls back to a simple paradigm: great men can be excused their excesses because they are great and powerful.

    Most people live quiet lives and try to tell their children to live important lives without embarrassing their mothers.

    Most people are good. It is beyond me why the embarrassments are consistently elected and why we have to suffer the consequences.

    Ag80 (1bc637)

  25. The whole underage girls thing is why The Weener stalled for a week before coming clean. Had to get the cleanup crew in.

    f1guyus (2a84e9)

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