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I Swear, I Didn’t Want to Post on Weinergate Again (Update: Weiner Gets Creepy with Emily Miller and Even More Video)

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[Guest post by Aaron Worthing; if you have tips, please send them here.  Or by Twitter @AaronWorthing.]

Update (III): Emily Miller, a Senior Editor at the Washington Times has been tweeting about her creepy encounter with the congressman. Read the tweets in this order: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

And she says she has a tape

Update: Courtesy of the Daily Caller, we get this frankly poor video. I will almost certainly replace it when we have good video.

Update (II): More video…

Update (IV): Even more video:


I don’t want this to be all Wiener-all-the-time.  But seriously, how do you expect me to resist this?

ABC News’ Devin Dwyer reports:  Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York says he “cannot say with certitude” that the photo of a man in gray boxer briefs that was posted to his Twitter account Friday night is not him.

That is right, the man can’t identify his own junk.  Oy.

And that pretty much means he has taken pictures like this before, right?  And that he owns underwear like that, right?  Because if he didn’t take pics like that and didn’t own underwear like that, he could be certain it wasn’t him, right?

Well, either that or he is trying to set things up in case someone proves it was him…

Oh, and there is no pattern to who he follows on twitter:

During the interview today, Weiner pushed back against suggestions that a handful of young women he followed on Twitter indicated impropriety.

“The people I follow -– it’s fairly random,” he said. “The way I did it recently, I said to people, ‘If you’d like me to follow you, [tweet me] #WeinerYes.’ Sometimes people say, ‘Anthony follow me.'”

Except as the New York Post pointed out (echoing what Gateway Pundit showed more than a day earlier), there is a certain pattern here.

Oh and also the porn star from yesterday spoke to the Daily Caller and her silences speak pretty loudly:

When contacted by The Daily Caller, Lee wouldn’t say what Weiner sent her in that private direct message, or DM in Twitter-speak. Lee also refused to answer whether she and Weiner have had other private communications and declined to say whether Weiner has sent her photos of any kind. Instead, she downplayed the #Weinergate scandal.

(emphasis added.)  I can understand not wanting to reveal private communications just out of respect for privacy even if none of it was incriminating, but you would think that if he never sent her a lewd photo, she would say that, wouldn’t she?

“I haven’t met Rep Weiner. I follow him on twitter because I support him & what he stands for,” Lee said in an email to TheDC. “I have been hounded by his political opponents but that hasn’t changed my view of him and what he fights for.”

Lee also wouldn’t answer whether Weiner or any member of his staff had been in contact with her since the #Weinergate scandal began. Weiner’s spokesman, Dave Arnold, did not respond to TheDC’s requests for comment on Weiner’s past communications with Lee.

Left-leaning news site Talking Points Memo reported that Weiner was asked about Lee on Tuesday night after the House debt ceiling vote.

Get ready for a shocking response:

The New York Democrat deflected the question.

Okay, not so shocking.

[Posted and authored by Aaron Worthing.]

88 Responses to “I Swear, I Didn’t Want to Post on Weinergate Again (Update: Weiner Gets Creepy with Emily Miller and Even More Video)”

  1. Your getting sick and tired of Weiner?

    I’am too.

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  2. doh

    well, more like i recognize that others were getting sick of it. and i do plan to beat up bashir in just a moment.

    Now watch, just when i am ready to post, the porn star will admit to an affair or something.

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  3. As Instapundit asked: how many crotch pics does Weiner have laying around, that he can’t tell if this was him or not?

    I’s say about 99% of people have zero such shots. Perhaps I’m out of touch, but I bet 99% of people can recognize their own groin and underwear.

    His lame refusal to deny take on a special significance.

    At this point, he really should just fess up or take a gamble with denying the whole thing, and hoping for the best. He knows the proof is out there that he’s lying. He may even be dealing with some kind of blackmail, or reliably indication any denial will immediately lead to proof he’s lying.

    He’s acting very strange, even if you assume he’s trying to cover this up.

    This reminds me of Arnold pardoning that manslaughter convict, soon before the truth of his affair came out. When powerful people have dirt like this, it’s not clear who really has the power. Democracy is compromised.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  4. You’re feeling like Michael Corleone in that very poor third act to the Godfather, justwhen I think I’m out, they pull me back in’

    ian cormac (72470d)

  5. I can state with unequivocal certitude that is not my crank.

    JD (474b75)

  6. JD hangs to the right.

    Icy Texan (438b93)

  7. 2 words …

    Fisheye Lens …

    Jeff (488234)

  8. More Weiner!! More!! Give me more!!!

    Ginger Lee (2daa98)

  9. ian

    i could only stand 15 minutes of that movie. if we ever pass a blasphemy law, i hope they start by prosecuting Coppola for that POS.

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  10. I always arrange right. And, I never leave home without my Calvin Kleins. Except when I go commando in the kilt.

    JD (474b75)

  11. guys, keep the sock puppetry in the sock puppet thread.

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  12. I see from your link that Mr. Hoft has stealth-corrected his egregious spelling error.

    Hah! Another notch for Mr. Johnson’s belt! This is getting almost too easy.

    happyfeet (a55ba0)

  13. So now Tom Sullivan leads with Weinergate.

    This morning it was the British guy, subbing for Limbaugh (I should know his name), carrying the Weiner story.

    Break out the umbrellas, it’s raining Weiner.

    papertiger (e55ba0)

  14. “I follow him on twitter because I support him & what he stands for”

    An upright Wiener. Well, she would know.

    LowKey (8096f2)

  15. How does this help Michelle’s kids?

    Will Debbie Whataman Schultz accuse us of wanting to throw granny off a cliff because we are angry that Anthony Couldn’t keep his weiner to himself?

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  16. he switched from saying his tweeter was hacked to saying his system was hacked … I’d figured he tweetered on his phone – in which case you’d say my phone was hacked, no?

    happyfeet (a55ba0)

  17. Huma to Anthony – Honey, why are you sending private messages to a porn star?

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  18. I’m NOT tired of Weinergate. Keep the hits coming.

    CJ links to a demonstration of a way to remotely post a pic to somebody’s yfrog (or whatever you call it) without knowing the recipient’s password. Is that anything?

    Weiner’s furtive behavior indicates it was NOT actually a hack, but who knows?

    gp (72be5d)

  19. Huma to Anthony – Honey, why are you sending private messages to a porn star?

    More like Huma to Anthony – Honey, why are you keeping that to yourself?

    Milhouse (ea66e3)

  20. I think this is really what Anthony was intending but he pushed some wrong buttons or something.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  21. I think we all need closure hey did we know that in Chicago they started civil unioning people today?

    To the couple’s surprise, everyone in the office treated them with respect.


    Illinois is now the sixth state that allows civil unions or their equivalent, and two other states — Hawaii and Delaware — have passed civil-union laws that have not yet been enacted.

    happyfeet (a55ba0)

  22. re: sick and tired of Weiner

    I’m not, and I’ll tell you why. Anyone who is familiar with Weener before this knows he is a loud-mouth, a demagogue of the worst sort, a highly partisan and asinine attack dog who’s temperament was finally shown to the public at large at that press conference. He is the perfect person for which “it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy” was written.

    Human events has a nice article speculating that his days as loud-mouthed asshole attack dog are now over, as he has now become a punchline. Most of the world is being introduced to Mr. Weiner by this episode, but he is well-known in leftist circles, and this has to be driving them bat-shit crazy, especially since Breitbart seems tangentially involved, however far-removed.

    This story could hardly be better, but I think it is going to, because my guess is Weiner has been Twitter-cybering and sending photos of himself to young ladies, and eventually one of them is going to go public, notwithstanding most of them seem to be hard-left partisans themselves, something I would guess he thought would buy their loyalty. If he’s damaged goods anyway, we have the Prisoner’s Dilemma here: the first one to go public will win the most money/attention/what have you, so it’s only a matter of time.

    baby giraffes (3914b8)

  23. Big happy civilly-united shindig in Grant Park today. Everyone seems happy and … well, you know. Really happy.

    The Weiner thing is funny to me because I literally dropped off the US News planet for 2 weeks. I come back with serious jetlag, take a couple days, tune into Patterico and the whole front page is about Weinergate. Funny world.

    By the way, I highly recommend taking hiatuses (plural couldn’t possibly be haiti, right?) from the news cycle. It’s great for blood pressure.

    carlitos (59ae85)

  24. Please, please can we call it a “tallywhacker”? Weiner is so ppp… weiner is so personal.

    papertiger (e55ba0)

  25. By the way, I highly recommend taking hiatuses (plural couldn’t possibly be haiti, right?) from the news cycle. It’s great for blood pressure.

    Comment by carlitos —

    wise words,

    And to some, this Weiner bashing is perhaps an attempt to get away from the butchering in Syria and Egypt and Iran, the great depression 2.0, demagoguery on entitlements, etc etc.

    We get to just bash a sleaze for his pathetic attempt to worm out of trouble.

    But that’s probably not as good as just tuning out entirely. I hope your travels were enjoyable.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  26. It was a work trip, but very enjoyable!

    I didn’t turn on a television, didn’t surf political or news websites, no talk radio, no newspapers. The only exception was checking online to see about the volcano for a couple of days, and that turned out to be educational.

    carlitos (59ae85)

  27. I’m beginning to think that the
    Porn star has more integrity
    than Rep. Weiner.

    Nope. I’ve decided. The porn
    star does have more integrity
    than Rep. Weiner.

    Divorce that man, Huma.

    Jack (f9fe53)

  28. Divorce that man, Huma

    She won’t do it. He’s a good provider: he puts meat on the table.

    Chuck Bartowski (4c6c0c)

  29. If there really is a tape substantiating the Emily Miller tweets, and if there were other witnesses–then Rep Weiner has lost his mind, or he is pretending to. Is this possibly leading up to a short hiatus from Congress so he can seek psychological treatment and medication, after which all will be forgiven?

    elissa (444ec3)

  30. Elissa – what are the Emily miller tweets?

    JD (318f81)

  31. JD–see top of this thread. Aaron posted links to them.

    elissa (444ec3)

  32. Thanks, Elissa. Wiener is a bigger wiener than we have given him credit for.

    JD (318f81)

  33. Any chance we can do sock puppet Friday on Thursday?

    This Weiner’s johnson thing is too good to wait

    Sponge Bob Square Pants (fccc6f)

  34. 100% meaty Weiner time.

    Sponge Bob Square Pants (fccc6f)

  35. If Emily Miller is reporting accurately, this dude is a first class creep.

    carlitos (59ae85)

  36. So, I don’t really tweet. Is this funny?

    # weinergate #kielbasaqueen

    carlitos (59ae85)

  37. Some of Wolf Blitzer’s questions seemed to rub Weiner the wrong way, but later Wolf seem gratified that he’d managed a happy ending for Mr. Weiner.

    SteveG (cc5dc9)

  38. Carlitos – NOW will condemn him any moment. 😉 did you see the knob job Pandagon/Marcotte gave this?

    Again, just imagine if this were Bush, or Chris Lee, or a random Team R.

    JD (85b089)

  39. The yfrog “hack” is confirmed at RedState. The “prank” could have been pulled by anyone who has the Weiner’s yfrog email address, no password needed. However, that email address is constructed and assigned with obfuscating info, so it would be nontrivial to guess. I guess there is no technical reason the Weiner needed to disclose it to anyone either.

    Still, it’s a hole. The circumstantial evidence and guilty demeanor all stack up against the Weiner, for sure, but the “hack” story just got one percent more plausible.

    gp (1e0d91)

  40. then they need to get the FBI on the case to look at IPs and such what were used to distribute the offending imagery – we need to find out who’s responsible or NOBODY WHO USES TWITTER IS SAFE

    happyfeet (3c92a1)

  41. gp, the truth is that it is probably possible to hack everything in some way.

    I mean, I could have just luckily guessed Weiner’s password and sent the whole thing. One in a million chance, and I just guessed it right.

    And if that’s what happened, Yfrog and Twitter can easily demonstrate the IP address that did these things was not Weiner’s, and Weiner would obviously have already made sure that happened.

    I’ll have to read RedState and see if this hack is plausible and could explain the twitter message.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  42. That explains how the pic got up on yfrog; but how does it explain the message linking to it going out on twitter?

    Milhouse (ea66e3)

  43. OK, I read the Redstate discussion.

    I agree that this special coded (almost backdoor) email address to post to yfrog is essentially a password to yfrog.

    So to say anyone could do this is to say anyone could have gained Weiner’s private access information.

    Sure, I guess that could explain it.

    But with all this work to create a plausible scenario where Weiner doesn’t take pervy shots of his penis for the internet, someone needs to tell Weiner, who isn’t sure this wasn’t his own penis. How in the world did some random hacker who guessed or otherwise gained the special email key also gain pictures of Weiner’s underwear (or pictures so similar to the ones Weiner is already taking that he can’t tell them apart?).

    Dustin (c16eca)

  44. OK, apparently yfrog automatically tweets for you. But the business with the URL is bogus, as RedState demonstrates.

    Milhouse (ea66e3)

  45. Weiner will always be dick picture boy until the FBI finds the Reals Hackarz

    happyfeet (3c92a1)

  46. Yeah, the nonsense about how the URL issue proves Weiner was framed is hysterical lying.

    They didn’t test this to see if they are right? I bet they did, and just didn’t care. Redstate tested it and the facts show Weiner is not off the hook.

    He won’t even deny this is his skeevy photo. As far as I’m concerned, this little petty issue will loom over him until he takes the easy step of having yfrog and twitter expose the IP of the photo uploader.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  47. And why isn’t anyone posting photos like this to Breitbart’s twitter feed? The left is awash in these I’m so clever for saying ‘Breitbart never denied having syphilis’ nonsense. If it’s so easy to frame someone like this, why isn’t anyone doing it to prove the point?

    Dustin (c16eca)

  48. And why isn’t anyone posting photos like this to Breitbart’s twitter feed? The left is awash in these I’m so clever for saying ‘Breitbart never denied having syphilis’ nonsense. If it’s so easy to frame someone like this, why isn’t anyone doing it to prove the point?

    Excellent point. You can bet if it were that easy they would be doing it, and not just to prove their point but out of sheer malice.

    Milhouse (ea66e3)

  49. How did Twitter become so popular, considering it:

    1) Has such a limited payload per tweet.
    2) Has such an obscure, punctuation-laden, JCL-like command language, with some unknown semantic side-effects.
    3) Is some kind of goofy mash-up (e.g., nominally, what does “twitter” have to do with “yfrog?”)
    4) Brings out the stooopid in its users.

    gp (1e0d91)

  50. gp, I wish I knew. Twitter isn’t user friendly, and it gets in the way of depth.

    I guess it’s a nice way to be apprised of all kinds of in depth stuff, but I think it would be better to have some kind of special RSS website, where you can announce a response to people, ask people questions, etc, in the open, with headlines to blog posts.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  51. Send the good Congressman words of support in his time of trouble-with his wife

    Bugg (ea1809)

  52. As per Cormac’s link, Weiner has essentially hired a prvitae dick to deterime whether the dick depicted in the dick photo in question is in fact his own dick.

    Bugg (ea1809)

  53. I think we can also eliminate Sarah Palin as the subject of the picture and probably Bob Dole as well.

    Huey (65df69)

  54. Oh god. Someone please send out an all-clear bulletin when posting about Weiner’s weiner stops and posting about more significant and impacting issues resumes. Until then, I’m checking out.

    For a little weiner, that Weiner is sure getting more than his worth in blog posts.

    Dana (4eca6e)

  55. Apparently you have to authorize yfrog to let this email upload thing work, and it sounds as though Weiner never authorized that, or even accessed yfrog, relying on the twitter for blackberry app for uploading rather than this email.

    It’s getting complicated at this point, but it sounds as though even if someone had this ‘secret email’ it wouldn’t be able to post that picture, if Weiner’s telling the truth about his experience with yfrog. You need to specifiably go in there and turn that on, using the twitter log in. Either way, whoever posted that picture must have had Weiner’s twitter log in. The email theory requires more, not less, requiring the twitter log in to approve the email uploader, and the secret email address for that.

    Lee Stranahan is raising questions about Patriot USA, but I don’t really follow them. End of the story is that Weiner’s accounts are responsible, and it would be trivially easy for Twitter to identify which IP directed the accounts to do it.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  56. Good gawd, could this get any more convoluted? And all over such a tiny thing!

    Milhouse (ea66e3)

  57. Good gawd, could this get any more convoluted?

    no kidding… it’s ridiculous.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  58. It is not convoluted. But those that are providing cover for him want it to be.

    JD (318f81)

  59. It is not convoluted. But those that are providing cover for him want it to be.

    Comment by JD —

    What’s simple: Weiner’s evasive discussion of the facts and his preventing an investigation that would easily resolve this shows he wants to hide the truth. I mean, he says he has no certitude that’s not his crotch shot? His verified account is still being used? He was online right when the hack occurred, to delete everything (despite being away for several hours)?

    OK, so simply put, there’s no way he comes out of this looking reasonable or honorable.

    What’s not simple: the constant need to absolutely disprove every possible way a hacker could have intruded, either with this secret email or his twitter password or whatever. This is particularly because we could easily resolve this if Weiner contacted law enforcement, or even merely twitter, to resolve who did what.

    You wind up having to read through endless discussions, many in bad faith, of how twitter works. No one managing to use this new ‘obvious’ frame method against Breitbart to make their point, and it’s just incredibly tedious and convoluted. I guess JD’s right… they want it to be so complex that people just assume there’s no way to know for sure, and then let this blow over. Which is BS.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  60. But that is what will happen, Dustin.

    It has been an interesting and largely successful response. Throw so many possible explanations into the mix that no one can pinpoint exactly what happened. Never answer a direct question. Confuse and distract. Maintain a serious attitude about how you only care about serious issues. Deflect and entertain the willing media.

    Absolutely brilliant. A blueprint. As long as you have a smart beard for a wife.

    I’m thinking this guy’s chances to go beyond my earlier predictions. Before I die, he may be President.

    He has absolutely ruled in this whole affair. Of course, he had a lot of help. But the results speak for themselves. Everyone is already bored.

    Ag80 (1bc637)

  61. at some point the security douchebags dick picture boy hired are gonna have to lay out their theory of the case, no? If it’s a hack then that’s a crime.

    I imagine this will prompt more than a few questions.

    And what’s with the useless wankers at the useless FBI? Maybe dick picture boy has incriminating pictures of them, too?

    happyfeet (3c92a1)

  62. Yep, AG80… the few people who are really trying to shed light on this mess are exhausted already.

    Lee Stanahan strikes me as an honorable guy, so I hope this isn’t taken in the wrong way… i realize he’s arguing in good faith.

    But the theory at his blog is leaping way too far on this ‘it’s proven he was framed’.

    Even if the proof was solid (And it is not) all it showed was that the email uploader was used. Not that Weiner didn’t upload it. The rampant assumptions about Patriot USA being a jilted woman lover are particularly odd, since Breitbart’s folks have been in contact with him. Talk about assumptions and convolutions, man.

    How the f$%k are we supposed to keep up with disproving all that?

    Why did Cordova react like she was caught doing something shameful, deleting so much stuff in a jiffy? All she got was a skeevy photo from a congressman she had no relationship with? If I got a crotch shot from some sleazy congresswoman, I wouldn’t immediately delete all my online accounts. That’s ridiculous.

    Anyway, I don’t think the email uploader was even used, since it posts “none” or some other text when used, and that didn’t occur. That’s just as powerful a point as the ‘framed’ url point. I suspect there are too many interfaces for twitter for any of us to prove anything.

    What I do know is that Weiner took that picture. His ‘I have no certitude’ crap might as well be ‘yeah, that’s me’. I also know he could just ask twitter to establish the IP address of the person who uploaded and sent that picture.

    All this theory that he doesn’t want us to catch his jilted lover… with Weiner’s talk about ‘ I don’t want to waste money with law enforcement looking into this’ doesn’t have to change once Weiner shows that he wasn’t the person who sent all this.

    If that IP wasn’t his, he would want us to know for sure. This jilted lover concept wouldn’t be provable with the IP address. He’d be much better off.

    But why bother trying to shoot down every potential theory?

    It has been an interesting and largely successful response. Throw so many possible explanations into the mix that no one can pinpoint exactly what happened.

    Clearly you are right, and he’s going to get away with this petty little thing. It’s not the end of the world that he will, but it’s very annoying to see this issue spun so well.

    His accounts are sending pervy pics to very young women. He has full control over showing who did this with HIS ACCOUNTS. That’s all we need.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  63. ==Before I die, he may be President==

    I assume you mean president of his condo board? Cuz after this he sure ain’t gonna be president of the USA.

    elissa (444ec3)

  64. Sorry guys, but Weiner was just on Nightline. Somebody played a big joke, you know, because his name is Weiner.

    His hired help will look into it, but it’s done. Taxpayers have no need to worry, because he won’t spend their money on investigating. Hey, it may be his penis, but seriously, his name is Weiner and he has to deal with this since he was in fifth grade. The reporter nods and smiles.

    But there are giant jellyfish invading because of the global warming and all.

    Weinergate is over.

    Not because of Weinergate, though, a once great nation is breathing it’s last gasps. Weinergate is a symptom. The cancer is much deeper.

    Ag80 (1bc637)

  65. right but there’s still the question of why he was tweetering dick pictures to that college girl

    I can’t believe his hoochie isn’t more curious than she is. It’s not like dick picture boy has a whole lot of money to be hiring experts. I bet she’s curious why he doesn’t just let the FBI handle it.

    happyfeet (3c92a1)

  66. Elissa, I’m not saying it because I like it, I’m saying it because it’s true.

    Conservatives like the nation because of it’s hopes and values. Progressives hate the nation because of it’s hopes and values.

    As much as Conservatives may dislike it, Progressives are winning and they know it.

    Buckley stood athwart history and said Stop! for a reason.

    Ag80 (1bc637)

  67. America is wonderful it’s just the pathetic government and the pitiful Soros-whore media what is a cowardly and risible joke, mostly.

    happyfeet (3c92a1)

  68. Hey, it may be his penis, but seriously, his name is Weiner and he has to deal with this since he was in fifth grade.

    LOL. That sums it up. He’s obviously a creep with odd pics floating around the net. The plain explanation is that he sent them, and his ‘move along, nothing to see here’ behavior is only sanely explained as such.

    It would be amusing to see someone actually hack him now, just because he would instantly have them caught and prosecuted.

    But the MSM just nods their heads like this is completely reasonable, while attacks Sarah Palin harshly for having an image of the US flag somewhere. It’s simply amazing to me what this country has become. Pervy pics and insulting lies: no biggie. Patriotism: burn that witch.

    The saddest aspect for me is that this will be used to ‘prove’ how dishonest Breitbart is. They never get around to showing a claim is inaccurate. Often it’s clear the claim is totally accurate (in this case, Weiner’s account did send a pervy pic), but some detail is invented or identified that disproves nothing, yet is hoisted up as long term evidence.

    O’Keefe didn’t wear a purple halloween pimp costume. Sherrod treated that white farmer much worse than the black one, but … eventually did something for him, maybe. It gets frustrating.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  69. and also it’s hard to lionize “conservatives” whose party was last seen nominating Meghan’s coward daddy as a candidate for the presidency no less and whose feckless congresswhores in both chambers have proven unable to break from the failed Boehner/McConnell whore leadership of the past

    happyfeet (3c92a1)

  70. Well I already knew that Weiner was not someone to be trusted. for all the reasons I’ve mentioned before, of course Maddow is such an easy mark, but
    that’s how they groom them at Air America TV.

    ian cormac (72470d)

  71. The government is the people, happy.

    I heard that improper lady who is married to the President’s mentor on the radio celebrating the “Arab Spring” because it spells the end of capitalism in the United States. She is expecting a similar uprising here, because of the injustice of democracy.

    Ag80 (1bc637)

  72. Just today he has given one on one interviews to every living reporter on CNN, Fox, ABC and MSNBC. Jon Stewart has mentioned Weinergate now for the second night–and was considerably more skeptical than on last nights show. Donald Trump weighed in on Piers Morgan and said Weiner is unstable.

    Yeah, Weiner’s telling his tale, but very few outside of the Kossacks are buying it hook line and sinker. Most of the media–even those who are sympathetic to his politics are saying he is not helping himself with all the talk and evasions. They’re laughing at his saying he cannot “with certitude” say whether that is a picture of his junk. Chris Matthews isn’t buying it and Matthews even ripped Joan from Salon when she tried to blame Breitbart for a hoax.

    Weiner is a slimy horndog who has been getting his freak on for years. He’s been outed by somebody. He will possibly stay in congress, but his shot at the New York City mayor’s office or higher is done. Finis.

    He has been exposed in more ways than one.

    elissa (444ec3)

  73. The government is the people, happy.

    sorta – but most of the people aren’t amoral union whore fascist douchebags while the American government very much is

    so there’s definitely a dichotomy

    I don’t know about no uprising. That would be neat but Americans are largely a shiftless and unambitious lot of late.

    They’re in a godawful funk.

    happyfeet (3c92a1)

  74. Elissa, I hope you are right, but experience tells me that your hope is unfounded.

    Ag80 (1bc637)

  75. Happy, I report, you decide. At some point Americans will have to choose their fate.

    We can be happy individuals or drudges awaiting the scraps deemed proper by our masters. At least we get to choose. For the time being.

    Ag80 (1bc637)

  76. I hope you’re right, Elissa. You usually are.

    The guy had a back and forth private conversation with Ginger Lee, star of Teenage Whores and Legal at Last (I am not joking). She was born in 1987, and he in 1964. She boasted then, months before this weinergate story, but now she refuses to say what they talked about.

    And then there’s high schooler “starchild” he followed, who wanted to date him.

    There’s a longer list.

    The guy is following young online groupies over many months (at least) instead of following people who live in his district.

    All I can say is that we get the government we deserve.

    I realize porn is hardly unacceptable in our society, but at some point this Congressman looks base in his interests.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  77. I mean, heaven forbid you want to talk to Weiner about issues and you’re overweight or older than 22.

    This guy really would make the perfect SNL recurring character. Too bad Belushi isn’t around.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  78. Oh and when Daily Caller asked Ginger Lee if she’d been contacted by Weiner’s staff (good lord, it is impossible to avoid unintentional puns) she refused to answer.

    A whole lot of people refusing to answer fair questions lately.

    Basically, it’s clear AG’s vision of a coordinated and sophisticated spin is exactly right. I hope reporters ask Cordova, Lee, and others if they are willing to share what Weiner’s staff, lawyers, etc have advised them to say and do.

    Weiner looks America in the eye and claims to be the victim, while his staff work hard to conceal what happened. I think that’s unacceptable.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  79. “Wait – you’re a politician, right? Aren’t you supposed to lie to me and kiss my ass?”

    mojo (4e4a98)

  80. Contacted by Weiner’s staff – starring Ginger Lee, Tanya Tate and Isabella Sky, with special guest appearance by Ron Jeremy as “The Chairman”.

    papertiger (e55ba0)

  81. Weiner’s Weiner is small.

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  82. The Whole things, has gone past Python and SNL, will
    they focus on it, to the ‘State’ and ‘Kids in the Hall’ in absurdity.

    ian cormac (72470d)

  83. i could only stand 15 minutes of that movie. if we ever pass a blasphemy law, i hope they start by prosecuting Coppola for that POS.
    Comment by Aaron Worthing — 6/1/2011 @ 12:27 pm


    I thought I was the only one.

    creeper (f1f686)

  84. At first I had a hard time figure MSNBC out. Then the answer finally dawned on me. If you want to keep the bad stuff out of everyday life, you give it a place to go. That is why we have sewers, they keep the streets cleaner. We need to have an MSNBC to act as a sump for all that stuff or we would be seeing it in the places we actually watch.

    Comcast is actually doing us all a favor by providing that venue and by concentrating all that crap in one location it is easily avoided. I can choose not to watch MSNBC and I can avoid the worst of these lunatics for my entire life.

    Thanks, Comcast, for providing us with the sewer that MSNBC is and keeping the rest of the airwaves a little cleaner. Its a dirty job, but thankfully someone does it.

    crosspatch (6adcc9)

  85. “The people I follow -– it’s fairly random,” he said. “The way I did it recently, I said to people, ‘If you’d like me to follow you, [tweet me] #WeinerYes.’ Sometimes people say, ‘Anthony follow me.’”

    That should be fairly easy for the press to check out, if they were so inclined. The press could simply ask these women if weiner’s version is correct.

    I’m unfamiliar with twitter, but how long are tweets kept on servers, if at all?

    Because Weiner appears to me not only guilty, but a guy who’s preparing for things to get more serious. Hence not only keeping law enforcement at bay but the lawyer and the private IT security company.

    IT security companies know it’s very difficult to delete everything. But I’ve never been told it’s impossible. And it strikes me that if anyione could do it, it would strike me that it’d be another IT security company.

    It may be farfetched, but then Ted Kennedy got away with vehicular manslaughter by waiting to sober up and having everyone get together and get their stories straight before the getting the police involved, as they inevitably would have.

    Not that I think in this case the police or DoJ will get involved; by “more serious” I’m thinking some sort of investigation in the house. Where he may be able to get away with a cover-up as long as any remaining evidence is just inconclusive enough to provide his political allies with a fig-leaf to stand by him.

    Steve (cabe23)

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