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Sockpuppet Friday—the “Nice Catch!” Edition

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[Guest post by Aaron Worthing; if you have tips, please send them here.  Or by Twitter @AaronWorthing.]

As usual, you are positively encouraged to engage in sock puppetry in this thread. The usual rules apply.

Please, be sure to switch back to your regular handle when commenting on other threads. I have made that mistake myself, a lot.

And remember: the worst sin you can commit on this thread is not being funny.


And a lot of people are talking about the incredible viral video involving Evan Langoria…

No, that’s Evan not Eva…

Impressive, right? Meh, I am more impressed when a dog does it:

[Posted and authored by Aaron Worthing.]

52 Responses to “Sockpuppet Friday—the “Nice Catch!” Edition”

  1. How bout a little attention over here? Huh?

    The War Powers Act (325a59)

  2. As long as we’ve got OUR Obamacare waiver in hand, our membership can go hang off the cliff in a wheelchair.


    AARP (325a59)

  3. I understand Hitler. the publicity value of saying something really outrageous and then walking it back the next day.

    Lars von Trier, breaking the waves, I mean wind (325a59)

  4. You’ll notice I don’t say “Born in the USA.” Gotta keep those Birthers occupied.

    The all-new Obama "Made in the Usa" T-shirt, on sale now, no kidding! (325a59)

  5. Norm Macdonald / Ronald McDonald 2012

    Fired up, ready to go, extra cheese.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  6. Pt dwn the Big Mac & stp away frm the Coke. You will be asmlated. Rsstnce is futile. Oh, and vote Obama 2012!

    Personalized Local Alert Network, now with new-n-improved GPS tracking movements to keep all our citizens safe! (325a59)

  7. Why should I haff moved out? All my stuff iss here. I paid for it. If she hass a problem then let her check into za hotel.

    I confessed, and so my responsibility in thiss matter iss closed.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger (325a59)

  8. Well, I guess I did deserve it. It hurt, and all my friends say it wasn’t right what he did but he was right — if I’d talked nice about him he wouldn’t have had to do it.

    I’ll do better next time and then he’ll treat me nice. It’ll be just like the old days.

    *dreamy siggghhh*

    The Boston Herald, mooning over 2008 campaign photos with the haloes in back of his head (325a59)

  9. Oh, HELL no!

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, finding her inner Will Smith (325a59)

  10. Well, I don’t know any of the people who got scanned. So they don’t count.

    Janet Napolitano (325a59)

  11. OK, Mr. President, we’ll give up Jerusalem if you let us have Chicago.

    Bibi Netanyahu (848837)

  12. “I have just returned from a successful trip to North Korea and I am happy to report that, yes, the general population is indeed starving. We intend to hold Senate hearings on why that is.”

    Sen. John Kerry (848837)

  13. “Yes, I chased her down the hall and I was naked. But she asked for it. In France, struggling and screaming women who fight it are always asking for it. Just ask my wife.”

    DSK from the IMF (848837)

  14. “I doan’ need no stinkin’ Republicans to get me elected.”

    Newt the Gingrich (848837)

  15. OK, Mr. President, we’ll give up Jerusalem if you let us have Chicago.

    Comment by Bibi Netanyahu — 5/20/2011 @ 1:44 pm

    Why? You already have New York City.

    President Barack H. Obama, Lover of Jews, who did NOT attend an anti-Semitic church for 20 years, no sir (325a59)

  16. “Upon hearing reports that 20% of last month’s Obamacare waivers went to exquisite restaurants and boutiques in my district, I immediately lunched launched a shopping trip investigation

    Nancy Pelosi (848837)

  17. I won’t draw Mohammed even if it meant returning to marginal relevance. See? Not a sellout.

    Are you gonna eat that parsley?

    Ted Rall (890cbf)

  18. Is Sarah claiming the fire is in her belly? Who is she covering up for???

    Comment by AndySullivan — 5/20/2011 @ 2:06 pm [in the “fire in the belly” thread]

    We always knew you weren’t paying attention then, Mr. Sullivan, and you’re paying the price now. Babies don’t grow in women’s bellies. *shaking heads*

    Andrew Sullivan's high school health class teachers (325a59)

  19. Yeah, sure the border is safe, Janet. You just keep telling yourself that.

    Sheriff Dever (96c670)

  20. Comment by AndySullivan — 5/20/2011 @ 2:06 pm [in the “fire in the belly” thread]

    Yeah! And women carry babies for nine months, not eight, ya noob!

    the geek who sat behind Andrew Sullivan in health classes, delighted at finally being able to taunt back after all these years (325a59)

  21. Andrew Sullivan took health class? Who knew?

    Sarah Palin, happyfeet's wrorst nightmare (96c670)

  22. Daleyrocks accused Murkowski of corruptio. I demand that daleyrocks submit proof of his evidence and report to the nearest FBI office immediately, as the FBI is tasked with fighting corruption and would be interested to learn of this corruption. Oh, and Palin had a 6-figure no-show job. Corrupt.

    EricPWJohnson, counter of joooooooos and hater of Palins (822109)

  23. I am also a highly skilled counter of Christians.

    EricPWJohnson, counter of joooooooos and hater of Palins (6e25b4)

  24. Newt and DeDe Scozzafava are true conservatives.

    Why are you anti-Muslim bigots?

    Pardon me while I return to my fully staffed oasis in the deep sands where I need to pack for my trip to Mumbai, Jakarta, Knoxville, and Kyoto.

    EricPWJohnson, counter of joooooooos and hater of Palins (109425)

  25. Repent now — for tomorrow is Judgment Day.

    Harold Camping (a2a019)

  26. Harold, I need to have a word with you.

    God (a2a019)

  27. Now that a Democrat is back in the White House, the filibuster of federal judicial nominees is once again an abomination.

    Erwin Chemerinsky (890cbf)

  28. yatta!!

    happyfeet (a55ba0)

  29. Hey Killgore get me my baba and porn magazine.

    ChucklesManboobs (15aa57)

  30. Harold, I need to have a word with you.

    Comment by God — 5/20/2011 @ 3:40 pm

    Uh, sure, sure, Lord. Just let me get these last email warnings out to everyone and…well we’ll talk later tonight I’m sure. Face to face, as it were! *confident chuckle*

    Harold Camping (fd287d)

  31. Oooh Mama! thanks for the video of Eva, Aaron.

    One more deposit for my wankbank

    excitedtexan (658d3e)

  32. Where are pictures of goats? I need a wankbank, too.

    Saif al Adel (73a7ea)

  33. That dog has better hands than many of my receivers.

    Jim Tressel, football coach (58d2a4)

  34. I just sent that video to Jerry Jones and told him to sign that beagle posthaste.

    Tony Romo, quarterback (58d2a4)

  35. Andy Reid has the dog’s agent’s number. He’ll be the new starting cornerback for the Eagles, once the lockout ends.

    Santa Snowball Chucker, Eagles fan (58d2a4)

  36. Thank God that ESPN is my little bltch, and they are focusing on The Vest and making up a non-controversy about Westbrook instead of reporting how effing crooked my program has bben, and remains to this day.

    JIm Calhoun (318f81)

  37. Which word did you miss with those Mickey Mouse ears of yours — “fuck”? or, “you”?

    Netanyahu (108534)

  38. Tee hee! “Tundra tart.” Oh, I’ll be ‘drizzling some sauce’ over that one later.

    spank happy (108534)

  39. That hotel hoochie was askin’ for it! I mean, who could possibly resist the pulsating flab or the gigantic ‘acumen’ of such a towering economic specimen?

    Ben Stein (108534)

  40. There was nothing inappropriate going on. I was merely injecting some liquidity into the market.

    International Monetary Frog (108534)

  41. One pissed off Jew in D.C.
    One very pissed off Jooooo!
    Give him an order,
    “You must change your border”;
    One mega pissed off Jew in D.C.

    EricPWJohnson (108534)

  42. Vell, let’s see YOU try to fvck a skeleton for 25 years! I swear, that voman has more meat in the freezer than she does on her bones.

    The Sperminator (108534)

  43. U can’t ban my idiocy here in this thread! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Kman (108534)

  44. “Oh Nooooooooooooo!”

    'Macho Man' (108534)

  45. “Hello, 911? There’s this creepy guy out on my lawn? He’s, uh, mumbling something about ‘peaches’ and ‘porking his loin thinger’. Yeah. Please send someone out — and hurry!”b

    Governor Palin (108534)

  46. Mitt Romney is a ‘mo!

    No, not a homo — a Mormo.

    Larry O'Donnell (108534)

  47. Buy my new Book – Fire in the Belly – and you can make a non tax deductable donation to – Tax & Spenders: Keeping Alaska Dependent on California Oil Consumers.

    Dont Forget to support paid Facebook accounts by joining my new Facebook group: Importantpeoplewhomilkthestupidforcash

    Palination (b92ab2)

  48. Aw, look! Someone ^^^ made a funny.

    Good boy.

    Not-Easily-Impressed (108534)

  49. Which word are you stuck on, Mr. President? “fvck”? or “you?

    Netanyahu (108534)

  50. So sorry for double posting! Me feel shame.

    Net Nerd Yahoo (108534)

  51. Netanyahu came
    to see you; and what did you
    do? You just flinged poo!

    Colonel Hike U (108534)

  52. Evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Overexcited Texan (108534)

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