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How Awesome is This Laura Ingraham Clip?

Filed under: General — Aaron Worthing @ 2:09 pm

[Guest post by Aaron Worthing; if you have tips, please send them here.  Or by Twitter @AaronWorthing.]

Seriously, sound off on how awesome this clip is.  The National Black Chamber of Commerce President, Harry Alford, goes on Laura’s show and tells her things like that Obama is a Marxist, that voting for him was the worst mistake of his life…  Yeah, it’s that good.

But by far my favorite part? When Laura asks him why he voted for Obama and he admits it was because he was black. Which kind of confirms what I have been saying for years: at least part of the vote in his favor was race-based.

And on some level I don’t completely blame him. Considering 400 years of bad history, considering all that went on, if you were black and for the first time in your life you had the chance to vote for a black guy to be president who might actually win, wouldn’t that be a very hard temptation to resist? Wouldn’t it be very easy to ignore some of the criticisms?

Hell, I have said before that prior to 2008, if all things were equal, I would vote for the black guy for president. The problem was as little as I liked McCain (especially for McCain-Feingold), Obama was nowhere even close to being equal to that man.

So I won’t blame, but I think it was a mistake, as Harry himself admits.

By the way if this guy seems familiar at all, he was also the guy who shot down Sen. Boxer for hour racially condescending display:

I remember thinking at the time that it was a little weird for the head of the National Black Chamber of Commerce to complain he was being pigeonholed by race, but actually in the Ingraham clip he explains why it was necessary for such an organization to exist—because just about every other ethnicity has one.  There’s nothing wrong with them saying, “we’ll disband when the other groups disband.”

Big hat tip to Hot Air.

[Posted and authored by Aaron Worthing.]

36 Responses to “How Awesome is This Laura Ingraham Clip?”

  1. Denounced.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  2. The very first thing I said to my wife after the election was settled (paraphrasing): “at least the jig is up for white guilt.” Not that I ever had any, but you dopes who did can send me your apology in the form of a written pledge to never vote on it again.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

    LibertyAtStake (b06e7a)

  3. Harry Alford isn’t a late comer to criticizing Obama. A year ago in a statement letter on his web site he said “Obama is sleeping with the devil”.

    Can you blame him? All businesses are hurting under Obama heavy hand. Black businesses are no exception and unemployment for blacks is over 15%.

    I do believe he is right that Obama will only get 35% of the black vote. I too know people who said they only voted for Obama ’cause he was black and they are sooooooooo very sorry they voted for him.

    Nom (427fa3)

  4. yeah I listened to this clip this morning. amazing. And I’m sure the guy will take a beating in the ‘press’ for it- ‘Uncle Tom’, etc.

    Hopefully enough people hear this clip that they begin to realize that you need to take your vote for President very seriously, or we end up with an idiot in the White House.


    You don’t make a guy chief thoracic surgeon because he looks good in the scrubs.

    ed zeppelin (4fe6a7)

  5. That clip is mega awesome. I hope he’s right about support for Obama among blacks dropping off – although I’d doubt it could be as much as he suggests.
    I’ve never blamed blacks for Obama; racial pride would probably have compelled me too unless I’d done a lot of research & had very strong conservative principles.
    I ‘ve never blamed young people either (although demographically it was their fault). “Forgive them for they know not what they do”. Young, naive, ignorant and of course the tragic irony – they are the ones that will pay the most for this mistake.
    I blame STUPID WHITE PEOPLE over the age of 35 or 40 that should have known better. Most of them would have mocked/scorned/not believed the cr@p he was spouting if it had come from a white person. Reverse racism, white guilt, jumping on the bandwagon, wanting to prove how cool, hip, non-racist, evolved, enlightened they were and being very il/uninformed. And of course, if McCain had tried real hard, he could have run an even worse campaign.

    KLSmith (f6636e)

  6. I’m from New England but that did not cause me to vote for (or even consider voting for) Michael Dukakis.

    Have Blue (854a6e)

  7. “…if you were black and for the first time in your life you had the chance to vote for a black guy to be president who might actually win, wouldn’t that be a very hard temptation to resist?”


    If Allen West runs against Barney Frank, or Tom Sowell runs against Hillary…it’s the black guy all the way.

    And, if it’s Obambi vs. Sarah Palin, it’s the white girl all the way.

    Race has nothing to do with it…unless, of course, you’re a racist, like the black guy in the video.

    Dave Surls (ce9055)

  8. Considering 400 years of bad history, considering all that went on, if you were black and for the first time in your life you had the chance to vote for a black guy to be president who might actually win, wouldn’t that be a very hard temptation to resist?

    No, it would be easy to resist if I thought the man wasn’t capable of the job.

    First off, it’s a matter of truly not being racist — that means that his skin color really, really, REALLY doesn’t matter to you.

    “I judge a man by the content of his character and not by the color of his skin.”

    As a human, that’s an ideal statement, but you have to aim for it, and do the best you can to avoid making vague statements and decisions of a racist nature (as opposed to “of a racial nature”)

    Yeah, I can make snap judgments in the face of a complete and total lack of all other kinds of info, sure. You go with what you have access to. But once you have ANY other info, that should VASTLY outweigh anything like “skin color”.

    Second off, if you’re going to select someone to be “the first” for a job, then you need to grasp that you’re making a first impression.


    Because he’s going to leave a strong first impression. He’s going to be an excuse for anyone who says “x race can’t handle that kind of job” for future racism.

    You NEED a Jackie Robinson.

    NOT a Barack Obama, who is, mark my words, going down in history as The Worst PotUS Ever. There may be a Caligula to his Nero, someone coming who is worse even than he is, but right now He Is It.

    IgotBupkis, President, United Anarchist Society (c9dcd8)

  9. during the campaign, my uber-liberal brother asked me if I was against Obama because he was black. I asked him if he was FOR obama because he was black. No answer.

    ed zeppelin (4de0a0)

  10. Hardy har har, is this for real? Can you imagine if I said yeah I voted for McCain because he’s white!! How many years have we listened to the screamers about how freakin racist we are? I always thought who are they talking about?? Then I find out it’s just a political game the left’s been playing for years when they don’t get their way? Same with the global warming crap and Bush!! And where are the war protesters? What a bunch of liars, it turns out this is just how the elites entertain themselves at our expense. They better buckle up, because what’s going to hit them in 2012 is November times 10!!!

    jann (dae4bd)

  11. Well I can understand the appeal of being true to The Team, esp. as it pertains to black Americans. But put it this way…

    I’m ethnically Irish on both my father’s and my mother’s side. (One side is slightly more complex, with some Danish and Czech roots, however, you get the idea.) I grew up with lots of lurid tales of anti-Irish and anti-Catholic oppression in America (not nearly so bad as Jim Crow but still, no laughing matter).

    So when JFK ran for president (before I was born), it was not just a political issue to them, it was also a referendum on whether Irish Catholics now had normalized status in America.

    My parents had basically the same political outlook, but one voted for Kennedy, the other for Nixon, and it was the one with the “purer” Irish and more disadvantaged background who voted against Kennedy, on strict principle. When we were kids, long after the assassination, they’d tell us the story of their difference, as a sort of civics lesson.

    It’s anecdotal evidence, it proves nothing… and yet, it illustrates something important.

    d. in c. (1e48bc)

  12. I’d also add that there’s at least two (and assuredly many more) different reasons for black Americans to vote Obama regardless of their strict political ideology.

    One is to concretely affirm their fully normative status in American politics and public life. You can question that motive if you like, but it’s human and understandable, and it’s congruent with the flow of human public life as we generally observe it.

    The other motive is to vote for a partisan “race man” who will deliver the promised goodies to one’s own group, regardless of its effect on the common weal. This is (or ought to be) generally unacceptable in a virtuous democracy but for pete’s sake, it ain’t like we’ve never seen it before, from Tammany Hall all the way to AIPAC.

    Either way, I dislike Obama but I think it’s a net gain if black folks now feel they’re fully cut in on the action. If that’s how they feel.

    d. in c. (7c90f3)

  13. National Black Chamber of Commerce — because just about every other ethnicity has one.

    Really? Where and how do I contact the White Chamber of Commerce?

    I have some interesting questions for them.

    I personally find the racial excuse here detestable. If you would decry a “White” CoC — and I will lay you good odds anyone who was a member of one of these “other race” CoCs would not hesitate to cry “Foul!” — then you should decry them all

    IgotBupkis, President, United Anarchist Society (c9dcd8)

  14. let me be very clear.

    i am not saying you should ever vote by race.

    i am just saying that it is understandable that he did.

    And on the other hand he himself knows he made a mistake. okay, so lesson learned.

    Aaron Worthing (73a7ea)

  15. People naturally support those who are most like them, and that includes phenotypically. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing so — someone who looks like you is usually more genetically related to you. so if they do well, you do well. That’s why ‘socialism’ and the welfare state worked for so long and for so well in the Scandanavian countries — the people who were being helped were closely related genetically to those who were helping. This meant that those helping didn’t mind, and those being helped didn’t abuse the system (in general).

    So yeah, its great that 1 black out of 40 million or so has changed his mind and will vote against Obama — but that still leaves 39,999,999,999. I doubt many will being abandoning racial solidarity. And I wouldn’t either . Sure I’d vote for Walter Williams over most white Democrats, but only because I think Williams would be better for me, my family, and my people — i.e. white Americans.

    stari_momak (d5f987)

  16. #13 — oh don’t you worry, me friend. As the demographic catastrophe goes into full Iceberg Mode and gentile whites start to comprehend just how deeply they’ve been shafted (and how quickly!), you’ll finally start to see at long last a White CoC, a White (Euro-Christian, that is) Congressional Caucus, etc etc.

    But by that time of course it’ll be far too late, the nation as we once understood it will have long been dead-slash-unrecognizable. By that point we’ll be on the brink of civil war, Chinese intervention, full-on ethno-balkanism, etc etc. I hope not of course, but I really can’t see WHY not.

    And as usual, leftists will sob “But our intentions were good!” as they and their assets quietly skulk away overseas, to avoid the torments of the mess THEY made.

    Plus ca change.

    d. in c. (cae88c)

  17. Dear Mr. Worthing,

    You wrote:

    But by far my favorite part? When Laura asks him why he voted for Obama and he admits it was because he was black. Which kind of confirms what I have been saying for years: at least part of the vote in his favor was race-based.”

    And that is precisely the reason the President’s poll results have remained surprisingly high – especially the personal approval rating – throughout this catastrophic presidency: there’s simply no way he can break his promise to be The First Black President. Americans felt good, if not noble, about voting him in and, come hell or high water, many will continue to feel that way throughout his administration. The key question for the next election cycle is whether “been there, done that” erodes his support.

    Yours truly,


    ThOR (94646f)

  18. _____________________________________________

    That’s why ‘socialism’ and the welfare state worked for so long and for so well in the Scandanavian countries

    The only way that soft-hearted (or soft-headed) liberalism — both culturally and governmentally — won’t easily implode on itself is if the demographics of the society or community in question at least are relatively stable or exceptional.

    I consider a society that has a preference for left-leaning politicians and policies analogous to a family where the parents are very permissive, naive, flaky and even foolish. If the kids in such a family are relatively stable, talented, resourceful and even tempered, they perhaps won’t exploit and bring down the household. But if those same qualities are middling at best, or certainly lacking in the offspring, watch out, potential trouble ahead!

    Mark (411533)

  19. ____________________________________________

    I do believe he is right that Obama will only get 35% of the black vote.

    That assumption is extremely unrealistic. Surveys and voting patterns through the decades have indicated a huge percentage of black America (up to 90 to 95-plus percent) consistently and persistently favors the left and the Democrat Party. The only way Obama would receive such a small amount of support from black voters is if he suddenly became a rock-ribbed conservative, or perhaps even a true, honest-to-goodness centrist.

    BTW, if a magic wand could be waved over the African-American electorate so that instead of their being 90-plus percent pro-Clinton/Gore/Kerry/Obama (or Maxine Waters, etc), they instead had the ideological preferences of someone like Harry Alford, I bet that would be like a ray of sunshine finally entering the scene. It would be like a person taking the first step of a 12-step recovery program.

    Mark (411533)

  20. the upside is we don’t ever have to elect someone just cause of they are black ever again

    we can just check that right off the list

    happyfeet (760ba3)

  21. we can also check Mitt Romney off the list cause he’s a foppish douche and his healthcares are same same as bumble’s

    happyfeet (760ba3)

  22. Thor

    well, its always good to hear from the God of Thunder. btw, i hear your movie is pretty good.

    (sorry, couldn’t resist the cheap joke.)

    Aaron Worthing (73a7ea)

  23. Somehow I don’t think that’s the same thor from the old days; he seems too tame, not enough of an Obamanaught.

    Is it you thor. Same ol’ “off-to-the-Finland-station”, commie-lovin, poetry-slam-readin’, FX tradin’, trust-funder thor?

    ‘Cuz your style sure seems to have changed a lot.

    Bob Reed (5f2db5)

  24. Bob Reed – He hasn’t mentioned banging Russian sluts, so I don’t think it’s the same one.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  25. How many people voted against Barack Obama because of his race?

    Abraham (c00c7a)

  26. How many people voted for John McCain because of his race.

    Abraham (c00c7a)

  27. It being the first interracial presidential contest, is Barack Obama at fault because people cast race-based ballots in all directions?

    Abraham (c00c7a)

  28. __________________________________________

    How many people voted against Barack Obama because of his race?

    Considering he had one of the most marginal, controversial, ultra-liberal backgrounds of any candidate to ever run for the White House, I’d say very, very few.

    Prior to November 2008, some political “experts” at the time theorized that the election might manifest the so-called “Bradley Effect.” That’s in regards to when LA’s former black mayor ran for the governorship of California in 1982.

    Various pollsters back then guessed that one reason their data indicated he would win, when in actually he ended up losing, was presumably due to certain respondents, when contacted by poll takers, saying they’d vote for Tom Bradley. But then their going into the voting booth and selecting the white candidate (George Deukmejian).

    I’m sure there are some right-leaning white voters who will choose a white liberal over a black conservative. But I bet there are far, far more left-leaning white and black voters who will favor a white liberal over a black conservative.

    Mark (411533)

  29. How is Obama responsible for people voting based on skin color? That makes no sense. Nor does it even fit with this post.

    The Democrats never should have nominated a racial minority if they can’t refrain from throwing the race card everytime Obama is criticized. Surely they must understand that doing this makes it less likely that a racial minority will be nominated going forward. On the right, nobody wants to re-live the ‘you must be racist’ days if you offer disagreement. On the left, they’ve already determined that Obama is good and ‘we’ are not so that will likely end with the meme that ‘the country, mostly the knuckle dragging part, just isn’t ready’. It might be good to be an old white man again, if you want to be President.

    East Bay Jay (19f566)

  30. How many people voted against Barack Obama because of his race?

    Well, we have people proudly citing his race as a reason to vote for him, in the main stream. That’s what ‘historical’ meant.

    How is Obama responsible for his own campaign? Heh.

    We do not have people proudly citing race as a reason to vote against him, or for Mccain.

    So you can’t win this argument. If you think such things are terrible (and indeed they are), then that’s a stain on the democrat party. If your only defense is that you suspect people harbor secretly evil motivations, then maybe the mainstream should condemn the notion of race based voting, to argue against that view on a fundamental level.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  31. How pathetic is this? We have a black man admitting he voted for a man because of his skin color! Racism in its purest form on display for all. What am I missing here. If i say i voted for Mcain because he was white, the hell with considering qualifications, I am branded racist. Yet if a black man votes black, the hell with qualifications, can one guess he will also be called racist? How bad is it if any citizen votes only because of race? And everyone wonders why this country is going to hell in a bucket?

    joetote (77a6a6)

  32. Well check for flying pigs because I agree with happyfeet.

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  33. “…Considering 400 years of bad history, considering all that went on, if you were black and for the first time in your life you had the chance to vote for a black guy to be president who might actually win…”

    Well, there has been 400 years of bad history, but I’m not black, and I do have the chance to vote for a black for the first time (that doesn’t disgust me),
    and he probably hasn’t a chance in Hell; but,
    I’ll vote for Herman Cain anyway.

    AD-RtR/OS! (ce2258)

  34. Comment by IgotBupkis, President, United Anarchist Society — 4/30/2011 @ 4:24 pm

    Obama is Caligula to Carter’s Nero…

    …and, about that 35%:
    If Obama only gets double that (70%) of the Black Vote, he loses; because Indies have deserted him in droves, and his Leftist base is quite shaky.

    AD-RtR/OS! (ce2258)

  35. “400 years of bad history”

    Does anyone here seriously doubt that the overwhelming numbers of blacks in the US are better off because their ancestors were shipped off to the the US. Obviously that doesn’t make slavery right It is condoned in the Bible and was pretty much a universally accepted institution until the late 18th century. And fact is that materially, politically, socially, in all ways, the average black in America is doing better than the average black in subsaharan Africa by an order of magnitude.

    stari_momak (d5f987)

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