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Chris Matthews: No One Would Ever Question How a White President Got Into Harvard (Besides Matthews)

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[Guest post by Aaron Worthing; if you have tips, please send them here.  Or by Twitter @AaronWorthing.]

So as you might have noticed the Donald has moved from demanding Obama’s birth certificate to demanding Obama’s transcripts, saying at one point that he wanted to know how Obama got into these good school given he was allegedly not a great student.  Now bear in mind, Combover also claimed that the long-form birth certificate was missing or destroyed, so whatever his sources are, they are unreliable.

But as Ace pointed out, Chris Matthews sees racism in all of this.  From his transcript last night:

MATTHEWS:  Here‘s Trump yesterday.  Let him talk.  We will let him talk from New Hampshire.  It won‘t be too informative, but here he is.  Let‘s listen to Donald Trump.


DONALD TRUMP, TRUMP ORGANIZATION:  I think if he wants to release it, that‘s fine.  And if he doesn‘t want to release it, that‘s fine, too.  But the word is—you know, you think you‘d want to release it, actually, because the word is he wasn‘t a good student and he ended up getting into Columbia and Harvard.

QUESTION:  Whose word?

TRUMP:  And I‘d like to know—I‘d like to know—well, this is what I read written by some of the people in this room.  I‘d like to know, how does he get into Harvard, how does he get into Columbia if he isn‘t a good student?  It‘s an interesting thing.


MATTHEWS:  How do you take that, Clarence?

PAGE:  I think he‘s got his presidents mixed up.  He‘s talking about George Bush.



PAGE:  But no, I‘ll tell you how black folks feel about it.  It sounds like he‘s saying he‘s an Affirmative Action baby.


And they go on.  But not fifteen minutes later, he says this, when talking with Jonathan Alter:

MATTHEWS:  Well, what about Trump?  What about—Trump…


MATTHEWS:  … saying now, Donald Trump is now questioning his application to Harvard…

ALTER:  Well, of course.

MATTHEWS:  … and Harvard Law and to Columbia, that he didn‘t really deserve to get in.  You would never say that about a white person.  Right off the street, you wouldn‘t say it.

ALTER:  Right.  This is race.  This is race, Chris.

You got that?  No one would ever question how a white president got into a good school.  I mean besides Clarence Page and Chris Matthews earlier that evening.

Hey do you want to see Matthews do this?  Click on the image and it will take you to the Right Scoop, which put together the video:

And indeed, Chris Matthews wasn’t alone.  Aa google search would reveal a lot more examples of accusing Bush of not deserving admission to Yale or Harvard.  For instance, Michael Kinsley, writing in Cnn accused Bush of receiving “Affirmative Action” in 2003:

They may not have had an explicit point system at Yale in 1964, but Bush clearly got in because of affirmative action. Affirmative action for the son and grandson of alumni. Affirmative action for a member of a politically influential family. Affirmative action for a boy from a fancy prep school. These forms of affirmative action still go on.

And I can say having gone to Yale Law that they explicitly had a legacy policy, and an affirmative action policy.  If memory serves, so did Harvard (no, I didn’t get in there).

Now obviously a person who is white, male, straight, non-disabled and protestant is not likely to ever be accused of receiving affirmative action, except as a tongue-in-cheek word for “legacy.”  But that is because of the simple reality that affirmative action is not available to them.  So if there is racial discrimination there, it is in the affirmative action program itself.

And I do support, in a limited sense, affirmative action.  But before I delve into that, let me take a moment to make a full disclosure because it really shows where I am coming from on this.  First, I have no legacy or “blue blood” to speak of.  Indeed, when my grandfather, whose parents had “crossed the pond” from Scotland before he was born, learned I was going to Yale, he could hardly believe it.  It was unimaginable when he was young.  On the other hand, I might have benefitted from affirmative action.  It’s a little uncomfortable to talk about because I have complicated feelings about achievement.  If you spend almost a third of your life having hidden learning disabilities that you don’t even know about, it does a serious number on your self-esteem.  For instance, I usually don’t talk about my grades in college, and wouldn’t here, except it’s about to be really relevant.

As I have said before, because of my disabilities I faced severe discrimination in high school.  I’m not talking about a failure to accommodate, but active discrimination.  I dropped out and didn’t try to get an education for years later.  As a result I had to go to a lower tier state school.  So then I discover that my LSAT score (more or less the SAT of law schools) was higher than the average for students at every law school in America, and my GPA was a perfect 4.0, I saw that I was literally in the running to be any school I might apply to.   (Which with my messed up self-esteem really threw me for a loop.)  The only thing that was a black mark on my transcript was the lack of prestige in my undergraduate school.  I was concerned they would hold that against me.

But especially when it came to the big three—Yale, Harvard and Stanford–I didn’t want to disclose the fact I had these disabilities.  It wasn’t the pride of avoiding affirmative action so much as fear of discrimination.  But long story short, I had no choice but to reveal the fact I had those disabilities and therefore I tried to take that lemon and make lemonade.  So I said, diplomatically, that yes, my undergraduate school was not the most prestigious, but countered that concern in three ways.  First, I pointed out that given that discrimination I faced, I didn’t have many options.  Second, I pointed out that given all that discrimination what I had achieved was more impressive than you would normally think.  And third, I pointed out that given I had that perfect GPA, I literally couldn’t have done better at my undergraduate school.  So literally they had no idea what I could have achieved a “better” school.*  So that is asking for a “plus,” a bonus, based on the fact I was disabled.  That is affirmative action.

And I am fine with that.  And I was definitely thinking of my own life experience when I wrote this when talking about affirmative action in regards to a police department:

Now one of the ways I am center-right, instead of being right wing down the line is that I support, in a limited sense, affirmative action.  I think that a little affirmative action in providing opportunities is just fine.  The problem I have is when it is applied to outcomes.  So if a law school wants to use affirmative action to provide a person an opportunity they otherwise wouldn’t have had, I am fine with that (within reason).  But on the other hand, when its time to choose who is going to be given a gun and the right to shoot people, I am not such a fan of affirmative action.

And to sketch it out a little more, here’s what I said about DeStaphano v. Ricci, where New Haven was about to throw out test schools because too many white people passed.  After arguing that more than likely the black firefighters scored lower because of reasons that might have been related to racial discrimination in society as a whole, I write:

Now, in all of those possibilities it is still the case that as of this day, the best scorers on the test are likely the best firefighters, and if there is any discrimination to blame, it is not the test itself, but forces outside of the test itself. And however much we might lament those outside forces (and I do) and the wasted potential, the fact is if your house is burning down, do you want the guy who would have been a great firefighter but for discrimination that keeps him from acquiring the knowledge to be a great firefighter, or the guy who is right now a great firefighter?

The question answers itself.

It also suggests that rather than taking the easy way out by quotas and the like that New Haven can and probably should engage in an aggressive program of developing African American firefighters to their fullest potential. So the affirmative action should be there, in the form of affirmatively finding black potential and developing it. Rather than ignoring what are more likely than not real differences in knowledge and ability, New Haven should instead work to erase those actual differences.

Which is indeed what is so pernicious about the de facto quota they tried to establish here—it would have allowed New Haven to ignore the underlying reasons for the disparity, rather than address and correct them. It doesn’t do the people of New Haven or the black firefighters themselves any favors if they are promoted when they don’t deserve it.

Feel free to disagree with me, but that’s where I think affirmative action is justified.  And so I can see a very real possibility that if Obama received affirmative action, it might have been justified.  Or it might have been just a crude band aid ignoring the real problems.

And you might rationally disagree with me.  You might even feel that it was justified in my case because it was based on very specific facts, but it wouldn’t be when they just apply a blanket “bonus” to all black people without any attempt to determine if they personally faced discrimination.

But what Matthews and his ilk want to do is say that affirmative action is so self-evidently good and right that only a bigot would question it. But in fact even when supporting it there are questions.  Like for instance, do hispanics get affirmative action?  How about gay people?  How about Jews?  How about Asian Americans?  Some of the biggest opponents of affirmative action I know are Asian Americans, in part certainly because it often favors black people and hispanics and not them.

And it’s worth noting that Asian Americans have cause to be pissed.  I don’t believe anyone in this day and age would claim that Asian Americans are dumber or lazier than white people, on average.  If anything people stereotype them as smart and industrious (and thus some kind of yellow menace).  But as Frank Wu documented in his book “Yellow”…

…Asian Americans have to work harder and have more degrees to achieve the same pay as a similarly situated white person.**  When confronting the statistics in Wu’s book (the first few chapters are the only ones really worth reading), it is impossible to escape the conclusion that bigotry against Asian Americans exists and has a serious financial (if not emotional) impact.  So they are right to be mad if affirmative action is granted to black people and hispanics and not them.

And you might even rationally think that all this racial discrimination is just too poisonous, even if well intentioned, to justify it.  It certainly can’t be denied that it is rancorous.

And this is what Mickey Kaus wrote recently on Al Sharpton’s attempt to shut down debate over Obama’s affirmative action:

What’s wrong with having a debate over affirmative action? Is Sharpton saying African-Americans don’t get into Ivy League schools because of affirmative action? If not, then what’s the point of having it?

The biggest problem with race preferences is that they taint the achievements, not just of those who benefit from them, but of everyone in the beneficiary group–even those who would have gotten into the college or gotten the job, etc., without the preference.  That is an unfairness Obama may acutely feel.  Race preferences are a big reason blacks feel they have to be twice as good as everyone else to measure up in society’s eyes–which is a powerful argument for ending the preferences.

The amazing thing isn’t that we would have a debate on this divisive issue now but that Obama’s been able to duck it for so long[.]

So reasonable minds can disagree on this, and we should be free to discuss it freely.  But like with many topics, that’s not how many on the left want to deal with it.  Their approach is shut up, they explained.  And the apparent way to do so is to claim that to even hint that Obama might have received affirmative action is racist.

So when Trump said that Obama “undoubtedly benefited from affirmative action” in his academic career, that was supposedly racist in the eyes of Chris Matthews and pals.

Oh, except Trump didn’t say that.  Obama did.  Which exposes just how silly all of this really is.

But then again, I have said before that Matthews’ real problem is that he himself is race-obsessed and he can’t imagine anyone thinking differently from him.

Of course in the end it’s all over a silly thing.  Yes, three years ago the press should have hectored Obama into releasing his transcript, but that was because we were trying at that point to estimate how good a president he would be.  Now we have seen how good a president he has been for the past couple years, and really, we don’t need to guess anymore.  A couple people criticized me for giving the birth certificate any attention at all, on the theory that we should focus solely on his work as president.  I will respectfully disagree when the subject is his constitutional eligibility to be president (noting again, I believe he is in fact constitutionally eligible).  But when the subject is about purely whether he should keep his job, it’s absolutely correct to say the most important information is what he has done on the job so far.  Seriously, unless he took a course in college called “How to Win the Presidency and then Drive America into the Ground in Eight Years” I doubt anything in his transcripts will be particularly relevant.

Then again, if he did take that course it would explain a lot.

[Posted and authored by Aaron Worthing.]

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  1. Speaking as someone with enough Cherokee blood (full-blodded grandma) to have qualified for set-asides and such if I had chosen to (but chose instead to leave those for the truly needy) I was never insulted when watching the Washington Redskins.

    Except, you know, when they laid down like choking dogs!

    Chris Tingle and Clarence need to get a clue. I hope they realize just how badly they pwn3d themselves during this segment. I hope someone ripped a copy, in case it’s flushed down the good ol’ memory hole; in the usual and customary fashion.

    PS: as a Yale guy, you may have heard this, but here goes: You can always tell a Harvard man; but not much :)

    My Regards

    Bob Reed (5f2db5)

  2. NY wants to ban guns again so people cannot get their hands on guns…….And when they do get their hands on guns despite guns being banned they will make owning a gun a captial offense.

    Chris Matthews is a bigot and a marxist cur.

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  3. Of COURSE he got in on affirmative action.

    Of COURSE he was a bad student.

    Graduating magna cum laude and being the editor of the Harvard Law Review PROVES it!

    Conservatives are going to look pretty damned stupid – yet again – when Obama finally relents to the freakin’ crazies after another two years of harpyism, and releases his transcript which will – I’m going to go WAY out on a limb here – show he actually got good grades.

    May I offer the advice to drop this and avoid looking like crazed idiots AGAIN.

    JEA (19ab90)

  4. I’m pretty sure Obama did not take any courses in Economics.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  5. daley

    well, let’s say he did. wouldn’t that be an indictment of their crappy course, then?

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  6. “MATTHEWS: … and Harvard Law and to Columbia, that he didn‘t really deserve to get in. You would never say that about a white person.”

    Lefties are pathological liars.

    So, what else is new?

    Dave Surls (f3769c)

  7. I’m pretty sure Obama’s white half did not take any courses in economics.

    Fixed it for you so Chrissy Matthews doesn’t get an air embolism.

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  8. I love how leftys are against affirmative action for whites.

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  9. “I must say, however, that as someone who has undoubtedly benefited from affirmative action programs during my academic career, and as someone who may have benefited from the Law Review’s affirmative action policy when I was selected to join the Review last year, I have not personally felt stigmatized either within the broader law school community or as a staff member of the Review.”

    Barack Obama
    Harvard Law Record
    Volume 91, Number 7 (November 16, 1990)

    From his own pen.

    retire05 (2d538e)

  10. “Chris Matthews is a bigot and a marxist cur.”

    Hey, thanks a lot.

    My dog saw that, and now his feeling are hurt.

    Dave Surls (f3769c)

  11. Dave

    he only insulted marxist dogs, not dogs generally. and i have seen them…

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  12. Crissy Tingle only has a passing acquaintance with rational thought.

    JD (849328)

  13. The main problem, of course, is that affirmative action based on race, in nearly all its forms, discriminates against others on account of their race. The 14th amendment and anti-discrimination laws bar that! But it still goes on, even at Harvard.

    The other point is that people like Chris Matthews and Al Sharpton, et al, believe AA is a universal good, then why are they embarrassed to say that Obama benefited from it? If anything, they should be cheering that fact. Lowering standards because of race got Obama into Columbia and Harvard and the Senate and the White House. They should be saying “Look, Affirmative Action works!” But they aren’t and can’t, because at the end of the day, Obama has been an abysmal failure as President and that shows the folly of affirmative action – using race as a substitute for qualifications and merit – lowering standards results in lesser quality. We’re all worse off because Obama hasn’t been tested. He wasn’t ready for the task. He wasn’t qualified to be president and his incompetence since Day 1 has been evident.

    That’s why affirmative action needs to go. It doesn’t help otherwise qualified people get opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t. It elevates unqualified people to positions they wouldn’t otherwise obtain based on merit and abilities – whether it be a firefighter or president.

    Real American (0ed0f6)

  14. Not a single one of them realized that they directly contradicted what they just said, and what the left did from before the time Bush took office.

    JD (849328)

  15. Well said, Real American, ya nailed it.

    ropelight (cc6777)

  16. Obama, in his own words, admitted he had benefitted from affirmative action all through his “academic career” and when being selected for the HLR. You have to wonder if people like Matthews just run their mouths before they ever put their brains into gear.

    Affirmative action was never designed to be fair, or to treat all people equally. It was designed to tilt the playing field toward minorities, even at the expense of non-minority students who might be more deserving due to merit. But now, will that backfire in the race baiters faces as our national demographic changes? Are white students, now the minority in Texas, considered eligible for affirmative action due to their minority position?

    Affirmative action needs to go. There is no place for race preferences in our nation, no matter what your skin tone may be. If you have the grades, if you hold the GPA, that is all a university needs to know, not the color of your skin. If you can’t ask a person’s race on a job application, why is it legal to do so on an application for university placement? Instead, we see organizations like the Denver Fire Department lower applicant test score requirements for blacks and hispanics.

    There is no such thing as “reverse” discrimination. Discrimination is discrimination and when you give extra credit to someone just because of their skin tone, you have discriminated against someone else, because of their skin tone.

    retire05 (2d538e)

  17. Just like how the left has a problem wit JDL terrorist attacks[understandable[ but doesn’t call out muslim terrorists.

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  18. Let me be clear……..If chris matthews were on fire I would not cross the street to go piss on him.

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  19. I’d piss on him I think.

    happyfeet (a55ba0)

  20. Chris Matthews looks like the love child of LGF’s Chuckie Manboobs and Helen Thomas.

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  21. I wouldn’t pee on him. When I got out of the Navy I swore I wouldn’t stand in line for anyone.

    Punslinger (7b10c7)

  22. The second stupidest guy on MSNBC.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  23. “I wouldn’t pee on him.”

    Punslinger – I would definitely pee on him, but not if he was on fire. There are limits.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  24. Didn’t the media disect, bisect, circumulate George Bush? Didn’t they interview everyone in the national guard? Didn’t they check our his cleaners for spots?

    The media has something to hide in Obama’s closets and drawers

    Mitch Rapp (d6ef8d)

  25. Comment by Real American — 4/29/2011 @ 2:42 pm

    They should be saying “Look, Affirmative Action works!” But they aren’t and can’t, because at the end of the day, Obama has been an abysmal failure as President and that shows the folly of affirmative action – using race as a substitute for qualifications and merit – lowering standards results in lesser quality.

    Very good points.

    If they were truly confident in their belief that affirmative action is a good and beneficial practice, then why not tout it’s greatest success – the President of the United States? It would be the natural response, it would be the default position of its endorsers. And yet they don’t.

    However, I don’t believe the reason they don’t is because President Obama is an abysmal failure, but rather its because that even they themselves in their gut *know*, the system is unfair and biased, and by its very own definition, discriminatory. They are not really convinced. And they know it. But they don’t want us to know it.

    Dana (4eca6e)

  26. Okay. I’d pee on him if there was no long line in front of me.

    Punslinger (7b10c7)

  27. ________________________________________

    Chris Matthews sees racism in all of this.

    And if Obama were a staunch conservative, or perhaps even a true centrist, Matthews would shrug off any and all challenges and skepticism directed at such a person, or, worse of all, mutter under his breath “sell-out,” “Uncle Tom!!, Oreo!”

    Mark (411533)

  28. _________________________________________

    Affirmative action was never designed to be fair, or to treat all people equally.

    What’s interesting and ironic is that Obama has turned a facet of modern culture and politics on its head. I’m referring to those social biases — and I’m willing to admit they still exist in segments of our society today — that are evident when two people are competing for the same job. Two people who are both equally talented and qualified, but in which one is white, one is black. Generally (and historically) the white candidate has had a built-in advantage. Hence, the concept that a so-called minority has to be not just as good as his white counterpart, he (or she) has to be better.

    Obviously this is not as true in 2011 as it was, say, 50 years ago, and it’s certainly not applicable in the context of a setting where affirmative-action concepts are honored and enforced.

    So when it came to Obama in 2008, he entered the race for the White House with one of the, if not THE, most ultra-liberal, shabby or marginal backgrounds of any person in the history of the US. But he was given a million passes — and a thousand benefits of the doubt — by enough voters to enable him to grab the brass ring over 2 years ago.

    Mark (411533)

  29. I’m confident I could just hold it til the flames died down all by themselves.

    happyfeet (760ba3)

  30. According to Chris Matthews, Barack Obama is racist, because he says that he benefitted academically from affirmative action.

    Why does Chris Matthews want a racist in the White House?

    malclave (1db6c5)

  31. “I’d pee on him if there was no long line in front of me.”

    Anchors Away!

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  32. I believe the bin laden family had a lot to do with Obama’s schooling.

    There was a large gift given to Harvard law school after Obama graduated and I think it was in appreciation for letting Obama go there. They opened an Islamic studies wing, or something.

    If you find Obama’s writings from his Harvard days, they will likely have to do with Shariah law and its positive compatibility with the Constitution and with socialism.

    j curtis (f70a41)

  33. Ok, that’s jumping the shark, the best conjecture is that Thomas Ayers, Bill’s late father, or Khalid Mansour, a money manager for the Saudi Royal family may
    have been involved.

    Ira Einhorn (79ddc3)

  34. Chris Mathhews’s mommy is so stupid the orange juice said concentrate and she did.

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  35. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has been called many things…yet there is one common statement about him that is undeniably true. This is that the justice is a classic beneficiary of affirmative action.

    The most important post in the United States held by a person selected under affirmative action is unquestionably the Supreme Court seat held by Clarence Thomas.

    Yet Thomas continues to deny he is a beneficiary in any way of racial preferences.

    The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education Publish date:April 1, 2007

    Let’s see if I’ve got this straight. If you’re a white conservative, you’re a racist if you don’t support racial preferences. You’re a racist if you dare say that someone of a particular race intended to benifit from such a system actually benefited from racial preferences. You’re a racist if you take Obama’s word that he benefited from racial preferences.

    If you’re a black conservative, you’re a hypocrite if you don’t admit you benefited from racial preferences.

    Lefties are pathological liars, yes. But they are masters of cognitive dissonance. They really can believe all the above at one time.

    But then, as we’ve seen from Obama’s foreign, economic, and energy policies, they don’t feel obligated to make sense in the real world.

    Steve (95c09f)

  36. By the way, the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education didn’t publish that as an April Fool’s joke, despite the date. They take themselves way to seriously for that. But you can find the some sort of crap written about Justice Thomas written all year long, if you doubt me.

    Steve (95c09f)

  37. I dvr “Hardballs” religiously waiting for the day the Leg Tingler throws an embo “Live!!”. Best part is how he constantly interrupts everyone, even his 99% liberal guests. Remember during the Watergate “25th Anniversary Special” when he had G. Gordon Liddy on, and kept “correcting” Liddy on various details that even the most casual Watergate afficianado knew were wrong (Liddy was arrested in the burglary, etc etc) I swear Liddy was seconds from strangling Chrissy on national TV.
    I mean MSNBC.


    Frank Drackman (da969f)

  38. Oh yeah, the last segment of Fridays “Hardballs” was an interview/plug with(one of) JFK Jrs Girlfriends
    Who? you remember JFK Jr? who tried to fly VFR in instrument conditions and crashed a mere $20 cab ride away from where Mary Jo Kopechne Asphyxiated(NOT drowned, there’s a difference)killing himself and his wife, who looked like a classier Paris Hilton…
    Chrissy was really in his element, fairly ejaculating at his recollections of how classy JFK Jr was, and, and, and
    I had to stop, and switch to something less disgusting, like some beastiality porn…


    Frank Drackman (da969f)

  39. How did W get into Yale? And surely his grades alone didn’t merit the Harvard admission, either. Does he admit, in his memoir, that he got in as a “legacy” admission?
    In theory, I think affirmative action programs should be reformed and replaced with something better and fairer to all concerned. But in practice, before we can even discuss reforming affirmative action, we need to eliminate all “legacy” admissions along with all programs to admit members of donor families and every single other form of discrimination that gives an edge to anyone other than those who score highest on standardized tests.
    I have to wonder why people would even bother to complain about affirmative action when there are so many other programs out there benefiting wealthy, well-connected whites. Eliminate those first, then come after affirmative action.

    Big Median (2b1825)

  40. Hey, didn’t we get W’s SAT scores? Can we get Obama’s?

    Yes, we can!

    Simon Jester (3033da)

  41. Hey, Metamucil, I like your strategy. So before you criticize the right, please clean up the left. Like the union thugs in Madison. Okay? Troll.

    Simon Jester (8ab3af)

  42. Thomas’s opinions, like his dissent on Boumedienne, are top knotch, yes he hires very good clerks, Yoo, Ingraham et al, but they are at the top of their game, Obama by contrast, makes small mistakes, which
    are forgivable and large ones, that show he has no understanding of what he is talking about,

    narciso (79ddc3)

  43. Once again, we see the left’s selective hypocrisy.

    If, as leftists insist, that affirmative action is a necessary requisite to counterbalance centuries of racicism against blacks/minorities, then how can it be racist to identify someone as a beneficiary of affirmative action?

    Let’s distill that: Racism is racist and benefitting from anti-racist policies is ALSO racist?

    No wonder you can’t have an intelligent conversation with a liberal!

    T (a0581d)

  44. “we need to eliminate all “legacy” admissions along with all programs to admit members of donor families and every single other form of discrimination that gives an edge to anyone other than those who score highest on standardized tests.”

    Big Median – Can you explain how the legacy admission process works and why we need to get rid of it in favor of a purely numerical based system?

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  45. Daleyrocks – hush. It is because of the racisms. Big MFM median is obsessed with calling people racists.

    JD (318f81)

  46. I’m also curious about the numbers of “legacy admissions,” nation wide, versus “affirmative action admissions,” nation wide.

    I’ll bet those numbers are very, very hard to get.

    Simon Jester (3033da)

  47. I am curious exactly what Big Median thinks he knows about legacy admissions.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  48. Big MFM median does not even realize that he/she/it is doing exactly what Crissy Tingle said the Left would never do. fact is, big MFM median is a race-baiting huckster. Take the race card away from it, and it has nothing.

    JD (318f81)

  49. Daleyrocks – it is still blaming legacy admissions for it not getting into Southeastern Massacheusetts States A&M Community College extension.

    JD (318f81)

  50. JD – Does pond scum have a legacy?

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  51. Were those tornadoes caused by racism too Big Shite?

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  52. _____________________________________________

    The following is a tribute to the member of the MSM who got a tingle down his leg over Jeremiah Wright’s close buddy, the guy now in the Oval Office…

    AP: [San Francisco Chronicle editor Ward Bushee] added that the [White House] officials, whom Bushee did not name, threatened to freeze out Chronicle and other Hearst Newspaper chain reporters if they reported on the threat against [reporter Carla] Marinucci [to bar her from media pool coverage of Obama].

    America jumped the shark back in November 2008.

    Mark (411533)

  53. Hey, Daley:

    Notice that the Washington Post got all those records. I wonder how?

    Anyway, I wonder how the current POTUS scored on the SAT? Remembering that GWB’s score was before it was “recentered” (they keep inflating the scores, truly).

    So…the press *had* to know before, and we all kept hearing how “stupid” GWB was. So why aren’t they interested in BHO’s SATs?

    I’ll tell you why: I don’t think his are higher (again, watch the recentering) than GWB’s. I think that the MSM knows it, and is sitting on it.

    Because it doesn’t fit Teh Narrative. Sort of like that “first class temperament” nonsense.

    Simon Jester (3033da)

  54. We found out the George W. Bush had a slightly higher grade point average at Yale than John Kerry. But that didn’t stop the Bush bashers.

    We probably will learn that Obama had bad grades too because he spent a lot of time chasing women and getting high.

    Everyone knows how he got into those colleges: as a foreign student.

    Arizona Bob (aa856e)

  55. Pretty much the question of Obama’s foreign birth has been settled. But the recent publication of INS records of his father belie the “love” story Obama had repeated time after time about his parents.

    His father, while in the U.S. seemed pretty much the same rounder that he was in Kenya. The FOIA docs also show that Immigration was aware a) Obama, Sr. had another wife in Kenya b) he was married to one Stanley Ann Dunham c) the child was born on 8-4-61 d) the mother of the child was living with her parents and the “subject” (Obama,Sr.) was living at another address. The memo that describes these things was written August 31, 1961.

    What else the documents reveal is that Obama, Sr. was basically booted out of the country because Immigration, at the recommendation of Harvard, refused to renew his visa. Even a maximum date, August 8, 1961 (just four days after Barry’s birth), for his departure is listed in these documents.

    links for you:

    Like most of Obama’s life, it was not what he seemed. Basically, Obama took facts about his life and twisted them to make a pretty tale. His parent’s love, yada, yada, yada.

    But the documents also bring up other questions: was Obama’s parents legally married since Immigration knew of a Kenyan wife? Did Obama, Sr. know that he was to deport by August 8th, 1961 when he and Stanley Ann married in February of 1961? Why did they never live together? Was the reason for their marriage to try to block Obama, Sr.’s deportation?

    It appears Stanley Ann needed a baby daddy and Obama, Sr. needed help in trying to prevent deportation. But I won’t go there, no, I won’t go there.

    retire05 (2d538e)

  56. Gee, what were the odds that JEA & Big Median would both miss the point?

    As for pissing on Chrissie Leg-Tingle — sure. But what does him being on fire have to do with it?

    Icy Texan (37fb48)

  57. re: post #57

    arizona Bob
    found something haiku have in
    common with Barack

    ColonelHaiku (cdd0f9)

  58. Liberalism is not really all about liberty.

    The left has hijacked the word.

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  59. Can’t believe noone else has picked up on this buttttttttt…………
    OBAMA’S MOM WAS NAMED “STANLEY”?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    What the Eff is up with that?
    Its sort of like “A Boy named Sue” except it’s his Mom and she’s named “Stanley”


    Frank Drackman (da969f)

  60. retire

    i don’t care if Obama’s dad married his mom for citizenship.

    the sins of the father are not the son’s.

    Aaron Worthing (73a7ea)

  61. Barack Obama
    senior’s wife StanleyAnn look
    like Eddie Munster

    ColonelHaiku (cdd0f9)

  62. Clarence Thomas is a beneficiary of affirmative action?

    Why say that? Just because he’s black? He’s one of, if not the, greatest Judges in American history. And I’d say that if he were Hispanic, Egyptian, or Irish.

    He’s really great. The democrats hate him for reasons that clearly go far, far beyond ideology or his decisions, but because he’s black. I’ve never seen a black person attacked on racial grounds as much as Clarence Thomas has been. Obama’s taken less than 1 percent as much racism.

    Can’t you lefties just act like Thomas’s race doesn’t matter? Why should it? What horrible thing happens if we treat him based on the considerable content of his character?

    Interestingly, whenever it’s time to celebrate ‘black history’ or honor great black accomplishments, lefties instantly forget Clarence Thomas’s race. That’s the only time, though. No, lefties: Justice Thomas doesn’t owe you thanks for affirmative action. He doesn’t owe you anything other than faithfulness to the limitations placed on the US Government via a strict reading of the law. Every other Justice on the bench falls short of Thomas’s standards from time to time, some all the time.

    I wish we could appoint thousands of Clarence Thomases to benches in courtrooms everywhere.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  63. I’m more tired of hearing about the Law Review Editor stuff than the admission stuff.

    What is never fully discussed is that Obama became Editor of Harvard Law Review AFTER the selection process was changed, and the selection of Editor was made by the vote of all the other editors.

    So, when he was named Editor, it wasn’t necessarily a mark of academic achievement, it was a mark of popularity. And, it wasn’t lost on everyone that he would be the first AA Editor of the Harvard Law Review.

    shipwreckedcrew (436eab)

  64. That is racist, shipwrecked.

    JD (318f81)

  65. dustin

    i wouldn’t call thomas one of the greatest. but he is pretty good. And he is underappreciated bluntly because he is black. there are no two ways about it

    look, to be fair, he was appointed to replace the first black justice, which tainted the nomination because, well, come on what are the chances? obviously Bush Sr. wanted a black guy.

    But the reality was that he deserved the job, and he was a great choice. in a race neutral world he would have been on the short list anyway.

    Aaron Worthing (73a7ea)

  66. I guess Yale does not count for purpose of this silly discussion??

    B/C they told us all day long that he got in b/c grand-daddy and pappy got him in.

    Torquemada (fccc6f)

  67. He = GWB

    Torquemada (fccc6f)

  68. before we can even discuss reforming affirmative action, we need to eliminate all “legacy” admissions along with all programs to admit members of donor families and every single other form of discrimination that gives an edge to anyone other than those who score highest on standardized tests.

    Um, why? Can you explain why on earth a university should make room for a few more smart kids by booting the kids of the people who are paying for the whole shebang? And if they did this, do you expect the donations to keep coming anyway? Why?

    Oh, and do you also think state universities should no longer give preference to residents of their own state? Because after all, why should a local kid have more of a claim to go there than someone from the other side of the country or the world? Let the local kid get on a plane and go to where the first kid came from! That makes sense.

    Milhouse (ea66e3)

  69. Milhouse – that clown does not understand the process. He/she/it just want to scream RACIST at everyone.

    JD (29e1cd)

  70. It plays more into the saying, if you live in a glass house, don’t throw stones.

    The Emperor (b45a1d)

  71. But that doesn’t get y’all off the hook. Racists!! :)

    The Emperor (eb7dd2)

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