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Megyn Kelly: “I Would Be Smaller, But I Have Another Human Being Developing Inside Me.”

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[Guest post by Aaron Worthing; if you have tips, please send them here.  Or by Twitter @AaronWorthing.]

Hey, we can’t always be serious, but a pregnant Megyn Kelly vents on the five things you should never say to a pregnant woman…

I think all of that is pretty good, but I would bump them all down a notch and announce a different top rule: never ever ask a woman if she is pregnant, unless you already know she is. Ask a friend or a colleague first. I don’t care if you are 99% sure, do you want to even have a 1% chance of the answer being, “no, jerk, I am just overweight. Thanks for reminding me.”

Then again some people are curiously indifferent to danger:

Oh, and probably somewhere on the list is not to be anything like these losers:

Yikes, I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Hat tips to Hot Air and The Blaze.

[Posted and authored by Aaron Worthing.]

16 Responses to “Megyn Kelly: “I Would Be Smaller, But I Have Another Human Being Developing Inside Me.””

  1. Obama would not want her punished with that baby……….is there anything nastier than Obama?

    DohBiden (984d23)

  2. Also avoid comparatives for about 20 months

    EricPWJohnson (8ffef6)

  3. Take Dave Barry’s advice: you should never assume a woman is pregnant unless there is a baby coming out of her body RIGHT NOW.

    Ty (90c464)

  4. “Cray” follows the Yelverton school of linking and idiocy.

    JD (3ee1ee)

  5. Of course, Ms. Kelly does look great. Thanks for posting the video, Aaron, and good luck to Ms. Kelly and her hubby on their new arrival.

    Beldar (cd529f)

  6. How many times does Willie the racist plagiarizing hilljack Yelverton have to get banned?

    If you have not read Michael “I heart lard” moore’s twitter feed the last couple days, you are truly missing out.

    JD (3ee1ee)

  7. Raise willie’s taxes to pay for education in NJ if he lives there.

    DohBiden (984d23)

  8. OK — that last video made me throw up in my mouth, too. What a bunch of leftist twaddle.

    Dave N. (95c784)

  9. It is usually safer not to speak to a pregnant woman unless spoken to first.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  10. AT one point, when I was working for LR Nelson, there was a marketing gal. She and her husband ended up getting her “in a family way”. She was several months along when she told the office – she was starting to just barely show. My dad wasn’t around when she did this.

    Being the horrible person that I am, I took her aside and got her to sign on to my plan.

    Later, after dad had heard “Amy’s pregnant” around the office, he went to go congratulate her. Like a seasoned performer, her eyes teared up, and she said “Why are people saying that? I put on a little weight, and everyone has to talk about it…”

    The look on my father’s face was one of slowly growing horror. You could hear the voice in his head shouting “RUN! Jump out a window and FLEE you fool!!”

    And then she started to laugh, I started to laugh, dad looked at me a few doors down, looked at her, and hated us both for a couple of hours…

    Scott Jacobs (d027b8)

  11. And as for the “Dear Women” video…

    Seriously, I don’t think they are at any risk of over-exerting their masculinity.

    Also, pretty sure they are actually interested in “being” with a woman. Maybe in being a woman, but not being with one…

    Scott Jacobs (d027b8)

  12. I have the utmost respect for anyone who could make it through the whole “Dear Woman” video….I only made it 30 seconds into the video and I was ready to go get my gun to put these two twits out of my misery.

    PRM (310ebf)

  13. Oh, and before anyone has a cow over the gun reference…where I come from it’s humane to put suffering creatures down.

    PRM (310ebf)

  14. Megyn Rawks.

    That Dear Woman video is so deeply insulting to this woman I can’t take it. I couldn’t watch more than 1 minute of it. Yeck!

    Vivian Louise (bcd4a5)

  15. Forget the Dear Women video, that cobra cleaner had my mouth ready to catch flies. I cannot believe the way he was hurling those things around.

    That Harrison Ford guy is full of shit!

    JohnW (9f8fea)

  16. Cobra video: Ho-hum until he picks up a cobra that is fully “hooded” and momentarily looks at it as if to say “well, ya gonna bite or what? – yeah, thought so!” and then tosses it aside! I was like, “Whoah!”

    Dear women video:I made it to 41 seconds. I felt like the astronauts that were placed in a rapidly heated chamber used to gauge the extremes of human tolerance to heat. “Get me outa here!”

    Felipe (d37996)

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