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Sockpuppet Friday—The Diceman Edition!

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[Guest post by Aaron Worthing; if you have tips, please send them here.  Or by Twitter @AaronWorthing.]

As usual, you are positively encouraged to engage in sock puppetry in this thread. The usual rules apply.

Please, be sure to switch back to your regular handle when commenting on other threads. I have made that mistake myself, a lot.

And remember: the worst sin you can commit on this thread is not being funny.


And for a little Friday frivolity, we have this clip from the New York Post where they find Andrew Dice Clay, try to get him to talk about Gilbert Gotfired Gottfried getting fired by Aflac because of some jokes on twitter.  But Clay doesn’t seem very interested in that, and instead breaks off into a rant on Charlie Sheen.  There is no language warning, here, because all of it is bleeped out anyway, so that by the end you think it might be Morse code.  Sure, his Foul Fonzie act was old more than a decade ago, and he’s just saying what everyone’s thinking, with extra curse words, but it’s still funny and cathartic, imho:

And if the youtube stops working, go to this link.

Exit question: what is with the eye patch?

[Posted and authored by Aaron Worthing.]

31 Responses to “Sockpuppet Friday—The Diceman Edition!”

  1. C’mon Aflac! I promise not to tell any more Tsunami jokes on the twitter!

    Gilbert Gotfired (e7d72e)

  2. The eyepatch? It’s a metaphor for my intentionalist OUTLAW philosophy.

    Plus wrestling. It doesn’t have anything to do with the eye patch. I just wanted to mention that I like wrestling.

    Jeff Goldstine (46d461)

  3. You right-wing conspirators are trying to silence me.

    An unemployed dishwasher (a2a019)

  4. Yessum … nuttin’ mo sad … than a comic … bein sear’yus. And b’fo y’all stawt cappin on Dice … bbbb-real … he wuzz da foyst (yes he was). To plant dee o’feeshul anti-politically correct flag, and proudly fly it (credit where due).

    Charlie an’ crack? Well, I spent five (mebbe six) years sookin da devil’s deek [back in the day (what fun)]. I gibb Chawly maybe no mo than a few months … tops (if’n that). Before he makes his final exit [floppin around, doin the fish (ala River Phoenix [quite something to see if’n ya never])].

    Any media/tv/radio program wit Charly on board … just snuff television. An if you visit his site … he be puhroud .. to tell ya. Foh ev’ry ticket sold to VToT (Violent Torpedo of Truth), Charlie’s gunna give the Japanese, one, whole, entire dollah (which should still leave him enough for three or four eightballs a day).

    P.S. Where do I text my vote? (for Charlie’s Nobel Prize).

    To be ... or not tube (sock) (1e59af)

  5. Hey Barry, cease fire!


    Muamar Gaddafi/Qadaffi/Kaddafi (a2a157)

  6. Mr. Dice person is standing in front of a very spensive hair-straightening place next to the tasty pizza at 351 N. Canon Drive in Beverly Hills

    happyfeet (a55ba0)

  7. he’s just saying what everyone’s thinking, with extra curse words,

    Sort of why I always liked him…

    Scott Jacobs (d027b8)

  8. the worst sin you can commit on this thread is not being funny.

    Well, in my arrogant opinion, by including that Dice video, you may have committed the sin against the Holy Ghost.

    kishnevi (2fb3dd)

  9. “Hey, frendry co-worker– Why you grow in dark? You grow rike firefry.

    Japanese Nuclear Worker (848837)

  10. “Well, I am so relieved Gilbert got fired. I mean, all that yelling is just not in my nature.”

    Aflac duck (848837)

  11. ##!@$%!#^! you too, you f—ing duck!

    Gilbert Gottfreid (848837)

  12. Clay should tell us what he really thinks and stop candy coating everything.

    Arch (24f4f2)

  13. Experiencing death is so breathtaking you should try it sometime.

    MichaelJacksonsDoppleganger (984d23)

  14. Eye patch? Seriously?

    Torquemada (2a42d3)

  15. Dice, no youtube jerking off needed. Got the real merchandise. I’m WINNING!!!!!!

    Charlie Sheen (2a42d3)

  16. We just read “Helen Thomas” and “Playboy” in the same sentence. How do you clean vomit off a keyboard and monitor?

    all heterosexual men everywhere (a2a019)

  17. And how can we erase the last two minutes of our memory?

    all heterosexual men everywhere (a2a019)

  18. Leave it to Gilbert Gottfried to be annoying even in a medium where you can’t hear his voice.

    Aflac (4c6c0c)

  19. ahme: you can’t. You’ve gotta throw them away and buy new again. Just because they look clean doesn’t mean you won’t get a malodourous whiff now and then.

    Buy from on my site! (5a4fb2)

  20. Hey everyone, honest, we really, really were not intending to take and bury a contribution from a bunch of radical muslims. That taped evidence of such intension was us just fooling you.

    NPR Spokesperson (0cd6a2)

  21. A law, legally passed by the legislature, maybe void because of a violation of the open meeting law. I know the logic is stretched. I also understand that by suspending it until I get a chance to look at it, (give me a few months), the State cannot balance its budget and will have to lay off workers to preserve benefits non state employees don’t enjoy.

    Wisc Judge (0cd6a2)

  22. Do you think that Miss Thomas would make a good subject for Rule 5 Blogging?

    The Other McCain (5a4fb2)

  23. Yo Hillary,
    Remember, I set policy, (or lack thereof) and you carry it out. So quit trying to upstage me. You are just hot air, I hold the strings of power. You lost. (And that goes for your pussy chasing hounddog hubby as well).
    And by the way, you should consider taking up some of the wife’s menu suggestions. And get a better hair stylist.

    Obamaman (0cd6a2)

  24. I support state government unions and their right to strike adn negotiate outrageous salary and benefit packages. The federal government is a different story as I freeze fed govt wages by decree.

    Obamaman (0cd6a2)

  25. Hey gang, I have a great goof. It is so funny, I can hardly keep from falling on the floor laughing.
    Let’s name the rail station in Delaware that is millons over budget after Joe Biden.

    Amtrak Executive board (0cd6a2)

  26. Immanual Kant was a real pissant who was very rarely stable..
    (credit to the Monty Python group)

    Group at the intelletual bar on St. Patty' Days (0cd6a2)

  27. he’s lost a lot of weight btw good for him

    happyfeet (ab5779)

  28. Little Boy Blue….

    HE NEEDED THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Frank Drackman (550e6d)

  29. Well that schtick didn’t wear well.

    kansas (1fc602)

  30. What’s the story behind the eyepatch?

    George (d57b1d)

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