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More Women Sexually Assaulted in Tahrir Square

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[Guest post by Aaron Worthing; if you have tips, please send them here.]

I had previously mentioned the assault on Lara Logan and Angella Johnson on the night that Mubarak resigned.  As I wrote at the time “How many more women were attacked that night, but thought they were the only ones and therefore didn’t report it?”  We will probably never know the answer to that question, but we know that there were more yesterday:

A protest by hundreds of Egyptian women demanding equal rights and an end to sexual harassment turned violent Tuesday when crowds of men heckled and shoved the demonstrators, telling them to go home where they belong.

The women — some in headscarves and flowing robes, others in jeans — had marched to Cairo’s central Tahrir Square to celebrate International Women’s Day. But crowds of men soon outnumbered them and chased them out.

Tahrir Square was the epicenter of the protests that toppled President Hosni Mubarak last month after nearly 30 years in power. Women in Egypt had reported that Tahrir had been free of the groping and leering endemic in the country, but on Feb. 11, CBS correspondent Lara Logan was sexually assaulted and beaten on the final night of the 18-day revolt. The Associated Press does not name victims of sexual assault unless they agree to be identified.

At Tuesday’s march, men scolded protesters and said their concerns were not urgent in the aftermath of the uprising. When the women argued back, some were verbally abused or groped. Others were beaten and had to be ripped away from the groups of men.

It is heartening to read that for the most part the protesters were apparently less likely to grope and leer, compared to the general population, but it is also distressing to see this mob use sexualized violence in part of a campaign to terrorize women away from their rightful place as equal citizens.

H/T: Hot Air, which has some live tweets on the assaults.

[Posted and authored by Aaron Worthing.]

21 Responses to “More Women Sexually Assaulted in Tahrir Square”

  1. NoW will be on it in 5…4…3……

    johnnycab23513 (e15f0f)

  2. NoW will be on it in 5,000,000,000…4,999,999,999…4,999,999,998……

    Comment by johnnycab23513


    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  3. I refuse to believe that any society like those in the ME that respect and honor women would ever allow this to happen. This is something that would happen in a Christian country where a qualified, smart, telegenic ex-commodities trading genius is prevented from being president for a newbie senator who is best known for voting present. The Muslims that want to enforce sharia law are a tiny, tiny minority. Most Muslims just want to swim in co-ed pools and enter their daughters in beauty pageants so they can show off their ankles.

    And there are no tanks in Baghdad!! All is well!

    MU789 (14bc2b)

  4. MU

    Who is this?

    > a qualified, smart, telegenic ex-commodities trading genius is prevented from being president

    Romney? just curious.

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  5. “a qualified, smart, telegenic ex-commodities trading genius is prevented from being president”

    That would have been Hillary – who miraculously turned 1,000 into 100,000 with the “help” of a Clinton friend in 1978. Of course this friend shielded her account from losses and allowed it to grow as pay to the Clintons when it was obvious Bubba was going to be elected gov.

    The lamestream media actually used it as proof of what a genius she was as they covered for them on it.

    marke (c09ba5)

  6. May I suggest that some other issues are in fact more important?

    The two most important paragraphs from that link:

    Clashes that broke out when a Muslim mob attacked thousands of Christians protesting against the burning of a Cairo church killed at least 13 people and wounded about 140, security and hospital officials said Wednesday.
    In a separate incident, at least two people were wounded when rival crowds pelted each other with rocks at Cairo’s central Tahrir Square, the uprising’s epicenter, according to an Associated Press Television News cameraman at the scene. He said the violence pitted youths camping out at the square to press their demand for a complete break with the ousted regime and another group that is opposed to their continued presence at the square.

    kishnevi (60aae7)

  7. kish

    alot of awfulness all over. i would be lying if i said i and patrick covered every important issue of the day, or even covered the most important issues each day. picking what to post on is very idiosyncratic.

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  8. kishnevi – There are more women in Egypt than Coptic Christians, plus the violence against Coptic Christian is not a new story.

    daleyrocks (ae76ce)

  9. Liberals want to sexually assault conservative women. Remember the Playboy f*cklist, for example. Liberals and Islamists are down with totalitarianism. Islamists sexually assaulting women who don’t share their point of view should come as no surprise. Lack of opprobrium from U.S. feminists should also come as no surprise.

    daleyrocks (ae76ce)

  10. Daley

    gotta nitpick you on that playboy hate-f*ck list. saying you want to have sex with a woman is not saying you want to rape her. even if it is a “hate f*ck” it could just be, you know, angry sex. i could be wrong, but i don’t recall them saying anything that suggested rape.

    personally i found it refreshingly honest. it was very close to admitting that they hated them in part because they wanted them.

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  11. daleyrocks at 8 –

    …plus the violence against Coptic Christian is not a new story.

    To be fair niether is Muslim discrimination and violence against women.

    Have Blue (854a6e)

  12. A.W. – I recall it was a hate f*ck list, but I could be wrong. The verbal sexual assaults conservative women receive from liberals are common knowledge.

    daleyrocks (ae76ce)

  13. “To be fair niether is Muslim discrimination and violence against women.”

    Have Blue – I agree.

    daleyrocks (ae76ce)

  14. Sorry Aaron, I should have turned the snark tag on. Everything but the commodities trading genius was what I heard from liberal friends as qualifications for Hillary to be president and they were upset that Obama was unfairly taking away her rightful place in the White House.

    When I asked them about her astounding ability to earn incredible returns from commodity trading just by reading the Wall Street Journal, they said I was crazy.

    Of course my liberal friends also knock the U.S. because Pakistan has had a female leader while we keep electing knuckle-dragging men. They quickly condemn anything deemed anti-Muslim i.e. Ground Zero Mosque opponents. So I guess they are just fine with the modern Muslim attitudes toward women. I bet if women were attacked like this in Saudi Arabia, they would just tell the liberated females there to get in their cars and drive away.

    MU789 (14bc2b)

  15. The infantilism of liberals and Islamist make them two peas in a pod. The recognition that their ideas and philosophies do not work or do not gain universal acceptance fuels their anger.

    daleyrocks (ae76ce)

  16. Vegas just increased the odds of Jeffersonian Democracy arising in Egypt to 1 in a Trillion.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

    LibertyAtStake (22647b)

  17. As I wrote at the time “How many more women were attacked that night, but thought they were the only ones and therefore didn’t report it?”

    — And that’s how it works; right? Every woman that was attacked was waiting to hear that they weren’t the only one . . . knowing that they weren’t alone would bolster their confidence and give them the courage to report their own personal assault; right? DAMN that irresponsible CBS!!!

    It’s funny how we here in the Western Hemisphere are well aware that sexual harrassment of women occurs quite frequently in the Muslim world, but each woman herself might be under the impression that it only happened to her. Gee, if only these women would get together and talk to each other — you know, like during those countless hours each day when the men are off at work while the women are at home tending the chidren and keeping house? Perhaps some well-meaning, high-thinking samaritan should introduce the western concept of chatting across the backyard fence to these women.

    And yet, somehow(?), without the aid of having the prurient, lurid, graphic details of Lara Logan’s assault splashed across newspapers, tv screens & the Internets, these women managed to gather en masse and voice their discontent.

    Icy Texan (73021e)

  18. Multiculturalism is wonderfull and anybody who disagrees is a racist and islamophobe and your mother dresses you funny.

    dunce (b89258)

  19. Aaron, I don’t see much of anything to be “heartened” about in this post.

    Women, obediently wearing their cloth cages, were told to disappear by men and then were attacked and forced to disappear from the public arena.

    This is how islam treats women. Get it into your mind.

    Anonyma (e5eb3e)

  20. “Arab honor” – an oxymoron if there ever was one…

    what a crappy place to live – bad infrastructure, no jobs, and full of arabs.

    Californio (27d54f)

  21. Gee, that sounded bad – I meant, what a great culture – if you hate women, men and basic civilization – nothing to do with an ethnic group….. for the record.

    Californio (27d54f)

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