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Tim Rutten Needs to Learn How to Quote Accurately, 2

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It was just three days ago that we had the post titled Tim Rutten Needs to Learn How to Quote Accurately. How ironic.

Jeffrey Goldberg has the scoop, and you should read it all. Here is the key paragraph:

In other words, it seems as if Rutten lifted phrases from an obvious parody of O that was published on an English newspaper’s website, and then he attributed these lines to the author of the actual book. Then he excoriates the author not only for writing these “biased” lines, but for general ethical failure.

I notice Rutten’s last misquote has not been corrected. And there is another old outstanding error I pointed out that they never corrected.

Time for a lengthy e-mail to the Readers’ Rep.

Thanks to numerous readers.

13 Responses to “Tim Rutten Needs to Learn How to Quote Accurately, 2”

  1. Like Star Trek: the wrath of khan, like the dark knight, like the empire strikes back, this sequel does not suck. :-)

    Aaron Worthing (73a7ea)

  2. They will just ignore it, call it partisan sniping, and keep going about the business of dishonesty.

    JD (d4bbf1)

  3. Isn’t it funny? Quite independently several of us saw this Rutten story elsewhere and immediately, like Pavlov’s dogs, thought: PATTERICO!!!

    elissa (447ac7)

  4. One thing I have learned in life is that often the biggest a-holes in the world are usually pretty smart. I’ve also learned their anuses often outrun their brains in the race to prove how smart they are.

    Ag80 (efea1d)

  5. So Rutten did not read the book before writing his review? Nicely done, Tim.

    daleyrocks (ae76ce)

  6. That’s been my impression with all of his reviews

    narciso (bf58f6)

  7. At least he read the parody, daleyrocks.

    DRJ (fdd243)

  8. daley, he’s riding the Ana Marie Cox train – review a book but don’t feel obligated to actually read it.

    Dana (9f3823)

  9. I used to read Classic Comics for book reports.

    daleyrocks (ae76ce)

  10. ==So Rutten did not read the book before writing his review?==

    Hey, when you’ve got a narrative to weave and a destiny to fulfill—-who the heck needs facts?

    elissa (447ac7)

  11. Dana – Please don’t use the word train and Ana Marie Cox in the same sentence again.

    daleyrocks (ae76ce)

  12. Pinche mentiroso, what an ass. This is typical of left wing journalists, they are like left wing judges they make up stuff to benefit their agenda.

    mreastla (1a9921)

  13. It took me about a week or so to get the L.A. Times to correct that they misidentified me as a freelancer in an article about Pellicano. They were arguing with me even though I had Times Staff Writer byline. Seems a certain lawyer over there was trying to hide my true employment status from the Labor Board of California.

    Anita Busch (a025dd)

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