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Buy your Amazon stuff through the widget on the sidebar.

Supports the blog and doesn’t cost you a penny extra.

Can’t beat it!

19 Responses to “Amazon Widget”

  1. This blog post brought to you by Amazon.

    Yes, Amazon – When you’re just to f**king lazy to go to a god damn Wal-Mart to buy socks, think Amazon!

    Scott Jacobs (d027b8)

  2. They have it all, baby.

    Patterico (e4b7b4)

  3. What took you so long?

    Dana (8ba2fb)

  4. Btw, you can buy that book “An Army of Davids” on Amazon. So use the widget.


    i have been telling him to do this for months.

    Aaron Worthing (73a7ea)

  5. like anyone has a j*b any more…

    redc1c4 (fb8750)

  6. Yes I love Amazon when the Mayor of San Francisco
    stated that if we got rid of all the Illegal Aliens who would clean the toilets, I went there and sent him a toilet brush. When I was fed up with the Pork I sent one of my Senators a pack of Pork Rinds

    Both cost me a little over a dollar plus about three dollars shipping 😉

    Dan Kauffman (9a7fc3)

  7. I gave up on Amazon when they stopped accepting money orders. I don’t do credit/debit cards or electronic transfers. It’s cash or money order, or I don’t do business.

    Rusty Bill (ca7b34)

  8. You know all that loose change you have lying around that you’re too lazy to count, use, or take to the bank? Find a Coinstar machine near you, run ’em through there, and get the entire amount on an Amazon gift certificate. (If you got a voucher to redeem at the host establishment’s cashier, Coinstar would take something like a 7.5% cut.)

    Diffus (ac7ac2)

  9. Patterico

    I will remind you you can get an amazon search widget. does a similar thing. althouse has one.

    Aaron Worthing (73a7ea)

  10. Would it be impolitic to ask about the revenue that might be derived from this? Not your specific numbers (NOMB) but what the number would be if I, for example, purchased a $250 power tool or similar single item.

    Old Coot (a0cebb)

  11. Now that I look around, would it demonstrate too much stupidity if I asked where the widget is? I see a Paypal donate button, a credit card donate button, and a subscribe button; I see nothing relating to Amazon except the text in this post. I’m using Firefox; would that make a difference?

    Diffus (ac7ac2)

  12. Diffus, if you’re using adblock, click the red stop sign in the upper right of your browser, check ‘Disable on’, and it should turn into a green stop sign. Make sure that’s green on websites you wish to support with ad views.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  13. I think it’s 4 percent on power tools, Old Coot.

    Patterico (c1ce17)

  14. Dana,

    I think I was disabled from messing with the template for a long time. It was frustrating.

    Patterico (c1ce17)

  15. Do we collect travel points every time we use it, and so for 500 we get to go to dinner with the Chicago area readers; 1,000 Texas/SW/Mtn; and 2,000 out to LA to eat on P’s patio and look for rocket contrails??

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  16. Thanks, Dustin. That worked.

    Diffus (ac7ac2)

  17. Thanks for the answer; looks like a great way to help keep this ship sailing.

    Old Coot (a0cebb)

  18. I’m about to quibble, and not even in a useful way. This is pedantry, I warn you, and best of all: I still have my free membership in the “Amazon Associates” program, and in past years I’ve been paid very small but nontrivial sums through it based on stuff I’ve linked or recommended (mostly in book reviews) on my blog. All that said:

    TANSTAAFL is as true in these transactions as everywhere.

    Amazon has to raise its price points to cover what it pays “Amazon Associates.” It doesn’t cost any more to buy your power drill today through Patterico’s website than it would for you to go to directly and buy it there. But it does cost all Amazon customers, over time — in the sense that Amazon might have chosen to cancel the Associates program and instead apply those funds to reducing the prices it charges.

    But so, too, does all of Amazon’s other advertising and promotional activity. Amazon clearly believes that the rebates they pay to bloggers who steer them business are sufficiently cost-justified by the results they’re getting. I’m in no position (and lack the data) to even begin to second-guess that business judgment, but it’s not obviously irrational or unethical.

    Knowing this — and the basic structure (though not all of the pricing details) are obvious to anyone who checks Amazon’s website — you’re free to participate in transactions that benefit bloggers like Patterico (or Althouse or Instapundit or, in the past, me). You can’t opt for the “if there were no Amazon Associates theoretical price,” though, so if you’re just pissed off at the entire notion, then … yeah, go to Walmart. (Which also has a growing online presence, by the way.)

    Beldar (a4f461)

  19. Amazon has an amazing business model. Last year, I bought a lawnmower on Amazon. Better price than the same model sitting in Home Depot (who is losing my business for a variety reasons, price being the least of them)

    SPQR (26be8b)

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