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Sockpuppet Friday: The Steampunk Palin Edition!

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[Guest post by Aaron Worthing; if you have tips, please send them here.]

As usual, you are positively encouraged to engage in sock puppetry in this thread. The usual rules apply.

Please, be sure to switch back to your regular handle when commenting on other threads. I have made that mistake myself, a lot.

And remember: the worst sin you can commit on this thread is not being funny.


Also, for some random fun on a Friday, its about a week old, but the heck with it.  It’s Steampunk Palin.

And next to her is Robama (that is not a typo), and John McCain, who somehow has robot parts, too.  There’s also this:

Creepy? You betcha!

[Posted and authored by Aaron Worthing.]

53 Responses to “Sockpuppet Friday: The Steampunk Palin Edition!”

  1. What we need in this country are more brave governors like Frank Murkowski who are willing to prostitute themselves before the interests of Big Oil and sell out the constituents who elected them and betray the state constitution provisions covering the ownership of their natural resources. Crony capitalism is the only way to make this country thrive and making politicians rich in the process is the only way to achieve it. Reform is a four letter word.

    EricPWJohnston (e7bc4f)

  2. That woman is NOT aerodynamically sound…

    Hell, she’d beat herself unconscious if she jogged…

    Scott Jacobs (d027b8)

  3. Mr, Murkowski is some one we can do business with .

    dimitri medvedev (e888ae)

  4. What a set of….


    Bugg (9e308e)

  5. “Let me tell you something about Sarah Palin, man, she’s good masturbation material. Glasses and all that. Great masturbation material.”

    TracyMorgan (9e308e)

  6. You gotta say what you gotta say. I only tell it like it is.

    Tracy Morgan (29affb)

  7. I don’t have anything better to do, do I? I have nothing better to think or write about, do I? Am I really that childish and obsessed, or childlishly obsessed?

    I’ll bet if I look, somewhere, someone else on the Internet is wrong. I should look into it.

    How the hell do I keep a job?

    I’m quite the blog comment section philosopher. I’m unsure why I feel the need to remark with regard to any given blog article, but I know I’m sick of it. Enough, I say!

    Mom just got back from grocery shopping with a fresh bag of Cheetos, so I gotta go.

    Seriously Bent (e7577d)

  8. That bitch tried to kill me!

    Bigfoot (8096f2)

  9. If Palin hadn’t let her daughter get knocked up, apart from her not selling out to Big Oil, she’d be cruising right now. Bad bit of parenting right there. Have I told you about the spy cams and PI’s I used with my daughters?

    EricPWJohnston (e7bc4f)

  10. F#cking Tunisia!

    Hosni Mubarak (e7577d)

  11. Hosni – Islam is a peaceful religion. Take it from me, I know things. Don’t worry about the Muslim Brotherhood either. They’re a bunch of moderates. Just chill.

    EricPWJohnston (e7bc4f)

  12. The wonderful citizens of Tunisia sent me on a vacation.

    Ben Ali (e7577d)

  13. Hosni – Me again.

    All those people on the street throwing rocks and crap. Fughedaboutit.

    Rocks can’t hurt people.

    EricPWJohnston (e7bc4f)

  14. Talking about throwing rocks, on the other hand, is basically murder.


    EricPWJohnson (b6f9db)

  15. Hey, who’s horning in on my action? Stop threatening me, damnit!

    EricPWJohnston (e7bc4f)

  16. This is crazy.

    EricPWJohnson (b6f9db)

  17. I’m comfortable with that.

    EricPWJohnson (b6f9db)

  18. Can somebody tell me if my azz is showing AGAIN?


    EricPWJohnston (e7bc4f)

  19. Yup – looks like it is !

    EricAzzWJohnston (e7cb73)

  20. Of course I am on the side of the Muslims. They are my benefactors. When I’m not at my lakeside villa.

    EricPWJohnson (29affb)

  21. Hosni – You know who could help you out right now is that Sarah Palin woman, that is if she wasn’t so busy letting her kids get pregnant and taxing the crap out of oil companies.

    You Mid-East strongmen know how to treat oil companies right. Unlike some American politicians who call themselves reformers, you understand who is really in charge if you know what I mean. Shoot, you guys and Hugo hardly ever appropriate foreign assets any more these days. Just think about all that beautiful stuff in Switzerland if you ever get second thoughts.

    EricPWJohnston (e7bc4f)

  22. Hey, somebody check my forehead. Is that a mushroom bruise developing?

    EricPWJohnston (e7bc4f)

  23. Holy cow, I have to face her 22 months from now? I am just so dead meat!

    Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States (132cf8)

  24. I long for the day when a Presidential candidate will have measurements of 38DD-23-34. That was the hidden feminist point of all my movies.

    Russ Meyer's Ghost (4463d3)

  25. You want to see my birth certificate; cough up a C-note. And every penny collected goes to my 2012 reelection.

    B. Hussein Obama (29affb)

  26. If a briefcase of blow and five porn doesn’t give you a hernia, I don’t know what will!

    Charlie Sheen (e7577d)

  27. I’m white, native-born, brilliant, athletic, good-looking, and in perfect health. Plus, my IQ takes up about 1% of the area in my brain.

    SiliconDope (4c6c0c)

  28. I can take both sides of an argument, and provide equally ill-informed remarks on either one! Alfred E. Newtonditz, suuuuuper jeeeeenus!!!

    Newton.ditz (e7577d)

  29. I have better boobs than Sarah does! OMG she’s OLD,fer sure!

    Meghan McCain (848837)

  30. Citizenship, Shmitizenship. Dis is Chicago. You got a problem with that?

    Rahm Emanuel (848837)

  31. Sometimes I have trouble telling my TV series apart from my real life.

    Charlie Sheen (848837)

  32. @31

    So do I.

    Charlie Harper (4f3ec1)

  33. Three-fifths of a human being. Somebody’s a balloon head, and I think it’s me!

    Pissy Chrissy Mathews (e7577d)

  34. fap fap fap

    4chan (a3d259)

  35. Look at that bodacious set of Ta Tas

    Sid Worley (a3d259)

  36. We’ve got to stand with our North Korean allies- Mrs. Palin- very smart

    Kim Jong Iling (4af6f8)

  37. If those boobs were made of solid gold… how much would they be worth when the market opens on Monday?

    I read somewhere that they looked like they were filled with Knob Creek, but that’s just wrong.

    SteveG (cc5dc9)

  38. I can’t say I appreciate the cartoon. A little respect some of the time would be welcomed.

    Todd (3d3f72)

  39. Are you ready to turn your life inside out? Just reply to this text, and we’ll take care of the rest!

    Russian Cellphone (b78311)

  40. Those are sure some big boobies they gave her. And Robama looks like an early (rejected) C-3P0 character design.

    deepelemblues (a78b16)

  41. Did you hear me play the race card when explaining why we lost so many seats in the midterm election? *snicker* I’m a little stinker.

    Rep. Jim Moran (Dem - Va.) (868fad)

  42. Apparently the Doctor left a couple of her Borg implants in, too!

    Seven of Nine (132cf8)

  43. Where’s my long form?

    William Jefferson Blythe III (a3d259)

  44. I long for the day when a Presidential candidate will have measurements of 38DD-23-34. That was the hidden feminist point of all my movies.

    Lying bastard. You never had a woman that small in any of your movies in all your life.

    Roger Ebert (c9dcd8)

  45. MY ‘splody bits are in my hand…

    Paul Reubens (c9dcd8)

  46. My milky loads are all stirred up!

    Sully (868fad)

  47. Stroke me, stroke me!
    Give me the bizness all night long.

    happyhand (868fad)

  48. Maybe Bill wouldn’t be out whoring around if I had tits like those….


    Hillary C. (c9dcd8)

  49. > That woman is NOT aerodynamically sound…
    Hell, she’d beat herself unconscious if she jogged

    True, but she will never, ever drown…

    Blintznik The Life Preservation Expert (c9dcd8)

  50. I wonder if she’d be interested in a part in my upcoming sequel to “The Titanic”? At the very least, she could play The Raft.

    James "Whaleboner" Cameron (c9dcd8)

  51. [I’ve been very encouraged] to write comments here on [] and engage in sock puppetry [here in the comments section]. [With you].

    [It is a good thing that] The usual rules apply.

    [It’s always good to] to switch back to [my] regular handle when commenting on other threads.

    [I promise to do my best to] commit [to] not being funny.

    [I’m glad you’ve created this blog. It is a fun place.]

    [I promise to return early and often with more comments like mine]

    Thank you.

    Smock Puppet (c9dcd8)

  52. MY they grow ’em big in Alaska.

    Browser Snake (c9dcd8)

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