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Why Are They Doing This?

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It’s a rhetorical question, to be sure, that I pose at the end of the post below: why the fact-free blood libel, from the L.A. Times or any other lefty? Again, I won’t insult your intelligence by answering the question — but just to confirm that you’re on the right track, I commend to you these Quotes of the Day from Hot Air.

Every single one is about how the Republicans really need to tone it down — especially when seeking to repeal health care.

When they turn back to the health law Republicans will focus on moderating their tone, strategists said, in contrast with some lawmakers’ stronger language from last year’s campaign. . . . “‘Now you want to revisit all that?’ Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) told The Hill. ‘Having invested so much in distorting and exaggerating the rhetoric of healthcare reform, the opponents of reform now find themselves on the horns of a dilemma.’” . . . . “There is an unmistakable redbaiting quality to the ‘job-killing’ rhetoric, a throwback to the McCarthy era. . . . . “A good place to start a more civil dialog would be for my Republican colleagues in the House to change the name of the bill they have introduced to repeal health care reform. The bill, titled the ‘Repeal the Job Killing Health Care Law Act,’ was set to come up for a vote this week, but in the wake of Gabby’s shooting, it has been postponed at least until next week. Don’t get me wrong — I’m not suggesting that the name of that one piece of legislation somehow led to the horror of this weekend — but is it really necessary to put the word ‘killing’ in the title of a major piece of legislation?

Do you get it yet? Hear it, in your mind, as a sooooothing matriarchal voice.

Yes, we know you’re angry about the ObamaCare and all. But please. Let’s be civil.

Do it for Gabby Giffords.

There, there. Tone it down. Please, just shut up. There, there.

THAT’S why they’re doing it.

You knew that. This is just confirmation.

23 Responses to “Why Are They Doing This?”

  1. How pathetic you are.

    People died, and all you care about is ObamaCare – presumably because repealing it will kill even more people. Conservatives aren’t worth the content of a rat’s anus.

    Oplontis (0692b1)

  2. and you, being one, would know… spewer of hateful, inciting vitrol that you are.

    who are you planning on killing?

    redc1c4 (fb8750)

  3. People died, and all you care about is ObamaCare – presumably because repealing it will kill even more people.

    Um… what?

    People died… and those who were saved owe their lives largely to a health care system some want to protect.

    It’s important, OK? People were dying every day last year, when the democrats passed their laws. Did you call them pathetic? Life goes on.

    You really think it’s pathetic that we aren’t fixated, permanently, on a tragedy?

    The truth is that you wouldn’t be saying that if you agreed with the reform of repealing Obamacare. You actually just cited the deaths of these people as a reason to simply let Obamacare stay in place. This is clearly a different issue from the shootings. People who are tying them together are cold hearted and evil.

    No, we don’t want to “kill even more people”, Alan Grayson.

    Obamacare will be repealed by the House. I’m sure a lot of democrats will channel the Wellstone memorial and scream that they are fighting for Giffords. You idiots don’t realize this is going to blow up in your faces? The NYT and her fellow blood libelists don’t see that doubling down on this bet is going to backfire?

    Linking this shooting to Oplontis’s agenda of preserving Obamacare is wrong.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  4. Guys

    I took Oplontis’ comment as sarcasm, because if it wasn’t then the only reason Giffords is breathing today is because her vote to dismatle that system of world class leading edge evilly privately funded health care was still in place to save her life

    EricPWJohnson (d84fb0)

  5. eric

    i think you put this comment in the wrong thread.

    it is early, i will note.

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  6. I’m going to bring this up from another article, in case Patterico misses this:

    1). Jim is such a model of decorum, isn’t he? It’s hard to believe he’s the same guy who once told me: “Go back to your day job of being a low paid, low quality government employee, Patterico.”

    And yet he is.

    Comment by Patterico — 1/11/2011 @ 1:31 pm

    2). SPQR and Daleyrocks, my point was that the right did use the Virginia Tech killings for political reasons. It wasn’t concealed carry; it was the fact that the rules of most colleges prohibit college students from carrying guns on campus.

    Patterico, I forgot about that comment. Thanks for reminding me. If you don’t want me to continue to attempt to be a model of decorum, please let me know. I can change.

    [There is a reason your comments are evaluated for review before they are published. I really don’t give a good goddamn whether you want to be a model of decorum or not. However, posts that cross the line, as you have gleefully done in the past, will not get published. So if anyone should care whether you conform to basic standards of decency, it is you.

    I don’t care for myself, really, but someone who says shit like that about me might do it to someone else. So you get moderated.

    I point it out mainly to illustrate the hi-larious contrast between the high-minded civil guy you pretend to be, and the lowlife you actually are. — P]

    Comment by Jim [edited by Patterico] — 1/11/2011 @ 6:10 pm

    Can someone explain why my comment crosses the line, yet other comments stating people masturbate over corpses of 9 year old girls and using obscentities don’t? I don’t understand the rules.

    Jim (87e69d)

  7. Is this where our nation has come to? What does the left wing media think they are gaining with all the vitriol and hatred they are spewing toward those who are on the opposite of the political aisle?

    Where are the stories of those fallen? Or of the heroism of those who rushed to the aid of others? They are nonexistant, and instead we get blame, and a demonization of individuals, who exercise their First Amendment rights, along with millions of Americans who think their right “peaceably to assemble” is inalienable.

    I don’t understand. Really, I don’t. What I am seeing on the part of the liberal press is a redeux of the anti-war protests of the 60’s. People who are fomenting anger for anger’s sake. It doesn’t matter what the facts are, there is power to be gained here.

    While we dig into the background of a deranged shooter, perhaps we should dig into the background of those who provide him with a defense (insanity due to talk radio, etc) and ask what their agenda is because it obviously is no longer reporting the truth.

    retire05 (e0b7e7)

  8. Aaron

    YOU KNOW I DONT MAKE MISTAKES! You will be reincarnated as the unity/peace envoy to Mecca for CNN

    Take that Mr. Smarty pants! :)

    But seriously, I was addressing the Gee lets pass on passing heathcare reform because of what happened to Giffords – whose actually alive inspite of her vote instead of her vote

    Betcha she changes her mind about dismantling the worlds leading edge health care system when she gets released from the hospital.

    I blame Pelosi who nearly killed Giffords by allowing traige protocol in emergency rooms to replace the ever present die hard professionalism of ER Surgeons who fight every inch for their patients everyday

    but thats me

    EricPWJohnson (8a4ca7)

  9. Oplontis,

    Yes. We want to kill more people. What are you, Charles Johnson? Make no mistake: the politicization and exploitation if this shooting is being done by you and your ilk. I think you are actually happy the shooting happened.

    narciso: that is a great statement by Palin.

    Patterico (099569)

  10. retire05

    long time since LST – Fox has been replent with stories of the heros the families touched by this tragedy. They did a full court press on it yesterday and this moring are turning the focus back on the nations business as it should.

    Several Children were stabbed, or raped or killed in New Orleans, Chicago and Houston, in the past few days – lets all keep those children as dear to us as everyone – I know you all do already.

    EricPWJohnson (8a4ca7)

  11. “We don’t know all the answers yet, and I would caution against jumping to conclusions until we have all the facts.”

    –President Obama after the Ft. Hood massacre despite the shooter yelling Allah Akbar before doing it.

    Arizona Bob (e8af2b)

  12. There hasn’t nearly been enough, focusing more on meaningless conjecture, rather than facts

    narciso (6075d0)

  13. And what about the politicalization of the Virginia Tech shootings by the right who wanted to require public colleges to allow students to carry guns on campus?

    Jim (87e69d)

  14. This reminds me of the democraps’ perversion of Paul Wellstone’s funeral into an anti republican demagogic orgy. Democraps overall have no shame or conscience. They are truly sad specimens of inhumanity and incivility.

    eaglewingz08 (83b841)

  15. Democraps overall have no shame or conscience. They are truly sad specimens of inhumanity and incivility.

    One issue is that the people doing this are generally lazy thinkers. A few are smart in the ‘I say I’m smart all the time’ sense. Krugman, for example, who often seems to miss basic logic, and has really failed to influence people anymore.

    Because they are stupid, the badly miscalculate how stupid the country is. I think this is outrageous even though it’s going to be a albatross around the necks of those who did it for a long time, but indeed, this is already backfiring.

    They were idiots to think this kind of smear was going to be very effective. Yes, some kooks will never stop hating Palin or FNC for this ‘crime’ of theirs, but that just makes them less able to influence normal people.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  16. #10, EricPWJohnson, I understand what you are saying. But I continue to remain sick at my stomach at the hate speech coming out of the left for no other purpose than to attack those they disagree with politically.

    And while I have sympathy for the family of Gabby Gifford, and pray daily for her speedy recover, I think of the others that were murdered that day whose lives seem to hold less importance because Gifford was a “public servant.”

    Well, here are the names of some “public servants”:

    Shane Figuerosa, Phoenix Police Department

    Henry Canales, Houston Police Department

    Rodney Johnson, Houston Police Department

    Brian Terry, Border Patrol

    Each and everyone on that list was a “public servant” and were murdered by an illegal alien. When that happens, do we hear the left decry the Open Borders crowd, or those who support amnesty? Were those lives less important than a Congresswoman’s life? Did we hear calls for LaRaza, Lulac and the Atzlan bunch to “tone it down?”

    No one life holds more importance than another. The loss of those law enforcement officers was equally as tragic as the shooting of Congresswoman Gifford, except the killers of those officers were not crazed, deranged lunatics, they were sane criminals who should not have been in this country to begin with.

    If you want to see a list of the cost of illegal immigration Local 2544 of the Border Patrol links to this:

    Don’t expect the left to take this issue up. They won’t. And don’t expect the left to take up the issue of a radical Muslim killing 13 of my fellow Texans (you may not have been born in Texas, but once you come here, you are one of us). You won’t.

    We are a free society, and in order to remain a free society, there are costs. I do not diminish the deaths in Arizona. They were senseless. But I wonder, how different would we be as a nation if the headline read:


    No, we won’t because it doesn’t suit the agenda of the political left. And how many Americans know that the 4,000 number is ANNUALLY?

    So I will remain sick at my stomach knowing that what I am seeing today is nothing more than a repeat of the rhetoric that came out of the left leaning press during the violent 60’s.

    retire05 (e0b7e7)

  17. There, there. Tone it down. Please, just shut up. There, there.

    I fear this has a chance of succeeding, if not now then in the long run. The liberal thought police rule our educational institutions and thus the minds of our children and young adults, and this is the mindset they’ve been raised to believe in.

    DRJ (d43dcd)

  18. What do Leftists mean when they say that they want civil discourse? They mean that they should talk and everyone else should listen. No one is supposed to question or argue or disagree. The role of everyone who is not a liberal is to listen because they have nothing worthwhile to contribute. Mark Halperin said this in other words recently when he faulted conservatives for fighting back against the accusation that they were responsible for the Tuscon Massacre. He said that they should turn the other cheek–shut up and listen to their betters. This view of civil discourse is very similar to what peace meant to the communists and means to the Islamist–submit and do not resist.

    nohype (428b10)

  19. ABC clearly expects Sarah Palin to shut up and sit down while they smear her (via Ace):

    BOTTOM LINE: Sarah Palin, once again, has found a way to become part of the story. And she may well face further criticism for the timing and scope of her remarks.

    So the media and pundits blame Palin for the shooting, only to get upset and pile on when she responds? This is the epitome of hypocrisy.

    DRJ (d43dcd)

  20. DRJ – It is truly remarkable how brazen their hypocrisy and mendacity is.

    JD (228f15)

  21. How about this for an alternate timeline:

    Loughner was upset over the Democrat losses in the November election. He was fixated on Congresswoman Giffords because she was not voting exclusively with the Democrats. Excessively watching NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and MSNBC — especially Keith Olbermann — apparently filled him with such hate he went off the deep end and committed mass murder.*

    *I have just as much proof for these allegations as does the liberal machine and the mass media for theirs.

    navyvet (db5856)

  22. @22

    Don’t forget President Obama’s exhortation about “punishing your enemies”.

    malclave (4f3ec1)

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