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Good News: Environmentalists to Sell Global Warming with Sex, Messianism… and… Shut up and Listen to Them!

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[Guest post by Aaron Worthing; if you have tips, please send them here.]

Via Speigel (warning, a nsfw pic is involved) we learn that the environmentalists are concerned that we are no longer convinced of the threat of global warming Manbearpig:

World leaders recently negotiated a new climate agreement at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Cancun, Mexico, but public interest in the issue was limited. It was a marked contrast to the UN climate conference in Copenhagen in December 2009, which had been declared of historic importance in the runup to the meeting, only to then fail spectacularly. The theft of e-mails from the University of East Anglia had badly damaged the image of climate research shortly before the summit.

Environmentalists and scientists are concerned about the massive drop in public interest in the topic over the last year.

So to deal with this, they are going to appeals to science—not in the fake way they have for years.  No, instead, they will take in data in a transparent manner, make predictions and if those predictions turn out wrong, admit they were wrong and drop the subject.  They will prove their assertions rather than just screaming repeatedly “the science is settled!”

Ah, who are we kidding?  They can’t do that, because their predictions prove to be spectacularly wrong and not just once.  And as I have said over and over again, the damning thing isn’t that one guy got it wrong, but that no one said he was wrong except the people they are tarring as “deniers.”  If denying the existence of Manbearpig is so wrong, why do these guys keep being right?

So appeals to logic won’t work, so they are going to try to appeal to us by cheap Peta-style crap.  You know, because we hold Peta in such esteem.

More successful was a Greenpeace advertising spot that targeted the multinational food company Nestlé. Greenpeace wanted the video, in which a bar of chocolate turns out to be a gorilla’s bleeding finger, to be understood as a symbol of endangered rainforests, where harvesting palm oil for chocolate production encroaches on great apes’ habitats. After the video caused a considerable stir, Nestlé promised to stop using products that damaged rainforests.

And of course more appeals to logic:

Perhaps advertising’s most potent weapon can be harnessed for climate protection campaigns as well. One initial experiment showed an attractive female researcher posing in a bathing suit in front of Arctic ice. “Climate change is sexy,” was also the motto of several working groups at the Global Media Forum in Bonn.

So, um, is that anti-warming, or pro?  Because if it got cold up there, wouldn’t she have to put more clothes on?

And of course if that doesn’t work, well just hope for an environmental Jesus figure:

Just as Martin Luther King Jr. awakened the civil rights movement, the climate cause needs its own messiah, says environmental researcher Andreas Ernst from Kassel University. That messiah’s analogous message might run along the lines of, “I had a nightmare,” Ernst suggests. Al Gore, who won a Nobel Peace Prize for his film that jolted viewers out of their climate complacency, seemed to be successfully fulfilling this role for a while, but he has since all but disappeared from the public eye.

Which makes perfect sense because it’s a religion these days anyway—so of course they should have their messiah.

Or they can just go back to brow-beating anyone who disagrees:

Climate activists have begun directing millions in funding into training programs for environmental journalists, with the goal of encouraging what’s known as “advocacy journalism.” This type of reporting is “pretty much dead in Europe,” says Markus Lehmkuhl, a media expert at Berlin’s Free University. British science journalist Alexander Kirby warns that journalists who remain neutral on the issue could endanger the cause of climate protection, but many of his colleagues refuse to take sides.

You got that?  The environmentalists fear neutrality.  They fear a fair fight.

Or just try newspeak:

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change also wants a more careful use of language. The international body sent scientists a code of conduct concerning their interactions with journalists. Scientists should avoid using words such as “risk” and “uncertainty” in interviews, the letter read, to prevent misunderstandings — and to keep from doing the climate protection movement any further damage.

In other words don’t admit the validity of doubt.  Like true religious zealots.

Again, why should we limit our freedom and tank the economy based on what they say?

[Posted and authored by Aaron Worthing.]

27 Responses to “Good News: Environmentalists to Sell Global Warming with Sex, Messianism… and… Shut up and Listen to Them!”

  1. Uh-oh, newton.bits ain’t gonna like this post! Hey, he might be able to create a mindbomb with one of his comments!

    vote for pedro (e7577d)

  2. vote

    a mind suicide bomb?

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  3. What kind of a moron agrees to strip down for some Assange-clone hippie ‘for the environment’.

    Just hilarious seeing this field of naked morons who just fell for some pervert’s little scheme. I guess daddy would be very upset, right girls?

    The desperation seems to be advancing quickly, and more transparently dishonest. It’s the information age, and they can’t win anymore.

    At its heart, real environmentalism is efficiency, which doesn’t require naked people to sell because it = money.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  4. Well, if narciso’s link is correct (and of course it is), then the GOP doesn’t to worry that Obama will win reelection on the winds of an economic recovery.

    Sometimes I feel like a kook because I suspect Obama wants to destroy this country’s long term prosperity.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  5. The corruption of journalists and scientists on global warming is strikingly similar. Both are ideally supposed to be neutral dispensers of fact, but in practice many have become activists bent on persuading the public. The global warming-promoting journalists and scientists are simply getting their just rewards for marginalizing skepticism, which in every other area of life is supposed to be a virtue.

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R. (a18ddc)

  6. Nothing kooky about that, since all of his policies contribute to such a result.

    JD (07faa1)

  7. Dustin

    Well, here are the two options. either he is trying to destroy this country on purpose. or he is trying to help and lacks even common sense in figuring out how to do that. it does strain credibility that a man who is otherwise very intelligent, could be that stupid about things.

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  8. A third option: cap and tax in vitally needed to save us from our freedom because global warming is urgently real and the skeptics have conspired to hide the truth, and Obama is a champion of patriotic leadership.

    So I guess there are two options.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  9. Dustin

    well, even if you are paranoid, you’re not in bad company. here is abraham lincoln entertaining the concept of a slave power conspiracy:

    We cannot absolutely know that all these exact adaptations are the result of preconcert. But when we see a lot of framed timbers, different portions of which we know have been gotten out at different times and places and by different workmen–Stephen, Franklin, Roger and James, for instance–and when we see these timbers joined together, and see they exactly make the frame of a house or a mill, all the tenons and mortices exactly fitting, and all the lengths and proportions of the different pieces exactly adapted to their respective places, and not a piece too many or too few–not omitting even scaffolding–or, if a single piece be lacking, we see the place in the frame exactly fitted and prepared yet to bring such a piece in–in such a case, we find it impossible not to believe that Stephen and Franklin and Roger and James all understood one another from the beginning, and all worked upon a common plan or draft drawn up before the first blow was struck.

    And that was in his famous “house divided” speech.

    Now lincoln was wrong. there was no slave power conspiracy, just a bunch of people operating independantly to keep slavery as secure as possible.

    Whether Obama is doing this on purpose–perhaps even under the Beck theory, is hard to know. it gets hard to believe he is this stupid.

    But its also hard to believe obama wanted to lose as badly as he did last november.

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  10. He certainly wants to keep his promise ‘about electricity prices, necessarily having to skyrocket’

    narciso (6075d0)

  11. colonel think coming
    ice age will confuse is Gore
    wooden or frozen?

    ColonelHaiku (15abe7)

  12. Millions of our citizens are worried sick over being able to make their mortgage payments and being able to put food on their family’s tables, yet these asshats want everyone to sacrifice even more for their fraudulent forecasts. Lomborg was right awhile back when he said that all this money being pissed down a hole would be better spent at disease eradication and poverty reduction – but that makes too much sense, and would put their entire career arcs at peril and open to extreme ridicule.

    Dmac (498ece)

  13. I meant open to even more ridicule than at present.

    Dmac (498ece)

  14. AW…
    Have you seen the post over at Instupundit that he put up at 4:52pm?
    Very disturbing.

    AD-RtR/OS! (b8ab92)

  15. Violence against conservatives continues, AW.

    JD (07faa1)

  16. They are also pushing the climate change agenda as a national security issue.

    gahrie (ed7a50)

  17. it does strain credibility that a man who is otherwise very intelligent, could be that stupid about things

    You’re forgetting that Obama apparently adheres to the core belief of leftism: that the free market brings prosperity only to the elites and that only government can bring prosperity to the rest of us.

    Based on that principle, what he’s doing is the correct thing. Reality of course will be excluded as long as possible.

    kishnevi (0e4d8b)

  18. Marketers have fleeced billions from gullible consumers with this Green shit. It’s insidious, and ingenious.

    gp (098d27)

  19. You think that pic is not safe for work? Really?

    CraigC (4d0b7b)

  20. Glass half-full: Carcinoma for all of the idiots in that pic.

    Icy Texan (fd5426)

  21. The end game of all their schemes is raising taxes and expanding govt. power and control.Global warming,cap and trade or EPA regulation are tactics used as parts of a long term strategy to the same end.The dept. of education is tax burden on all parents and subversive of their control.The dept. of agriculture produces no food and is another tax burden.The dept of energy produces no energy.Ect.,ect.

    dunce (b89258)

  22. Hey global warm-mongers:

    If the world is getting warmer, explain Vikings farming on Greenland a thousand years ago.

    Ah whoomeye kiddin- they don’t care bout nodam fax

    Jones (72b0ed)

  23. Via Speigel (warning, a nsfw pic is involved) we learn that the environmentalists are concerned that we are no longer convinced of the threat of global warming Manbearpig:

    We need to be deathly afraid of the dangers of CRIS. This condition is a danger to us all, and we must fight desperately to prevent its spread and continued existence.

    In particular, those who have or continue to hold management positions are at the most severe risk. Very rare is the manager who does not have a substantial history of CRIS symptoms.

    So when people come to your door or your workplace asking for donations for the victims of this awful condition —
    Cranio-Rectal Insertion Syndrome
    — please give, and **give generously**… because you, too, are a victim of CRIS.

    IgotBupkis, President, United Anarchist Society (c9dcd8)

  24. How about harnassing all that HOT AIR comming from AL GORE and those wackos from GREENPEACE and using it to produce energy

    Krazy Kagu (1cc7e6)

  25. These eco-weenies sound alot like mussolini who was a marxist.

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  26. Good news.


    DohBiden (15aa57)

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