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[Guest post by Aaron Worthing; send your tips here.]

Harry Reid apparently doesn’t know the first rule of holes:

We found ourselves in a hole that I didn’t dig, but I have dug, dug and dug to try to get out of that hole[.]

Also I love this phrase: “We never give up, do we, Nevadans?”

Sure, Nevadans never give up. Except in Iraq, then at least one Nevadan wanted to give up.  Seriously, every Democrat who wanted us to lose in Iraq forever forfeits the right to claim they are the kinds of people who never give up, etc.  You have given up the right to say you don’t give up, okay?

[Posted and authored by Aaron Worthing.]

9 Responses to “Quote of the Day”

  1. You know, that probably makes sense to a person who thinks we can tax ourselves out of a recession/depression. So, 2 bonus points for consistency, -10! points for practicality.

    MunDane68 (54a83b)

  2. Reid acts like he finally got the house of his dreams and then is shocked to discover he not only has to pay for it but the taxes as well. And now also complaining that he didn’t notice that their was no plumbing nor electricity.

    Pat Patterson (56dc55)

  3. In a related article,,,


    (hilarious picture included)

    heir2freedom (d9456e)

  4. To use another analogy the President likes, if the car has been driven into a ditch, rather than trying to back out, he’s trying to give it more gas in an attempt to blast through to the other side. The front tires had been stuck; now the President has lurched further, and buried the grille.

    The Dana who can drive (bd7e62)

  5. The Democrats economic agenda – when you are in a hole – DIG DEEPER.

    Patrick (f89e52)

  6. Hat tip to Sister Toldjah!

    Reid hits back at ‘man up’ remark: ‘My manhood has never been in question’
    By Bridget Johnson

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) fired back at GOP challenger Sharron Angle on Saturday for saying during their debate earlier this month that he should “man up.”

    “This is what her and her kind all around this country are using, this is part of the talking points of the right-wing Republicans,” Reid said in an interview on CNN.

    “But, you know, that’s one thing I’ve never had to prove, whether it was in the street or the ring or in the Senate,” the onetime boxer said. “My manhood has never been in question.”

    Oops! Too late, Senator Reid, but when you have to tell us how manly you are, it already has been called into question! :)

    The manly Dana (bd7e62)

  7. Of all the talking points of the right, I don’t think “Man up” was one of them. Can you imagine that being brought up in a discussion among the powers that be in the GOP?

    It would be akin to the left telling a candidate to say that American exceptionalism is a great notion.

    Nope, that was an Angle original and good for her. When she wins, I hope she remembers the admonishment.

    Ag80 (743fd1)

  8. That must have really stung if Hairy Reed and his Pet Coon is still talking about it. Dig dig dig and keep on digging, Hairy.

    JD (eb1dfe)

  9. The “I’m totally manly” button should sit next to your humble button, in your top drawer with your high school diploma and your underwear. He probably wears his “No reach arounds” button too.

    Thanks, Harry Reid, for making the hole bigger, deeper and harder to get out of, you jackwagon.

    Vivian Louise (c7cad6)

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