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George Steinbrenner (1930-2010)

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Yankees owner George Steinbrenner died overnight in Tampa, Florida, of an apparent heart attack.

To me, Steinbrenner will always hold a larger-than-life place in the sports world. My condolences to his family, friends, and fans.


8 Responses to “George Steinbrenner (1930-2010)”

  1. Embodiment of what it means to be a MAN — warts and all.


    Qualities which are being washed away in today’s feel good wishy washy world.

    HeavenSent (a9126d)

  2. He was one of the giants of baseball. Comparable only to Kennesaw Mountain Landis for his dedication to the game and not its commercial exploitation.

    Enjoy your beer, peanuts and crajerjack, as the 39 Yankees play for you in the Ellysian Fields, Mr. Steinbrenner.

    nk (db4a41)

  3. “Serenity now.”- George & Frank Costanza

    DCSCA (e6df38)

  4. I heartily admit to liking Steinbrenner. Big loss for baseball.

    JD (594628)

  5. Hate the Yankees. God rest his soul.

    JEA (2c3a8c)

  6. He literally went out a winner.

    Gerald A (2b94cf)

  7. Oh, the hypocrisy of the sports media. What happened to the raucous onslaught by the sports writers and commentators when George was acquiring all the talent money could buy. It wasn’t more than a few years ago that the holy-than-thou, envious, want-a-be, athletically challenged, bow-tied sports “experts” excoriated Mr. Steinbrenner. Now they can’t help falling over one another to extol his baseball wisdom and business acumen for building a baseball dynasty that fans either love or hate.

    Tom Bullock (9d1bb3)

  8. And, don’t forget the grace and foresight of dying in the year there was no estate tax allowing his heirs to keep the team.

    Rick Caird (b43d2b)

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