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[Guest post by DRJ]

Hot Air’s Green Room always has good stuff but these two posts are especially good:

Steven Den Beste’s NASESA — the National Arabic Self Esteem and Space Administration; and

DirectorBlue’s We Will Not Be Silenced — Democrats Produce Documentary Alleging Rampant Vote Fraud by Obama Campaign vs. Hillary in 2008 Primaries.

The point of the first link is painfully obvious. The second link discusses a Fox & Friends interview with Democrat “Gigi Gaston, a writer/director who has made a documentary outlining the rampant voter fraud perpetrated by the Obama campaign during the 2008 primaries against Hillary Clinton.”


32 Responses to “Green Room Posts”

  1. the first item is unexpected.

    the second item is unprecedented……

    redc1c4 (fb8750)

  2. Gaston finally found out what “The Chicago Way” actually meant.
    It was just taking Teh Won’s previous history to a new level.

    AD - RtR/OS! (f4b0b9)

  3. I don’t know, guys. I have a very difficult time buying this idea that the Clinton Machine got out-thugged, er, out-manipulated, by the Obamaites. Even if all the allegations are true, how can any Democrat argue with a straight face that they lost a primary only because they got overwhelmed by the labor/academic/racial grievance juggernaut? If anyone thinks they are going to win a Democrat primary or caucus just on the strength of the everyday voter then I think they are in the wrong party.

    JVW (a52530)

  4. That video is racist.

    JD (51bb94)

  5. Live by the sword…

    Gazzer (800a42)

  6. Live by the sword…

    It’s not easy trying to understand (or sympathize with) the pro-Hillary versus the pro-Barack divisions in the Democrat Party when one group either has accepted or shrugged off the “sniper fire in Bosnia” track record of the former, and, of course, the latter group either has accepted or shrugged off the “Goddamn American” track record of the latter.

    Regardless of whether one is dealing with liberals or conservatives (or so-called centrists), Democrats or Republicans (or independents), when the basic integrity of the players in question has been so thoroughly dumbed down or trashed, it’s hard to be confident in the individual or his or her supporters.

    Mark (411533)

  7. Mark – It’s simple. Obama had more or better liars, cheaters and thugs to get him through the primaries than Hillary. It’s a matter of degree, not absolute cleanliness.

    I never did follow the outcome of that trial against Peter Paul that sucked Hillary and her Hollywood fundraiser into it. Was it finally settled?

    daleyrocks (1d0d98)

  8. About now a lot of Democrats are wishing that Hillary had won. And God only knows what Hillary is thinking.

    Kevin Murphy (5ae73e)

  9. Didn’t Hillary win the majority of primaries, specially after Iowa, they let themselves be
    ‘hoodwinked’ and she has gone along with too many of the administration’s priorities

    ian cormac (93d17d)

  10. Any time Den Beste writes on anything besides anime, you should read it. he is really smart and always has a really deep point.

    and maybe his anime stuff is good, i just don’t care about it.

    Aaron Worthing (A.W.) (e7d72e)

  11. IIRC, the post-primary talk back then was that HC “ran to the center” too soon.

    That is, the Dem strategy (the Rep strategy is probably analagous) has been to stay as far to the Left as possible – but no longer than necessary – to win the nomination and then “run to the center” to burnish credentials for the general election. HC thought she had won, began to shift, and got out-cheated/hustled/whatever by O.

    jim2 (a9ab88)

  12. Show me proof of “voter fraud.” There isn’t any. Now “election fraud” is a separate issue, and there are numerous cases of people being convicted for using electronic voting machines to tamper with the results of an election. Of course they were almost all Republicans, though. There is no such thing as “voter fraud”. It just doesn’t happen. There is no huge problem with it. It is basically a red herring to distract from the very real problem of tampering with the results of computerized vote tabulation.

    Chris Hooten (c34512)

  13. Nice links to assertions, but then, you are just demoing Troll 101. Sigh.

    Eric Blair (167add)

  14. Hillary was the original Alinskyite, she wrote her thesis on the subject, her work with the LSC is a testament to that, however, Obama really put in practice, through the CAC in Chicago,

    ian cormac (93d17d)

  15. Chris Hooten has to write “inhale” on the back of one of his hands, and “exhale” on the other, so he can remember how to breathe.

    JD (51bb94)

  16. In the history of stupid dumb comments by Hooten, that one ranks right up near the top.

    JD (51bb94)

  17. One might argue that Dean’s search for more anenable venues like Nevada, was what occasioned
    ‘the crisis in Florida’

    ian cormac (93d17d)

  18. #6 …when the basic integrity of the players in question has been so thoroughly dumbed down or trashed, it’s hard to be confident in the individual or his or her supporters.

    And that is really what it is all about. Well played. Reminds me of Hamas throwing Fatah members off rooftops in Gaza. Like Hillary supporters, Fatah played the victim. Like the boxer stepping into the ring, and complaining to the ref “hey, he hit me!”

    TimesDisliker (8bf414)

  19. J.D., do you imply that if Hooten were to wash his hands that he would risk death through oxygen deprivation?

    BarSinister (563b23)

  20. BarSinister – That would be a form of suicide.

    JD (0f9c01)

  21. re: the first article amazed me and I have difficulty believing it is accurate. when did Obama make NASESA responsible for space?

    max (2f2a28)

  22. Hillary’s first year was series of humiliations and she was rarely smiling, now she is beaming at all photo ops.She is glad obama is failing but not for the same reasons as Limbaugh.She can do what socialists always do when thier programs fail, they claim that it wasn’t done right but they have afive year plan that will create utopia.

    dunce (3ef93a)

  23. Where’s that proof?

    Chris Hooten (fa11ed)

  24. Troll, heal thyself.

    Eric Blair (a30317)

  25. What’s that? Where’s the poof? ^^^

    There is no such thing as “voter fraud”. It just doesn’t happen. There is no huge problem with it.
    — Nothing to see here. Move along. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Dead people NEVER vote; illegal aliens NEVER vote; nobody EVER votes twice in the same election; liberals NEVER actively oppose voter ID laws.

    Icy Texan (4a2bd8)

  26. “Show me proof of “voter fraud.” ”

    There are districts were more votes were cast than voters exist.

    There is proof that more felons voted illegally than the Minnesota margin of error (favoring, of course, the democrat).

    There are voter fraud convictions.

    You asking for proof makes it very hard to take you seriously. This is a very serious and important problem.

    Democrats know it’s tough to prove the crime. It has happened many times, but the vast majority of the crimes don’t result in convictions. Sure, disgraced voter fraud organization, ACORN, saw their Darrel Nash convicted of Voter Fraud, via a probe of the obvious voter fraud intent of ACORN’s massive voter registration frauds, but it’s also clear that virtually all of the criminals are never sent to prison.

    One cannot look at the facts and walk away saying voter fraud is not an extremely serious problem.

    You’ll keep looking for proof, Hooten, because you’re shilling for the Democrats. They need election crime or they never wouldn’t have a Senate majority (this is simply proven). They need people like you to demand proof the sky is blue until their face is blue.

    Don’t carry water for these bastards. Join the Republican party, Chris, and help us see some actual democracy, limited government, and civil rights. All Americans were born equal. It shouldn’t matter what color our skin is, as it does to Obama’s DOJ. IF you’re not racist and love free elections, you should abandon the democrat party right now! You won’t regret it.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  27. Hooten – Why are you against fair elections?

    daleyrocks (1d0d98)

  28. Oh, it’s Darnell, not Darrel.

    Everyone probably knew that, since it’s one of the many famous examples of proven voter fraud.

    daelyrocks, I hope for Hooten’s sake that he somehow doesn’t know about the problem. I would abandon any Republican who tolerated any kind of election screwery (and there are some that have).

    If we lose our elections, we will see violence. I don’t want that, but some people love the idea of an agitated bloody people.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  29. HootOwl is against fair elections because they are not “fair” to his side in the debate.

    Icy Texan (4a2bd8)

  30. GOD I am being so unclear.

    When I say we will see violence if we lose our elections, I don’t mean if one party loses a fair election. I mean that if the people are angry enough about policies they don’t like, and realize their elections are shams, many will become violent.

    I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in voter fraud over the past several years of yawning it off. People have been a lot more content during the Bush years than we give them credit for being.

    Things are uglier now. People are seeing major corruption, losing work, and seeing major campaigns decided by illegal votes, such as Senator Franken’s illegitimate win over Coleman.

    This is a recipe for a major disaster. Obama has shown us that he is not leader enough to see ahead and handle these problems. Especially when they cut against his political advantage. Such a short term thinker.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  31. Mr. Hooten is just trolling, friends.

    The actual litany goes as follows: deny voter fraud, then when voter fraud is shown, claim that it doesn’t matter.

    Didn’t Hugh Hewitt have a book with a title like “If It’s Not Close, They Can’t Cheat”?

    But Mr. Hooten’s whole history has been all about trolling. Remember his BradBlog performance, coupled by his seeming shock at people using harsh language toward those with whom they disagree.

    Eric Blair (02a138)

  32. Gaston suddenly wakes up now to the purpose and successes of community organizing, then complains. Cry me river.

    tehag (d34de8)

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