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Danger on the Texas Border

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[Guest post by DRJ]

For an Administration that isn’t worried about securing the border, they sure are worried about the border:

“The State Department, meanwhile, announced new travel restrictions Friday for U.S. government employees working away from the border in Mexico and Central America. As of July 15, they and their families are barred from crossing anywhere along Texas’ border, north or south, because of safety concerns. The U.S. government continues to urge Americans to exercise extreme caution or defer unnecessary travel to certain parts of Mexico.”

I can’t find the warning at the State Department’s Current Travel Warnings. Perhaps it hasn’t been posted yet or it applies only to State Department employees and their dependents.


6 Responses to “Danger on the Texas Border”

  1. Remember, the border “has never been safer”. So said the woman who publicly declared that “the system worked.” One of my brilliant comments from a May 2010 thread…
    The same J-No who recently stated that the border is as secure as it has ever been. That’s the whole point Jimmy. And that’s the problem.
    The same Jimmy Nap who assured us that she tried to eat at least one ham sandwich a week*, in order to assuage fears about swine flu.
    Oh yes, we are in the very best of hands…

    *As if she could actually only eat one

    Gazzer (48b1f9)

  2. Well, if you’re planning on being near the border between El Paso and Yuma, you can legally OPEN CARRY a loaded weapon; along the Rio Grande you’ll need a CCW that is recognized by TX.
    CA: You’re on your own as they’re even trying, as we speak, to ban OPEN CARRY of un-loaded weapons.

    AD - RtR/OS! (688ffe)

  3. The approach is strange. Why shouldn’t Americans be allowed to travel where they want? It reminds of the USSR policy. But they were not a democracy.

    Hannah @ Israel (eaae78)

  4. My wife’s side of the family lives on both sides of the border in deep south Texas in McAllen/Reynosa. She hasn’t crossed in almost a year, and none of her family on the US side travel across any more. None of her friends here in San Antonio travel to see their relatives either, and these are decent to pretty well off people.

    BradnSA (24ba37)

  5. #3 Hannah @ Israel:

    The approach is strange.

    The State Department can only really bar its own employees from crossing the border at Texas. It cannot prevent private citizens from doing so, so in that sense, it isn’t like the USSR.

    We are rapidly becoming Sovietized in other ways, though.

    EW1(SG) (edc268)

  6. The state dept. has a duty to issue a travel advisory to the public.The penalty for stupidity is often death.Ignorance is not the same as stupidity.The blood of many americans is on the hands of those politicians that have not funded border control measures and judges granting unlimited hearings and delays.The govt. never apologizes to the families of murder victims of illegal aliens so do not expect concern for tourist deaths.

    dunce (3ef93a)

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