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Lieutenant Doug Young, LAPD Ret., RIP

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[Guest post by Jack Dunphy]

Funeral services were held today for Doug Young, who passed away on June 21 at age 62. Lt. Young retired only three short years ago after an exemplary 38-year career with the LAPD, nearly all of it spent in South Los Angeles. A committed Christian, he chose to live his faith rather than talk about it. He was a devoted husband, father, and grandfather, and he was the kind of cop you would be grateful to see at your front door if you were ever to find yourself in need of one. If every supervisor on the LAPD could but emulate him, it would be a far different and far better police department. Countless LAPD officers, including this one, are grateful to have known and served under him. RIP.

–Jack Dunphy

11 Responses to “Lieutenant Doug Young, LAPD Ret., RIP”

  1. RIP, Officer Young. And thank you.

    JEA (dff100)

  2. I am grateful that Officer Young is the rule and not the exception among police officers. Obama should think of police officers like Doug Young when he talks about the AZ immigration law being abused by the police.

    RIP Officer Young.

    MU789 (2a2527)

  3. What a nice tribute to a good man.

    DRJ (d43dcd)

  4. RIP

    Bradnsa (980254)

  5. Thanks for sharing. A good cop is truly a heroic person.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  6. Doug was the real deal,NOT just a supervisor but a real LEADER,he will be missed by many!! s.m. brown

    steve brown (abdd42)

  7. Lieutenant Doug Young was an extraordinary leader and I had the honor to work for him in Southeast Area in 86~87. He demonstrated a caring attitude toward his officers and the public and took the time to develop his personnel. Beyond setting the example for other officers to follow, he helped his sergeants in developing them to become critical thinkers, and that made all the difference in my 30 year career. For in the end, we are not measured by the rank on our collar but the character and integrity of our service to the community. Lieutenant Young was an inspiration to many and he will be remembered well by those he worked with and the lives he touched and saved.
    LT will live on in the hearts of those that worked around him beyond his caring Leadership style, he made a difference in the quality of service and became a legend. God Bless and RIP

    Joseph M. Peyton (9d1bb3)

  8. I worked at 77th from 2002 to 2006 and spent time in 77th FES under Lt Young. He was a true leader. Committed to the Department, the city and most of all to his officers. He was fair and judicious; thoughtful and decisive. Most of all, despite the bar on his collar, he was a cop who truely understood police work. He was a pleasure to work for and has been and will be sorely missed. RIP my brother, we’ll take it from here, KMA.

    pscannell (9fc768)

  9. I agree 100% JD, he was a true leader. Right now we have men in charge at the upper ranks of this department that are the polar opposite of LT. Young. Lieutenant Young was as stand up as they come, and just an all around great human being.

    Godspeed Sir.

    Ed O'Shea (104094)

  10. I had the privilege of working WITH Lt Young from 1995-2007 in the OSB MFF unit. This is the impact of his leadership…he made you feel like his partner but everyone in the unit had NO doubt who was in charge. During these years Lt Young demonstrated to be a TRUE leader at all times. His main concern was always protecting the citizens of L.A. and the well being of his troops. He was always the last to eat and to go EOW at each incident ensuring his troops were fed and made it home safely. During my 17 yr career with the department, I never once heard anyone say a negative word about the LT. He only had one bar, but was more respected by the troops than any command staff wearing multiple stars or bars. As mentioned before and by many, he was an outstanding police officer and supervisor but an even better human being. Lt Young, you have served with pride and dignity and now it’s up to us to continue your journey of serving and protecting as you have taught us. You will remain now and forever a Southeast and 77th legend. The leadership on the skirmish lines will never be the same. RIP 1P10.

    Tony Perez (8d0815)

  11. I had the honor of working for Doug in the 80s and 90s in Southeat. He was the kind of person you wanted to work for because you respected him. His respect was earned by the way he treated you and the citizens of Los Angeles. In all the years I knew him I never heard him be negitive about our Department. He loved wearing his uniform and he loved our Deparment. If you were at his funeral you witnessed that many of the past and present Department family loved him too. We have lost a ture brother. Next time you have a cup rememeber him.

    J Alvarado (9d1bb3)

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