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A New Era: Obama vs the Developed World

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[Guest post by DRJ]

President Obama wants a global stimulus but the G20 wants deficit reduction. Do I need to mention how as a candidate, Obama promised to resolve America’s differences with the rest of the world and soothe the pain of the polarizing Bush years? I didn’t think so.

Welcome to the real world, President Obama.


7 Responses to “A New Era: Obama vs the Developed World”

  1. Obama and his team have repeatedly warned that while the worst of the crisis has passed, the recovery is still “uneven and fragile” and ongoing stimulus efforts are needed.

    Typical hubris from a crew that seriously believes they can micromanage a $14 trillion economy. Our allies have it right — the real long-term crisis is in these runaway deficits.

    JVW (8aff2c)

  2. Well thank GOD for Merkel.

    I was reading what Obama was saying earlier and my only response was “What?” He is making no dang sense. It’s the same response I had when forced to listed to him live at work, I really didn’t think he was saying anything. You know, just words…just speeches. Unexpectedly so.

    Vivian Louise (643333)

  3. what obama do
    is what he do nothing new
    it’s what big O do

    ColonelHaiku (181d1a)

  4. “Unverschaemter Bengel” is the politest thing that Merketl had to say about Zippy after that speech. Then, just like Smokin’ Joe “The Sheriff” Biden, you got down to real stuff off microphone. “Er ist ein wirklich Schafshacker!”

    For those of you who don’t know German that translates to “Impudent Brat”, and when the old gal got down and dirty, “He is a real sheep’s prick”. Love the way that the Deutcher’s like to use animals and animal parts in their cursing.
    But “schafshacker” sounds so much better than a mere “scheinehund”.

    In any case old Zippy is not longer the Siren that he once was.

    Mike Myers (3c9845)

  5. He is skating near thin ice. If the American people once decide he is incompetent in economics, he is done. Summers is the guy who wrecked Harvard’s endowment.

    Mike K (82f374)

  6. I was watching some of a press conference at the G20 with Obama answering questions.

    Well, for as long as I could stand it. He is quite inarticulate without a teleprompter.

    I miss W.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  7. maybe lifted chin
    not sign of O arrogance

    ColonelHaiku (9cf017)

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