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Marine Leaders Need the Right Stuff

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has recommended Gen. James Amos, an aviator and the current second-in-command, as the next Marine Corp Commandant:

“Defense Secretary Robert Gates has recommended that Gen. James Amos will be the next commandant of the Marine Corps, POLITICO has learned.
Amos, already the Corps’ No. 2 officer, would be the first aviator to lead the service. The selection of Amos is a huge upset since the choice was thought to be between two known infantry officers: Dunford, and Gen. James Mattis. Both men had long been considered frontrunners and brought to the job different reputations and backgrounds at a time when the Corps endeavors to re-establish its sea-service identity after more than eight years of fighting wars in largely landlocked regions.”

There is concern at the Pentagon that a commander with experience in ground wars is needed while the U.S. is fighting two ground-based wars. What qualities vaulted the aviator Amos over the others? It may be because he has the right attitude on budgets and gays in the military:

“Typically, the Corps’ second officer, known as the assistant commandant of the Marine Corps, is an aviator who never rises to the top job. But the choice of Amos, considered a reserved senior officer not known for the force of his personality, may be the result of a combination of factors. Those likely include his thinking on how and if gays and lesbians should serve openly in the Marine Corps, as well as potentially being open to cancelling the EFV, a multibillion-dollar program that is behind schedule and over budget. Gates appears to have the vehicle in his budgetary cross-hairs.”

“Not known for the force of his personality”? I guess that’s why his nickname is Tamer Amos.


16 Responses to “Marine Leaders Need the Right Stuff”

  1. It would be a shame if this nation’s warrior corps is forced to capitulate to the forces of political correctness that they have staved off for the past 3 decades.

    in_awe (44fed5)

  2. it’s kinda ironic to see don’t ask opponents getting passed over for promotions, huh?

    happyfeet (19c1da)

  3. repeal opponents I mean

    happyfeet (19c1da)

  4. I was acquainted with Amos years ago… for a brief period of time… long before he even had made O-6. He was an extremely decent human being. I can think of far worse men to lead the Corps.

    man_in_tx (8dd682)

  5. “…the first aviator to lead the service…”

    Of all the services, the Corps probably has a closer link between the aviation and ground elements (not counting helo’s) since the air guys really take pride in their close-air-support mission; and, since most have been on-the-ground as controllers calling in those missions, they know how the other half lives down in-the-mud.

    AD - RtR/OS! (780d5b)

  6. Any chance we can re-instate Al Gray?

    Have Blue (854a6e)

  7. Gen. Gray is too un-PC for this crowd.
    Many of us who were not in the Corps appreciated his leadership, even if he was Jarhead.

    AD - RtR/OS! (780d5b)

  8. It would be a shame if this nation’s warrior corps is forced to capitulate to the forces of political correctness that they have staved off for the past 3 decades.

    it would be a bigger shame if the ability of the nation’s military forces to kill people and break things in the pursuit of national policy objectives as decided by NCA were compromised so a bunch of military hating douchenozzles could feel superior at having forced a policy that may or may not have negative effects on said ability.

    the day the forces of “political correctness” constitute a majority portion of the combat arms of this nation is the day that that their “opinions” should be given equal weight to the rest of the folks who actually have their asses on the line.

    redc1c4 (fb8750)

  9. Its “Call Sign” not “Nickname” you know, like in Top Gun?Colonel Amos was my Commanding Officer back in the 90’s, hes a former F-4 and FA-18 Pilot, in fact, one of the best Pilots I ever flew with. Most Marine Pilots also serve a 1 year “Forward Air Controller” tour where they are assigned to an Infantry Unit. I’m not sure how he got his call sign “Tamer” cause you don’t ask your CO how he got his call sign, but they usually refer to something stupid you did while drunk(“Felcher”) ethnic origin(“Tonto” “Sambo”) or play on words on your name.
    Things might have changed in the last 15 years, but I don’t remember Tamer as bein any more Gay Friendly than anyone else.
    That bein said, he did kiss Clinton’s ass when he flew in for the Renaissance Weekend, but he WAS trying to make General.


    Frank Drackman (550e6d)

  10. Once again the lapdogs in the Pentagon have rolled over so they don’t jeopardize their chances for promotion/cushy contractor jobs.

    CMC has always been a ground officer and ACMC was an aviator. Like Pace before him he’ll be rewarded for being a “team player”. It’s been the same since that place was built….any 2-start or above that went in ceased to be a warrior and became a politician.

    The exception being Al Grey.

    Light29ID (8c375b)

  11. Any bets on how long it will be before The Corps goes to coed basic training?


    Jay Stevens (104080)

  12. First my fellow Marines start taking on Army slang (report back to higher, ruck, etc) and now the CMC will be a political lapdog with a personality that will not be strong enough to fight with the big dogs for the life of my beloved Corps. We are warriors first- smart and with strong ethics without the PC. CMC AL Gray sat for his portrait in camoflage utilities- NOT a dress uniform. That tells you all you need to know of his PC leanings. We must have a strong warrior ethos within at least one branch of the military.And MAttis is not my pick in case they start asking NCOs.

    Jeff Mills (698aae)

  13. People with stars on their shoulders are almost always politicians, even if they’re Jarheads. The EFV … we need something, but I’m not sure that’s it; sending it back for another re-design would send the cost even higher. I’m a little surprized they didn’t go for one of the ground-effect proposals.

    htom (412a17)

  14. Good God, I just checked and Al Gray retired in 1991. Time flies even when you aren’t having fun.

    Have Blue (854a6e)

  15. Of course I should have recalled that because he was Cammandant when I tried to enlist. (And was one of the reasons I was trying to join the Marines. The distaff side of the Navy Department as I told my brother the squid. (Bubblehead, actually.))

    Have Blue (854a6e)

  16. Commandant not Cammandant. (Man I miss the spell checker in FireFox when I am not using it.)

    Have Blue (854a6e)

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