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Jerry Brown Likens Whitman Campaign to Nazi Propaganda

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[Guest post by DRJ]

California Lt. Governor Jerry Brown is the Democratic nominee for Governor but his campaign got off to a rocky start when Brown ran into a radio reporter while jogging and struck up a candid conversation. During the conversation, Brown compared his opponent’s messaging to Nazi propaganda:

“Brown boasted about his legendary frugality. “I’ve only spent $200,000 so far. I have 20 million in the bank. I’m saving up for her.” It’s true – his stay-on-the-sidelines, bare-bones primary run cost him almost nothing, at least in California political terms. But he also fretted about the impact of all those eBay dollars in Whitman’s very deep pockets. “You know, by the time she’s done with me, two months from now, I’ll be a child-molesting…” He let the line trail off. “She’ll have people believing whatever she wants about me.” Then he went off on a riff I didn’t expect.

“It’s like Goebbels,” referring to Hitler’s notorious Minister of Propaganda. “Goebbels invented this kind of propaganda. He took control of the whole world. She wants to be president. That’s her ambition, the first woman president. That’s what this is all about.”

So a vote for Jerry Brown is a vote to keep Meg Whitman out of the White House?

H/T The Hill.


43 Responses to “Jerry Brown Likens Whitman Campaign to Nazi Propaganda”

  1. Governor Godwin?

    Have Blue (854a6e)

  2. Yep. Governor Moonbeam he remains.

    Eric Blair (6ca166)

  3. Oh but Jerry Brown was the cool, hip governor — the one that dated Linda Ronstadt. And here he is now, already accusing Whitman of belonging to the Reich Wing.

    Pathetic and, unfortunately, predictable.

    Icy Texan (11677d)

  4. IT, when I was an undergrad at UCLA and Brown was Governor, he did some function on campus. Brown took questions from the students. I asked him what it was like to date Linda Ronstadt. He looked irritated and replied “Why do you want to know?”

    Not the sharpest knife in the drawer on all kinds of levels. Can you imagine how WJC would have answered a question like that?

    It was on local TV. My parents were not happy with me. I still think it was funny.

    Eric Blair (3bccda)

  5. Governor MoonBeam
    inanities file under
    “Consider the Source”

    ColonelHaiku (79bc23)

  6. You gotta sympathize with Jerry Brown. After all, he’s running in a state that’s the antithesis of super-liberal, super-blue, super-one-party-control, super-government-employee-unionism, super-red-ink.

    Oops, I just woke up from an alternative reality.

    LA Times, 3-17-10:

    Faced with the daunting prospect of being significantly outspent by his Republican opponent, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown spoke to a labor group Tuesday and urged them to go on the offensive.

    “We’re going to attack whenever we can, but I’d rather have you attack,” Brown said at a gathering of the California delegation of the Laborers’ International Union of North America in Sacramento. “I’d rather be the nice guy in this race. We’ll leave [the attacks] to … the Democratic Party and others.”

    …Many of the Laborers’ International local unions have donated directly to Brown’s campaign. In his speech, Brown thanked them for being “very generous, but we’ve got to keep it coming.”

    Damn it, if Greece (or Spain) can’t come to California, California will come to Greece!

    Mark (411533)

  7. Neil Young said she has “soulful brown eyes”. I’m from Tucson — she lives there still. We were always very proud of her . . . if not her choice in boyfriends.

    Icy Texan (11677d)

  8. Linda Ronstadt blows
    deviated septum yikes
    Lowell George line pole

    ColonelHaiku (79bc23)

  9. The only rational response to Jerry Brown is to point and laugh.

    daleyrocks (1d0d98)

  10. Didn’t LR have this big fling with Jim Carrey years ago? Maybe she like comics.

    Eric Blair (3bccda)

  11. All Ms. Whitman has to say to anything Mr. Brown states is:


    Brown was mayor from 1999 until 2007 — under him, it became a crime-friendly , top-ten-murder city.

    By 2007, it was the fourth most dangerous city in the nation in terms of murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, and motor vehicle theft.

    Be curious if we (I live in CA) are stupid enough to elect such a failure to office.

    Bet it’s gonna be close.

    Pons Asiorum (0ae484)

  12. I am reminded of the joke when Bob Kerrey pointed out that fewer people objected to Debra Winger living at the Governor’s mansion than objected to him living there.

    Have Blue (854a6e)

  13. So Jerry’s supporters must be “Brownshirts?” Otherwise he must be really scared of Meg. Recommend that he wear “brown” pants until Nov to hide the skids marks. She’s a smart and successful businesswomen who will turn our beloved CA around: I’ll take her brain over Brown any day!

    DVS1 (53cca4)

  14. Just remember this comment when Mayor Moonbeam is whining about one of Whitman’s ads–he’s earned whatever abuse he gets many times over.

    M. Scott Eiland (dcaa3e)

  15. I have just two words to say about Jerry Brown:

    Rose Bird!

    Arizona Bob (e8af2b)

  16. one rose bird in ground
    worth ten elena kagan
    cigars and poker

    ColonelHaiku (79bc23)

  17. What do you want from a Political Party with the mentally deranged likes of Grayson, Olberscum and James Traficant. Jerry is mentally ill much like most Liberals.

    Liberalism is always being 18 with a Trust Fund provided by someone else.

    HeavenSent (a9126d)

  18. A minor correction. Junior (as I will always call him) is our current Attorney General. As such he was under a legal obligation to defend Prop. 8 in it’s appeal, he declined to do so because he supports same sex marriage. He only supports the people of California when they agree with him. I was in jr. high when he was elected Sec. of State and I just passed by 50th birthday. What he doesn’t seem to get is that the people of California have been there and done that. He is one of the reasons California got to this point, continuing policies and ideas he put in place. As even a lefty like Jonathan Alter said on Hugh Hewitt the other day he is “yesterday’s news”. One of the biggest mistakes the Calif. Dem. Party has made is letting him run. He’s 74 years old, we don’t need a cranky old man who will do things as he always has or worse yet like his father did.

    Caroline S. (4e3063)

  19. If it’s Brown, flush it!

    August (f0ee92)

  20. Jerry Brown ran his city into the ground. Chris Bell, Democrat for Texas Governor, ran Houston pretty well. (due to redistricting and Perry’s good record, I still will vote against Bell, but Texas has two great choices).

    Why is California showing far weaker democrats than Texas? Brown’s got a joke of a record akin to the mayor of Southpark.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  21. She wants to be president. That’s her ambition, the first woman president. That’s what this is all about.

    It’s remarkable that Jerry Brown, hero of the left, enlists sexism in his rhetoric.

    Any minute I expect to hear the feminists of California to collectively denounce this shameful condescension toward Meg Whitman, and all women!

    Shame on Whitman for having ambition! Shame on her for wanting to be president – and by default, the first woman president! Shame on her for not seeking out his powerful analytical skills in determining for her, her *real* motives!

    No wonder he didn’t back Hillary.

    Dana (1e5ad4)

  22. Dustin,

    Chris Bell? I think it’s Bill White.

    DRJ (d43dcd)

  23. A minor correction. Junior (as I will always call him) is our current Attorney General. As such he was under a legal obligation to defend Prop. 8 in it’s appeal, he declined to do so because he supports same sex marriage.

    Especially if there is a reasonable legal defense.

    Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice C. Donald Peterson gave such a reasonable defense, one that had not been rejected by the U.S. Supreme Court on appeal.

    in commonsense and in a constitutional sense, there is a clear distinction between a marital restriction based merely upon race and one based upon the fundamental difference in sex

    For Attorney General Brown to argue that Prop. 8 is unconstitutional even though no court ever ruled it to be so, and in fact the Supreme Court rejected an appeal (PDF format) that claimed that an identical policy was unconstitutional, is dishonest.

    Michael Ejercito (249c90)

  24. where are my strawberries?! (sound of steel balls clinking)

    psota (1ac4ee)

  25. If Meg Whitman can’t shred this fool then she doesn’t deserve to win. Go back to the videotape and watch how Bill Clinton boxed Brown’s ears in 1992. Child’s play. Don’t we have anybody who knows how to fight these morons?

    rrpjr (d09ae9)

  26. Governor Moonbeam took Linda Ronstadt to Africa for a cozy little safari–luxury hotels with bedrooms in tree houses and all that.

    And it was reliably reported that Moonbeam didn’t know what to do with Ms. Rondstadt.
    Heckfire, most guys in Los Angeles or San Francisco that take a good looking lady to Palm Springs for a little vacation know damn well what to do with her—much less hauling her all the way to Africa. Sheesh! Slow learner.

    Mike Myers (3c9845)

  27. Our esteemed guest hostess (who really shouldn’t have to include “[Guest post by DRJ]” anymore) wrote:

    So a vote for Jerry Brown is a vote to keep Meg Whitman out of the White House?

    Yeah. After all, Mrs Whitman has only been a success everywhere she’s been, last turning eBay from a $4 million company to an $8 billion one. Why would we want someone like her running things?

    The snarky Dana (474dfc)

  28. Dana:

    (who really shouldn’t have to include “[Guest post by DRJ]” anymore)

    Thanks very much, Dana. I think someone else mentioned this before but I will always be a guest here, and one who is grateful for the opportunity to post.

    DRJ (d43dcd)

  29. Q. What will Jerry Brown’s last words be?

    A. …Rose Bird…

    Charlie Davis (e8c753)

  30. I didn’t think of this before, maybe others have-

    Remember how Palin thought the Gov. of Alaska didn’t need a private jet and had it sold?

    Maybe Whitman can solve CA’s budget woes by selling on Ebay everything the state doesn’t need. Can you “sell”, or contract out the work of state employees who are under contract but not needed?

    MD in Philly (5a98ff)

  31. If Arnold has achieved anything he’s demonstrated that putting a McCain homopublican in Sacramento isn’t anything to get excited about, which is why this Whitman hoochie has to try and buy her way into office.

    Just like the obnoxious cancer hoochie trying to defeat Boxer. These efforts are all to the glory of noted useless coward and erstwhile Team R presidential nominee John McCain and do nothing whatsoever to advance ideals of limited government I don’t think.

    happyfeet (19c1da)

  32. Well no, feets, it’s more like the unions and the DNC and Soros (Venn diagram) will spend a mint to
    put Governor Moonbeam back in office.

    ian cormac (ba1de9)

  33. yes this is true as well Mr. ian it’s a big ball of fun, California is

    happyfeet (19c1da)

  34. “this Whitman hoochie”

    I would put that bumper sticker on my truck. I don’t really even like her, but oh well.

    There’s this thing about RINOs. In Arizona and South Carolina (where the worst two are) they are extremely annoying and counterproductive. In NY or Mass, they are enormously productive vs. the kind of democrat we’d get. As little as I personally like Fiorina, I think she might just be a atomic improvement over Boxer, for example.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  35. happyfeet,

    Unfortunately it’s just a fact in modern politics that the more money you have, personal wealth or donation, the more likely you are to get elected. I don’t think Whitman is any different than other politician running for office who understand you have to have money and lots of it. Money is the backbone of any major campaign. The difference with her was, from the get-go, she had way more available to put into it and was willing to do so. Does that mean she bought bought the election? I don’t think so. I think it means that that’s what it takes to get nominated in California. It’s what the system demands and requires.

    Good luck with an average joe trying to get to the front of the pack without the finances there. Chuck Devore is a great example. He had a solid record, clean as a whistle background, unwavering commitment to conservatism, but could not raise enough money at the grassroots level to compete with Fiorina. She was able to loan 5.5 million to her campaign, wherein Devore who is not a millionaire, was completely dependent on grassroots money raising. To get their message out to an undecided state required money and lots of it.

    It’s an ugly reality about elections. He who has the most money behind him – whether donated or personal wealth – wins.

    Dana (1e5ad4)

  36. Dana this is the Meg Whitman what herself was a Boxer supporter, who she also supported with her money. What Meg is buying with her money is the lie that she’s a Republican.

    She’s not. She’s a disgustingly self-serving self-promoting self-righteous douchebag in the mold of John McCain and there’s simply no reason to expect she would be anymore stalwart true honest or capable than swishy Arnold.

    happyfeet (19c1da)

  37. you’re right about the system in California though

    happyfeet (19c1da)

  38. Yes, and her appointment was Poizner who as insurance commissioner, would have been apprised
    of Anthem’ rate increase, and still acted surprised. She is being advised by the weaselly
    Mike Murphy, so I’m not terribly confident about

    ian cormac (ba1de9)

  39. happyfeet,

    I wasn’t commenting on the quality of candidate Meg Whitman, but rather the odious system of election we have in California – he who has the most money to play with, wins.

    Re Whitman/Poizner, as is often the case, it boils down to the lesser of two evils. And (as Palin made the point), who has the greatest chance of beating the opposition.

    Dana (1e5ad4)

  40. what does it profit a little pikachu to defeat the opposition but lose his little pikachu soul I ask you

    unrelated falco video

    happyfeet (19c1da)

  41. as a native, i ‘member Moonbeam’s brilliant leadershit from when i was young and had a future.

    this time around, i’m strongly inclined to put him office again, because i don’t think the morons here will stop voting for free stuff until the whole ramshackle structure catastrophically fails, and it becomes painful to all of them.

    redc1c4 (fb8750)

  42. Did anybody notice that absolutely thrilling unsolicited testimonial to The One We’ve Been Waiting For? Compared to that statement, the rest was just background noise!

    Arizonadan (ffe1de)

  43. happy- (or with our choices maybe not so happy)

    I think with all their faults, Fiorina and Whitman are a vast improvement over Boxer and Brown.
    Of course my congressperson is Lois Capps, so I’m jaded…

    In the old days, Whitman and Fiorina would have been screaming leftist democrats…. now we are faced with either Jerry Brown or Whitman… or Boxer over Fiorina… holy crap… when did this happen?

    The whole state must be high…

    SteveG (7d4c78)

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