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The Big 12 is History?

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[Guest post by DRJ]

The Austin American-Statesman says the Big 12 is history:

“One highly placed Big 12 school official said there was no doubt that league members UT, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State would join the Pac-10.”

UT’s Regents meet at 11AM Tuesday and Tech’s meet at 2PM, but A&M officials have not scheduled a meeting and remain divided.


17 Responses to “The Big 12 is History?”

  1. “We’re bringing everybody to the Pac-10 but A&M.”

    Hey, that’s just because we haven’t finished coloring our application form. We try to stay between the lines.

    Ag80 (1b8eea)

  2. The Big 12 was history when Nebraska and CU went from playing footsie with other conferences to all but admitting they were leaving for “someone else.” As soon as it became official, it was all but over.

    UT and Oklahoma could survive in just about any conference just fine without the other schools; politics is likely dictating that they come along, though.

    Oklahoma and Texas should have just formed a new Southwest or Greater Midwest Conference and tried to poach TCU, Houston, Utah, and/or BYU, while getting rid of the Big 12 North schools–they’d have formed a competitive conference, killed the Mountain West dead, but would still be in a position to rule the roost, at least in football.

    I’ve read some articles and comments on these moves complaining that these schools are chasing the money and killing a great conference–well duh, the formation of the Big 12 was all about money to begin with; they’re the ones that started the superconference trend in the 1990s. It’s not like these schools are going to remain in the Big 12 out of loyalty or tradition, not when they’ve only been around for 14 years.

    Another Chris (121ff0)

  3. I should add that I am looking forward to my Sun Devils kicking the s*it out of the smelly hippies and granola-heads from Boulder on an annual basis.

    Another Chris (121ff0)

  4. I wonder if A&M really will join the SEC. That would generate some considerable political fireworks.

    And I’m sure the Texas universities are going to miss their annual easy win over Nebraska. 😉

    Mike LaRoche (d4323e)

  5. Careful what you read about A&M regents being divided when the source is from Austin. A&M has been in discussions with the SEC for months and is weighings its options.

    Bob Neale (60bbc6)

  6. Texas and Oklahoma in the PAC-14: wrong side of the Rockies and wrong ocean. What will the new conference be named?

    tehag (88f6ed)

  7. The issue is TV revenue.

    The total population of the Big 12 states is 47 million. Adding Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado to the Pac 10 states totals 88 million. I doesn’t take an accountant to realize that selling ads for a Pac 14 game would generate more cash than would a Big 12 game.

    There is another scenario – Texas and OU into the SEC. That would be a lot closer and reach a population of 87 million!

    As a 1967 OU grad who lives just south of Birmingham, the latter would be my pick.

    arch (24f4f2)

  8. I’m hoping A&M heads to SEC territory. Those west coast night games would be murder on my bedtime.

    – class of ’93 (excellent point Ag80)

    em (017d3c)

  9. OU has been playing Texas since 1900. Political correctness aside, the Red River Shootout predates the SW Conference, the SEC, the Big 8 and the Big 12. If OU joined the Ivy League and Texas, the Pac 10, they would still meet in Dallas in October.

    I just read in the Birmingham News that Texas doesn’t want to be in a conference with Florida and Alabama. IMHO, the reverse is true. Does Florida want to add Texas or Oklahoma or both to the SEC East? How about Alabama in the SEC West?

    However, the locals are beginning to worry that a Pac 14 with OU, Texas, Colorado and another team such as Boise State would be more of a threat to the SEC than was the Big 12 South.

    In my view, NCAA schools are moving toward a de facto playoff organization with power teams in 16 team conferences, each with a pair of divisions. Every year, you would play 7 division, and 3 out of division games. Winners would meet in conference championships. Bowls would narrow the field to the top two who could play for the BCS. The key would be waiting for all the bowls to be over.

    arch (24f4f2)

  10. The NCAA seems to have mistaken Reggie Bush for George Bush and blamed him. For having a venal step father 200 miles from campus.
    So, taking it further… how are the schools supposed to take precautions for their cross country recruits when it comes to agents?
    I trolled out the USC/Bush thing to get a response, but the question is serious… if a top recruit from LA goes out to UF but his parents are pulled into a deal by an unscrupulous wannabe agent, how does the UF police that?

    SteveG (7d4c78)

  11. I can’t understand why A&M would seriously consider the SEC, other than:

    1. It’s more cost-effective or A&M feels a kinship to the SEC schools and their more conservative fan base.

    2. Loyalty to Coach Stallings.

    3. A feeling that going to the Pac-10 puts A&M in the role of little brother to UT and OU.

    DRJ (d43dcd)

  12. SteveG

    The players are aware of the rules,and you depend on their honor to keep them from using agents.

    When I was in college, and I assume they do this everywhere, all of the sports met in an auditorium and a seminar on the rules was given. Even though non of us had to worry about it, we were told about extra benefits, agents, and the drug testing policy.

    The fact our school was under investigation helped press the point. 😉

    BradnSA (f419d1)

  13. DRJ:

    4) The chance to compete in what is annually considered the best conference in the nation?


    Lord Nazh (0d312a)

  14. What about their parents honor?
    Particularly in a cross country recruiting environment.
    I think this Bush ruling is going to have programs placing a monitor in every town they have a player from

    SteveG (7d4c78)

  15. Lord Nazh,


    Actually, if we’re talking about personal preference, I think the Texas teams should have their own conference. But since that won’t happen, my next choice would have been the SEC.

    What I don’t understand is why A&M wants to blaze it’s own trail apart from Texas, Tech and the other Big 12 teams. I think A&M in the SEC will end up like Arkansas as just another regional school without much clout when it comes to SEC decisions or politics.

    DRJ (d43dcd)

  16. What about their parents honor?
    Particularly in a cross country recruiting environment.
    I think this Bush ruling is going to have programs placing a monitor in every town they have a player from

    SteveG, not at all. I would venture that all of the big time programs violate the rules in one way or another, with some being worse than others. Everyone is taking a chance all the way around that the people involved are basically good and follow the rules.

    The only time the NCAA gets involved is when someone turns a school in. There is honor among thieves so it is rarely another school.

    I think in the Bush case is was a civil suit by the agents that got involved with Bush that got the ball rolling.

    I also believe that the onus is on agents. I believe if they are caught doing this there are repercussions with the major league sports, and I think there might be legal ramifications.

    BradnSA (8cc413)

  17. The SEC West is better than the whole friggin PAC 10, Big 10(12) Big 12(10) and ADD combined, and it might be the weaker division this year…


    Frank Drackman (550e6d)

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