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BP Oil Spill may be Twice as Big

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Researchers claim the BP oil spill could be twice as big as originally thought — up to 100 million barrels of oil. Remember in 2006 when candidate Obama said oil isn’t the answer to America’s energy problems?

“It would be nice if we could produce our way out of this problem, but it’s just not possible. We only have 3% of the world’s oil reserves.”

This is a glass half full, glass half empty moment. The Deepwater Horizon production estimates suggest this may be a big reservoir. Eventually someone will produce that oil, if not for America then for China, India or somewhere else. Wouldn’t it be better if we solve this problem and produce the oil for the American market, instead of imposing a moratorium and demonizing the oil industry that fuels America’s economy?

But if you really, really can’t stand the thought of offshore drilling, why not open up the bonanza of oil and gas on federal lands? (Just don’t let BP be the operator.)


10 Responses to “BP Oil Spill may be Twice as Big”

  1. “Remember in 2006 when candidate Obama said oil isn’t the answer to America’s energy problems?”

    DRJ – I thought part of the answer was those green energy type jobs in Spain the Obamanoids were touting last year until it turned out they cost at least twice as much as each regular job. Why don’t we hear much about them anymore?

    daleyrocks (1d0d98)

  2. DRJ & Co., just found this a few minutes ago. Hope it’s okay to embed here… thought you all would enjoy. (Adult language warning.)

    qdpsteve (5eb540)

  3. Oops… looks like it didn’t take. Here’s the linky:

    qdpsteve (5eb540)

  4. That was hysterical. I’m linking it in the post. I’m putting it in a separate post. Thanks, qdpsteve.

    DRJ (d43dcd)

  5. The oil Drum…. Real information from those that know.

    Oh and since it is open to the public, opines from many ignorants and opinionated as well.

    Overall it appears the situation is slowly getting mostly contained. Yes there is still much oil leaking, but that flow has been cut down allot over the past couple of days. Evidenced by production numbers and the visibility of more of the top hats base.

    The situation is far from over, and effects many people in horrible ways. Not a good scene for any of them.

    Well after the flow is halted, the beaches cleaned up, the fishing resource has returned to a somewhat normal level. Oboma will still be a stupid half breed from Chicago and totally inept at anything outside of flushing a toilet.

    TC (4d175b)

  6. Seems to me that Obama’s inaction is paving the way for an perfect crisis in which a version of cap and tax can be imposed “because we must”. Remember Saul Alinsky and think, “Never waste a good disaster.”


    JD (9ac83d)

  7. “Can”, “could”, and “may” are nice qualifiers that add absolutely nothing to my education. They are merely possibilities and, you know what? I can think of lots of possibilities as well.

    Probabilities, son, I need probabilities.

    Jack (e383ed)

  8. Its been documented that the White House intentionally suppressed the upper bounds of estimates of oil flow from the blowout from the start.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  9. It just boggles the mind how long it took to finally make even the smallest amount of headway, BP left a lot to be desired in the whole affair. BP has over 100 years of experience in this business, and they still couldn’t stop the leak sooner? They’re a multi-national cooperation. This is their business! This just shows we give them too much credit. This is sad, so very sad. :( The worst part of the whole situation is that is that so many people have had their livelihood pulled out from under their feet.

    Theresa Price (698b38)

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