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Did Reuters Crop IDF Photo to Shield Activists?

Filed under: Media Bias — DRJ @ 8:13 pm

[Guest post by DRJ]

NRO links a Little Green Footballs post that claims Reuters cropped a photo of a wounded Israeli commando in a way that deleted a nearby activist holding a knife. The photos can be seen at this NRO link.

An update at LGF says the AP posted the same photo without the crop.


7 Responses to “Did Reuters Crop IDF Photo to Shield Activists?”

  1. Reuters and Palestinian terrorists are like the Haley and Folks of the Middle East I think.

    happyfeet (682797)

  2. Happyfeet, can you name a single thing with evidence that isn’t from a liar that may implicate Nikki Haley?

    AFAIK, She’s one of the good guys. Just because there’s an ugly fight doesn’t mean both sides are covered in the same degree of evil. Israel’s actions against Hamas in Gaza are a great example. Sure, Israel is imperfect, but there’s no need to pretend an equivalence.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  3. not trying to be aggressive towards you feets, btw. Really great to see you commenting here. I just think Reuters is pretty damn awful to actually delete the facts from their coverage of the news, so you must have a substantial reason to equate them with someone I think is the bee’s knees.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  4. I know I’m awful… it’s just… who’s not tired of this sort of drama?

    Our politics in our little country are too puerile even for me.

    happyfeet (682797)

  5. I’m completely surprised that the Reuters and AP photographs didn’t have the terrorist boat covered with teddy bears and children’s toys in the aftermath of the Israeli commando takeover.

    daleyrocks (1d0d98)

  6. I wonder if this is an indicator that Charles Johnson is having second thoughts on his change in sides since 2008.

    Mike K (82f374)

  7. Something turned LGF to the Darkside in 2008. Now I sense a new disturbance in the Force.

    BarSinister (65f885)

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