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Fraying Alliances in BP Oil Spill

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[Guest post by DRJ]

To date, the Obama Administration has championed the efforts of BP to contain the oil spill — in part because BP may be doing all it can but also because the White House doesn’t have many alternatives. Instead of engineers and geologists, MMS’ leaders are lawyers Birnbaum and Ishee. Birnbaum has already been sacrificed.

However, the seams of the alliance between BP and the Obama Administration may be fraying:

“Federal regulators complained in a scathing internal memo about “significant deficiencies” in BP’s handling of the safety of oil spill workers and asked the Coast Guard to help pressure the company to address a litany of concerns.

The memo, written by a Labor Department official earlier this week and obtained by McClatchy , reveals the Obama administration’s growing concerns about potential health and safety problems posed by the oil spill and its inability to force BP to respond to them.”

This NRSC video suggests the media and political alliances may be fraying, too:


7 Responses to “Fraying Alliances in BP Oil Spill”

  1. Man’s a moron.


    Kevin Stafford (abdb87)

  2. The administration seems to be working harder at hindering cleanup efforts than actually facilitating them.

    At least, that’s the impression I’m getting from obstruction on Louisiana’s requests for permission to construct sand bar berms and the EPA’s directives regarding dispersant chemicals.

    I’m sure that its not a fair impression as there are no doubt agencies working hard, like the Coast Guard, where there are fewer Obama appointees in the way.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  3. Herbert Hoover was very smart and actually a decent president in many respects, although he got a lot of flack from (partisan) historians for his handling of the economy and that has sort of stuck in peoples’ minds. But, he was a noted and highly respected engineer in his own right. He would have had the contacts and would immediately have known exactly who, anywhere in the world, should be engaged for scientific information and solutions in order to manage all the separate complex aspects of this oilocaust. Hoover would have done much better than the current WH occupant and Valerie Jarrett I betcha.

    I find in general that I am not all that keen on lawyer presidents.

    elissa (7fa716)

  4. Bush would have handled this a lot better than the little president man is I think.

    happyfeet (c8caab)

  5. The scariest moment to me at Dear Leader’s press conference last week was when after acknowledging that the federal government did not have the resource in place to handle disasters such as these, he said, “One of the legitimate questions that I think needs to be asked is should the federal government have such capacity.” In other words, Obama and his minions will consider using this as yet another excuse to expand Washington’s role and create a costly new bureaucracy.

    JVW (36eb17)

  6. That’s one damning polotical ad.

    Rick (f7965e)

  7. W is laughing his ass off watching this POS POTUS fail.

    highpockets (cf4a2b)

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