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How Quaint

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Moe Lane explains the difference between the Tea Party and the Coffee Party.


9 Responses to “How Quaint”

  1. You should check out B Daddy’s Coffee Party experience.

    John Hitchcock (50a953)

  2. The difference is about 3-4,000 people per meeting. 30 vs 3,000+ is about the ratio.

    Scrapiron (3b8fa0)

  3. It’s also organized from a national level. They get their marching orders from the upper echelons. Check out the hand-outs at B Daddy’s link.

    John Hitchcock (50a953)

  4. On a side note, CNN showed up this weekend for the Coffee Party which drew tens of people, but not for the Tea Party, which drew thousands of people.

    There are indeed some things you can count on in life.

    Dana (1e5ad4)

  5. Now, Dana, I wish DCSCA were here to explain to you that the Tea Party was obviously out of CNN’s zone of reporting, while the Coffee Party was easy for them to drive to. Just like Fullerton is outside of the L.A. Times’s zone of reporting, despite the paper having an Orange County section.

    I am wondering what the reaction would be if I went to one of these klatches and sat quietly in the back, sipping tea.

    Some chump (050674)

  6. […] let a good, conservative movement go unchallenged, have come up with the Coffee Party.  Via DRJ, I found Moe Lane’s article: Five at the DC Coffee Party? How… […]

    Common Sense Political Thought » Blog Archive » The Coffee Party (73d96f)

  7. Heh. Some chump…of course you are right. Thank you for reminding me of how these important things work. Shame on me, a girl, for trying to understand.

    Amusingly, via Instapundit, the Coffee Party:

    “…did not accept the interview invitation [from Fox News] because it would be “focused on fostering ongoing political divisions…”

    *hears chickens clucking*

    Dana (1e5ad4)

  8. The Coffee Party reminds me of the Popular Front of Judea in Life of Brian, a splinter group so small as to have just one member.

    Kevin Murphy (3c3db0)

  9. I gotta say, at least barefoot Dana knows her place.

    John Hitchcock (ec310e)

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