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PETA Protesters at Westminster

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Two well-dressed PETA protesters interrupted the final night of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show with silent protests:

“Shortly before judge Elliott Weiss picked Sadie [the Scottish terrier as Best in Show], a pair of well-dressed women walked into the big ring at Madison Square Garden and held signs over their heads that said “Mutts Rule” and “Breeders Kill Shelter Dogs’ Chances,” the latter a slogan popularized by PETA.

The crowd of 15,000 gasped at the sudden protest, booed the women and then cheered as a half-dozen security guards ushered them away without incident.

PETA members Dana Sylvester and Hope Round [photos at the first link and here] were charged with criminal trespass, police said. They acted on their own, the organization said, but it supported them.”

Sadie became the first triple crown winner in one year with wins at Westminster, Philadelphia’s National Dog Show and the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in California. Congrats, Sadie.

Pure-breds are great but don’t forget the shelter pets. They need people, too.


21 Responses to “PETA Protesters at Westminster”

  1. I’d pay money for the show dogs to turn on those protesters… A special prize for the first one to respond to the command “Kill”.

    Scott Jacobs (d027b8)

  2. I saw a bit of the show. I was pulling for the bassett. If Winston had been there, he would have bitten the PETA people.

    Mike K (2cf494)

  3. Mike if he had bit them, he woulda gotten lockjaw or started foaming at the mouth. :-)

    peedoffamerican (b21f59)

  4. > Pure-breds are great but don’t forget the shelter pets. They need people, too.

    The problem with most shelter animals, just as with strays, is that you have no idea about their history. This can easily lead to randomly triggered psycho behavior in an otherwise normal-seeming animal. I’ve had this happen.

    I dunno about you, but a psycho pet isn’t my idea of a good idea.

    IgotBupkis (79d71d)

  5. I believe humans need to be the pack leaders for their pets but I also know pets with a history can be challenging. However, shelter pets aren’t the only ones that can have problems. I’ve had my share of problem purebreds, and I’m sure you know that overbreeding or poor breeding practices can also result in medical and behavioral problems.

    DRJ (6a8003)

  6. I’ve had nothing but shelter or rescue dogs my whole life. Never had one turn on us, not even the three that were from abusive, neglectful pasts.

    The rescue organization we support does a fantastic job of socializing the animals, and they are VERY particular about placing the animals in homes that suit their temperaments.

    Interestingly, three of the eight dogs we’ve had were likely purebreds–a beagle and two pugs.

    I agree with DRJ, and will take it further–shun the puppy mills and go to the shelter or a rescue organization for the breed you’re interested in.

    Virtual Insanity (d93c26)

  7. Count me as another rescue/shelter supporter. Our very first dog was from a rescue. I like getting dogs from rescues because you can talk to the foster parents about any issues they may have seen arise.

    Our two current dogs are from the shelter. We’ve had a couple behavioral issues with one, but they’ve been corrected. The other has been the perfect dog and he’s a pit mix.

    I also like to adopt adult dogs because most people, especially those with children, want puppies. Adult dogs need love too. Plus, they’re usually already housebroken. =)

    wherestherum (d413fd)

  8. Some of Mike Vick’s dogs would have loved to meat(sic) these Peta-people.

    AD - RtR/OS! (3742c3)

  9. They should protest the House of Commons. Prime Minister’s Question Time is hideously uninformative. The PM hardly ever answers direct questions from the opposition.

    Alan (07ccb5)

  10. Don’t think I’d want a purebred. All of them seem to have too many health issues.

    JEA (3fc310)

  11. Yeah, PETA is largely stupid. Stuffy bunch of puritanian scolds.

    That said, the idea of purebred dogs is somewhat archaic. It’s geneology by phenomes, and usually involves alot of inbreeding and the resulting genetic deficiencies are usually tragic. See this BBC video for example.

    So, yeah, in this singular case, I side with the idea that PETA is advocating, even if their methods are stupid and self-aggrandizing.

    Hadlowe (061332)

  12. Comment by Gazzer — 2/17/2010 @ 7:48 pm

    Beat me to it.

    These PETA people are hypocrites of the highest order. they are not truly interested in the welfare of the animals like, say, the SPCA. They are only interested in the notoriety and the money that flows from that by the uninformed.

    Jeff Weimer (4f2403)

  13. The Akita was the most magnificent of the dogs I saw when I briefly surfed through the show.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  14. We’ve had purebreds and/or shelter dogs (border collies are frequently purebred around here, but without papers. If they don’t have a job, they can go to the shelter). IMHO, either way works. Some breeds have certain (known) problems while mutts will vary.

    Getting a dog to suit you and where you live is most important. Do your research, then go for it.

    There should be a special circle in hell for PETA and its managers of a 85% kill rate dog “shelter”.

    re (68a816)

  15. Our best and most gentle dog was a german shepard/pit bull mix that was easy to train and great with the kids.

    Our most ornery dog was a miniature pedigree poodle that refused to be trained. Though he was good around kids.

    The brittany would have been my choice for BIS but you knew from the beginning the scottie was going to be tough to beat.

    MU789 (fe58f9)

  16. Almost none of PETA’s positions and policies make any sense if you assume that their ideology is based on their name.

    If you assume that they are self-hating enemies of their fellow humans, then it becomes a lot more clear.

    SPQR (b8ef0f)

  17. PETA members Dana Sylvester and Hope Round

    Really? Any relation to [object TextRange]?

    Paul in NJ (2d1807)

  18. Huh? That was supposed to be a link to a photo of Short Round. Nice buzzkill.

    Paul in NJ (2d1807)

  19. My first dog was a Brittany Spaniel, and it is stiull my favorite. What a wonderful dog.

    JD (5ea885)

  20. I had a mutt for 16-years, a great dog whose dame was a Doxie, and the sire was a Sheltie. She was a white, short-haired doxie-type with longer legs.
    Just a jewell – but she shed everywhere!
    I still miss her, and it’s been five years.

    AD - RtR/OS! (02a1f9)

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